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Martial World - Chapter 1431


Chapter 1431

Chapter 1431 - Receiving a Mission




Lin Ming glanced over the stalls and picked one. The reason he chose this stall was because he felt that out of all the nearby dozens of vendors, this one was a bit stronger than the rest.

This vendor was an ogre and his cultivation was equal to a peak human divine Lord.

His foundation was extremely shaky, but he should still have the ability to battle with a half-step Holy Lord.

Moreover, an ogre race martial artist would be willing to trade in violet sun crystals;this would make the process much easier.

Lin Ming looked at the stall. Out of the dozens of mission badges, most were gold, a small number were silver, and there were also a few at the blue soul level.

Some badges had a price tag attached. These prices were around half the price of those offered by Black God Fort.

Seeing Lin Ming walk over, the vendor didn't seem very excited at all. The vendor took out a jade slip with a rune inscribed on it. He began to estimate the value of this rune without any intention of assisting Lin Ming.

This was naturally because Lin Ming's cultivation was too low, thus he didn't seem like a customer.

’’How come some badges don't have a price listed?’’ Lin Ming asked.

The vendor glared at Lin Ming and impatiently said, ’’The badges with marked prices aren't high quality items. As for the higher priced ones, speak to me if you want to buy one, and if you don't want to buy one then don't block the view of my stall.’’

’’I want to buy one.’’ Lin Ming didn't care about this vendor's attitude. In the City of Discord, if one didn't reveal enough strength then they wouldn't be respected.

’’Which one?’’ The vendor laid down the rune jade slip he was fiddling with, his voice still as cold as before.

’’This one, how many origin energy runes is it?’’

Lin Ming pointed at a blue soul level mission badge. Before this, he had already asked Soulwhite with a true essence sound transmission about it. This badge should be very expensive because it offered a complete set.

The vendor looked at Lin Ming with surprise, frowning, ’’Are you trying to waste my time? You're only at the divine Transformation realm but you want to buy a blue soul level mission badge? Do you want to die?’’

Normally speaking, a blue soul level mission required a divine Lord realm master to complete. Moreover, these missions were extremely dangerous. There was a high chance of death. In these missions, defeat not only meant the loss of wealth, but often the loss of life.

’’You don't need to worry about whether or not I can complete the mission. I will pay whatever the origin energy rune cost is.’’

’’Heh, then you best not be playing around with me. I do not like being messed around with like a fool. 8 million! That is the final price!’’ The demon race fellow loudly said. His words exuded an oppressive feeling as if he disallowed all negotiations of price.

This was also the style in which one did business in the City of Discord. Without strength, one would be at a disadvantage to even buy something.

’’This is the price.’’ Soulwhite said with a true essence sound transmission. He was good at estimating accurate prices.

Lin Ming nodded. ’’Deal. I want to ask, do you take violet sun stones?’’

This fellow agreed so easily?

The demon vendor was stunned. Although this price wasn't too high, 8 million was still a considerable sum of money, even to a divine Transformation realm martial artist. Yet, Lin Ming didn't even bat an eye.

’’I can take violet sun stones.’’ The demon vendor nodded. It was common for humans to take out violet sun stones as a transaction currency. ’’1 to 1500!’’

This vendor immediately put out an exchange rate. Lin Ming glanced at Soulwhite and Soulwhite responded, ’’This rate is a tiny bit of a loss but still within an acceptable range.’’


Lin Ming quickly took out violet sun crystals. As long as someone wasn't trying to trick him, he didn't mind spending whatever amount of money necessary.

’’The number seems right.’’ The vendor swept through the violet sun crystals with his sense and determined it was correct. He looked at Lin Ming with some surprise. A divine Transformation realm martial artist that bought a blue soul level badge without even batting an eye, and, what was rare was that he didn't even try to bargain. It seemed as if this boy had some background to him.

Lin Ming received the badge. Before he had a chance to look through the mission details within it, a not-so-friendly voice suddenly rang out.

’’Hey, boy, come over for a little chat.’’

Lin Ming turned to see the three saint race martial artists staring at him from behind. One of them was lying back in an armchair, his legs propped up on a stool in a very comfortable position. He stretched out his right hand, waggling a hooked finger at Lin Ming, clearly wanting Lin Ming to come over.

’’Yes, you, come here!’’

Lin Ming sneered in his heart. These three saint martial artists were the people that were probing him the moment he entered the hall, trying to investigate his inner world. This was an extremely rude and unreasonable form of behavior.

Now these three people were sitting there trying to wave him over. It seemed they were far more mentally ill than Lin Ming first presumed.

Lin Ming couldn't be bothered to deal with them, but, at this time, the ogre vendor who sold Lin Ming the blue soul level badge said, ’’I advise you to go over. Those three are called the Black Iron Ghost Triad and are quite infamous in the City of Discord. They force through transactions and even kill others to steal their possessions. They stop at nothing to get what they want and many people have died beneath their hands. If you go over there you might suffer a little loss and lose a little money, but if you ignore them then you might lose your life later.

’’I know you have some background and are usually like a young master that is used to having his way, and you don't like any stains to ruin your sight, but this is the City of Discord;here, strength is everything. Far away dragons cannot pressure local snakes. If you die here, who cares what sort of background you have? They might not even be able to find out what happened.’’

’’Thank you for the advice. I want to ask, is fighting allowed in Black God Fort?’’ Lin Ming asked.

’’You cannot, so you should be safe here. However, you cannot stay here all the time. They probably see that you come from some wealthy background and want to forcefully sell you something and make you eat the loss. In the City of Discord, you must learn forbearance.’’ The ogre vendor casually said. These sorts of matters were obviously common at Black God Fort.

Here, if one revealed their own wealth and lacked the strength to protect it, they would be targeted by others.

’’It seems I really can't fight here... what a pity...’’ Lin Ming thought to himself. The ogre vendor never would have imagined that the question Lin Ming asked just now was not because of his own safety but because he wanted to directly eliminate these three.

’’Boy, we're calling you! Are you deaf!?’’

The three saint martial artists were enraged as the saw Lin Ming continue to ignore them. They stood up, smashing their fists together and making explosive crackling sounds with their joints.

’’If you want to see me then come over here yourself. You want me to go over there? It looks like you ate something bad today.’’

Lin Ming's voice was indifferent but his words caused the Black Iron Ghost Triad to be shocked. They were actually being yelled at by a mere divine Transformation realm boy?

This scene immediately attracted the gazes of many people present. After they saw the identities of both parties, they waited with expectant expressions.

’’It's the Black Iron Ghost Triad.’’

’’Haha, a divine Transformation realm boy just challenged the Black Iron Ghost Triad?’’

’’Hehe, that boy just arrived at the City of Discord so he likely doesn't know who the Black Iron Ghost Triad are or how vicious they can be. He's really kicked the bucket this time.’’

’’What bad luck for him. I thought this boy had some sort of background, but it's a shame he doesn't know that these ruffians simply don't care about any sort of status in the City of Discord. Those with shoes aren't afraid of those with bare feet. At the worst, if the three of them kill that boy they'll just run away. Even though that boy is fine at Black God Fort, once he leaves he's definitely going to suffer a miserable fate. Not only are those Black Iron Ghosts difficult to deal with, but they kill anyone that offends them. Moreover, they even hang the corpses up above the streets to serve as a consequence showing people what happens when they are angered.’’

People were speaking out loud without true essence sound transmissions. They simply didn't care if anyone heard.

The vendor who sold Lin Ming a mission badge slowly shook his head. In his opinion, Lin Ming's character was too feisty and eccentric. For him to deliberately provoke the Black Iron Ghost Triad wasn't a wise move at all. If he had such a character, it would be impossible for him to continue living in the Asura Road. It was likely he would be killed tomorrow by the Black Iron Ghost Triad. He had only met Lin Ming by chance so he wasn't too interested in persuading him. This boy could heed his advice if he wanted.

’’What did you say? Did I hear wrong?’’ One of the three saint martial artists looked at Lin Ming, devilishly smiling. ’’How strangely odd, is this world becoming more idiotic or is it us Black Iron Ghost Triad that is becoming too merciful? Is it because we haven't killed anyone recently?

’’How interesting. Boy, I originally just wanted a bit of your blood, but now I'll be taking your life. You'd better not leave Black God Fort for the rest of your life.’’

The Black Iron Ghost Triad stood up and began grinning demonically as they walked towards Lin Ming.

However, Lin Ming didn't care about them at all. He turned around and began walking towards the second level of Black God Fort. Since he couldn't fight here he couldn't finish these people off. Everything would be settled once he left this area. Now, he wanted to see just what there was on the second and third levels of Black God Fort.

The first level only had a single zenith black mission badge. Although Lin Ming could afford it, he didn't want this mission at all, because the god runes rewarded for it weren't complete.

Only by finding complete sets of god runes could he qualify for the final trial. Although separate zenith black level god runes were valuable, Lin Ming didn't want to waste his time if they couldn't help him enter the trials.

’’Where are the stairs?’’ Lin Ming asked Soulwhite.

’’In the center of the hall behind the central pillar;you can go to the second floor from there.’’

Soulwhite was calm this entire time. He had experienced Lin Ming's strength for himself so he didn't worry for him at all.

'Mm.’’ Lin Ming nodded and turned towards there.

But at this moment, the staircase to the second floor began to shine. Then, the voice of a young girl spread through the entire Black God Fort.

’’Congratulations, trial challenger Dugu Li. You have successfully defeated all opponents within the game and have completed the checkpoint. You have earned one chance to draw a blue soul level mission!’’

These words caused the entire hall to erupt into chaos.

’’F*k, a blue soul level drawing!’’

’’This Dugu Li is too lucky. To think he actually managed to obtain the qualifications for a drawing.’’

’’Don't be jealous of him. This is because he is strong. Dugu Li is stronger than us to begin with, and with some luck he managed to obtain the qualifications.’’

Everyone was rapidly discussing. All of the transactions at the various stalls also came to a halt. Even the three Black Iron Ghosts that were menacingly glaring at Lin Ming were distracted.

This left Lin Ming a bit puzzled. ’’What is a blue soul level draw chance? Is it precious?’’

’’Yes, yes it is extremely precious! Master may not know, but even among blue soul level missions, there are some blue soul level missions that will provide very rare god runes which are tens or hundreds of thousands of times more valuable than ordinary blue soul level god runes. Moreover, Black God Fort will not sell these rare blue soul level missions. They can only be obtained through a drawing. Not even the rich can purchase them!’’

’’Oh? There's something like that?’’ Lin Ming said, a tad interested. ’’From what I heard, he played some game and finally won in the end to obtain the drawing qualifications?’’

’’Yes. This game is on the second floor of Black God Fort.’’


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