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Martial World - Chapter 1447


Chapter 1447

Chapter 1447 - Encounter in the Great Desolate




Asura Road, the Great Desolate -

No one knew just where the Great Desolate ended. It was said that the deeper one went into the Great Desolate, the more strange and fantastical phenomena one would see. Moreover, the space and time there was extremely disorderly, and even Empyreans that were skilled in the Space and Time Laws could easily become lost in the space labyrinths.

It was said that the Great Desolate eventually led to another unknown space, perhaps a world that was no longer a part of the Asura Road.

In short, the depths of the Great Desolate were a forbidden zone.

Currently, Lin Ming was only at the very outermost edges of the Great Desolate;he was still incomparably far from reaching anywhere near the center.

This land was named the Great Desolate but it wasn't desolate at all. Instead, there were mountains that towered for hundreds of thousands of feet with ancient, high trees that reached into the skies. Their roots gripped the earth like dragon claws, and within these primal groves, all sorts of vicious beasts flitted about.

The reason that the Great Desolate was called the Great Desolate was that whoever stepped into that land, no matter who they were, would feel an ancient and prehistoric breath overwhelm them. It was said that the terrain of the land had remained pristine and unchanged for the last 10 billion years. Every inch of that land had experienced endless years.

This also caused Lin Ming to feel a deep sense of respect towards this land in his heart.

Rumble rumble rumble!

A magnificent river surged in front of Lin Ming. The waters were turbulent and wild, as wide as a sea, seeming to contain an infinite strength.

Soulwhite said, ’’Master, this river is called the Desolate Springs and it runs through the Great Desolate. When a martial artist wants to enter the Great Desolate, they usually follow the path of this river forwards. If we follow this river it will be a bit more secure, and we will also arrive at Precipice Cliff.’’

’’Mm, alright.’’

Lin Ming nodded. It really was a wise decision for him to bring Soulwhite under his control;it saved him a great deal of trouble.

As Lin Ming wanted to go forwards, the clarion cry of a bird rang through the skies, alarming many vicious beasts hiding in the grass. Lin Ming saw a massive bird as large as a hill soar through the heavens, its wings blocking out most of the sun.

This scene left Lin Ming secretly dumbfounded. This bird was several miles long. Although it was far smaller than a Golden-winged Roc, it was still on a completely different level from other birds.

Bang! Crash!

The giant bird landed atop a cliff. Lin Ming silently revolved the divine Dream Law, shielding his own figure as much as possible to avoid being spotted by the giant bird.

In this Great Desolate he had to remain absolutely vigilant. Otherwise, it would be easier for him to encounter some existence that he couldn't afford to provoke. If he did that, then escaping would be an impossible hope.

Soulwhite said, ’’Master, we are only about a thousand miles away from Precipice Cliff. We should be a bit more careful when we follow the Desolate Springs and we won't encounter any dangers. The vicious beasts around the Desolate Springs have low striking power. As long as they are not provoked, they won't attack others. Once we reach Precipice Cliff then Master can leave a name upon the Emperor Stone and complete the mission.’’

’’I understand.’’ Lin Ming nodded. As they walked forwards, they actually encountered a fair number of martial artists. These people were doing as Soulwhite had said and were walking alongside the river. This was the safest entryway into the Great Desolate.

Out of the many martial artists, there were those at the divine Sea, divine Transformation, and divine Lord realms. They either came to the Great Desolate to adventure or to complete some sort of mission. Of course, the missions they were given might not be to go to Precipice Cliff.

During this time period, Lin Ming saw massive slaughter fests take place around him as well as some squads picking up the bones of rare beasts.

These were not the bones of God Beasts, but some ancient desolate beasts that had a faint bloodline connection to God Beasts. These bones had existed here for far too long and the marrow had already drained away, leaving nothing behind but bones.

In Lin Ming's eyes, these ancient desolate beast bones were extremely wonderful treasures. Even so, they were much worse than the Azure Dragon bone he had found before.

However, these sorts of beast bones still caused dozens and hundreds of people to kill each other in a struggle to obtain them. Finally, over half these people died, leaving pools of blood to drench the earth!

The final strongest powerhouse carried off the beast bones even as he was severely wounded. As Lin Ming was watching this, he noticed that it was likely this powerhouse had received grievous hidden wounds that would be difficult to recover from. In fact, this powerhouse had also burnt 20-30% of his blood essence. If he wanted to restore just that, then he would have to pay an extremely deep price.

’’This place is really filled with the scent of blood. In the Asura Road, strength is king. Fighting and killing over treasures is far too common. Even if you don't fight, others will fight you all the same.’’ Lin Ming sighed. These common martial artists or martial artists from small influences lacked far too many resources. Their only recourse to advance in their road of martial arts was to desperately struggle with their lives on the line.

’’Hey, brat, have you been here all along? Have you seen any beast bones? Did you see who they were taken by? Where did that person go?’’

Lin Ming didn't jump into the struggle for beast bones. Even so, trouble came knocking on his door regardless.

Lin Ming turned around to see several saint and imp race martial artists approaching him. They were backup called in by their comrades, but while they had been catching up their comrades had all been killed.

They didn't feel anything towards their comrades' death. Rather, what they were concerned about was the whereabouts of the beast bones.

’’I have no idea.’’ Lin Ming shook his head. He didn't bother telling these people which direction the severely wounded martial artist had run off in with the beast bones.

’’Heh, don't try to lie to me. Let me search your soul a bit. If what you say is true then I won't kill you.’’

Out of the small group, an old imp man spoke as he licked his lips, chuckling as he reached out a hand towards Lin Ming. He simply didn't believe Lin Ming's words. If Lin Ming were here, why wouldn't he have seen who took the beast bones?

Lin Ming frowned. This imp wanted to search his soul and said it in such a calm and casual manner, as if he were asking for directions!

He didn't want to kill anyone here, but some people actually came seeking their own death.

The old imp laughed as he saw Lin Ming was resisting. ’’Haha, brat, I already know you are lying. You might be the friend of whoever took away the beast bones, or perhaps the bones are on your body!’’

The old imp stretched out his skinny chicken claw-like hand to grasp Lin Ming!

A thick killing intent flashed in Lin Ming's eyes. In the next moment, a red and purple light flashed out, slicing through the void!

The old imp suddenly shook, his entire body shivering. His stretched out hand also froze where it was as his fingers trembled.

He looked down with disbelief etched in his eyes. There was a massive bloody hole in his chest.

’’You... you...’’

’’Damn it, kill him!’’ The other martial artists around the old imp were all enraged.

’’Fight together, this boy isn't simple at all!’’

They never thought that Lin Ming would sneak attack in such a manner just now, nor did they recognize his true strength.

’’Come then, all of you can die together.’’

Lin Ming waved the Phoenix Blood Spear. At the same time, energy erupted from his body as the heavy grandmist energy surged outwards, blocking out the space all around him!

As these people were enveloped in the grandmist space, they immediately felt a terrifying suppressive pressure pushing down on them. Let alone attacking, even breathing was becoming difficult.



Some people miserably cried. However, once Lin Ming attacked, he didn't hold back at all. The Phoenix Blood Spear swept out with a thick arc of spear light. In just several blinks of the eye, all of these people were killed by Lin Ming!

Blood splashed everywhere. Lin Ming wiped off the blood from the Phoenix Blood Spear and shook his head. ’’They kill others like cutting grass. These Asura Road people are really mentally insane.’’

As Lin Ming was speaking out loud, he heard the faint explosions of energy just several dozen miles away. It was clear some people had started to fight.

’’I'll go around them.’’

Lin Ming didn't want to be caught up in any more troublesome matters. If there was some battle taking place on the road then he would just circle around them.

However, after ten miles, he stopped his footsteps. The fighting taking place in the distance was actually quite unusual.

From the wild and heated origin energy in the air, he could feel that the two sides fighting were all masters, completely incomparable to the trash he just killed.

’’Who is fighting? These swift and fierce energy collisions, this is definitely a battle between extraordinary individuals. Moreover... how could these sounds...’’

Lin Ming's hearing was extremely sharp. Even from such a distance he could hear what sounds were coming from that chaotic battlefield. As he heard a familiar sound, an astonished light flashed in his eyes.

’’I guess I'll go take a look.’’

As Lin Ming spoke, he rapidly rushed towards the battlefield. The 20-30 mile distance took only several blinks of time.

At this time, he heard someone shout out, ’’Wings of the Dark Phoenix!’’

For a time, the aura of a God Beast shot up into the skies. Lin Ming was extremely familiar with this aura. Ten years ago, within the arena of the divine Realm First Martial Meeting, he had fought against this aura.

’’Wings of the Dark Phoenix, a God Beast's aura, is it Xiao Moxian? She... also came to the Asura Road? Just who is she fighting?’’


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