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Martial World - Chapter 1453


Chapter 1453

Chapter 1453 - Yet Another Monster Prince




Seeing this young man fly in from the distant skies, Lin Ming put down any idea of revealing his true identity.

In Lin Ming's opinion, it really wasn't necessary to reveal his identity to Xiao Moxian, and towards someone unknown, he wouldn't casually reveal something vital like it.

Looking at Xiao Moxian's expression, it seemed as if she knew who this monster youth was.

This person also seemed to come from the divine Realm;was he Xiao Moxian's companion?

Just as this thought flashed through Lin Ming's mind, his suspicions were immediately confirmed.

’’Junior-apprentice Sister, I've found you!’’

The youth fell down at a quick speed, causing a wave of dust and smoke to rise up.

’’Junior-apprentice Sister, are you safe!?’’

The youth who flew here wore blue clothes, and although he wasn't too handsome, he had an extraordinary temperament;he was definitely an outstanding genius.

’’I'm fine.’’ Xiao Moxian's expression was lukewarm as she spoke to this senior-apprentice brother of hers. This caused Lin Ming to be a bit confused. This youth should have arrived at the Asura Road with Xiao Moxian, so how come he was safe but Xiao Moxian had been besieged instead? Had they been forced to scatter because they were being chased?

’’Is Old Blue okay?’’ Xiao Moxian asked. The Old Blue she referred to was an old monster race man who was responsible for acting as Xiao Moxian's guardian in this adventure through the Asura Road.

That monster race old man himself had a Great World King cultivation.

After Xiao Moxian's incident in Wave City, the old monster race man had fought the Wave City Lord in a brutal battle. When Xiao Moxian escaped, the two of them had still been fighting.

The monster youth said, ’’Old Blue severely wounded the Wave City Lord, but he was also injured himself. Although that Wave City Lord is weaker than Old Blue, he had many god runes and was supported by the Laws of the Asura Road, so he was able to injure Old Blue too. Although Old Blue doesn't have any life-threatening injuries, he... he was marked with a tracking god rune by the Wave City Lord. This sort of mark can only be undone with a corresponding unbinding god rune, and that sort of god rune is extremely rare so it will be difficult for Old Blue to find one for some time. Old Blue is safe and that Wave City Lord won't be looking for him to fight, but if he were to come here then you would also be discovered by the Wave City Lord. For the treasure you obtained, the Wave City Lord will definitely take any risk to lead his subordinates to you!’’

The Asura Road's god runes possessed Laws far beyond the control of any Empyrean. The rules they established were completely beyond the influence of a Great World King powerhouse. Before this Old Blue was able to find the corresponding god rune to unbind the tracking rune on him, the Wave City Lord would be able to find out where he was. If Old Blue were to return to Xiao Moxian's side, that would instead place her in even greater danger.

’’Oh, so it's like that?’’ When Xiao Moxian heard that Old Blue wouldn't be around to protect her anymore, not only was she not worried, but she became even more excited. A faint hint of elation rose in her eyes. ’’And?’’

’’Mm... according to what Old Blue said, due to security reasons, he wants us to return first. We are only at the edge of the Asura Road so returning to the divine Realm shouldn't be difficult at all. Once we recover we can return here and continue adventuring. This method will be safer and we'll also be more prepared next time. Junior-apprentice Sister, what do you think?’’

Xiao Moxian was the precious child of the monster race and Demondawn bloodline. When Old Blue came to the Asura Road, he was willing to sacrifice his life to protect Xiao Moxian. But now that he was injured and also had a tracking mark placed on him, there was no way he could continue to protect her. He was afraid that Xiao Moxian would have some accident, thus this was all he could do.

’’I don't want to go back.’’ Xiao Moxian devilishly smiled. ’’That's perfect, I wanted to adventure through the Asura Road myself to begin with. What's the point of adventuring if I'm going to be monitored at every moment? Do you think I came here for vacation?’’

For a genius to grow, they had to experience the pressure of true life or death battles. Moreover, Xiao Moxian naturally had adventurous and wild blood running through her veins. If she didn't take risks she wouldn't be at ease. Now that she knew she could go through the Asura Road by herself, she was naturally much more excited.

’’Junior-apprentice Sister, please don't speak so carelessly. Although a genius truly does need pressure to grow, you are different from those common geniuses. Your body has half of a God Beast bloodline and you are the descendant of a true God Beast. Even if you only ate and slept every day without doing anything at all you would reach the realm of an Empyrean sooner or later!

’’There is just no need for you to take such a great risk to come adventuring. As long as you live a calm and diligent life and adventure under the protection of your elders, you can still easily become an extreme Empyrean.’’

The monster youth was extremely worried as he saw how eager Xiao Moxian was to travel through the Asura Road alone. He immediately cautioned her.

However, Xiao Moxian naturally hated following the rules of others to begin with, so why would she listen to his advice? ’’Humph, who cares about an extreme Empyrean? I already said that I will become a True divinity in the future, and that is only the barest minimum. You can hurry up and return by yourself;don't bother me anymore.’’

Xiao Moxian dismissively waved her hand, hinting for the monster youth to leave post-haste.

The monster youth was left speechless. Become a True divinity, and that was also the 'barest minimum'? This junior-apprentice sister of his had ambitions that were far too high!

He ruefully smiled and then embarrassingly said, ’’Junior-apprentice Sister, you are being too mischievous. If something happens to you, how can I explain that to grandfather? Then again...’’

’’Hey! Stop being so nagging, you're just like some old lady. Do you still have something you need to say? If not then we're going to leave first.’’ Xiao Moxian broke apart the monster youth's argument. She raised her chin towards Lin Ming, indicating for them to leave.

The monster youth's smile froze on his face. This was an extremely embarrassing matter for him. He was one of the most outstanding young elites of the monster race and also one of the likely candidates to be the next Monster Emperor. Otherwise, how could he have been able to enter the Asura Road with Xiao Moxian to adventure together?

But now, he had been labeled a nagging old lady by Xiao Moxian. How could he feel comfortable about this?

’’Junior-apprentice Sister, since ancient times the truth has never been easy to hear. I...’’ As the monster youth spoke to here he suddenly realized something. He turned to Lin Ming and said, ’’Wait, who are you?’’

The monster youth had naturally noticed Lin Ming, who wasn't standing too far from Xiao Moxian. But after he glanced over his humble and common appearance as well as his divine Transformation realm cultivation, he didn't pay further attention to him. But now, Xiao Moxian wanted to go through the Asura Road and also bring this shabby-looking young man with her?

And most importantly of all, he was a human.

As someone born of the monster race, he was raised with a negative impression of humans. He didn't want Xiao Moxian to have too much contact with humans at all.

Moreover, he also knew that this junior-apprentice sister of his had an extremely high-handed mind and normally didn't have a liking for anyone. Now, she didn't even want him to accompany her as she traveled through the Asura Road, so why would she bring this boy with her? Just what specialty did this young man have? He had been together with Xiao Moxian for most of the time, so where had this unknown boy suddenly come from and why did the two of them seem to be on good terms with each other?

Lin Ming originally didn't have any plans to bother responding to this monster youth, but then he also saw Xiao Moxian curiously looking at him. It was obvious that he would need to reply to this question sooner or later, so he simply said, ’’My name is Lin Lanjian.’’

Lin Lanjian was the name that Lin Ming had used before when he entered the Four divine Kingdoms and was being chased down by the Asura divine Kingdom.

’’Lin Lanjian? So your surname is also Lin? You have the same last name as that abnormal fellow I know.’’

Xiao Moxian couldn't help but inevitably form these associations.

Her senior-apprentice brother frowned, grumpily saying, ’’Junior-apprentice Sister, you plan on journeying through the Asura Road and you want to go with this young man too?’’

’’Why do you care so much about what I want to do?’’

’’Of course I have to care. This person comes from unknown origins and there is nothing we know about him. All we know is that he is a human, and you should know that humans are greedy and deceitful liars. In these last several billions of years, how many great wars have erupted within the divine Realm between humanity and us monsters? How many of our people have died? This is because humans have always lusted after our resources!’’

The monster youth had no goodwill towards humans. He didn't hold anything back as he spoke out loud in front of Lin Ming, the same as cursing Lin Ming to his face.

This caused Lin Ming to frown. In truth, Lin Ming also acknowledged that humans were a truly greedy and deceitful race, but the other races were no exception. The saints, the monsters, the demons, all of them were the same.

Lin Ming coldly said, ’’There is no need to speak so high-handedly as if you are any better or more noble than everyone else. There are wars between every race. Are you trying to say that you have never attacked others for their resources before?’’

Lin Ming's words were forceful and aggressive, each one drawing blood. The monster youth couldn't refute them. It was true;in many mystic realms he had attacked others for their treasures. Then again, it should be said that this was common amongst all martial artists.

’’There's no point in endlessly arguing... Lin Lanjian, let's go. Where did you say you wanted to go?’’ Xiao Moxian clearly didn't like this monster youth minding her matters. Towards this senior-apprentice brother who constantly badgered and pestered her, she had no liking at all.

’’I'm going to Precipice Cliff, the Emperor Stone.’’ Lin Ming stated his destination.

’’That's such a coincidence! I also have to go there. Do you have a mission there?’’


’’I also have a mission.’’ Xiao Moxian chuckled, no longer bothering speaking with her senior-apprentice brother and instead walking away with Lin Ming.

The left behind senior-apprentice brother had an incomparably ugly expression.

He had flown so far to get here and had found Xiao Moxian after such great difficulties, but she had slammed the door in his face. Moreover, he had no idea what sort of potion this sorry-looking fellow had brewed to make her form a team with him.

How could he be willing to endure this?

The monster youth grit his teeth and began stepping forwards.

’’You want to come too?’’ Xiao Moxian asked the monster youth.

’’Humph, I also have a mission at Precipice Cliff's Emperor Stone, so why can't I take this road?’’

Although he had no choice, he couldn't allow Xiao Moxian and this black-caped fellow to wander off together. How could he not worry about what would happen?

’’Boy, just who are you? Are you a native martial artist of the Asura Road?’’ The monster youth asked Lin Ming with a true essence sound transmission.

’’Think what you will.’’ Lin Ming said, not caring much.

’’Hah! What fine words! No one has spoken to me like that in a long time. Do you even know what status she has?’’ The monster youth concluded that Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian had just met so he must not know what her true identity was.

Without Lin Ming's reply, the monster youth said, ’’The girl standing next to you is the direct bloodline descendant of an Empyrean and she has a heaven-defying talent. As for me, I am also the direct bloodline descendant of an Empyrean;my grandfather is the Monster Emperor. I have no idea why my junior-apprentice sister decided to go with you, but I advise you to watch your thoughts and not think of anything inappropriate. After this trip to Precipice Cliff, I want you to vanish from my sight!’’

This youth's grandfather was the Monster Emperor? Lin Ming groaned inwardly. This was yet another Monster Prince!


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