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Martial World - Chapter 1448


Chapter 1448

Chapter 1448 - The Phoenix Within the Flames of Battle




Lin Ming was extremely startled to discover that Xiao Moxian was one of the people fighting. But as he thought about it further, it wasn't strange at all.

With the great calamity ready to erupt at any moment, Xiao Moxian would also want to rapidly increase her strength, but in the divine Realm alone, it would be hard for her to find sufficient space to grow. She needed rivals and opponents, she needed a new world to broaden her horizons, and she needed pressure that would force her to transform into someone greater than she was before. The Asura Road was indeed a very good place to go.

Then, after arriving here, Xiao Moxian had at some time obtained a mission to go to the Great Desolate. And, her appearing here was also reasonable, because the Desolate Springs was the safest entry route into the Great Desolate.

As Lin Ming thought of this he sped up. He could clearly see the phantom of a Dark Phoenix in the distant skies. Lin Ming had fought with Xiao Moxian before so he clearly understood that this was her bloodline strength - the Phoenix Trueform. Unless she encountered some formidable opponent, Xiao Moxian wouldn't easily reveal this ability in the Asura Road. It was similar to an elephant revealing its ivory tusks or a rhinoceros revealing its horn;it would arouse the greed of others.

Lin Ming's guess was correct. Xiao Moxian was indeed placed in a great crisis.

The cause was simple. After Xiao Moxian entered the Asura Road, the first place she stopped was Wave City. After entering Wave City, she went to the mission issuing area, similar to the City of Discord's Black God Fort, and then she also participated in the trial game there. With Xiao Moxian's talent, obtaining the 50 badge blue soul level reward was far too simple, and even obtaining the zenith black level reward wasn't difficult at all. After Xiao Moxian had two drawings, although she didn't draw the Destiny reward that Lin Ming had drawn, she had still pulled out the second zenith black reward possibility, and the best one at that. If she drew that, the value of the god rune would only be slightly worse than the Destiny reward. This would be enough to cause all the martial artists in Wave City to go crazy with greed. In addition, her blue soul level reward was likely the most precious third possibility type too.

When these factors were added together, the result could be imagined.

Xiao Moxian was now besieged from all sides!

’’Fires Scorching the Starry Skies!’’

Hu - hu - hu !

Black flames swept up a storm. Xiao Moxian wielded her swift long whip, the speed reaching unimaginable degrees as if she would tear apart space itself. Flames burnt along the whip's length. Every time the whip lashed out, martial artists would be torn apart, leaving behind nothing but bloody fog.

Corpses were already piled up all around her. These corpses were either torn apart by long whip strokes or charred into cinders. As for Xiao Moxian, her long hair was scattered about and blood stained her face. Her large pitch black eyes were filled with a cruel and ruthless light!

Although she normally seemed naughty and cute, she actually had the blood of the monster and demon races flowing through her veins. When it came to killing someone, she could instantly become a dark enchantress, showing no mercy at all!

She had already been fighting for a long time, and dozens of people had been killed by her. The rocks all around were dyed black and red, and all the surrounding plant life had withered away. There were many wounds crisscrossing her body and even her expansive Dark Phoenix wings were wet with blood. This blood was hers.

The battlefield was already thick with the scent of blood and death. Xiao Moxian was like a dark angel, her body brimming with a terrifying power as she harvested all life around her.

’’I'm sure that she must have a true phoenix bloodline within her. She might even be the descendant of a phoenix!’’

In the group of people, a Holy Lord martial artist suddenly shouted out. He clearly had a considerable amount of experience. In the midst of this intense battle he had been able to see through Xiao Moxian's bloodline!

’’A phoenix body! How could a descendant be born from a phoenix mating with other races?’’

’’If so, then us brothers have really hit the jackpot. Just a single drop of her blood essence is incomparably precious. If we can capture this woman and dual cultivate with her, we can suck up her yin essence and even swallow her primal origin energy. We can even use her blood to make medicine to obtain unimaginable benefits! Hahaha!’’

’’Use her for medicine? That ruins the fun too much. This is truly a top quality woman, the most outstanding kind of all, so how can we use her as medicine? We should enjoy her as thoroughly as we can. When we capture her we can plant a slave seal within her and make her serve us faithfully! Hehe, little girl, don't resist us. We have enough people that you will be captured sooner or later. No matter what you try, we will place a slave seal rune within you and enjoy your body, hahaha!’’

The leading martial artists increased their violent barrage of attacks. These people all had a Holy Lord level cultivations for a total of four Holy Lords!

Although they weren't strong Holy Lords, several of them added together formed a terrifying strength! It would be almost impossible for Xiao Moxian to escape the siege of these people, and even someone like Lin Ming would find it difficult.

Xiao Moxian formed more seals as she wrapped her body in black flames. Mystical runes began to shine over her face, neck, and arms. These runes were the Law runes of a Dark Phoenix that were inscribed into her body. They were the miracle of Laws that she inherited from her mother, the symbol of a God Beast!

These runes shimmered with a brilliant black light. The power of Laws began to crazily surge around Lin Ming. Black flames soared to the heavens, sweeping across the skies!

’’Don't struggle little girl, it is useless for you to delay for time. Do you really think that that old man will be here to rescue you? Perhaps he already died at Wave City, or at the very least he was mutually wounded together with Wave City's City Lord, otherwise how would the four of us be able to enjoy such a lucky chance? Hehehe!’’

The four Holy Lords spread out, attacking Xiao Moxian from afar.


Flames crazily detonated. Several martial artists that attacked Xiao Moxian were turned to ash!

But the four leading Holy Lord powerhouses actually retreated. One of them even casually grasped a minion beside them to use as a shield. That unlucky martial artist was directly burned down to nothing, but the Holy Lord powerhouse behind him was completely fine.

’’The ones sieging you are all our slaves controlled by god runes. Don't you know that there are god runes that can specifically act as slave seals for others? If you burn them, that isn't any loss to us at all. In fact, you will have needlessly wasted your strength, hahaha!’’

This Holy Lord was from the demon race. He was short, with pointy ears and nearly black skin. At this time he was fiendishly smiling as his eyes greedily swept over Xiao Moxian's body. In truth, they also knew that Xiao Moxian was extremely strong. If they were to truly attack in a head-on fight then no single one of them alone was Xiao Moxian's match. Even if they joined forces Xiao Moxian could still counterattack and kill off one or two of them.

Thus, they used the many slaves under their control to wear down her strength. This was the safest and most methodical tactic.

Xiao Moxian's eyes shined with a cold light. Although she possessed a nearly unparalleled physique, she had indeed consumed far too much energy and was nearing her limit.

Her inky black eyes narrowed as she glared at the demon Holy Lord who had just spoken. Killing intent rose from all around her. ’’You are courting death!’’


At this moment, a volcano seemed to erupt within Xiao Moxian. Her strength rapidly ascended as her aura violently gushed out, causing the earth to shake!

In that instant, it was like a true phoenix was awakening within Xiao Moxian!

’’This is...’’

The demon Holy Lord that was speaking before suddenly paused. He felt the space around him tighten as a terrifying strength swept at his direction! Xiao Moxian had ignored all others to attack him;her only goal was to wipe out the Holy Lord who had shouted just now.

’’Old Fourth, be careful!’’

Not too far away, two of the other Four Wave Saints also moved to help him. As for the last one, he attacked Xiao Moxian. He was too far away so he didn't have enough time to help his comrade, thus he thought of attacking Xiao Moxian to force her to retreat.

Xiao Moxian realized that there was an attack coming at her from behind and she also realized the consequences of being struck. But, she ignored it, stubbornly attacking as she did before!

Her long whip howled as dreadful black flames formed a raging inferno that smashed into the demon Holy Lord's body. The demon Holy Lord cried out miserably as half his body was struck. Many of his organs broke, his meridians cracked, and he vomited out a mouthful of blood.

’’How... how is this possible?’’

He found this all unbelievable. How could Xiao Moxian suddenly erupt with such a titanic strength?

’’She has burnt her bloodline, the bloodline of a Dark Phoenix!’’

The Holy Lord behind Xiao Moxian shouted out as he attacked her. His saber came roughly chopping down upon her back.

Xiao Moxian had spent all of her strength and attention to strike that demon race Holy Lord so she had no time to turn around and defend. Instead, she wrapped her wings around her body, revolving all of her strength to resist this saber strike.


A saber slashed through Xiao Moxian's protective true essence and cut down at her phoenix wings. Blood splashed out and her face paled. Her body was sent flying backwards until she crashed into a cluster of rocks.

Rumble rumble rumble!

Rocks shattered and Xiao Moxian was buried within the debris. But in the next moment, a massive amount of broken stone was swept away by her black phoenix wings. Xiao Moxian stood up, but as she did, she revealed that only one of her phoenix wings was upright;the other wing was hanging at a strange angle. That saber strike just then had cut through her wing bones.

In addition, there was also a three foot long wound;it was unknown just how deep it was, but it had already injured her organs. If she didn't possess a phoenix's body then she would have already lost all combat strength.

’’Old Fourth, are you okay!?’’ Two of the Holy Lords caught the demon race Holy Lord. Although half his body was ruined, he still had a single breath of life. In that life or death moment just now, the other two Holy Lords had been able to bear a part of Xiao Moxian's attack, saving his life.

’’This damned girl!’’

The boss of the Four Wave Saints shouted out, his eyes shining with a ruthlessly sharp light. ’’She has burnt her phoenix blood!’’

A Phoenix God Beast was the only creature in the universe that could freely burn its blood essence without diminishing its fires of life. This was because they could rebirth themselves within the flames of nirvana.

However, this also had a premise, and it was that a phoenix that combusted its blood essence had to have completed at least a single nirvana, otherwise it was difficult to do so.

Currently, Xiao Moxian had yet to undergo her nirvana, thus she could burn her ancient phoenix blood at most only once. If she did it any more then she would damage her life force, just like an ordinary martial artist burning their blood essence.

’’Let's attack together, she is already exhausted.’’

’’Right, no one hold back. We can't have this little girl pulling out some trump card like what she did to Old Fourth.’’

’’We'll steal away the treasure she drew, keep her lowly life and plant a slave seal in her and then train her well!’’

The Four Wave Saints said, their eyes glimmering with greed and perversion. Among the four of them, the three that still had their battle efficiency stood up. Their strength began to echo between each other before it suddenly burst outwards!

Hu - hu - hu!

Energy gushed out. These people all came from the demon race or the saint race, and their different strengths converged together to form an array diagram. Within this array diagram, the phantom of a giant sea monster began to emerge. This sea monster was massive, with dozens of tentacles, resembling something like a massive octopus.


The three of them all attacked with their sabers. As their sabers came slashing down, Xiao Moxian glared at them, her eyes cold and implacable. At this time it was no longer possible for her to burn her ancient phoenix blood any further. Even burning a little of her blood just now had placed a tremendous burden on her body.

Even in this completely exhausted state where she was like a flickering candle in the wind, she still slashed out with her whip at the three sabers. At the same time, she took out a jade slip from her spatial ring and poured her true essence into it before crumbling it!

This was a defensive-type jade slip. Although it was very valuable, it was impossible for this alone to defend against the joint attack of the three Holy Lords. At most it would reduce the wounds that she received.

’’Accept your fate!’’

The three Holy Lords cruelly cackled, their speed increasing until they were like three meteors that hurtled towards Xiao Moxian. The array diagram appeared above their sabers and the giant sea monster behind them savagely roared as it sent several tentacles thrusting towards Xiao Moxian.

In that moment, the earth suddenly shook and space was torn apart. The mountain stones tumbled down in an avalanche as the power of space groaned in the air.


The three Holy Lords didn't even have time to respond. They saw Xiao Moxian disappear from their sight, replaced by a thick ancient stone gate that fell down from the clouds, separating them from her!

’’What is this?’’

’’Cut it down!’’

The three Holy Lords were extremely fast. Their attacks didn't slow down in the least as they slashed out at the stone gate. In fact, it was impossible for them to slow down, just like someone that was racing suddenly coming to a complete stop. If they did so then the energy and momentum in their attack would create a backlash against them and injure them instead.

The array diagram upon their sabers shined even brighter. The octopus-like sea monster roared out and slammed its tentacles at the stone gate.

Rumble rumble rumble!

Energy exploded. All of the attacks fell down on the stone gate. Wild shockwaves spread outwards, causing all the nearby stones to disintegrate.

The sea monster phantom that bore the brunt of this impact was torn apart!

As for that heavy stone gate, it merely shook a little without showing any signs of damage. After that, the array diagram atop the three Holy Lords' sabers also cracked apart. Because they were too fast, all of them crashed into the stone gate. For a time, they were completely knocked senseless!


The boss of the Four Wave Saints spat out a mouthful of blood. Although he hadn't been attacked just now, he had taken a rebound injury. This was like a person punching at a stone wall with all their strength. Although the wall would be fine, their hand would be injured.

’’What happened!?’’

This sudden change in events left the Holy Lords all perplexed and startled. The Holy Lord boss suddenly looked up in the sky to see a youth wrapped in a black cape.

This youth held a long spear. His build was ordinary, as was his appearance. His face was a bit yellow, making him seem like someone that would never be noticed in a crowd.

Without a doubt, the stone gate that came down just now had come from this person.


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