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Martial World - Chapter 1446


Chapter 1446

Chapter 1446 - Ancient Jade




After the events at Black God Fort, the entire City of Discord was placed on high alert.

When the City Lord learned that Lin Ming had escaped, he used a thousand mile sound transmission to inform the guards to start the great array formation and seal up the city.

The City Lord did this because he thought Lin Ming might not have necessarily left the City of Discord. If he searched the city he might be able to make some gains.

And, more importantly, the City Lord wanted to place a total blockade on all news. He then scanned the log book for that day in Black God Fort and captured all the martial artists that had appeared there, imprisoning them all!

Then, each one of these people had soul searching god runes used on them to comb through their memories. If any one of them had passed on news to others, those other people would also be equally captured and imprisoned. Then, they would have memory sealing god runes placed within them.

This sort of crazy method reflected the tyrannical rules of the Asura Road. Here, strength was everything. With strength, one could ignore all public opinion and do whatever they wished. As for things like mercy or benevolence, that was simply a joke.

The reason for blocking this news was to prevent other top masters from joining the hunt for Lin Ming.

Normal martial artists wouldn't know just how valuable the thing Lin Ming obtained was. They only went to look for the fun of it;even the silver-armored guard captain was the same. Although he knew that what Lin Ming obtained was rare, he didn't know just what it meant.

But, just because these ordinary martial artists didn't know what it meant didn't mean that the other City Lords didn't. If this news spread out and other City Lords decided to join in on the action, it would be far more difficult for the City of Discord's City Lord to capture Lin Ming.

At this time, Lin Ming was completely unaware of all the changes occurring within the City of Discord. He had already fled 50,000 miles north.

Here was a forested mountain range. Lin Ming carved his own cave dwelling in this mountain range and temporarily went into seclusion.

He had already changed to a completely different appearance.

He wore a black robe made from energy, and he was of medium height with average, ordinary looks. His complexion was a bit yellower and his chin a bit pointier. His eyes drooped a little and he looked completely common, like someone you wouldn't notice in a crowd.

Now that he needed to escape, the more low key his appearance was the better.

The reason Lin Ming was able to flee this calamity was all because he cultivated the divine Dream Law's Bodily Rebirth Technique to a high enough boundary. Not only could he easily change his appearance but he could also change the aura of his soul. Even a Great World King wouldn't be able to easily see through his camouflage.

When he had planned to leave divine Dream Heavenly Palace to go on an adventure and temper himself, the first place he chose was not the Asura Road but the Saint Convocation Heaven where the saint race ruled supreme!

Lin Ming had dared to go to the Saint Convocation Heaven because he was able to rely on the Bodily Rebirth Technique.

Just from this alone, Lin Ming felt a heartfelt admiration towards divine Dream. She had actually managed to research the soul forging system to such a refined degree and establish her profound divine Dream Law.

Of course, that ordinary Holy Lord level spiritas guard captain wasn't able to easily see through Lin Ming's disguise, and part of the reason for that was also because of the Magic Cube. The Magic Cube had allowed Lin Ming to understand the divine Dream Law to such a degree that he nearly reached Frost Dream's level of talent.

’’It looks I won't be able to use my original appearance anymore. Then, I'll use this appearance to continue participating in the Asura Road trials. It should be safe enough.’’

Lin Ming had confidence in his own appearance changing technique. Even if he were to stand in front of the City Lord himself, the City Lord wouldn't be able to recognize him. Only an Empyrean would be able to see through his disguise.

Now that the dangers had abated, Lin Ming focused on his right hand. He wanted to see just what it was he drew.

Whatever it was, he had risked his life to obtain it. Moreover, it was something that hadn't been seen for several hundreds of millions of years. It shouldn't be too bad.

A faint green light appeared in Lin Ming's right hand, slowly gathering together. Finally, it formed a green jade.

Lin Ming looked at this jade. It was a deep green and the size of a baby's palm, just like a jade pendant.

The surface of the jade had strange carvings on it. Compared to the complex language of the divine Realm or saint race, this sort of writing was far simpler, only comprised of four strokes.

Lin Ming looked at the jade for half a day. He couldn't recall anything about these characters.

’’Just what is this... there isn't any explanation at all...’’

Lin Ming couldn't understand just what effect this ancient jade had. All he could feel from this ancient jade was a vague primal aura, as if it had existed for countless years. However, even after hundreds of millions or even billions of years, this jade remained clean and bright. As he held it in his hands, there was even a slightly warm feeling.

’’Perhaps it can be used when opening the final trial?’’

Lin Ming thought out loud. Just as he was preparing to place it in the Magic Cube space, a sudden spiritual message flashed in his mind. This message had no words, but it still managed to transmit some blurry information to him.

Lin Ming's mind stirred and he poured his divine sense into the ancient jade. Immediately, he could see some faint lines within the ancient jade. These lines formed a complex design. As Lin Ming looked at it, he could feel that it was somewhat similar to a map.

And all around this map were blurry comments. As for these words, Lin Ming was able to understand them. They consisted of the divine Realm's language as well as the saint race's language.

During the period of time after Lin Ming came into contact with the saints and the spiritas, he slowly studied their language. A martial artist had photographic memory and it wasn't too much of a hassle to learn a new language, especially for someone with peerless perception like Lin Ming.

’’Great Desolate God Trove...’’

Lin Ming slowly read the words, one at a time.

’’Soulwhite, do you know what the Great Desolate God Trove is?’’

Soulwhite emerged from Lin Ming's Extreme Violet Ring, slightly startled. ’’Great Desolate God Trove? This old servant does not know, but I have heard of the Great Desolate before. That is an extremely large area in the Asura Road, a completely wild and savage wilderness region. Many martial artists go there to temper themselves, but even they only journey around the edges. As for the depths of the Great Desolate, no one dares to go that far. In its depths, there are powerful ancient desolate beasts and even God Beasts. Moreover, there is quite a number of them!

’’It is said that there are numerous rare and hidden treasures in the Great Desolate. If one is lucky enough, if your destiny defies the heavens, then you may even find bones of long dead God Beasts. That is a land filled with immense lucky chances but it is also extremely dangerous. Those who go there are always hanging onto life by a thread, with nine chances of death and only one chance of survival.’’

Lin Ming sucked in a cold breath as he heard Soulwhite's description.

God Beast...

Up until now, Lin Ming had only seen two God Beasts with his own eyes.

The first was the Black Dragon in the Eternal Demon Abyss, and the second was Empyrean Demondawn's contract beast.

A normal God Beast was slightly weaker than an Empyrean. But, there were some God beasts with powerful bloodlines and inherited strengths that were able to compare favorably with peak Empyrean powerhouses!

In terms of strength, Empyrean Demondawn's God Beast and the Black Dragon in the Eternal Demon Abyss were on completely different levels.

Although Lin Ming had never seen the Black Dragon within the Eternal Demon Abyss fight, he could confirm that it was no weaker than Empyrean Primordius was in the past. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for the Black Dragon to fight side-by-side with Empyrean Primordius.

In this Great Desolate there really might be a god trove. And, the lines in this ancient jade might be the map to that ancient ruin.

As Soulwhite saw Lin Ming develop the idea of going to the Great Desolate, he hurriedly discouraged him. ’’Master, with your cultivation it is far too early for you to go to the Great Desolate. That place is different from the world of the Hunter Game. The Hunter Game is only a trial and its difficulty is determined by your cultivation. However, the Great Desolate is different. That is the true world, where only your strength matters. I believe that master should instead look at that rare blue soul level mission first. Still, a blue soul level mission isn't easy to complete either. There are many two-star Asuras that form teams in order to complete blue soul level missions.


Lin Ming nodded. It was true;his strength was a bit too low right now. He might as well finish the rare blue soul level mission first.

Lin Ming took out the blue soul level mission badge and poured his divine sense into it. Then, a piece of information spread through his mind.

’’Precipice Cliff, leave a name upon the Emperor Stone.’’

This short sentence was the so-called mission.

’’What sort of place is Precipice Cliff?’’ Lin Ming asked.

Soulwhite ruefully smiled as he heard this. He said, ’’What a coincidence. Precipice Cliff is also at the Great Desolate, but it is located at the edges. It isn't too dangerous there.’’

’’Oh? So it seems no matter what, I'll need to take a trip to the Great Desolate. Is this Emperor Stone located on this Precipice Cliff?’’

The aim of this mission was clearly to have Lin Ming go to the Great Desolate and leave his name upon the Emperor Stone. At the very least he had to leave some sort of symbol.

Lin Ming guessed that this Emperor Stone likely had some sort of array formation. Once this array formation came into contact with his mission badge, the mission badge would turn into a god rune, the rare blue soul level god rune he would obtain from this mission.

After Lin Ming understood the mission details, he spent several days in his cave dwelling adjusting himself. After he reached his best state, he left.

Destination - the Great Desolate!


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