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Martial World - Chapter 1451


Chapter 1451

Chapter 1451 - Back to the Wall




’’This damned brat!’’

The Wave Saints were shocked. Their first thought was that this boy in front of them had gone out of his mind. For four masters to fight within a small 100 foot radius space, that was no different from melee combat. It would be difficult to use any moves and one would barely have enough time to attack, much less defend. This was a suicidal method of fighting! Even a saint race martial artist wouldn't choose such a violent and extreme method of fighting. They would leave some space between them and their opponents so that there was a reaction buffer time.

Moreover, Lin Ming was a human and humans focused on the essence gathering system. What they specialized in were long-distance attacks. Even though the Wave Saints saw that Lin Ming dual cultivated in body and energy, he was still nothing but a human. How could a human compare with a saint?

Not just that, but within this sealed space, any explosion of energy would be increased by several times! This was a completely desperate combat tactic.

’’Brat, do you want to die!?’’

’’He's dug his own grave, let's kill him together!’’

Just as the three Holy Lord powerhouses were about to attack, a sharp light flashed in Lin Ming's eyes. The grandmist space suddenly erupted as it flooded the entirety of the Primordius Bell!

Om -! Om -!

Grandmist energy spread out, bounced back again and again by the Primordius Bell, its strength constantly superimposing. In that instant, the power of Lin Ming's grandmist space increased by several times!

Not just that, but the Primordius Bell forcefully condensed the grandmist space, causing the power of this force field to become far more formidable!

It had to be known that when Lin Ming was in Primordius Heavenly Palace perceiving the Primordius martial intent, he had done so by kneeling within the Primordius Bell and withstanding the horrifying pressure of grandmist energy! For three whole years, Lin Ming had withstood an immeasurable degree of pressure.

And now, Lin Ming had released the grandmist space to the limit. Its power constantly increased beneath the shimmering dao patterns of the Primordius Bell. He planned to engage the Wave Saints in a brutal battle beneath this suffocating pressure!

’’What is this!?’’

’’What a terrifying pressure!’’

The Wave Saints' complexions changed. Trapped within this space with the heavy pressure crashing down on them, they were able to display less than half their strength.

’’Don't let this brat take the initiative. We must forego all defense to attack and kill him!’’

Three sabers chopped down on Lin Ming!

In an all-out attack situation, within a 100 foot radius of space, Lin Ming had nowhere to dodge! This was because those blazing saber lights had already covered all the space within the Primordius Bell!

Lin Ming's tactic could be said to be fighting with his back against the wall;this was a do or die situation. In order to create a situation where he could display his greatest degree of strength, he had also fallen into great danger!

But, the advantage of this was that every escape route was cut off, including even his own. There was no one that would be able to run away from this small battlefield. Even if someone were skilled in the Space Laws, it would still be impossible for them to escape at such a close distance and with such a powerful force field suppressing them.

In the violent combat within the Primordius Bell, only one side would emerge alive.

Lin Ming had chosen this tactic in order to stop the four Wave Saints from escaping. Otherwise, there was no way he would be able to keep all three of them from fleeing.

Lin Ming's eyes were grim. At this moment, a walnut-sized black sphere spun out from his inner world;this was Lin Ming's black hole seed!

A black hole was the most peaceful and also most terrifying celestial body in the universe. In a radius of 100 feet, the might created by summoning this black hole seed was hard to imagine.

In that moment, all of the energy within the Primordius Bell was sucked into the black hole seed. This included even the power of space and time, leaving distortions all around. With a massive gravitational force used within this small space, any movement would consume an incalculable amount of strength. When this was combined with the dreadfully heavy suppression of the grandmist space, the Wave Saints' three sabers came to a screeching halt as if they had fallen into a swamp. All of the saber light was being sucked into that black hole seed.

’’What is this!?’’

’’Shit! Do you really plan on dying together!?’’

As the black hole seed appeared, the Wave Boss felt a chill shoot up his back. He instantly realized just how dangerous this move was. In this sealed space, if the force field and that black sphere were to collide with their ultimate attacks then the resulting explosion would contain an unimaginable destructive power.

Lin Ming himself would also have to withstand heavy injuries.

At this time they couldn't dodge even if they wanted to. And if they didn't attack and only Lin Ming did, then they would be left in an even more miserable state!

’’Stop! Stop! Are you insane!?’’

’’You want to die together with us!?’’

Lin Ming ignored all their shouts. The black hole seed he summoned shot towards the Wave Saints!

Eternal Darkness!

As the Wave Saints saw this life-reaping black hole seed fly towards them, they all fiercely clenched their teeth and slashed out with their sabers. Their saber lights collided with Eternal Darkness!


A horrifying explosion sounded out in that sealed space. divine light wantonly fired off into the walls of the Primordius Bell, bouncing back and forth with an even more terrifying potential!

That tyrannical shock wave along with that dangerous force field was enough to tear everything to pieces. Even a martial artist's body was no exception.

Although Lin Ming had absolute confidence in his defensive abilities, even he didn't dare to use his own body to directly withstand such an attack!

Thus, the moment that Lin Ming hurtled out Eternal Darkness, he also summoned the Primordius Heavenly Palace from within his inner world!

Primordius Heavenly Palace contained spatial array formations. It could be shrunk or enlarged and was an indestructible fortress. This was Lin Ming's own safety shelter.

However, 100 feet was simply far too short a distance and the explosion was far too fast. Even though Lin Ming had summoned the Primordius Heavenly Palace when he had attacked, he was still struck by the wild shock wave as he was entering it!


With a dull thump, Lin Ming felt as if he was struck in the back by a billion jin divine hammer. All of his blood vessels, muscles, and organs seemed as if they would explode. He was sent flying forwards before smashing into a wall of Primordius Heavenly Palace.


Lin Ming bounced on the ground. He felt his blood vitality tumble within his body and his vision turn dark.

At the same time, the Primordius Bell also shot up from the ground because of that gigantic explosion. However, the Primordius Bell was far too heavy and there was also a massive amount of grandmist energy contained within, making it as heavy as a small planet. Thus, it didn't bounce too high.

On the contrary, the earth beneath the Primordius Bell suddenly sunk down and all of the land for several miles was blown away by the impact like a giant meteor had crashed into the ground as the shock wave spread outwards. Not too far away from the Primordius Bell, Xiao Moxian was startled. She revolved her true essence to the limit and wrapped herself with her remaining wing to protect her body.


A thunderous bell peal rang into the heavens!

Xiao Moxian was sent flying backwards as she received a light shaking injury. The main problem was that she had been too heavily wounded from before so she found it a bit difficult to resist this shock wave.

Rumble rumble rumble!

Mountains collapsed and rivers were forced to change course. Several surrounding mountains were flattened by this shock wave and numerous frightened people and vicious beasts were sent tumbling through the skies. The Wave Saint that Xiao Moxian had nearly killed before exploded into a mass of bloody fog underneath this shock wave!

As Xiao Moxian saw this, she was well aware just what had happened, and she also correctly guessed how that shock wave was produced. Within the Primordius Bell, Lin Ming and the remaining Wave Saints must have all used their finishing blows in a frigid final battle.

Even in the outside, such a dreadful collision of finishing blows would cause near-fatal injuries. And within the limited space of the Primordius Bell, the destructive power of that collision would be increased by several times!

Even though Lin Ming dual cultivated body and energy, and even though his defensive abilities were extremely high, if he were still sucked into that sort of explosion he would inevitably suffer a miserable fate. After all, when exchanging finishing blows like that, both parties would use at least 90% of their energy to attack, so where would they have the strength left to defend?

’’Hey! Hey! Don't you dare die!’’ Xiao Moxian shouted out in panic as she saw the Primordius Bell still shaking.

’’Stop scaring me, I haven't even figured out who you are! You can't die like this, I don't want to owe anyone any favors!’’ Xiao Moxian ran over to the Primordius Bell. Someone she had never met before had suddenly rescued her. If this mysterious person had even paid with his life then Xiao Moxian would be at a loss for what to do.

And at this time, within Primordius Heavenly Palace, Lin Ming was wiping the blood from the corners of his lips. He stood up and looked down at himself. His clothes and battle armor beneath it had completely broken apart. But, this was only a minor problem. He waved his hand, forming new clothing with energy.

He had received some minor wounds on his back that weren't too serious. This was because he hadn't been made to withstand too much of the impact, and also because the zenith black god rune, the Protection of God, had provided him with a considerable increase to his defensive abilities.

’’What a fearsome strike.’’

Lin Ming flew out from Primordius Heavenly Palace. He reached out his hand and Primordius Heavenly Palace rapidly spun as it shrank before flying back into his inner world.

And around Lin Ming, there was nothing but bits and pieces of flesh and blood everywhere. The Wave Saints couldn't be any deader than this.

The explosive effects of the black hole seed in such a small and sealed off space had surpassed Lin Ming's imagination. The Wave Saints had likely never imagined that this was possible. The Wave Boss and Third Wave Brother were from the saint race, and their mortal bodies were tenacious enough that they left behind pieces of their bodies. But as for the Wave Second Brother, he had become puddles of goo.

At the middle divine Transformation realm, Lin Ming had eliminated three Holy Lords!

This sort of battle success would have caused even the Good Fortune Saint Son to drop his chin in shock.

Of course, Lin Ming had been able to accomplish this mostly because of the treasures that Empyrean Primordius had left behind to him. If they had fought outside of the Primordius Bell, then even though Lin Ming would have been able to defeat them after several rounds of combat, it wouldn't have been possible for him to kill them.

’’I wonder at what time I'll be able to kill three Holy Lords without relying on external objects or traps, and just with my strength alone. Only then will it be considered fierce enough.’’

As Lin Ming was thinking to himself, he suddenly heard someone knocking on the Primordius Bell.

’’Hey you! Black cape boy! Are you still alive in there? Don't scare me like this! Damn, how could this bell be so heavy!’’

Xiao Moxian poured her true essence into the Primordius Bell but found it hard to lift. This surprised her. Even though she was injured, she could still use her true essence to lift a large mountain, but now she couldn't even lift this ancient 100 foot bell.

’’Agh! It's so heavy!’’ Xiao Moxian finally raised up a side of the Primordius Bell.

As Lin Ming saw this he was even more startled. The Primordius Bell contained a great deal of grandmist energy within it. Even for him, he would need to expend a great deal of strength and effort if he wanted to lift the Primordius Bell without utilizing the Grandmist Laws.

For Xiao Moxian to use brute force to accomplish this proved just how abnormally strong she was.

Lin Ming stretched out a finger and poured his Grandmist Laws into the bell. In the next moment, the Primordius Bell floated upwards.


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