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Martial World - Chapter 1411


Chapter 1411

Chapter 1411 - Lin Ming Arrives





The space of the divine Realm was torn to pieces by this sword light! Poured into this sword strike was Dragon Fang's complete strength;the limit of his potential!

At this time, Blacksalt and Witchplume had already jumped high into the skies. The blazing black flames and the wild beast that was the body metamorphosized Blacksalt had fused into one, forming a horrific black meteor!


With a terrifying explosion, the center area of Ash Blood Mountain was hollowed out!

The Wheel of Samsara and the Eight Sectioned Stupa completely collapsed. Hang Chi spat out a great mouthful of blood. At this crucial moment, he grit his teeth together and smashed his staff into the ground.

Diamond Vajra Sutra!

The moment Hang Chi reached the limit of his physical body, he completely ignored all damage to his meridians and organs to forcefully revolve the Diamond Vajra Sutra and continue resisting.

’’Be defeated!’’

Dragon Fang howled out into the skies. His eye sockets were dripping with blood as the Dragon Fang Blade in his hand cried out with a keening wail! The black sea of flames was torn asunder by this sword light, cutting straight towards Witchplume's forehead. Dragon Fang wanted to use this strike to tear through Blacksalt and Witchplume together!

And at this moment, Witchplume took a sudden step backwards. The bone spikes atop Blacksalt's back rapidly grew forwards like sharp swords, thrusting outwards!


The spikes crashed into the sword light. Three spikes exploded into bits but the weakened sword light still fell down in a wild and raging torrent.

Blacksalt growled. Together with Witchplume, they revolved their astral essence to the limit, resisting this sword strike head on!

Rumble rumble rumble!

Massive chunks of red rock tumbled down. The entire Ash Blood Mountain seemed to melt away like a glacier, completely collapsing!

Even though the surrounding young martial artists were all outstanding elites amongst all elites, they were still thrown away by the maddening waves of energy!

The reason that Ash Blood Mountain was chosen as the battlefield for this fight was because this area was special and the rock was as hard as divine steel. Even so, the terrain still couldn't withstand this terrifying strength.

The young human elites all paled, their faces changing. How could the fifth and sixth placed martial artists of the saint race's First Martial Meeting be so fierce!?

What was the result?

As everyone looked towards the center of the battlefield, they only saw Dragon Fang kneeling on the ground, barely hanging on with the support of the Dragon Fang Blade. His eyes were blood red, with blood continuing to drip down.

And not too far behind him, Hang Chi's protective true essence had completely shattered. He had propped himself up with his staff, standing tall. Behind him, the faint phantom of a golden Buddha was still wavering about. Still, the current Hang Chi's meridians were a completely jumbled mess and his organs were damaged in several areas;it was impossibly difficult for him to continue standing.

’’Dragon Fang! Hang Chi!’’

The human martial artists all tensed. And at this time, with a loud crashing sound at the distant ruined rocks, massive stones tumbled down and a bloodsoaked Blacksalt shot out from the wreckage like a wild beast, landing on the ground on all fours. The three longest bone spikes on his back had broken and a horrifying sword wound crossed down his back, stretching from his neck to his tail.

This sword wound was as deep as a ruler and had nearly cut his spine in half. This final sword strike had been caught and rigidly stopped by his powerful mortal body and bones. If it weren't for him having used his body metamorphosis, this sword strike would have cleaved him in two.

Behind him, a pale Witchplume also rose up from the ruins. The flexible armor all over her body had broken and she used her black flames to form a new set of flexible armor around her. Blacksalt had withstood 60-70% of Dragon Fang's final attack and she had withstood 30-40% of it. Even though that was so, she had been deeply wounded. Dragon Fang's attack was far too swift and violent but Blacksalt had still managed to use his mortal body to withstand it. It could only be said that the defensive capabilities of Blacksalt's mortal body had reached a freakish level.

As Naqi saw this, he smiled. He knew that this fight was over.

Even though the humans and the saints had both received similar levels of injuries, that only meant that the inevitable winners were the saints. This was because the saints' ability to resist attacks and also regenerate their bodies was far more powerful than the humans'.

In the current situation, Hang Chi's wounds were the heaviest. Although Dragon Fang hadn't been wounded, he had still deeply overdrawn his strength. Over half his true essence was used up and his combat efficiency had plummeted to rock bottom.

As Blacksalt emerged from the ruins, he roared. With a slimy wriggling sound, the flesh and blood on his back twisted together, with even new bones growing.

The sound of this flesh and blood wriggling about was clear and loud. Blacksalt was actually regenerating himself! This sort of regenerative ability was appalling!

Blacksalt had withstood Dragon Fang's sword strike and was still able to restore a portion of his combat strength in a short period of time. The saints were a completely beast-like race;their bodies were too abnormal.

The surrounding human martial artists felt a chill crawl down their spines. In their days here, they had fought with and also slaughtered many saint race martial artists. But, they had never encountered a savage and freakish genius of the saints that was able to undergo bloodline metamorphosis, such as this Blacksalt in front of them. This Blacksalt was more than just a bit stronger than an ordinary saint!

’’Hahahaha! My saint race is truly superior to the human race!’’

’’Stupid humans, what else can the likes of you still say?’’

Many saint martial artists shouted out loud. Their stiff and halting divine Realm language was especially grating to the ears.

Among the humans, some martial artists argued back and some were silent.

They thought of the true elites of the saint race: they likely all had a physique like Blacksalt. This thought left a thick despair surging in their hearts. Could humanity truly overcome this great calamity? If they were defeated then all of humanity would devolve into nothing but slaves.

Was this era truly the time when humanity would perish?

At this time, with the sound of flapping clothes rustling in the wind, a white-robed monk flew into the center of the battlefield. He waved his robes and a Buddhist light wrapped around Hang Chi. This white-robed monk had an ordinary World King realm cultivation.

’’High Master, I have shamed the name of Mount Potala...’’ Hang Chi bitterly smiled.

The white-robed monk sighed, shaking his head as he said, ’’Apprentice Nephew, you must not be too harsh on yourself. If anyone should be ashamed, it should be us. You did not lose to him in strength or talent, but lost to him in background. You relied on your Empyrean Holy Land background to struggle with a genius from a True divinity Holy Land to this degree, and for that High Master is more than proud of you. If Mount Potala were also a True divinity level Holy Land, then we could allow your strength to reach even greater steps. Even if it were just half a step further, this battle would have had a different result.’’

As this white-robed monk spoke, he brought Hang Chi with him and flew away.

The third and sixth placed martial artists of the human First Martial Meeting had fought against the fifth and sixth placed martial artists of the saint First Martial Meeting, and the final result was... humanity had been defeated!

Although the saints had won with difficulty, a loss was loss.

’’We've lost...’’

The human martial artists were all silent. They felt a heavy pressure on their hearts.

’’They both wounded each other, but we lost to the saint race's endurance and regenerative ability...’’

’’Although I don't want to admit it, the saints are truly stronger than us. They have greater numbers and their inheritances are also better.’’

’’3.6 billion years ago, humanity had to pay a deep price in order to ensure the survival of our race, the Empyreans nearly died out and 80-90% of our martial arts civilization was destroyed. As for the saints, they were nearly untouched. They still had many large sects that continued to pass their legacy on and there are many saint sects that have a background of 4-5 billion years! Moreover, they even have the support of a True divinity Holy Land...’’

The inheritances and resources of a True divinity Holy Land far surpassed those of an Empyrean Holy Land, so they were able to raise even more extraordinary geniuses and also had an easier time training Empyreans.

’’Hahaha, if any of you still aren't convinced, then you can come up and fight me!’’

Blacksalt's entire body was covered with wounds but he still gave off such a dreadful momentum!

’’To all those young human elites that wish to fight, I alone am more than enough! Pass a message out and inform Lin Ming and Frost Dream to come to the Bright Luster Great World to look for me! There is no need for Senior-apprentice Brother Naqi to do anything, I will defeat them both myself! Especially that fool Lin Ming, the thought that he wishes to challenge my saint race's Good Fortune Saint Son, my Senior-apprentice Brother Wumo, is just laughable!’’

Blacksalt's body slowly shrank before he turned back into a dark and thin youth.

Who had thought that such a thin body was able to contain that horrifying explosive power!

However Blacksalt shouted, no one came to accept his challenge.

It was impossible for divine Sea realm geniuses to fight Blacksalt;that was just asking to die.

As for divine Transformation realm martial artists, Hang Chi and Dragon Fang represented the strongest ones here. After the two of them, everyone else was a level lower. Even if they were to face the extremely wounded Blacksalt, they still wouldn't be a match.

’’The human race has no one? Hahaha!’’ Blacksalt chortled. ’’I will wait here for seven days. In these seven days, any young human martial artist can challenge me. I want to fight the entire Bright Luster Great World!’’

Blacksalt fused his voice with astral essence, spreading it over everyone present.

’’This fellow is too arrogant!’’

As the human martial artists heard Blacksalt's shout, they were all filled with an indignant anger.

’’Just who does he think he is!?’’

’’I really want to defeat him! If I could defeat him, I would be willing to trade that for 60-70% of my lifespan!’’

The human martial artists all suppressed a fire in their bellies. Even though Blacksalt was shouting so arrogantly, none of them were able to defeat him.

Blacksalt was true to his words. He really did wait atop Ash Blood Mountain for other young human martial artists to challenge him.

On the first day, no one accepted his challenge. On the second day, several human martial artists stepped into the arena. Even though they knew who they were fighting, they still couldn't swallow this insult. There were many human martial artists that were brave and daring. They didn't seek victory, but only wished to punch Blacksalt with their fist or at least slash him with their sword.

The results were as expected. The several martial artists that challenged Blacksalt were all beaten to a pulp, their skeletons and meridians shattered. If it weren't for the human World Kings saving them, they would have been killed by Blacksalt. Even so, these degrees of injuries were enough to have them recuperating in bed for half a year.

Blacksalt laughed out loud. He spoke once more, telling none of the human trash to come. If they didn't even possess the qualifications to have him stretch out his bones, then what was the point?

In these days, the saint martial artists had already laid down spirit artifact cave dwellings and mansions. The saint martial artists gathered here, joyfully celebrating, eating big pieces of meat as they drank their fill. This was the scene of a celebration feast.

As heroes of the saint race, Blacksalt and Witchplume received many invitations. For a time, the morale of the saints reached the extreme.

No one knew that on the third day after Blacksalt arrived on the Chaotic Blood Continent, a common-looking palace broke through the void and also arrived.

In these days, countless people had come to the Chaotic Blood Continent. This caused the palace to arouse no one's attention.

’’This is the Chaotic Blood Continent, hm, I wonder just where the duel is happening?’’

Lin Ming thought to himself. But, he soon discovered that finding their location was extremely easy. The most powerful martial artists on the Chaotic Blood Continent had all gathered in a single place. Their vivid blood vitality and powerful true essence gathered into a force that shot up into the sky, forming an invisible fountain that erupted into the heavens.

’’Looks like it's over there.’’ Lin Ming faintly smiled. ’’It hasn't finished either;we've made it in time.’’

Deep within the Magic Cube space, Mo Eversnow nodded. ’’Mm, the Chaotic Blood Continent is extremely far, placed in the deepest parts of the Bright Luster Great World. Luckily for us, Primordius Heavenly Palace is extremely fast and we've made it here in three days. Let's go and see what's happening over there.’’


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