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Martial World - Chapter 1442


Chapter 1442

Chapter 1442 - Clearing the Trial




Lin Ming's attack was deliberately and carefully planned. He poured in all of his strength, even opening the Gate of Life and burning his blood essence without hesitation. With the Gate of Life as a foundation he could freely burn a part of his blood essence without permanent loss. However, this only lasted for a short period of time, and after he did this he wouldn't be able to use it for a long time afterwards, otherwise he would permanently damage himself.

Thus, Lin Ming wouldn't use this move unless he had to. And now, Lin Ming had used this ability to allow his striking power to reach the limit, in order to achieve a one-shot kill!

He only had one chance to attack. This was because he could feel that these golden-armored warriors had a mind of their own. After one defeat, they would be on guard for his attack and wouldn't fall for it a second time.


Seven or eight energy channels were disrupted by the God Forbidding Seals!

And the Primordius Gate also blocked the attacks of the other two groups of golden-armored warriors.

Like this, the golden-armored warrior leader in front of him fell into an isolated state, cut off from most others. There was less than a handful of other golden-armored warriors that were able to help him.

Beneath the golden-armored warrior leader's helmet, a flash of cold brilliance shined from his eyes. With a howling sound, a viridian soul sword shot out from between his eyebrows!

This soul sword seemed to consume a great deal of the golden-armored warrior leader's strength. After bringing forth this soul sword his eyes dimmed downed to near darkness.

At the same time, Lin Ming had already summoned the black hole seed from within his inner world. In that instant, all of the surrounding heaven and earth origin energy began crazily gathering towards this black hole seed!

Even the origin energy runes that were providing power to the array formation were sucked into the black hole seed.

Eternal Darkness!

Ka ka ka ka!

The earth ruptured as countless rocks were swept up by wild waves of energy, shooting into the skies. This was the strongest attack Lin Ming could currently use.

Underneath the impact of this tyrannical energy, the Magic Cube within Lin Ming's body began to faintly stir.

After reaching the divine Transformation realm Lin Ming had gained the ability to partially activate the Magic Cube. Now, as he used Eternal Darkness, he also began to activate the Magic Cube's power!

Lin Ming's target was the soul forging system warrior, and the Magic Cube was the ultimate nemesis of all souls and minds!

The Magic Cube itself didn't appear, but the aura that belonged to it spread out, covering the 12 golden-armored warriors!

The golden-armored warrior leader suddenly shook and the soul sword that he had shot towards Lin Ming exploded into flashing shards before vanishing. Not just that, but the golden-armored warrior seemed to suffer some sort of massive backlash as the light that surrounded its body began to wildly fluctuate.

Without the support of its fellow warriors, the golden-armored warrior leader was far weaker than Lin Ming, much less now that Lin Ming was also using the Magic Cube!

’’It's over!’’

Lin Ming coldly shouted. The Phoenix Blood Spear as well as the black hole seed came crashing down.


With a loud explosion, the golden-armored warrior shattered into countless fragments. And these fragments were also swept up by the black hole seed, disappearing from sight!

He had broken through!

Lin Ming let out a long breath. Now that he had struck down that golden-armored warrior, it basically meant he had thoroughly won and completed this trial.

Just as Lin Ming was about to follow up his attacks, he suddenly paused. After the black hole seed absorbed all those broken light fragments, those light fragments actually gathered together to form deep blue god runes that separated from the black hole seed, slowly spinning in the air.

A black hole had infinite gravitational strength;it was even able to swallow light. At a black hole singularity, space and time also came to a terminal end. It could be said that the Black Hole Laws dominated these Laws.

But, these blue god runes calmly floated out from the black hole seed. This entire scene appeared simple and easy, as if the massive gravitational force of the black hole seed didn't even exist.

This caused Lin Ming to suck in a cold breath of air. He had no idea what boundary the senior who created the Asura Road had reached, but even after billions of years or tens of billions of years, the god runes he casually left behind as a legacy actually contained such wonderful principles behind them.

However, he had no time to probe these Laws further. The battle had still not ended!

Lin Ming revolved his strength to the limit, stimulating the Magic Cube once more as he attacked the soul forging system warriors!

Now that they had lost their leader, the remaining 11 golden-armored warriors were in a state of disorganized chaos.

At this time, the power of Lin Ming's burnt blood essence had yet to disappear. With the Magic Cube supporting him, he was like a tiger amongst a flock of sheep!

The Phoenix Blood Spear swept out as the black hole seed recklessly swallowed all energy.

One by one, the golden-armored warriors were swept up in his attacks and shattered into fragments. These fragments of light slowly gathered, forming god runes.

These god runes were all blue, meaning they were blue soul level god runes.

The second group of golden-armored warriors was much stronger than the first. Even though their array formation was torn apart, their individual strength couldn't be looked down upon.

Lin Ming opened the Eight Inner Hidden Gates once more. With the power of the black hole seed he was able to engage in a fierce melee with them. He went on a complete offensive barrage, resisting the attacks of the other golden-armored warriors with his body. Every time he attacked he would aim for their weakest point, instantly killing them!

Less and less golden-armored warriors remained, and more and more god runes floated in the air.

Most of the names of these god runes had a prefix - the 33 Layered Heavens.

’’33 Layered Heavens' Nine Stars of the Dao Palace!’’

’’33 Layered Heavens' Nine divine Shifts!’’

’’33 Layered Heavens' Nirvanic Rebirth!’’

’’33 Layered Heavens' Nine Revolution Rebirth!’’


Each Concept condensed into a single rune. After Lin Ming killed off the remaining golden-armored warriors, all of them had become runes!

There were a total of 36 runes.

These 36 runes were all blue in color. They slowly floated in the air before dividing into two groups.

One group had 33 runes, and one group had three runes.

These two groups of runes began to fuse together in the sky, condensing into their final rune forms.

And the center of these runes were a deep black-red color. In other words, they were zenith black runes!

This was just like Soulwhite had said. When a complete set of runes combined together, they could sometimes rise to an even higher level.

These two runes, without any indication, began to fall down towards Lin Ming.

Woosh! Woosh!

The runes entered Lin Ming's body without him resisting at all. He allowed it to freely occur. The moment that these runes fused into his flesh and blood, Lin Ming felt as if his soul was touched. Then, the complete information of these two god runes was transmitted to his mind.

These two runes were respectively called the Protection of God and the Blessing of God.

The former came about by fusing 33 runes together. This god rune could directly increase a martial artist's combat strength.

As for the latter, its function was quite unique. It didn't increase one's combat strength, but its usefulness far surpassed the first god rune. This second god rune was used to increase the height of one's destiny. If one possessed it, then one could turn the dangers of mystic realms into fortunes, turning bad luck into good.

’’This Blessing of God...’’

As Lin Ming realized what the use of this Blessing of God was, his thoughts stirred. He had some faint associations in his mind...


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