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Martial World - Chapter 1444


Chapter 1444

Chapter 1444 - One's Talent Arouses the Envy of Others




As Lin Ming steadily stared at the spinning Wheel of Destiny, he also kept his guard up at full alert.

At the start, no one believed that Lin Ming would be able to complete the zenith black level mission. They only thought that his talent was a bit refreshing, thus he attracted the attention of so many people.

Even if Lin Ming were to complete the blue soul level checkpoint and pulled out a relatively high reward, no one would covet his possessions because he had enough strength to protect himself.

But, if Lin Ming were to complete the zenith black level mission and draw out something even more precious, then that was not some small event;that was something that could alarm even Holy Lords and World Kings. In the City of Discord where there were no rules but strength, Lin Ming would be placed in an extremely dangerous situation.

The Wheel of Destiny began to slow down. All of the martial artists present watched with breath abated. In the center of the Wheel of Destiny, there was an ancient rune word - Destiny. This was also the most mysterious reward of all.

Of course, besides Lin Ming, not many people bothered looking at the Destiny rune. They simply didn't believe that Lin Ming had a chance of pulling it out. If Lin Ming was able to obtain the zenith black level reward and obtain a single drawing chance, that was already a nearly unbelievable event. As for drawing that mystical Destiny rune, that was simply a joke and a half.

It wasn't that they didn't believe in Lin Ming, but that in the minds of these people, the possibility of drawing that Destiny rune never existed to begin with, no matter who tried.

The zenith black level reward was something only seen every several hundred million years. As for drawing the third possible zenith black reward, the degree of difficulty in accomplishing that was inconceivable. Many people suspected that in the last several hundred million years, in all the cities on the outskirts of the Asura Road, there had never been anyone capable of drawing that third zenith black reward possibility.

The runes continued to shimmer. Some conscientious people had already taken out sound transmitting talismans, ready to send out news of what was happening.

Lin Ming had only spent four hours in the Hunter Game, and with no one thinking that he could ever have obtained the zenith black level reward, news was limited to those in Black God Fort, with no one outside knowing.

But now, many people had the idea to rob all of Lin Ming's harvests. Although Lin Ming was talented, his cultivation was actually limited.

A rare zenith black god rune could not only enhance one's strength but it was also a necessary rune required to open the way to the Asura Road's final smelting trial. Even if it were impossible for anyone in this city to participate, they could still sell it for an unimaginable level of wealth!

None of these little actions escaped Lin Ming's notice. However, he didn't bother with them. At this time, the Wheel of Destiny had nearly come to a stop.

The hundreds and thousands of runes shimmered on and off without any pattern to them. Because the Wheel of Destiny had nearly stopped spinning, these runes lit up for longer and longer and the speed at which they alternated shining became increasingly slow.

The runes would light up for almost an entire breath of time. This meant that the end result was soon about to appear.

The Sun of Suffocation, the Soul Bleached Bones, the Fiery Buddha's Blade, the Stone of Resurrection...

Every shining rune had its own name...

Finally, a rune named the Rainbow Bridge lit up for almost three breaths of time before fading away with an almost daring unwillingness. Then, the last rune lit up. Everyone's eyes widened, nearly popping out of their eyes with blatant disbelief.

Well, it was more accurate to say that this was not a single rune, but two runes joined together to form a word.

This word was the most mystical possibility of all - Destiny!

This was the third reward, the ultimate rune, Destiny!

Everyone was shocked speechless, but Lin Ming's actions were quick. He tamped down the rising excitement in his heart and placed his hand on the Wheel of Destiny. At that moment, he could feel something forming within the Wheel of Destiny!

This was likely the reward he was about to obtain.

A white light radiated out, shining over everyone watching. It was like a second sun had risen inside Black God Fort's second level, making everyone close their eyes from the glare.

’’The third reward, Destiny? Moreover, it's the third reward from the zenith black drawing? Is this reality? Am I dreaming here!?’’

’’This is too strange, how can there be such a freakish genius!?’’

In the hall, everyone's eyes went red with jealousy. And at this time, the dazzling thing that was being formed appeared. Lin Ming didn't even bother looking at it. With a wave of his hand, that object directly submerged into his palm. It didn't go into his spatial ring, but directly drilled into his body.

He didn't bother investigating with his sense, but strode straight down the platform.


Lin Ming sent out a true essence sound transmission.

’’Master, this old servant is here.’’ Soulwhite was also completely dumbfounded. But, he too could feel how tense the atmosphere was. There were countless pairs of eyes targeting Lin Ming like daggers.

’’We're leaving.’’

As Lin Ming walked down from the platform, many martial artists present held their breaths, their eyes shining brilliantly. They stared at Lin Ming's hand - the divine light that appeared had hidden itself in there.

They didn't know what Lin Ming had drawn. In order to confirm that, they would need to chop off Lin Ming's right hand.

Everyone in the City of Discord was a desperado, those who did evil without caring for the lives of others. Some people began to trace their spatial rings, their auras rapidly revolving!

If it wasn't for Lin Ming being far too strong, they would have already attacked. Although fighting was forbidden in Black God Fort, this so-called rule was only a commonly accepted custom in the City of Discord. At this time, who could still care about such customs?

But, they also knew that trying to steal away the mysterious object that Lin Ming had drawn in the chaos of battle was impossible by virtue of their own strength. Instead, they could easily draw the disaster of death upon themselves.

Even so, in the face of such intense greed, with a chance that they could ascend to the heavens in a single bound, how many people here could still hold themselves back?

Everyone began to think that perhaps the god of fortune would descend upon their bodies. Perhaps in the ensuing chaos they could steal away that mysterious object without others knowing.

Lin Ming's eyes flashed with a cold and callous light. He walked forwards one step at a time, making others retreat from his path.

In the eyes of these people, the suppressive aura Lin Ming gave off was far too strong.

The zenith black level reward that hadn't been obtained for the last several hundred million years had been obtained by him, and during the drawing, even that most mysterious third reward was obtained by him. This type of person most likely had an unrivalled destiny on their side, and most likely some unimaginable ability.

Whoever tried to attack him first would likely die a most miserable death.

Some people even made way for Lin Ming. This was because they were pressured by his aura.

At this time, a voice suddenly sounded out. ’’Little Brother, how about coming to the City Lord Mansion for a little visit? I'm sure that the Great City Lord would appreciate such a handsome young elite as yourself.’’

Lin Ming turned around. Atop the platform, a tall silver-armored guard had appeared. This person's entire body shimmered with a sparkling light - he was a spiritas martial artist. There was a great difference between this person's silver armor and the other Silver Snow Guards. This person's armor looked heavier and there was also a silver kirin carved into it. It was obvious that this person held a very high status in the Silver Snow Corps.

As soon as Lin Ming saw this person, his pupils shrank. This person actually had a Holy Lord level cultivation!

Currently, Lin Ming didn't fear Holy Lords, but that was only early Holy Lords. This silver-armored guard was not someone as simple as an early Holy Lord no matter how he saw it. This was because this guard was a spiritas, so he was unable to accurately measure his cultivation. But even so, Lin Ming could approximately judge him to be equal to the middle or late human Holy Lord realm!

Although Lin Ming was confident he could escape, this was sure to delay him by a great deal of time. In his current situation, this delay could prove fatal! Moreover, more and more powerful people would catch up to the scene. Even the City of Discord's City Lord might arrive. At that time, he wouldn't be able to escape even if he had wings!

As this silver-armored warrior put forth this invitation to Lin Ming, this acted like a trough of cold water being poured over everyone's head, immediately extinguishing their greedy hearts and having them calm down.

Whatever mysterious object had been drawn, it wasn't something they could obtain even at the cost of their lives.

Lin Ming thought for a moment and then smiled, ’’Well, if Sir extends me such a gracious invitation, then this junior won't refuse.’’

’’Master...’’ Behind Lin Ming, Soulwhite felt his heart gripped. He wanted to remind Lin Ming that the City Lord of the City of Discord had a World King level cultivation. If Lin Ming were to enter the City Lord Mansion, he would never emerge from there. No matter how strong Lin Ming was, there was nothing he could do in front of a World King powerhouse.

As Soulwhite was about to speak, Lin Ming waved his hand, signaling him not to speak again. At that time, Soulwhite felt space twist as he was received into Lin Ming's Extreme Violet Ring.

Atop the platform, the silver-armored guard remained unmoved as he saw this scene. He kept his sense locked onto Lin Ming. No matter what Lin Ming did in the next moment, he would still be able to take the initiative.

’’Then, shall we go now?’’

The silver-armored guard smiled. Lin Ming nodded and uttered out a stiff, ’’Okay.’’

Just as his voice fell, Lin Ming's eyes flashed with a brilliantly cold light. At the same time, all of the strength hidden within his body wildly erupted! True essence, astral essence, and spirit essence gathered together, Three Essences As One!

Simultaneously, Lin Ming also unleashed the grandmist energy within him - the grandmist space surged forth!

Hu - !

A terrifying force field spread out, covering a radius of a hundred feet and trapping hundreds of people inside. Within this force field, the massive pressure left everyone short of breath, making it feel as if their blood vessels would crack open!

’’Boy, it seems you want to do things the hard way!’’

On the platform, the silver-armored guard suddenly attacked! Meanwhile, the other silver-armored guards also moved, including every other guard in Black God Fort.

’’Black God Fort forbids all fighting. All offenders shall have their martial arts crippled!’’

A guard shouted out loud. Lin Ming only sneered. At this time they were still looking for a reason to attack him?

’’Heavenly Dao Judgment!’’

The phantom of the Heretical God Tree appeared behind Lin Ming. Lin Ming thrust out his spear;his goal was the leader of these silver-armored guards. As the surrounding martial artists saw this terrifying divine light rise up, all of them felt a cold chill shoot up their spines. This attack was far too strong. Even the shockwaves might be enough to kill them!

It was true that they were greedy, but they weren't greedy to the point of entering a fight they were sure to die in. Once the City Lord arrived and involved himself in this mess, no one here would be able to escape.


As the martial artists saw the power of thunder and fire heavenly tribulation about to explode, all of them rushed out like a tide, fearing that they would die in the aftermath.

At the same time, the silver-armored guard captain also extracted a tall silver tower shield from his spatial ring. He shouted out loud, taking a sudden step back as he defended against Lin Ming's strike with this tower shield!


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