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Martial World - Chapter 1428


Chapter 1428

Chapter 1428 - Spiritas Slave




The entire Asura Road consisted of a massive continent. This central continent was in the shape of a giant rectangular strip. The Asura Road was over 100 quadrillion miles long, but it was actually only a billion miles wide.

This strangely-shaped continent was countless times longer than it was wide;this caused the entire land to look like a straight road.

In addition, countless slaughters took place on this continent, just like an Asura battlefield.

The name of the Asura Road had been derived from these two aspects.

The Asura Road was divided into three sections: the outer section, middle section, and inner section. The deeper one went down the Asura Road the more intense the slaughter would become and also the more dangerous it would be. If one wanted to emerge from the depths of the Asura Road, that would be extremely difficult!

Currently, Lin Ming was on the outermost section of the Asura Road.

Asura Road, City of Discord -

This was the first large city on the edges of the Asura Road's outer section.

The skies above the City of Discord looked like a giant grey curtain. The air was overflowing with chaotic origin energy and deep pulses of killing intent appeared frequently.

Here, countless masters roamed the lands and countless influences were caught up in intrigue;it was a perilous city in constant chaos.

In the city itself, the thugs of the various influences still had some level of restraint. However, in the outskirts of the city, murdering others and stealing their goods was far too common.

’’A fat sheep has come.’’

’’Mm? A human martial artist? His cultivation is a bit low but it's rare to have such a deep foundation. He must be some genius that came here to temper himself. Hehe, this sort of person is usually extremely wealthy.’’

In a jungle on the outskirts of the City of Discord, seven or eight demon race martial artists were gathered together. They all wore black clothes and they were tall, with powerful and robust figures. Their bodies were healthy and corded with muscles. They were a bit similar to the Sky Spill Continent's Giant Demon race but slightly shorter.

In addition, there was someone completely wrapped in a thick black robe with a bamboo hat covering his face. His entire body exuded dark demonic energies and he seemed ethereal. He gave off an extremely dangerous feeling.

’’Be careful, this person is strong. Although his cultivation isn't high, do not underestimate him.’’ The black-robed man said in a coarse voice. It seemed he had a high status amongst these people.

’’We understand, Mister. We've been in this line of work for 20 years and we've already had over a hundred of us brothers die, so we've long understood such a truth. Even if the person in front of us is only a normal divine Transformation youth we still won't take him lightly and will use everything we have. Even a lion must try its best to capture a rabbit.’’

The leader of these black-clothed people said. The black-robed man they called mister was already sufficient to explain his status. He should be considered the strategist of this bunch.

The several black-clothed martial artists looked at each other. Then, the captain of these demon martial artists waved his hand, saying, ’’Go!’’

Of these seven or eight martial artists, the weakest were equal to late divine Transformation martial artists. At this time, they all rushed out together, hurtling towards their prey!

’’More robbers...’’

Flying in the air, Lin Ming had long ago discovered this group of people. Although he couldn't understand their cultivation and thus couldn't see their exact boundary, he could still discern their relative strength through their auras.

Lin Ming discovered that in the Asura Road, his own cultivation had become his lucky charm.

Of course, Lin Ming didn't think he was invincible in the Asura Road. In fact, there were some people here that could kill him without much effort at all.

However, the strength Lin Ming revealed on the outside was far too low, only at the divine Transformation realm. Those people with strength equal to the late Holy Lord realm simply wouldn't bother wasting their time on robbing someone at the divine Transformation realm. Those that would do such a thing were usually at the divine Transformation or divine Lord realm in strength. And, these people weren't able to pose a threat to Lin Ming.

As Lin Ming saw these people shoot towards him he sneered. He didn't retreat. Rather, he suddenly accelerated, breaking through the air directly at them!

’’Mm? This brat!’’

The captain demon martial artist was shocked. He never thought that not only would his prey not run away but he would actually accelerate towards them. There were only two possibilities for such a situation. The first was that this youth was a fool and the second was that this youth had absolute confidence in his own strength.

For a youth that dared to enter the Asura Road smelting trial and also have such a solid foundation, there was almost a zero chance for the first possibility.

That meant it could only be the second!

As the black-clothed demon captain thought of this, he viciously smiled, ’’If that's the case, let's see just who is more ruthless!’’


A roar shook the heavens. The seven or eight demon martial artists attacked together. Lin Ming flung his hand forwards and thrust out the Phoenix Blood Spear. A divine light of thunder and fire twined together, slicing through the void, causing a horrifying wave of energy to sweep forwards!

Rumble rumble rumble!

With a series of terrifying explosions, the red and purple spear light covered all the demon martial artists.

In an instant, blood rained down as anguished voices cried out! The three demon martial artists in the front that bore the brunt of the attack immediately exploded into pieces from the brutal power of thunder and fire! Up until these people died, their faces were still covered with expressions of absolute disbelief.

The demon captain was panic-stricken. He would never have dreamt this was possible. He had already given this human youth an extremely high appraisal in strength, but his true strength was as different from his thoughts as the heavens and earth! If this youth wasn't concealing his cultivation then perhaps only the greatest genius of a universe could be so ridiculously strong!

’’How... could... such... bad luck...’’

The was the demon captain's last thought. In the next moment, all of the demon robbers had been completely exterminated by Lin Ming!

The entire battle had lasted for less than a single breath of time. The Phoenix Blood Spear was still held slanted in Lin Ming's hand, the spearpoint not stained with a single drop of blood.

Lin Ming's complexion was still indifferent like before. And in that jungle area, there was still the black-robed man. His entire body shook;it was clear that he was shaking in fear.

’’That human... is simply a devil!’’

This black-robed strategist hid behind a giant rock, hiding his aura as much as possible. A force field made from his soul force appeared around him, isolating out all fluctuations of life.

In terms of concealing his aura, only a soul form could do this in the most perfect way possible.

But at this time, with a slight swishing sound, a human youth appeared right in front of him like ghosts and gods.


Fortunately, the black-robed man was used to seeing life or death scenes or he would have already fainted in fear.

Lin Ming had appeared too suddenly without any indication at all.

’’The last one...’’

Lin Ming raised the Phoenix Blood Spear, killing intent flowing out from him.

Against these people that murdered and robbed others, he wouldn't give them any quarter at all. He would kill all them without a shred of mercy.

’’Wait... wait!’’

The black-robed man shakily spoke out words of the divine Realm.

In these past days within the Asura Road, Lin Ming discovered that there were three main languages used. One of them was the language of the divine Realm, mostly used by humans and demons. However, because there weren't many humans in the Asura Road, the divine Realm language was mostly spoken by the demon race.

This black-robed man clearly wasn't from the demon race. Lin Ming could feel a very powerful soul aura coming from this man's body. As for the blood vitality of his body, it was far, far too little, approaching almost zero.


A thought lit up in Lin Ming's mind. This was the first time he had seen a martial artist of the soul race.

The soul race was one of the peak races of the 33 Layered Heavens. Their strength was an unknown to him, but they shouldn't be any worse than the saints.

’’Yes... I am a spiritas. Do not kill me, I am willing to give you all my god runes and be your slave.’’

As the black-robed spiritas spoke, he took off his robe, revealing a sparkling body. This spiritas wore a set of armor that shimmered with a great light. It seemed as if he wasn't a solid entity at all.

The man knelt down on his knees, showing absolute submission.

’’Mm? Be my slave?’’ Lin Ming's thoughts stirred. When he first arrived the Asura Road, he had encountered two robbers that possessed god slave seals.

Ordinarily, many people would rather die than become a slave. This was because after becoming a slave, they would lose all sense of personality and turn into a mindless puppet without any awareness at all;this was no different from death. They would be controlled by others and lose any and all dignity.

Unless a master lifted the seal on their own initiative, they would be a slave until death.

’’You would rather be a slave than die?’’ Lin Ming still hadn't retracted his spear.

’’Yes, because of some reasons I still do not wish to die yet. Moreover, you are extremely strong. If I follow you I will quickly lose value, and perhaps you might let me go at that time.’’

’’Lose value? Then tell me just what value you have for me now.’’ Lin Ming's coldly said. In terms of strength, this spiritas in front of him was nothing at all.

’’Information!’’ The spiritas martial artist said. ’’In addition, I can refine pills and draw inscriptions. You might not know, but the best alchemists and god rune masters in the Asura Road are all spiritas! In the achievements of these two skills, my soul race is several times stronger than the other races combined! There is just no comparison!’’

’’Oh?’’ Lin Ming's mind stirred. ’’Inscription?’’

Within the divine Realm, when one reached a high enough cultivation, the role that inscription technique could play was extremely small. But in the Asura Road, the inscriptions that this spiritas martial artist spoke about were obviously not as simple as the divine Realm inscription technique.

What he said was - god rune master.

This likely had something to do with god runes.

And, the spiritas martial artist's next words confirmed Lin Ming's thoughts.

The spiritas said, ’’In the Asura Road, if god runes are combined with inscription technique then they can produce incredible changes. Here, god runes are nearly equal to the highest Laws. Moreover, the truth is that these Laws can even be used in the outside world;all of that depends on whether or not you can receive the permission of the Asura Road's Heavenly Dao. If you can spare my life then I can do inscription or alchemy for you. Even if there is some alchemy or inscription mission that I cannot help complete, I can still recommend to you spiritas grandmasters. Once you control me with a god rune, I will be absolutely loyal to you and you will not need to suspect me at all. Moreover, the god runes are the highest Laws so no one can unravel them but you.

’’And, you can ask me any questions you have about the smelting trials and unknown lands of the Asura Road!’’

The conditions that the spiritas martial artist put forth were very tempting, especially the last one. Indeed, Lin Ming knew far too little about the Asura Road. He didn't even know how to complete any of the Asura Road's smelting trials.

Lin Ming looked at the spiritas martial artist, ’’You seemed to know that I'm a newcomer to the Asura Road. How do you know this?’’

’’That is because I can approximately feel the strength of the god runes within your body, and... they are too weak... far too weak. Not only is there an extremely small quantity but the quality is also very low. If you were weak then this would be reasonable, but you are extremely strong. This proves that you are likely a newcomer. Moreover, even if you weren't a newcomer, your understandings of the Asura Road shouldn't surpass mine because I have already lived here for several hundred years and have collected a great deal of information.’’

’’Very well, it's a deal!’’

Lin Ming agreed. Killing this spiritas martial artist was meaningless to him, but keeping him around would indeed be a bit useful.


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