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Martial World - Chapter 1421


Chapter 1421

Chapter 1421 - Bait




Empyrean Demondawn had significant relations with the Monster Emperor.

In the past, Demondawn and the Monster Emperor were comrades. Before the two of them rose to fame, they had encountered each other in a mystic realm filled with perils. At the time, the two of them stumbled upon death's door and nearly perished. Only by mutually supporting each other had they been able to live.

Afterwards, the two of them never broke off their connection. Together, they explored many mystic realms and even became Empyreans. They could be considered sworn friends.

There were extremely few Empyreans to begin with. For a pair of friends to become Empyreans was even rarer.

There were very few people that knew how Empyrean Demondawn and the Monster Emperor were related. These people were also mostly at the Empyrean level.

Afterwards, Empyrean Demondawn's son had married the monster race's Dark Phoenix Saintess.

The Dark Phoenix Saintess was not a descendant of the Monster Emperor. However, if one wished to marry the Dark Phoenix Saintess they needed the compliance of the Monster Emperor. This act had deepened the relations between the Demondawn bloodline and the monster race.

This marriage had originally been a marriage of politics, but no one had expected that after the Dark Phoenix Saintess and Demondawn's son were married, they would actually produce a daughter.

This daughter was Xiao Moxian.

This was a rare bloodline miracle that occurred only once every several hundred million years. From birth, Xiao Moxian was destined to step onto the road of an Empyrean and thus her status was extremely sensitive.

She possessed a half-monster body, was the successor of the Demondawn bloodline, and was also the next likely candidate to be the Saintess of the monster race.

Because of this, Empyrean Demondawn's relations with the monster race had become complicated in thousands of ways.

Empyrean Demondawn himself was not a pure human. His bloodline tended towards the demon race. The giant demons, imps, and goliaths were all minor branches of the demon race;this was the same back in the Sky Spill Continent.

The demon race of the divine Realm could barely be considered to be at peace with the human race. But, there would often be conflicts that erupted.

After all, it was inevitable that there would be battles where interests conflicted.

Demondawn World was originally the great world where the demon race gathered. There were many different demon clans here.

The demon race and monster race existed outside of the human race. In this great calamity, neither of these two races were in great danger.

Even if Empyrean Demondawn were to join forces with the saint race, he couldn't be labeled a traitor to his people.

Demondawn was silent as he thought of the Good Fortune Saint Son's proposition.

This was a choice that had to be considered again and again, because this choice would affect the future of the monster race and also the future bloodline of Demondawn.

Empyrean Demondawn was a man with deep ambitions;he wasn't good-hearted or merciful at all. Even so, if he wanted to join with the saints, there were many things he had to consider.

Within the dark chamber, Empyrean Demondawn stood up and waved his hand to create a black enchantment.

He walked into the enchantment and then said, ’’Let us discuss it here.’’

A moment later, the black enchantment was torn open and three people entered. One was a saint Empyrean, one was the Good Fortune Saint Son, and the last was the Monster Emperor.

The Good Fortune Saint Son was startled as he saw Empyrean Demondawn. He smiled and bowed in a rare gesture of respect, saying, ’’So it was Senior Demondawn. I've already heard that the number one most proud daughter of the divine Realm is Xiao Moxian, a woman that possesses the body of a half monster. Her mother is the Dark Phoenix of the monster race, and now it seems that Senior Demondawn's relations with the monster race are deeper than what I had imagined.’’

’’Don't say anything useless. Sit!’’ Empyrean Demondawn's voice was cold and indifferent. The Good Fortune Saint Son thought little of it. As he said earlier, he had come here to discuss cooperating for mutual interests, not for any sort of etiquette.

’’I will not directly act against humanity. That is my bottom line.’’

Empyrean Demondawn went straight to the point. Although he didn't consider himself part of humanity, he still had many connections to other human Empyreans. If he really tore apart all pretense of civility then there truly wouldn't be an escape route left for him.

If the saints were to win in the future then he would be able to obtain a greater advantage, but if the saints were to somehow be defeated then the Demondawn bloodline would be beyond salvation.

Empyrean Demondawn had already come to an understanding. He could accept parts of the saints' treaty, but not the complete article. In a sense, he would be remaining neutral.

In these chaotic times, often it was wisest to choose the route of self-preservation.

The Good Fortune Saint Son was silent for a moment. Then, he smiled and said, ’’Senior Demondawn, is this considered as having your agreement to our mutual cooperation?’’

Empyrean Demondawn didn't reply;this was tacitly agreeing to it.

The Good Fortune Saint Son grinned. ’’The truth was that I had planned to pay a visit to Senior Demondawn after visiting the monsters. But, I never imagined that I wouldn't need to go. Yes, I also heard that Senior Demondawn's granddaughter is the number one talent amongst the younger generation of humans.’’

The Good Fortune Saint Son flattered Empyrean Demondawn.

Empyrean Demondawn shook his head. ’’Those are only incorrect rumors spread by some outsiders. In the divine Realm First Martial Meeting, she only took fourth place.’’

’’Haha.’’ The Good Fortune Saint Son chuckled. ’’Senior Demondawn is too modest. I know that Junior-apprentice Sister Xiao Moxian was only 26 years of age when she fought the over 30 year old Frost Dream, Lin Ming, and Hang Chi. Even so, the difference was quite small. If Junior-apprentice Sister Xiao Moxian were given four more years and she were to join the divine Realm First Martial Meeting at 30 years of age, she would have inevitably surpassed Frost Dream and Lin Ming!’’

The Good Fortune Saint Son took out an iron fan from his spatial ring and slapped it open, rapidly fanning himself.

’’Junior-apprentice Sister Xiao Moxian possesses a God Beast bloodline. Let alone the divine Realm, even in the entire saint race amongst all the universes, that is a physique that is rarely seen even in several hundred millions of years. Unfortunately, if I have to be honest, the monster race of the divine Realm, because of the inheritances they lost in the previous great calamity, is far inferior to the monster race of my Saint Convocation Heaven in terms of cultivation methods. Senior Monster Emperor, what do you think?’’

The Good Fortune Saint Son turned to the Monster Emperor. The Monster Emperor's eyebrows arched up. Although he didn't want to listen to such words, he couldn't help but admit that what the Good Fortune Saint Son said was truth. The divine Realm's monster race had a background that was far too shallow and they were far inferior in overall strength to the humans.

’’I guess that Junior-apprentice Sister Xiao Moxian should be mostly cultivating in Demondawn World. To her, that would be more effective than cultivating within the monster race, and in truth the monster race's ability to cultivate is inferior to that of humans and saints. However, that is only relatively speaking. If she were able to obtain the correct inheritances and also have the guidance of famed mentors, then after she grows up her strength could be completely different.’’

The Good Fortune Saint Son glanced at Empyrean Demondawn. Empyrean Demondawn frowned. He could faintly make out just what the Good Fortune Saint Son wanted. ’’What are you trying to say?’’

’’Haha, Senior Demondawn, if you agree then I can bring Junior-apprentice Sister Xiao Moxian to the monster race of Saint Convocation Heaven and allow her to study the monster race inheritances there. Senior Demondawn need not worry. I can absolutely guarantee with a heart demon oath that Junior-apprentice Sister Xiao Moxian will be safely returned within several years. Not even a single hair will be harmed on her body.’’

’’No need.’’

Empyrean Demondawn flat out refused. He could see just what the Good Fortune Saint Son's thoughts were.

He clearly wanted to bring Xiao Moxian to Saint Convocation Heaven and slowly use his methods to bring her under his control.

Even though the Good Fortune Saint Son would have a heart demon oath binding him from doing anything to her at all, as time passed, who knew just what sorts of sly methods the Good Fortune Saint Son would use. At that time, perhaps she really might fall for him.

Xiao Moxian's bloodline was extremely special. Any man that could marry her would obtain an unbelievable advantage.

In this point, not to mention Xiao Moxian, but even in the Ancient Phoenix Clan, Yan Littlemoon and her perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline had caused countless young elites to pursue her in the hopes that they could marry her and obtain her primordial yin.

And, Yan Littlemoon's phoenix bloodline had only been transplanted within her after her birth.

Compared to Xiao Moxian, who possessed half the flesh, blood, and bones of a Dark Phoenix God Beast, Yan Littlemoon was cast 108,000 miles away.

Empyrean Demondawn certainly wouldn't sit idly by to let something like that happen.

If the Good Fortune Saint Son were a morally upstanding character that he could entrust his granddaughter to, then that would be fine.

However, in Empyrean Demondawn's eyes, the Good Fortune Saint Son viewed himself as the center of all existence and he also had great ambitions. If Xiao Moxian were to be betrothed to him, it could possibly harm her.

’’Haha, Senior Demondawn seems to be prejudiced against me.’’ The Good Fortune Saint Son laughed, not minding this. ’’In truth, I came this time because I had the intention to invite the two of you to Saint Convocation Heaven. My race's Saint Sovereign will soon leave seclusion in the next several days. Since the two of you are already peak Empyreans, then if you have any problems on your road to becoming a True divinity, you can certainly raise any questions with my race's Saint Sovereign.’’

As the Good Fortune Saint Son said this, Demondawn and the Monster Emperor both felt their hearts beat faster in excitement.

This was particularly true for the Monster Emperor. He breathlessly said, ’’Ask for the method of True divinity!?’’

The road between an Empyrean and a True divinity was a massive threshold.

Within the divine Realm, ever since Empyrean divine Seal perished, countless extreme figures had appeared in the following 3.6 billion years. However, none of them had been able to step into True divinity!

In order to become a True divinity, many extreme supreme elders exhausted every possible method they could think of, but all of them had failed. In their final 100 million years of their lives, they slowly faded into ash, returning to the endless nothingness.

The stronger one was, the less they were resigned to allowing their life to fade away. And to an extreme talent that had managed to become an Empyrean, their eventual death became a nightmare that haunted them.

Many people even suspected that the reason these extreme geniuses of the divine Realm failed to become True divinities was not because of their lack of talent but because there was some unknown force hindering them.

There was also a possibility that because of the massive loss of martial arts inheritances 3.6 billion years ago, the final and most essential link to becoming a True divinity had been lost.

As for the Empyreans of the divine Realm, none of them knew where the road to becoming a True divinity really was.

The Good Fortune Saint Son had put forth this condition at this time undoubtedly as a massive temptation.

’’That's right, to consult on the method of becoming a True divinity. I am not just speaking nonsense here. If you two are willing to sincerely cooperate with my saint race then the Saint Sovereign might be willing to teach you the method of True divinity. Of course, even if he does teach you this method, success will be filled with countless sufferings and hardships. As for whether or not this method works, I can guarantee its authenticity with a heart demon oath!’’

The Good Fortune Saint Son was honest;to become a True divinity was far too hard. Even with the guidance of the Saint Sovereign, the chances of success were incomparably small.

But, this tiny ray of hope left the Monster Emperor frothing with excitement.

Oftentimes, people didn't fear defeat, but feared that they wouldn't even have a chance. He was already an extreme Empyrean, so if he didn't even attempt it, how could he be willing to give up here!?

Moreover, if he ever became a True divinity, the monster race would obtain a massive advantage. They might even become an eternally prosperous race.

This sort of condition truly left the Monster Emperor enticed.

As for Empyrean Demondawn, he had fallen silent. The more generous the conditions were, the more they would have to pay.

To refuse the method of becoming a True divinity was a term that they could not reject, thus the Good Fortune Saint Son would have them pay an even greater price. For instance, he might want their two races to join together with the saints to attack humanity, or, to make their alliance that much more stable, the Good Fortune Saint Son might even have Empyrean Demondawn betroth Xiao Moxian to him...

Empyrean Demondawn was a man of great ambitions. In the face of such great temptations, it was hard for him to make such a choice...


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