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Martial World - Chapter 1449


Chapter 1449

Chapter 1449 - Fighting the Four Saints




’’Who are you?’’ The Four Wave Saints' expressions changed as they saw this common-looking youth appear in front of them. He seemed quite young, but his first move was to put forth such a strange magic tool. It was unknown just what this magic tool was forged from but its defensive power was unmatched and unshakeable. Just by looking at it one could tell it was an extremely precious treasure.

Normally, they would have had thoughts of stealing it away, but if they were to fight now they would have to fight both Xiao Moxian and this strange youth together. That was a completely unwise decision.

’’He is a human! Moreover, he is at... a divine Transformation realm cultivation?’’

’’It doesn't seem like he is that girl's companion so he shouldn't know what treasure she has on her. No one should know our whereabouts either.’’ One of the Four Wave Saints said. When Xiao Moxian had escaped Wave City she had undergone a void shift and escaped. Luckily, one of them had a rare tracking rune that was able to lock onto her position from afar.

There was an extremely small number of these tracking runes. Although it wasn't just them who possessed one, the Four Wave Saints were sure that when Xiao Moxian escaped, there were no surrounding martial artists that had one on them.

As the Wave Boss looked at Xiao Moxian, he could tell from her expression that she didn't know just who this other person was.

As long as they weren't companions then everything would be much easier.

’’Don't look down on him just because it seems he has a divine Transformation realm cultivation. He could be using some sort of secret method to hide his cultivation. After all, he is definitely not a fool, and no one would attack someone clearly stronger than they are.’’

The Four Wave Saints didn't lower their guard because their enemy had a mere divine Transformation realm cultivation.

The black-caped youth grasped his long spear and slowly floated down between the Four Tide Saints and Xiao Moxian. This youth was naturally Lin Ming.

After Lin Ming changed his appearance, not only did his looks become plain and ordinary but even his soul aura had been altered. Not even Xiao Moxian could see who he was.

’’Friend, I advise you to not meddle in the business of others. In this Asura Road, we rule by the law of the jungle and the strong eat the weak. Those who can't mind their own affairs are likely to die! If you leave now then we might give you some benefits before we send you on your way, but if you insist on sticking yourself into this situation then don't blame us Four Wave Saints for being rude!’’

The Wave Boss warned Lin Ming.

’’Four Wave Saints?’’ Lin Ming's eyebrows arched upwards. It seemed that the martial artists of the Asura Road really preferred to form teams and give themselves some silly name. The Black Iron Ghost Triad he met before was also the same.

Lin Ming glanced over at Xiao Moxian. As he arrived, he saw Xiao Moxian burn her ancient phoenix blood to nearly kill one of the Four Wave Saints.

It had to be known that the Four Wave Saints were all Holy Lords;their cultivation could not be compared to that of the Black Iron Ghost Triad. If the four of them joined together, their strength would rise even further.

Even so, Xiao Moxian had been able to persist for such a long time and nearly kill one of them. The corpses that littered the ground all around were an alarming scene. These massive numbers of divine Transformation and divine Lord realm martial artists were all slain by Xiao Moxian. Their lives had been cut down with single strokes, their blood dyeing the stone and earth red.

This strength was absolutely bewildering.

’’This is incredible, perhaps even that Imperial Prince Naqi isn't any more talented than Xiao Moxian, but Xiao Moxian is also far younger than he is. A divine body seen only once every billion years is indeed extraordinary!’’

Lin Ming was flabbergasted. In the great calamity, Xiao Moxian was sure to be a strong heroine who played a leading role.

’’Who are you? Have we met before?’’

Xiao Moxian's true essence sound transmission echoed in Lin Ming's ear. She didn't recognize the Primordius Gate nor did she see through his changed appearance.

’’There is no point in bothering with who I am. Let's speak after we finish off these fools.’’

Lin Ming's voice had also changed, becoming thin and horse, not appealing to listen to at all.

Xiao Moxian grinned as she heard Lin Ming, revealing a pair of cute sharp fangs. However, these fangs were stained red with blood, giving off a sad and mournful beauty.

’’Great!’’ Xiao Moxian raised her long whip. At this time, she was still able to laugh. Even though she was like an oil-less lamp just now, she had been able to restore some of her origin energy in this short period of time. It could only be said that a God Beast body was far too formidable.

’’Friend, it seems you want to die no matter what!’’

The Four Wave Saints could sense that Lin Ming wasn't ordinary at all, but at this time it was too late for them to give up on their goal.

They surrounded Lin Ming, but Lin Ming took this time to attack. As soon as he struck out, he did so with all his strength. His opponents were Holy Lords, and although they were weak Holy Lords, the three of them added together couldn't be underestimated.


The Primordius Gate was sent hurtling forwards by Lin Ming once more. Its momentum was broad and glorious, like an endless avalanche!

’’It's this stone gate again!’’

The Four Wave Saints grimaced. ’’Don't try to defend against it. Spread out and attack him!’’

The Wave Boss said with a sound transmission. His entire body erupted with astral essence and he rushed forwards like a slippery eel, circumventing the Primordius Gate to attack Lin Ming himself.

After all, he was still a Holy Lord powerhouse. When his saber slashed out, combined with his great mortal bodily strength, the saber wind was incomparably fierce and sharp. This saber strike could even shear a mountain in half.

However, even though the Wave Boss was fast, Lin Ming was even faster. Lin Ming's figure flickered as he revolved the Space and Time Laws, instantly shooting off towards the Third Wave Brother. The Phoenix Blood Spear thrust out and the power of thunder and fire heavenly tribulation twisted together atop the shaft.

Heavenly Dao Judgment!

Rumble rumble rumble!

Red and purple spear light surged, shrouding down towards the third brother with overwhelming momentum, blocking off all possible paths of escape.

As Xiao Moxian saw this, her eyes widened. A move that controlled the power of thunder and fire? This move seemed somewhat similar to that one fellow's techniques...

As Xiao Moxian thought of this, she didn't hold back either. The long whip in her hand slashed out like a viper towards the Second Wave Brother. Her physical state was very poor right now so she couldn't engage them in frontal combat, but to use some long-ranged attacks to siphon off the attention of one or two of them was possible.

’’What fascinating strength. But what a pity, you still can't do anything to me.’’

The Third Wave Brother that was being covered by Heavenly Dao Judgment took out a green ruler from his spatial ring. This ruler immediately grew to ten feet long before he brought it pounding down, wanting to smash apart the power of heavenly tribulation.

But at this moment, from all around Lin Ming, a horrifying atmosphere spread outwards. This atmosphere was boundless and ancient, containing an incomparably suppressive feeling.

Grandmist space!

Hu - !

Star-heavy grandmist energy wrapped around the green ruler, instantly slowing it down. The potential within the attack also diminished rapidly.


The Third Wave Brother was shocked. This sudden change left him panicked.

’’Be careful!’’

The Wave Boss shouted. He wanted to move to help the Third Wave Brother but it was too late. With a loud rumbling explosion, the Third Wave Brother was struck by the power of thunder and fire heavenly tribulation. He soared backwards, his chest covered with red as he spat out great mouthfuls of blood!

His mortal body was powerful enough that he didn't receive a fatal wound, but his combat strength dropped precipitously.

Behind Lin Ming, Xiao Moxian was watching all of this occur. She wasn't placed within the grandmist space so she didn't feel the suppressive aura directly, but she could still vaguely feel the aura of the Grandmist Great Dao. ’’This person... is also skilled in the Grandmist Laws?’’


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