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Martial World - Chapter 1414


Chapter 1414

Chapter 1414 - Challenging the Imperial Prince




The appearance of this youth immediately attracted the eyes of everyone present.

As the saint martial artists saw this person, all of them began to rise up in excitement.

’’Imperial Prince Naqi!’’

’’It really is the Imperial Prince!’’

The saint race was an extremely hierarchical society. Superior martial artists enjoyed endless worship and even a certain faith from their race, and top geniuses were able to enjoy an extraordinary status!

Moreover, this title of Imperial Prince was personally bestowed by the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign;it held amazing significance.

Among the younger generation, Naqi's status was only inferior to the Good Fortune Saint Son's. Both of them were peak geniuses born unto these prosperous times of the saints, and both of them had tremendous chances of becoming a True divinity in the future.

At that time, even if Naqi couldn't become the Saint Sovereign of the saint race, he could still become the Second Sovereign. This level of status wasn't much worse than the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign.

’’He's Naqi!’’

For many of the human martial artists, this was the first time they had seen Naqi.

Even Lin Ming was the same.

Lin Ming looked at Naqi, sneering, ’’You've finally appeared. How stupidly pompous!’’

Naqi grinned in response. ’’Aren't you the same? I've been wanting to meet you for a long time already, but haven't you been hidden away in seclusion at Mount Potala for all this time before finally showing up today?’’

As Naqi spoke he slowly fell onto the battlefield. He stood a hundred feet away from Lin Ming, standing in stark opposition to him.

At this time, Lin Ming's Phoenix Blood Spear was still pointed at Blacksalt's body. Blacksalt's body was dripping wet with blood and his spine had nearly broken in half. His bones and cartilage had been ruined and his nerves had been severely damaged.

Even though the saints had an extremely formidable body with a high regenerative capability, if their spine was broken apart it would still be very difficult to recover. It would require a tremendous amount of time and resources.

’’Senior-apprentice Brother... Naqi...’’

Blacksalt found it difficult to speak. Every word brought more blood gushing out from his lips.

As the saint martial artists saw this they felt their backs turn cold. They were well aware of how strong Blacksalt was and he was strong enough to lift up a mountain. He could even toss that mountain into the sea afterwards and create a new island.

But now, Lin Ming had only used his spear to ruin all of Blacksalt's resistance. This sort of visual scene was far too jarring.

’’How did Lin Ming accomplish this?’’

’’He truly is terrifying. It seems that we've underestimated the humans.’’

Saint martial artists all respected powerhouses, even if they were enemies. Lin Ming's great strength had won the awe and wonder of these people. If Lin Ming were to jump into a crowd of these young saint elites, it would be like a tiger amidst a flock of sheep. He could easily murder any one of them, so what qualifications did they have to look down on someone that could cut them down as he pleased?

However, Naqi thought little of Lin Ming suppressing Blacksalt. Naqi only stared at the Phoenix Blood Spear before saying, ’’I never imagined that you would have been able to refine grandmist energy!’’

Naqi revealed the truth behind Lin Ming's secret card. Lin Ming was startled. The Grandmist Heavenly Dao was incomparably mysterious and not even a great number of human World King powerhouses would be able to recognize the grandmist space or grandmist energy. Grandmist energy existed at the most early formative stage of the universe, and as the universe evolved, that grandmist energy had nearly disappeared from existence as it became celestial stars and all other matter.

Empyrean Primordius was only able to cultivate the Grandmist Heavenly Dao because he had experienced a great lucky chance.

Lin Ming was vigilant towards this Imperial Prince Naqi that was eyeing him. It wasn't just his strength that Lin Ming needed to be wary of, but also his experience.

Naqi laughed, as if he had seen through Lin Ming's thoughts. ’’Is it strange that I recognize grandmist energy? Didn't you know that 100,000 years ago, there was once a human Empyrean that utilized the Grandmist Heavenly Dao, and this person perished beneath the hands of my saint race? Many of his treasures and even a part of his grandmist energy was obtained by my people.’’

As Naqi laughed, all of these words were incomparably grating as they fell onto Lin Ming's ears. Lin Ming's complexion darkened. Empyrean Primordius was his mentor and he had died because of the saints. Lin Ming had no choice but to avenge this grudge if possible. Now, Naqi's callous and cruel words had touched upon Lin Ming's reverse scale.

Lin Ming simmered with rage. The weight of the Phoenix Blood Spear in his hands constantly grew and the spear shaft sank even lower. With a crackling sound, more and more bones broke. Pressed beneath the Phoenix Blood Spear, Blacksalt vomited even greater mouthfuls of blood, his body unceasingly trembling. Currently he didn't even possess the ability to cry out. His skeleton had been nearly shattered to bits and his organs were almost turned to soupy gruel.

Naqi frowned. He coldly said, ’’Lin Ming, is it possible that you don't know that this duel on Ash Blood Mountain was mutually agreed to by the high level figures of Mount Potala and the saints? This is only a duel, and unless there is some accident in the battle, neither side can kill the other!’’

What Naqi said was true. When Mount Potala had sent forth Hang Chi and Dragon Fang to fight, they had already concluded that their chances of winning weren't very high. It was also impossible for them to send the future hopes of their people into a deathtrap, thus they took the initiative to lay down conditions for this match.

Lin Ming was silent for a moment. Then, he put away the Phoenix Blood Spear and the massive pressure suddenly vanished. This sudden change caused Blacksalt's body to shake once more, vomiting out one last mouthful of blood before he fainted on the spot.

Not too far away, the saint martial artists were all silent. Lin Ming was too horrifying. Blacksalt's powerful bodily strength and defensive abilities were renowned within the saint race, and yet he had been beaten into a bloody goo by Lin Ming. He didn't even seem to be alive anymore.

’’Humph!’’ Naqi coldly snorted. With a wave of his hand, Blacksalt was received into a cave dwelling that he carried with him.

Naqi didn't bother arguing over the matter of Lin Ming worsening Blacksalt's wounds when he removed his spear. He only sneered and said, ’’Since you can make Blacksalt into such an appearance, it seems you're a bit stronger than I first anticipated, but... hehe, during the negotiations at Mount Potala, you challenged my Senior-apprentice Brother Wumo, the Good Fortune Saint Son... how stupid of you. You're no different than a little child playing around with a slingshot in the middle of two armies, challenging the general of one side to a duel in a year. If it weren't for the special situation at the negotiation site and us saints being unable to weaken our momentum, why would Senior-apprentice Brother Wumo ever bother responding to you? To him, you are nothing more than an ant!’’

Lin Ming's complexion was cold and calm. He asked in reply, ’’From your tone, do you think that you can step on me like an ant?’’

’’Hahaha, it seems you really are in a hurry to get stomped by me. Although you are a bit stronger than I first thought, that barely makes you eligible to fight me. Do you honestly believe you are invincible amongst your generation? You have just experienced two battles, and although it doesn't look like you've consumed too much energy, I don't want you searching for any excuses when I beat you into the ground. I will give you three days' time to adjust your condition. Three days from now, you and I will fight!’’

Naqi crossed his arms against his chest, his voice filled with contempt as he looked down at the world. It was like he simply didn't place this battle against Lin Ming in his heart.

’’This fellow is far too brash!’’

’’Just who the hell does he think he is?’’

On the human side, there were martial artists that couldn't stand Naqi's actions. Even so, they had no choice but to admit that Naqi's strength was unfathomably deep. Until now, no one had found out where his limits were. They didn't even know what techniques he used or what cards he had hidden.

For the second ranked martial artist of the human First Martial Meeting to challenge the first place champion of the saint First Martial Meeting, this was a battle that the humans had little confidence in.

True divinity descendant. These three words were like mountains that pressed down on their chests, making it hard for them to breathe. Many of them were cheering for Lin Ming in their hearts, but even so, facing such a powerful opponent, any result was an unknown.

Not too far away from the battlefield, a black-clothed Dragon Fang and a white linen-robed Hang Chi were looking at the center of the battlefield. ’’It's been nine years but Lin Ming has really taken a step further in his growth. Perhaps... his legend will continue on today.’’ Hang Chi quietly said. He held prayer beads in his hands and chanted Buddhist prayers. As for Dragon Fang, he had clenched his fists;it was unknown what he was thinking.

Lin Ming grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear and looked straight at Imperial Prince Naqi. He sneered and then slowly lifted the spearpoint, pointing it straight towards Naqi's forehead.

’’Three days is too long. Those two fights just now were only a warm up. You and I, let's finish this now.’’

Lin Ming's words were similarly arrogant. In these two fights just now, his battle against the red-clothed woman wasn't anything at all. But, his battle against Blacksalt could be considered intense. Blacksalt himself wasn't a common nobody, but Lin Ming had referred to their battle as a warm up.

’’Is that so...’’ Naqi smiled, and his smile became increasingly evil as he exposed the sharp tips of his canines. ’’Since you are in such a hurry to be defeated, let me fulfill your wish.’’


With a clear and resonant cry, Naqi extracted a pitch black long spear from his spatial ring.

Naqi's weapon was also a spear!

’’Spear? Interesting!’’

Lin Ming looked at Naqi, his body seething with fighting spirit. He could feel that Naqi wasn't weak at all. Although Naqi was arrogant, he had the unfathomable strength required to back it up!

’’I must defeat the Good Fortune Saint Son, so I'll defeat you here as the first step!’’


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