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Martial World - Chapter 1418


Chapter 1418

Chapter 1418 - Suppressing the Imperial Prince




In that moment, every ounce of origin energy between the heavens and earth began to crazily gather towards that seed of chaos, forming a dark star black hole!

Then, Lin Ming used the entirety of his strength to thrust this dark star black hole towards Imperial Prince Naqi.

’’Dragon Wrestling Art, I'll blow you up!’’

Naqi lifted his hands high, bringing the heaven-sundering war halberd into the air. Then, he smashed down. This strike was used with 120% of his strength. He revolved all of his astral essence to the limit. His muscles bulged outwards as countless blue veins rose up, squirming about like earthworms even as they burst apart beneath the pressure!

The heaven-sundering war halberd came pounding down!


With a dreadful explosion, Naqi's halberd collided with the black hole seed!

In that instant, all the space within 10 miles collapsed!

This was the space of the divine Void! Underneath the intense collision of Lin Ming and Naqi's strike, this stable space was as frail as glass!

’’A battle between a divine Transformation and Saint Transformation martial artist can actually cause the space within 10 miles to collapse!’’

’’These two people are the absolute king amongst kings within their level, no one can compete with them! In front of them, a divine mountain is as frail as a sculpture and space is as thin as paper!’’

Everyone cried out in alarm. At this time, the terrifying detonation force created by the black hole began to wantonly spread out.

It was Lin Ming and Naqi that bore the brunt of this terrifying impact.

Naqi's entire body shook like an earthquake passed through it. The skin and flesh of his arms cracked apart and his palms split open. The bones of his arms cracked to pieces and he almost lost all feeling in his arms!


Naqi never imagined that this ordinary-looking black hole would be unbelievably hard. Not only did it withstand his attack but it also erupted with a terrifying strength.

As the one controlling this black hole, the impact that Lin Ming had to withstand was not light. Even though the black hole couldn't be destroyed, Lin Ming still received tremendous wounds underneath the reckless surges of energy.

The explosive energy swept over Lin Ming like a wave, forcing him back a thousand feet. Only then was he able to stabilize the restless blood within him.

Naqi's hands shivered. Blood dripped down his arms, gruesome and alarming. He nearly dropped the heaven-sundering war halberd.

He hadn't thought that his battle with Lin Ming would reach such a frigid and savage degree.

Naqi had already consumed 60-70% of his astral essence. His strength had also plummeted by a great deal. But, he knew that he couldn't weaken his momentum right now. Lin Ming definitely wasn't in a better situation than he was. The victor of this fight would depend on who could hold out the longest.


Naqi roared. He ignored his severely wounded arms and rushed towards Lin Ming once more!

After exhausting so much of his energy, he still didn't stop for even the slightest moment. He instead hurtled himself into another collision.

No matter how ruthless you are, I can be even more ruthless!

This form of combat caused all the martial artists to suck in a breath of cold air!

Ka ka ka ka!

Fierce and vicious bone spikes shot up from all over Naqi's body!

As these bone spikes drilled forth from his skin, they brought behind them icky goo and blood. Each spike was four to five feet long, cold and dense just like a spear!

This was not body metamorphosis, but one of Naqi's attack methods. It was similar to the time that Blacksalt utilized the spikes on his back. This was an ability that came from certain bloodlines of the saint race.

At this time, Naqi's arms were injured and he couldn't control his halberd. Thus, he used his body as a weapon to forcefully hurtle himself towards Lin Ming!

Wild Dragon Dash!

Naqi's speed reached the extreme. Astral essence burned over his body. He was a massive black fireball that shot towards Lin Ming!

At this time, because of the previous collision and him barely suppressing the tumbling blood within him, Lin Ming's true essence was in a chaotic mess. Even so, he wanted to face Naqi's crazy rush head on!

The grandmist space couldn't be used to defend;Lin Ming had trouble summoning it right now. As for his blue soul battle spirit, just that alone was not enough. Even If he tried to use his Phoenix Blood Spear in conjunction with it, that was simply suicide!

For Naqi, this 1000 foot distance took less than an instant to cross!

As the human martial artists saw this, all of them cried out in alarm.

However, Lin Ming actually remained remarkably calm. If Naqi hurtled towards him, although the might was great it would still put him at risk!

In this critical moment, Lin Ming's pupils shrank. His soul force rushed into his inner world, and in front of Lin Ming, a massive stone gate appeared!

This stone gate emitted an infinite ancient aura. The entire gate was covered with mysterious carvings, as if a separate universe were sealed within it.

This was the Primordius Gate!

In the past, when Empyrean Primordius created this stone gate, he had done so with the highest level of chaos stone and then recorded all of the comprehensions he had gleaned in his lifetime. This included the complete heart mantra to the Primordius martial intent. However, the use of the Primordius Gate was not as simple as recording inheritances - it could also be used as a bafflingly powerful magic weapon!

Lin Ming summoned all the true essence available to him and poured it into the Primordius Gate!


Naqi didn't have time to react at all. He was like a raging bull, solidly smashing into the Primordius Gate!

The several spikes on Naqi's body disintegrated into dust!


Naqi spat out a mouthful of blood as he was sent rolling hundreds of feet away. The dark red Primordius Gate, besides violently shaking a bit as Naqi crashed into it, wasn't even damaged in the slightest!

’’This is...’’

The martial artists watching were all shocked. This battle was already at its crescendo. When both Lin Ming and Naqi were nearly spent dry, this strange scene had occurred.

This strike was absolutely adding wounds upon wounds for Naqi!

As the one controlling the Primordius Gate, Lin Ming only had to withstand the traction of energy as Naqi crashed into the gate. His blood restlessly stirred up within him, but the force he withstood was hundreds and thousands of times lighter than Naqi!

’’You... you...’’

Naqi's entire body shivered. His body was a mess of blood and flesh, and his muscles were split apart all over his body. Over half the bone armor that covered his body had broken and all of the spikes that jutted out from him had cracked apart. There were even some spikes that had pierced through his own flesh because of that massive impact just now, thrusting into his flesh. His meridians were broken and his organs were severely injured.

As he spoke, he vomited a mouthful of blood. This blood was mixed with fragments of his organs.

The current Naqi couldn't even be described with just tragic!

If a human had been wounded to this degree, they would have died countless times already.

In that brief exchange just now, Lin Ming had taken a great advantage. But, this was due only to his magic weapon. The power of a weapon was a part of a martial artist's strength, and Lin Ming currently was only able to stimulate a tiny portion of the Primordius Gate's true strength;he was far from being able to fully control a treasure of this level. It was only that he had made the correct tactical choice at this moment.

The Primordius Gate had resolved Naqi's attack while simultaneously causing heavy losses to him!

Naqi was already at the point of collapse.


At this time, Lin Ming opened the Eight Inner Hidden Gates once more. By relying on the Gate of Life he even burnt a part of his blood essence for greater strength. Now that he had the advantage, with Naqi having sustained severe wounds, he absolutely wouldn't give his opponent any time to catch his breath.

He picked up the Primordius Gate with both hands, and by relying on his formidable bodily strength, he brought this stone gate pounding down at Naqi!

This was an attack using the Primordius Gate as a weapon!

Let alone the human martial artists that were skilled in the essence gathering system and were proficient in using the Laws, or even the saint martial artists that excelled in their bodily physiques, none of them had ever seen someone attack by picking up a massive stone gate and smashing it down on someone else.

The Primordius Gate could shrink and grow. In Lin Ming's hands, it was 30-40 feet long, 20 feet wide, and a foot thick. As it came smashing down, the momentum and pressure it brought with it could roll over everything!

Imperial Prince Naqi was panic-stricken. Without a care for the agonizing pain in his arms, he brought up the heaven-sundering war halberd to meet this strike!

Facing this massive gate that was as thick as a city wall, the originally large heaven-sundering war halberd seemed like nothing but a child's toy.


With a muffled ring, Imperial Prince Naqi was smashed away by Lin Ming's Primordius Gate!

Although he had barely managed to use the heaven-sundering war halberd to block this attack, his arms were in complete ruins. How could he withstand Lin Ming's aggressive onslaught of gate smashes?

Lin Ming stepped forwards. The Primordius Gate that he held in his hands came crashing down once more!


Like a fly, Naqi was sent tumbling back by Lin Ming again. He vomited blood in the air and even his war halberd was sent shooting away!

Lin Ming revolved the Space Laws and chased after him!

One step one smash, Naqi vomited blood again and again. No matter how powerful the bodies of the saints were, and even if Naqi had completed two body metamorphoses and he also possessed a heaven-defying king bloodline, he still couldn't withstand this brutal and savage barrage.

This was complete devastation! Overwhelming and brutal! A beating to the death!

’’This... this is...’’

’’The Imperial Prince... is defeated!?’’

The saint martial artists were bewildered. The number one person amongst the younger generation of saints, the one who possessed the king bloodline, the invincible legend that was Imperial Prince Naqi, was actually savagely beaten by a human!

The final victory of humans had not come due to the essence gathering system or use of the Laws, but had relied on Lin Ming's powerful bodily strength. A stone gate had been used to pulverize Naqi, causing him to vomit out endless amounts of blood.

The saint race martial artists found this impossible to accept!


Lin Ming roared and struck out once more. With a loud ringing sound, Naqi was brutally struck down and pounded deep into the ground.

The earth caved in. Dust and sand rose up from all over. As the tens of thousands of saint and human martial artists saw this scene on the battlefield, all of them were left in utter silence.


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