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Martial World - Chapter 1450


Chapter 1450

Chapter 1450 - This Place Shall be Your Grave




In Xiao Moxian's mind, the figure of Lin Ming inevitably appeared. Whether it was the power of thunder and fire or the Grandmist Laws, those were all abilities utilized by Lin Ming. This was especially true for the Grandmist Laws;very few people understood them. If one wished to learn them they would need an abnormally high perception in order to perceive the Grandmist Laws from chaos stones. After all, in this universe grandmist energy had nearly disappeared.

Even so, Xiao Moxian couldn't confirm that this youth in front of her was Lin Ming based on those abilities alone. In the end, this was the Asura Road and not the divine Realm.

Xiao Moxian didn't know that Lin Ming had come to the Asura Road, and that divine Dream, in order to protect Lin Ming, had kept his whereabouts an absolute secret. In addition, there were countless martial artists from the various universes here that studied every Law possible, so someone appearing that was similar to Lin Ming could occur.

Lin Ming's attacks became increasingly ruthless. He revolved his strength to the limit with every move, each move bearing down more and each move aiming to take a life. He was even stronger than Xiao Moxian. By himself in a one against three situation, he managed to suppress the three Wave Saints!

In terms of striking power the Four Wave Saints were powerful, and if they were to fight three against one, they shouldn't have been placed in such a disadvantageous position. However, Lin Ming had the Primordius Gate withstanding attacks for him.

The Primordius Gate was like an indestructible aegis. No matter how wild or brutal the attacks were, the impact would only cause a slight tremble.

’’Let's break through this gate first!’’ The Wave Boss shouted out with a true essence sound transmission.

’’How do we break it? Even a World King wouldn't be able to do anything to it. This stone gate must be an Empyrean spirit treasure!’’ Another one of the Wave Saints said. Out of the three of them still standing, their Third Wave Brother had already been severely wounded by Lin Ming's Heavenly Dao Judgment. Even speaking caused him to vomit blood.

’’That's right, it is because it is an Empyrean spirit treasure that this boy shouldn't have been able to completely refine it! According to common sense, it should also be impossible for him to move this stone gate. It must be because this stone gate has a spirit of its own that is allowing the boy to control it. Even so, without the absolute control of a martial artist, this stone gate is in the end nothing but a lifeless object. As long as we can overcome this stone gate then we will win!’’

The Wave Boss said. Then, he suddenly pulled out a black ghost banner and tossed it into the skies.

This ghost banner rose up with the wind, drawing demonic words in the air!

Wu - wu - wu -

Sad and shrill cries echoed out from the ghost banner. All sorts of resentful spirits began to stream out it. These spirits were personally killed by the Wave Boss and enslaved by him before being sealed into the ghost banner. Once they were taken out, their pained resentment soared to the heavens.

These resentful spirits gushed out like a tide. They didn't attack Lin Ming but instead rushed towards the Primordius Gate!


Lin Ming's eyebrows shot up. This sort of tactic was a bit surprising.

Hu -

A massive number of tortured spirits screamed out, hurtling towards the stone gate without a care for their existence!

The Primordius Gate contained the aura of the Grandmist Laws. Once these spirits rushed towards it they would be torn apart by the Grandmist Laws. However, they continued on no matter the cost, tens and hundreds of thousands of them wrapping around the Primordius Gate!

As the Wave Boss saw the resentful spirits he refined perishing in droves, he felt his heart drip with blood. But at this time, he didn't have the luxury to care about it anymore.

As long as he killed this youth, he could obtain his treasures. Moreover, he would be able to obtain that charming young woman and her zenith black level reward!

This was a great temptation. With these treasures he could leap up to the heavens in a single bound!

’’Take this opportunity to attack him!’’

The Wave Saints shouted out loud. Runes began to shimmer all over their bodies;these were the god runes unique to the Asura Road!

The god runes of the Asura Road, besides the special functions they had, could greatly increase a martial artist's strength every time a complete set was gathered.

’’Master, be careful! These people have gathered three sets of gold runes and half a set of blue soul runes. They are considered the highest peak two-star Asuras and can enjoy the blessings of heightened strength from the Asura Road!’’

Soulwhite warned from within Lin Ming's spatial ring.

Lin Ming's eyebrows arched up. This situation was becoming somewhat tricky. These Wave Saints were originally skilled to begin with, and now with the god runes increasing their strength they would become even more difficult to deal with. It wasn't a problem for Lin Ming to fight a weak Holy Lord, but now there were three of them, all stronger than average. If Lin Ming wanted to kill them all off then that would be difficult.

After all, as long as they separated and escaped then there wouldn't be anything that he could do. If he couldn't eliminate them all here then they would reveal Xiao Moxian's location, bringing about even greater troubles!

Dealing with several weak Holy Lords was already Lin Ming's limit. If he had to deal with a World King then there was no chance for him to win.

Moreover, because those resentful spirits had wrapped themselves around the Primordius Gate, it would be hard for him to move it for some time. This was the weakness of him being unable to completely refine the Primordius Gate. Because of that, he was only able to treat the Primordius Gate as a shield and not as the immeasurably powerful Empyrean spirit treasure that it was. Otherwise, if Lin Ming had fully refined it then he would have been able to erupt the energy contained within with just a thought and cause all those hateful spirits to disintegrate instantly.

’’Master, you also have god runes. Although they aren't complete they are still zenith black level runes. If you summon their power within your body with an arcane technique then you can also increase your strength. Rising half a small boundary in strength shouldn't be a problem at all.


Lin Ming was surprised. The two runes could increase his strength by half a small boundary?

Lin Ming was already at the peak of the middle divine Transformation realm. If he increased his cultivation by half a small boundary then that would almost be the equivalent of entering the late divine Transformation realm!

’’The Asura Road takes god runes as manifestations of the Laws and they are things created by the Asura Road Master. The zenith black runes that Master obtained are extremely rare. Using them to rise half a small boundary shouldn't be a problem at all.’’

As Soulwhite spoke, Lin Ming had already started pouring his true essence into the god runes. For a time, from between his eyebrows and on his right hand, faint red-black runes began to shine.

Black and red were the colors of zenith black runes!

As the Wave Saints saw Lin Ming's body began to radiate a black and red light, they were shocked.

’’This is...’’

’’Zenith black runes? How is that possible!?’’

Zenith black runes were normally something that only City Lord level characters possessed. Moreover, the zenith black runes they had were usually of a lower realm. But, the two zenith black runes shining on Lin Ming's body both blazed with a divine light, emitting an extraordinary and terrifying aura.

Behind Lin Ming, Xiao Moxian also saw the bright shimmer of these zenith black runes. She had already been at the Asura Road for long enough that she understood what this red and black light meant.

’’Who is he?’’

Xiao Moxian's large eyes widened until they were like brilliant black gems. She couldn't stop looking at Lin Ming as she took an increasing interest towards him.

She really wanted to know what the answers to her questions were but she didn't ask. Xiao Moxian had a childlike innocence and naiveté. The more she wanted to know something the less she would ask about it. Instead, she would investigate herself;only then was it fun.

’’This brat!’’

The Wave Saints felt the situation become increasingly messy. This boy was so young and yet he possessed zenith black level runes. They suspected that Lin Ming had an unfathomably deep background.

However, they had already tossed their lives into the ring and it was impossible for them to retreat. The greater background a person had the more ruthless they had to be in utterly exterminating them. They didn't even think that Lin Ming would ever let them go.

’’Attack together! We must kill him!’’

The Wave Saints drew out their sabers and attacked. Three sabers gathered as one, their strength instantly increasing by several times. They joined together the power from the god runes as they attacked Lin Ming;this was their strongest attack!

’’Line of the Deep Sea!’’

A terrifying power erupted, rushing forth like a raging tsunami. From behind the Wave Saints, the sea monster phantom that attacked Xiao Moxian appeared once more, hurtling towards Lin Ming.

’’Master, be careful!’’

Soulwhite cried out in alarm. Although Lin Ming was talented, his cultivation was simply too low. If he had to resist the strongest attack of these Wave Saints that were two large boundaries higher in cultivation than he was, then that was simply a crazy decision.

Xiao Moxian was also worried for Lin Ming. Without caring for the exhaustion that wracked her body, she slashed out her whip, hoping to reduce the pressure on him.

As for Lin Min Ming, he remained calm and unhurried.

His soul force reached into his inner world and a dark gray light howled out!

’’Your tactics were good, but unfortunately, I have more than this stone gate.’’

As Lin Ming spoke, there was a loud metallic ring, a gong that originated from the most primeval era, bringing with it the endless breath of the Great Dao Laws. A heavy and ancient bell suddenly fell down from up high, covering Lin Ming within it.

This ancient bell exuded a vast and boundless aura. The surface of the bell was carved with images of flowers and creatures, phoenixes and dragons, leviathans and rocs, and even dao patterns similar to those of chaos stones.

This was the Primordius Bell, another one of the Empyrean spirit treasures that Empyrean Primordius had left behind for Lin Ming. When Lin Ming first entered Primordius Palace, he had knelt in front of this ancient bell for three years, fully perceiving the highest truths of the Great Dao contained within, using this bell to directly refine the Primordius martial intent!

The attacks of the Wave Saints completely fell onto the Primordius Bell!


The Primordius Bell was rung by the attacks of the three people. A visible sound wave radiated out in response, causing space to tremble. Within this horrifying bell sound, everything was crushed.

Wherever the sound wave went, the ground collapsed and mountains were destroyed. The Wave Saints bore the brunt of this attack. Their blood swelled up within their bodies, tumbling about, nearly causing them to fall from the skies!

Their saber lights as well as that roaring sea monster had all completely exploded into bits, turning into nothing.

Not only had their attacks failed against Lin Ming, but they had been struck by the sound wave of the Primordius Bell, causing them to suffer a severe wound from the backlash!

’’What do we do!’’

’’What kind of magic tool is this!?’’

A trace of blood spilled out of the Wave Boss' mouth. With great difficulty he suppressed the roiling blood within his body. But at this time, he saw a giant bell come falling down on him from above.

In the next moment, they were all covered inside of that ancient bell.

’’This is bad!’’

The Wave Boss was bewildered. Without a doubt, this ancient bell was also an Empyrean spirit treasure!

Just by attacking it, the reverberating shockwave had caused such massive damage. If someone were actually able to activate this ancient bell then they could likely extinguish a person's body and soul!

’’Push away this bell and fly away! It's impossible for this human boy to truly control this bell;it must also be a lifeless object! As long as we don't strike it we won't suffer a backlash.’’

The Wave Boss instantly judged. As a Holy Lord level powerhouse, he had a rich depth of combat experience.

But at this moment, the space in front of them distorted and a black-caped youth stepped out!

Lin Ming had actually entered the space covered by the Primordius Bell. Now, within this mere 100 foot radius of space, there were four people!

What sort of concept was 100 feet to a top master? That was the same as being face to face!

’’None of you will leave here! This place shall be your graveyard!’’

Lin Ming's expression was coldly indifferent as he raised the Phoenix Blood Spear.


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