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Martial World - Chapter 1438


Chapter 1438

Chapter 1438 - Clear Out the Trash




’’These two have been crippled. The one who did this used some sort of specialized martial skill to break all their meridians and vital points. Even if they have top medicines it will be impossible for them to recover from this.’’

As everyone was speaking, the portal flashed again and another person was sent tumbling out.

This was the most miserable-looking person so far.

His entire body was dried up like he had aged to the end of his years. His hair was as thin and sparse as weeds and all of his blood vitality was sucked out.

’’Another one! Could this be the Black Iron Ghost Triad's second brother!?’’

’’Yes, it seems it's him.’’

The Black Iron Ghost Triad brothers had each come out looking worse than the last. The Black Iron second brother's entire body was a mess and he seemed as if he would die at any moment. There was only a tiny bit of astral essence in his body that was barely maintaining his life.

’’The Black Iron second brother tried to use the Saint Demon Disintegration Art to perish together with his enemy, but for some unknown reason his technique failed and he was the one ruined instead.’’

’’This is too tragic. Someone must have been targeting the Black Iron Ghost Triad and was likely their personal enemy. This enemy was too strong for them and no matter if they tried to escape or if they tried a suicide attack, nothing they attempted worked.’’

’’The Black Iron Ghost Triad has made far too many enemies but they wouldn't be stupid enough to offend someone so strong. Just who could it be?’’

As everyone was wondering, the portal flashed for a fourth time.

There was still someone else!?

Everyone looked towards the portal in surprise. The trial had only begun a short time ago and yet people were already being eliminated one after another.

At this time, there was no blood splashing on the floor. The martial artist who was ejected from the portal wasn't seriously injured. He was still able to walk and had a little bit of combat strength left.

But after seeing who this person was, everyone was shocked speechless.

This person was the only Asura in the dozen some trial challengers.

The one-star Asura - Viper.

He came from a sect of assassins and his nickname in the City of Discord was Viper. This was because he was similar to a viper in his actions. When he decided to kill someone, he would first hide from his prey and then make a fatal strike at the most opportune time. Even those that were stronger than he was weren't willing to needlessly provoke him because no one wanted to be targeted every day and have to be vigilant against ambushes at all times.

But this person was actually eliminated from the trial in less than two incense sticks of time.

’’Viper, you...’’

Dugu Li felt this all too unbelievable. ’’Who defeated you?’’

That green-furred monster martial artist called Viper took a deep breath. He seemed as if he didn't want to speak about what happened, but after a moment of silence he said, ’’It was that divine Transformation realm human youth. Under his hands, I wasn't even able to last for five moves. If he didn't show mercy towards me then perhaps I would have suffered the same fate as the Black Iron Ghost Triad...’’

’’Human youth, that divine Transformation realm human youth?’’ Dugu Li was left dumbfounded. He couldn't believe his own years.

A bit after Viper said these words, he turned around and strode out of Black God Fort without saying a single word more.

Everyone who was left behind had their mouths dropped open, not closing for a long time.

They never thought that four people would be continuously defeated in such a short period of time. And, the one who did so was only a middle divine Transformation martial artist, the most improbable fellow of all...


At this time, in the dimensional realm where the Hunter Game was being held, three martial artists were floating beneath the gray and dimly lit skies.

Strong winds howled through the world, carrying along the roars of wild beasts. Of these three martial artists, one was Lin Ming and the other two were the couple that had taken him for prey earlier and had wanted to take his skull badge.

Currently, the couple had an extremely ugly expression on their faces, unsightly to the extreme. Although they hadn't planned on passing the checkpoint this time, they still thought they could experience the Hunter Game and be better prepared for next time. However, they didn't imagine they would run into this dark star known as Lin Ming, causing them to be eliminated at the very start of the game. Now, those 200,000 origin energy runes were basically wasted.

’’Do you want to fight, or will you withdraw yourself?’’

Lin Ming calmly said. His voice exuded a great pressure on the couple.

’’Che, you are ruthless enough.’’

The man unwillingly tossed his spatial ring with the skull badge towards Lin Ming. His wife bit her lips and also followed suit. Like this, the total number of skull badges they had was zero.

After a brief moment, this couple was directly sent out from the dimensional realm and eliminated from the game.


Lin Ming whispered as he received the skull badges in his hand. He was 93 away from reaching his goal.

As Lin Ming chased the couple he had seen a great number of beasts beneath him that were considered the 'prey' of this Hunter Game. Although these prey were extremely weak, he didn't doubt that they would grow increasingly strong as he gathered more skull badges.

’’There is still that monster youth as well as an imp martial artist. Their position is still within my control...’’

Lin Ming closed his eyes. Then, his figure flashed as he flew dozens of miles away.

This rapid flight caused a dreadful sonic boom to follow him. The tall grass beneath him was crushed by this tremendous pressure.


Lin Ming's eyes flashed with a cold light and he extracted the Phoenix Blood Spear. Just ten miles away from him was a white-clothed monster youth - Charming.

Charming already knew that Lin Ming would reach him sooner or later. He grasped a four foot long sword, waiting for Lin Ming to come.

’’You don't plan on giving up?’’ Lin Ming was a bit surprised. Facing his overwhelming killing intent, this Charming was still releasing a powerful fighting spirit.

’’If I don't fight you then how can I be willing to give up! Demon Subduing Killing Array!’’

The monster youth waved the long sword in his hands and a massive array formation appeared for several miles around him. He knew that Lin Ming had left a tracking mark in his body thus he had prepared this array formation beforehand.

This idea was quite good. Unfortunately, his opponent was Lin Ming. With a disparity of absolute strength dividing them, this array formation was meaningless.

’’Grandmist space, break!’’

The moment that Lin Ming rushed into the array formation, the aura of the Grandmist Great Dao erupted from his body, wildly surging outwards.

The star-heavy grandmist energy tore through the array formation's seals. Lin Ming pushed his way through!

Rumble rumble rumble!

With a horrifying explosion, the giant array formation's seals were shattered by Lin Ming.

With the protection of the array formation, the monster youth fought with Lin Ming in a fierce battle. But even though he had the advantage of the battlefield, he was barely managing to keep up with Lin Ming's onslaught.

After all, the array formation he laid down was far inferior to the profundity of the grandmist space.

After exchanging four or five moves, the monster youth was struck by Lin Ming, causing his blood vitality to tumble and make the energy within his body feel as if it wanted to explode.

And then, behind Lin Ming, the phantom of the Heretical God Tree appeared. The crazy power of thunder and fire fell down in torrents, completely tearing the array formation to shreds!

Heavenly Dao Judgment!

Lin Ming's spear cut out, breaking through space.

In this moment, the monster youth knew that he had lost;the difference in strength was far too great. This wasn't something that could be made up for with a hastily laid down array formation.

He was originally confident that he could pass this trial during his first attempt, but now, he wasn't even able to see the shadow of a second skull badge. After being targeted by this dark star Lin Ming, he had been eliminated from the trial...


Hu - !

In Black God Fort, the light of the transmission array portal flashed once more. A dejected-looking monster youth left the transmission array. Although he wasn't injured heavily, his self-confidence had come under tremendous attack.

Lin Ming was far stronger than him and much younger than him. There was no comparing their talent.

As the gathered martial artists saw the monster youth emerge, they were left flabbergasted.

Whether it was the crippled Black Iron Ghost Triad that were on the verge of death or the only one-star Asura, Viper, all of them were more noticeable than this monster youth.

And after that monster youth came out, another person was eliminated in less than half an incense stick of time.

Like this, when the Black Iron Ghost Triad, Viper, and the couple were added together, there were now eight trial challengers that had been eliminated from the Hunter Game!

In other words, within the Hunter Game, besides Lin Ming himself, there were only two or three people left.

The game had only begun a quarter hour ago and just a bit more than two hours had passed in the game world. Yet during this time, eight people had been eliminated. This rate of elimination was far too terrifying.

’’This boy cannot possibly be at the divine Transformation realm.’’ Someone said. Many martial artists of the Asura Road were limited by what they could see in their own world. They simply didn't know what levels of talent the peak genius of a race could achieve.

’’He truly is at the divine Transformation realm...’’ Charming said, shaking his head like he didn't want to acknowledge this. ’’It is because he is at the divine Transformation realm that he decided to eliminate everyone else when the Hunter Game started. That is because our existence there drags the game difficulty to a much higher degree and he doesn't have the confidence to complete it at such high difficulties... of course, his goal might not just be the blue soul level checkpoint...’’

As Charming spoke to here, the several martial artists around him were stunned. If his goal wasn't the blue soul level checkpoint, then, could it be... the zenith black level checkpoint?


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