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Martial World - Chapter 1437


Chapter 1437

Chapter 1437 - One-star Asura




Lin Ming looked at the green furred martial artist. This martial artist looked like a monkey with lustrous green skin that shined like moss. His body was thin and unremarkable. Compared to the handsome monster youth before, this monkey-like martial artist was far less pleasing to the eye. Even so, Lin Ming felt an unusual atmosphere from him.

Lin Ming fell to the ground. The two of them were only a hundred feet away, and they had both locked tightly locked onto each other.

The monster youth's face was extremely grim. He was revolving his aura to the limit.

’’You actually managed to find me...what a freak...’’

This monster youth had been hiding in the tall grass from the very start. He had restrained his aura and he was also exceptionally skilled at camouflage, concealment, and sneak attacks. He had long seen Lin Ming flying in the sky, but he hadn't chased after him. Instead, he hid beneath Lin Ming and waited for the other trial challengers to arrive and circle Lin Ming.

His plan had been to use Lin Ming as bait and tempt more people to gather here. Then, once they were all exhausted from fighting each other, he would enter the fray and take all the profits.

This was the so-called 'the mantis stalks the cicada while unaware of the bird behind'. The green furred monster youth had made the correct choice and also the wisest choice, however, his one mistake was that he never imagined Lin Ming would be this strong. This Lin Ming had exterminated the Black Iron Ghost Triad at the very start, and his ruthless and merciless tactics left one scared.

Not just that, but Lin Ming had also left a tracking mark on everyone else's body. This green furred monster was originally a skilled assassin that specializing in concealing himself and tracking others. He naturally recognized that the tracking mark Lin Ming left behind was extremely difficult to undo thus he had remained motionless.

Even so, he had been detected by Lin Ming.

’’You've been watching for a long time already.’’ Lin Ming waved the Phoenix Blood Spear. He had already noticed this green furred monster martial artist at the start but had simply been feigning ignorance.

’’My concealment technique is difficult to detect for even a Holy Lord or half-step World could you have such sharp perception?’’

The green furred monster youth tightly clutched onto a nearly transparent weapon.

This weapon seemed to merge with the space around it, hidden in the void. If one didn't look carefully it would be difficult to spot.

This was a dagger.

From watching this small monster martial artist fellow in front of him, Lin Ming could feel the deep killing intend hiding in his body. This monster youth was likely some sort of master assassin.

’’You're an assassin? You're aura is quite strong, much stronger than those seven other people just now. I heard that there was a one-star Asura that participated in this trial;was it you?’’

The green furred monster youth remained silent, not answering.

But, Lin Ming was certain that this green furred monster was the sole one-star Asura out of everyone that had come.

In the Asura Road, every person who possessed the title of Asura was strong in their own right. Moreover, the title itself could directly increase their strength.

A one-star Asura could increase a martial artist's strength by a small boundary.

In other words, a late divine Lord one-star Asura would be equal to a half-step Holy Lord.

’’Very good! I've long been wanting to experience just what sort of strength the title of a one-star Asura can grant you. This Hunter Game is something that I must win no matter what.’’

Lin Ming didn't plan on sparing anyone here. Out of the ten plus trial challengers here, he would eliminate them all one at a time, leaving no behind!

Hu - !

Behind Lin Ming, the phantom of the Heretical God Tree appeared. Atop the Heretical God Tree, thunder and flame wove together as a wild energy howled through the air.

A deep blue light lit up on Lin Ming's Phoenix Blood Spear;this was the light of a blue soul battle spirit.

’’Sixth level of the Thunder and Fire Laws as well as a blue soul battle spirit....’’ The green furred monster youth's face darkened. If this human youth was truly at the middle divine Transformation realm, then perhaps he was the top genius of a great race.

The monster race martial artist simply didn't have enough time to react. Lin Ming was already rushing towards him. Lin Ming's spear thrust out, causing a terrifying wave of thunder and flame to rise up.

The void shook. The winds and clouds shifted. In an instant, all the tall grass around the green furred monster youth turned into ash and even the swamp around him was scorched black.

Heavenly Dao Judgment!


A terrifying explosion swallowed the entirety of space for ten miles. A brilliant flare lit up the heavens, becoming the only light between the heavens and the earth. The monster youth wanted to dodge, but he was caught up and twisted in this horrifying power. His flesh and blood was unable to resist the tyrannical power of thunder and fire and his entire body ignited. In the next moment, he split apart!


Lin Ming was startled. This green furred monster youth was quite strong;Lin Ming didn't believe that a single strike would b e able to kill him. Moreover, when that green furred monster youth's body had blown up in the explosion of thunder and fire, Lin Ming hadn't felt his soul aura at all.

’’This is...a substitute?’’

This thought instantly flashed through Lin Ming's mind. At the same time, he felt a deep killing intent hone in on him. This killing intent was like a sharp needle. Although it seemed common it was incomparably sharp as if it were about to pierce through Lin Ming's protective true essence.

Without thinking, Lin Ming recklessly released grandmist energy from his inner world.

Grandmist space!


As the heavy grandmist energy spread outwards, all space for a radius of a hundred feet turned into an impregnable fortress of absolute space. If an ordinary martial artist were to try to enter they would be directly pressed into goo by the immense pressure of the grandmist space, let alone have any chance to attack.

Ka ka ka!

The monster youth's dagger slashed out like the claws of a death god. However, after it only cut through three tiny wisps of grandmist energy the speed of his attack rapidly fell and his striking power had also mostly dissipated.


The monster youth was panic-stricken. And at this time, Lin Ming had already reached him.

’’There is no place for you to run!’’


A brilliant spear light enveloped the monster youth, swallowing all...



At this time, on the second level of Black God Fort, many martial artists were gathered. Some were meditating, some were talking, and some of them were even crowding around Dugu Li, congratulating him.

Dugu Li had an extremely high status. He was close to becoming a two-star Asura, and now that he passed the Hunter Game, his reputation had risen even further.

Just now, a Silver Snow Guard had spoken privately with Dugu Li. For this sort of situation to appear, that likely meant that the City of Discord's City Lord had extended an offer towards Dugu Li.

Because of Dugu Li's performance, the City Lord wanted him to enter the Silver Snow Corps!

Once Dugu Li became a direct subordinate of the City Lord then he would be able to receive a salary of origin energy runes every year. This was a wealth that many people were envious of!

Moreover, those from the Silver Snow Guard would be given a free residence within the City of Discord. As long as they didn't betray the City Lord or didn't accidently die somewhere, this residence would be theirs for the rest of their lives.

This was a level of treatment that many people could only long for in their dreams.

’’Haha, congratulations brother Dugu Li, it seems you will become a Silver Snow Guard soon!’’

’’Brother Dugu Li, when you enter the City Lord Mansion in the future you must live well. Eat delicious food, drink great wine, and make sure to look after this little brother.’’

Many people who were acquaintances of Dugu Li began flattering him en masse. Today, Dugu Li was undoubtedly the hero. As for those other trial challengers that entered the Hunter Game, such as the Black Iron Ghosts, they were only a small entertaining interlude. People looked towards them for some lively fun, but the true attention wasn't on them.

However, no one thought that at this time, the portal leading to the Hunter Game would suddenly wildly fluctuate.

’’Mm? Are some people coming out?’’

’’How could it be so quick? Not even an incense stick of time has passed since they entered and yet someone's been eliminated?’’

Originally, many people didn't have much faith in the martial artists that entered the trial. Wanting to pass the checkpoint of the Hunter game was simply far too hard. Now, there was someone that came out in less than an incense stick of time. That absolutely meant that they were eliminated.

Wanting to pass the trial would normally take 14-16 hours.

’’Who is it? Is it that human boy with the lowest cultivation...that is just too sad!’’

’’It might not be him. Sometimes, strength matters less then luck does. There are those that immediately run into some difficult beast as soon as they enter the game world, or they might have their skull badges taken away by another trial challenger and then be directly eliminated.’’

Everyone looked towards the portal. Lights flashed from within the portal, then, someone's figure was shot out.

This person fell straight to the floor like a dead dog, even tumbling for several hundred feet as they left a trail of blood.

The Silver Snow Guard's figure flashed and he appeared right in front of this person. As soon as the person stopped tumbling, everyone's eyes fixed onto them. This person's entire body was wet with blood, their hair was a mess, a large hole was in their chest, and their organs were a utter mess.

’’This is...’’

’’This is too miserable!’’

In the City of Discord, there were deaths occurring all day long. The martial artists present had already been long accustomed to these sights so they weren't surprised at all.

But, after seeing someone enter the Hunter Game in high spirits and with a smug expression, and then seeing them suddenly end up like this, the visual impact of it was very large.

’’His clothes are tatters and blood is covering his face. Even his hair is matted with blood. Just who is he? Could he be that divine Transformation realm human....’’

’’I recognize him, he's the Black Iron Ghost Triad's third brother!’’

’’It really is the Black Iron third brother! How could it be him!?’’

’’He's hanging onto a single breath of life but all of his meridians have shattered and he's been utterly crippled.’’ A martial artist said after walking up to check on the Black Iron third brother's current state.

Looking at the Black Iron third brother's chest, one could see a massive hole had been pierced through it and the surrounding flesh and skin had been twisted. This was enough to reveal the terrifying strength behind this strike. It could be imagined that when the Black Iron third brother had been struck, this attack had ripped through his protective astral essence and mortal body like wet paper without any resistance at all!

Out of the dozen some people that entered, there were indeed some strong individuals amongst them. However, none of them were strong enough to accomplish this and leave such heavy wounds. It was hard to imagine just what happened.

’’It isn't a beast attack;it is definitely another trial challenger. A beast wouldn't break someone's meridians like this.’’ Someone judged based on the attack technique.

Everyone looked at each other in confusion, not sure what was happening. But at this time, the light of the portal flashed again and a second person was ejected.

’’Someone else is coming out!’’

Everyone looked over. This second person was in an even more pathetic state then the Black Iron third child. It was like someone had pulled out his spine. This person collapsed on the floor in a puddle as if they were made of liquid meat.

’’What a cruel and ruthless technique. His entire spine has been shattered!’’

’’This person!? The Black Iron boss!? First it was the Black Iron third brother and now it is the boss...could it be that the Black Iron Ghost Triad offended someone so they were purposefully targeted?’’

’’The Black Iron boss was already left in such a horrible state with a single strike. The difference in strength was far too great. This other party was truly ruthless;they had the intention of crippling him from the start!’’


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