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Martial World - Chapter 1425


Chapter 1425

Chapter 1425 - Parting Ways




’’You...’’ divine Dream looked at Mo Eversnow and Fishy. At this time, Fishy's eyes were extremely large and she looked at divine Dream with a dazed expression. She was used to staying and sleeping in the Magic Cube space so the sudden change in scenery had left her extremely confused.

’’This pretty big sister is...’’

Fishy hadn't seen anyone besides Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow in 10 years. During this period, she had been sleeping for 99% of the time.

’’Fishy, don't be rude. This is Senior divine Dream, not your big sister.’’

Lin Ming didn't know whether to laugh or cry as he heard how Fishy referred to divine Dream.

She had actually called divine Dream her big sister, however, Fishy's true age was actually a mystery.

Lin Ming had once asked Fishy about her age, but Fishy was hazy on this subject. She didn't understand the concept of time, and what left one the most speechless was that Fishy would often dig deep into the ground to sleep. She had no idea just how long she had slept for during these periods. Short periods would be several months and long periods would be a few years.

In fact, if one truly calculated the ages of the four people present, Lin Ming was probably the youngest.

As Lin Ming realized this point, he traced his nose, a strange feeling swelling up in his heart. This tiny little child Fishy was actually much older than he was.

’’You are...’’ divine Dream couldn't imagine that even with her extreme Empyrean cultivation she still hadn't been able to sense the aura of these two people. It seemed that there were far more secrets on Lin Ming than she had thought and these secrets far surpassed most others.

Thinking of this, divine Dream didn't probe further nor did she ask what Lin Ming's secrets were. At this time, she suddenly discovered that these two women who had come from within Lin Ming's inner world were far from ordinary.

She deeply stared at Mo Eversnow. A blurry phantom crossed her mind, but in that instant, this phantom became crystal clear, overlapping with the Mo Eversnow in front of her.

Suddenly, an incredulous light flashed in Empyrean divine Dream's eyes.

’’You are Heavenly Empress Xuanqing! That is impossible, you have already...’’ divine Dream continued to look at Mo Eversnow and then came to a realization. ’’You are not Heavenly Empress Xuanqing, but that mortal body is truly that of Heavenly Empress Xuanqing. The bloodline aura of the god race is something that my divine sense will not misidentify.’’

Empyrean divine Dream was able to see through the mysteries of Mo Eversnow's body. But, as she turned her eyes towards Fishy, Fishy's physique was actually a mystery to her, like a dense fog. Even with divine Dream's extreme Empyrean cultivation, she still found it difficult to tell what was happening.

’’A coalescence energy body? Such a physique is possible?’’

Although Empyrean divine Dream wasn't able to discern who Fishy was, she could still thoroughly see through Fishy's body. In her eyes, this was the perfect spirit body!

’’How could this... how could such a body exist in this world?’’

The sudden appearance of these two women had left Empyrean divine Dream far too surprised. They had hidden themselves within Lin Ming's inner world and hadn't revealed the slightest hint of their aura. This point alone was already astonishing to Empyrean divine Dream.

’’Fishy's physique... shouldn't exist?’’

Lin Ming looked at Empyrean divine Dream. Those words just now had caught his attention.

Empyrean divine Dream let out a light breath. ’’Yes, this sort of body is a perfect energy body, and also the most sublime spirit body. For us martial artists, no matter how thorough our nine stages of Life Destruction are, the spirit body we form is still composed of flesh and blood. At most, our bodies are tempered by energy to the limit, allowing us to hold a tremendous amount of energy in our bodies. But, this little girl's entire body is composed of perfect energy. She is an energy life form. If she were to cultivate the essence gathering system, the boundary she could reach would be unfathomable. It is hard to imagine just how talented she would be in that aspect. Of course, she cannot dual cultivate body and energy and can only cultivate energy alone. Even so, just by walking down the road of the essence gathering system, she can still become divine!’’

Lin Ming looked at Fishy with incredible disbelief as Empyrean divine Dream said this. If Empyrean divine Dream could place such praise on Fishy, then Fishy's talent was truly extraordinary!

Still, what was strange was that even now, she had never cultivated before. It seemed as if she was completely unable to move the energy that was within her body.

’’Lin Ming, what is happening here?’’

Lin Ming explained the process of how he met Fishy as well as how he helped Mo Eversnow possess the body of the goddess, concealing the least he could.

He also told Empyrean divine Dream about Fishy's secret ability to eat violet sun crystals and even nine sun jades.

After Empyrean divine Dream listened to this she fell into silence for a long period of time, as if she were thinking about something.

Lin Ming didn't disturb her. He silently waited at the side.

Mo Eversnow looked at Lin Ming, a tinge of worry in her expression.

Mo Eversnow knew just how strong divine Dream was. After such a situation occurred, although Lin Ming's secrets hadn't been fully revealed, it was about the same.

If divine Dream truly wished to plunder anything from Lin Ming, she could do so easily.

Lin Ming returned an at ease expression to Mo Eversnow. He said with a sound transmission, ’’Senior-apprentice Sister, feel relieved that if Empyrean divine Dream wanted to explore what my secrets were, she would have already done so. I simply wouldn't be able to conceal it. Moreover, Empyrean divine Dream has even given me life-saving grace before. In fact, I even thought that if I can truly grasp the power of the Magic Cube within a hundred years and defeat the Good Fortune Saint Son then I could lend the Magic Cube to Empyrean divine Dream for several dozen years. I believe that if Empyrean divine Dream were able to study the Magic Cube for such a long time, the might she would be able to display with it would be unimaginable. You and I would both benefit from that.’’

Lin Ming had made this decision after careful consideration. Just because divine Dream didn't probe Lin Ming's secrets didn't mean that she wouldn't be tempted by the Magic Cube. However, in this great calamity, when facing the much stronger saint race, humanity had to work together and unite as one in order to overcome this hurdle.

’’Mm...’’ Mo Eversnow nodded. ’’I'll follow your lead.’’

’’Thank you Senior-apprentice Sister.’’ Lin Ming smiled as he spoke. This smile came from the depths of his heart. Mo Eversnow was already the most important partner in his life. She was one of the extremely few people that he could trust without reservation.

At this time, Empyrean divine Dream said, ’’The two of them should remain here.’’

’’Mm?’’ Lin Ming was startled. He thought that Empyrean divine Dream would send Mo Eversnow with him to adventure through the Asura Road.

’’Remaining here will be much more significant for you than entering the Asura Road. You...’’ Empyrean divine Dream looked at Mo Eversnow.

Mo Eversnow bowed. ’’Junior's name is Mo Eversnow.’’

’’Mm, Mo Eversnow. You, although you possess Heavenly Empress Xuanqing's mortal body, you still train in the cultivation methods of the human race. You probably obtained some remnant cultivation methods of the god race, but there are too many flaws. The god race are the favored children of the heavens and they combine all the merits of the three major races. Yet, you chose to only practice the human race's cultivation techniques. That is simply wasting away what was given to you.’’

Mo Eversnow was ecstatic as she heard Empyrean divine Dream speak. She could already guess what Empyrean divine Dream wanted to say.

’’In the past, I once left the divine Realm and travelled all over, adventuring through the endless lands and even entering an ancient ruin of the god race. If you enter divine Dream Heavenly Palace, you can study with me. With your background, the boundary you can achieve a hundred years from now will be unimaginable. However, if you go to the Asura Road, although that is a good place to temper yourself, it will actually delay your earliest stages of cultivation. That may not necessarily be good for you. Moreover, while the Asura Road has all races from the 33 Layered Heavens, they actually lack only the god race. The god race is too perfect and its people are forbidden by the Heavenly Dao. Even within the Asura Road I fear you will not find the god race.’’

Empyrean divine Dream looked at Mo Eversnow once more. She asked her, ’’The decision is yours.’’

Mo Eversnow looked at Lin Ming. Lin Ming responded with a true essence sound transmission, ’’Senior-apprentice Sister, please don't worry about me. I will be fine by myself.’’

’’Mm...’’ Mo Eversnow nodded. She believed in Lin Ming. Thus, Mo Eversnow deeply bowed towards Empyrean divine Dream, saying, ’’I thank Senior for helping me to cultivate.’’

’’Mm.’’ Empyrean divine Dream smiled with satisfaction. Then she glanced at Fishy. ’’You are called Fishy, right? You can return with me. I heard from Lin Ming that you can eat violet sun crystals and nine sun jades.’’

’’Yes.’’ Fishy was naturally shy and timid, but she didn't feel alert towards Empyrean divine Dream at all. It was like Empyrean divine Dream released some invisible aura that made everyone around her feel perfectly at ease.

’’Very well then. I have quite a few nine sun jades and you can eat as many as you want.’’ Empyrean divine Dream smiled as she spoke.

Fishy was overjoyed at hearing this. ’’Really? That's great!’’

Her eyes nearly became the same shape as nine sun jades. Fishy's natural character was someone who loved to eat and sleep above all else. This was simply who she was. Although Lin Ming could provide her with her favorite foods, he was still a far cry from how wealthy Empyrean divine Dream was.

Fishy's body was like a bottomless pit. No quantity of nine sun jades seemed to be able to fill her up.

At the end, it was actually only Lin Ming that was going in by himself. Mo Eversnow looked at Lin Ming, not knowing what to say for some time.

’’Senior-apprentice Sister, Fishy, please take care of yourselves.’’

Lin Ming sincerely said. He was fully aware that he would be gone for an unknown number of years. He bowed towards Empyrean divine Dream once more, then, he turned into a beam of light that submerged into that endless space vortex...


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