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Martial World - Chapter 1410


Chapter 1410

Chapter 1410 - Attack and Defend





Blacksalt's sword smashed atop Hang Chi's Wheel of Samsara. With a terrifying ringing sound, the Wheel of Samsara violently shook and a crack snaked across its golden surface.

What an absolutely horrifying strength!

’’Fires of darkness, shatter!’’

At this time, Witchplume's two wings slashed out and the Dark Golden Crow behind her also rushed forth, the black flames around it turning into a pitch black sea!

Hu - hu - hu -

Flames roiled. At that moment, the Wheel of Samsara seemed to melt. Hang Chi's forehead began to seep with sweat as his face paled. How could he withstand the attacks of two people by himself?

’’All Existence to Void!’’

Dragon Fang suddenly opened one of the variation states of the Three Lives Pupils. Nine years ago, Dragon Fang had only been able to use All Existence to Void for a short period of time, but now he was able to freely wield it.

All Existence to Void was an eye technique able to see through all Laws in the world. Before the Three Lives Pupils, all Concepts were seen through!

’’The power of space, the power of time, gather unto me!’’

Dragon Fang's raised his hands and energy erupted from his body. From all around him, the power of space and the power of time began to wildly rush towards him. Then, his figure divided into sixteen copies.

16 spatial mirror images!

16 Dragon Fangs slashed out together. Their black sword lights gathered as one, thrusting straight forwards!

That raging sea of black flames was split apart by Dragon Fang's sword. The sharp and keening sword light pierced straight towards Witchplume's forehead.


Witchplume was immensely shocked. She never imagined that Dragon Fang's attack would be so terrifying!

In these 16 sword strikes, each one contained a tenth of the real Dragon Fang's strength. With 16 swords gathered as one, their might wasn't as simple as adding them together. In other words, this strike was several times stronger than Dragon Fang's strongest strike by himself!


With a loud ringing sound, Witchplume's body was sent storming backwards by the Dragon Fang Sword. She cried out in the air and quickly closed her wings to defend against this sword light.


The sword light ravaged forwards, causing massive clumps of feathers to rain down from the sky. These were all Witchplume's feathers.

Dragon Fang's sword strike had slashed through her two wings, leaving her in a bloody mess! Even the flexible armor that covered her upper body was nearly broken apart!

Damn it all!

Witchplume fell to the ground and staggered backwards. Dragon Fang's sword has used the Three Lives Pupils to see through her Darkness Laws. When the 16 strikes gathered as one, they were incomparably fierce and dangerous!

His sword strike had severely wounded Witchplume!

’’Witchplume, are you alright?!’’

Blacksalt supported her with his thin arms.

Witchplume cruelly smiled. She wiped the blood from the corners of her lips, ’’I'm fine!’’

As the human audience members saw that their side had gained the advantage, all of them erupted in a chorus of cheers.

’’Dragon Fang! Dragon Fang!’’

Many people began shouting out for Dragon Fang. Back during the First Martial Meeting, Dragon Fang was ranked sixth amongst the top six geniuses. But, that had been because when he first participated in the First Martial Meeting finals, he had only just opened the Three Lives Pupils and his strength hadn't been able to fully develop.

Even so, his potential was astonishing. After entering the Asura Road to adventure, he crawled back from the precipice of death, and now he had grown by a large margin!

’’Haha, Dragon Fang is stronger!’’

’’That's right, what do those saints think? Dragon Fang was also only ranked sixth in the human First Martial Meeting!’’

’’Humanity will win! Humanity must win!’’

All of the human martial artists were extremely excited. But not too far away, as Imperial Prince Naqi saw this scene, his smirked in contempt. ’’What a pack of fools, it's as if they think they will really win! What a stupid race;there isn't even any meaning in conquering them. However, those two fellows on stage are a bit more troublesome than I had thought.’’

In truth, Imperial Prince Naqi didn't care much for the result of this fight. Witchplume and Blacksalt couldn't be called the true peak geniuses of the saint race. The true geniuses were the top three ranked martial artists of the saints' First Martial Meeting.

If Witchplume and Blacksalt lost it wouldn't matter much to begin with, let alone that it was impossible for them to lose now!

Naqi's vision fell upon Hang Chi. At this time, Hang Chi was pale and his hands shivered as he grasped his long staff.

When everyone saw Dragon Fang reveal his momentous strike, they actually ignored the real hidden hero - Hang Chi.

If Hang Chi hadn't used the Wheel of Samsara to block the attacks of two people, then it would have been impossible for Dragon Fang to break apart Witch Plume and Blacksalt's joint attack on the battlefield and wound Witchplume!

However, for a single person to withstand two attacks, the pressure could be imagined!

Hang Chi had already been severely wounded. There was no way he could repeat what he just did.

’’Hang Chi!’’

As Dragon Fang saw Hang Chi's current state, he felt his heart gripped. In that exchange just now, if one had to say how useful they were, Hang Chi was responsible for 60% while Dragon Fang was only responsible for 40%.

’’I'm fine!’’

Hang Chi took a deep breath, revolving the Diamond Sutra to suppress the roiling blood vitality within him and seal up all the tears in his organs with true essence. After all, he wasn't a body transformation martial artist. Once his mortal body was injured his combat strength would rapidly plummet.

’’Hang Chi!’’

’’Hang Chi was injured!’’

The young elites present were all the most outstanding geniuses amongst their peers, thus they naturally had amazing sight. After their short period of cheering, they then discovered that Hang Chi was in a very poor situation!

’’This is bad!’’

Everyone felt their heart skip a beat. All those young elites that were cheering immediately quieted down.

In a group battle, defense was the most difficult aspect. Attacks struck one person, but the one defending had to defend against two;they would naturally be in a much more miserable state!

The young human elites all had a grim complexion. If Hang Chi was defeated, how could they continue fighting?

’’Hang Chi, don't bother with defending, let's attack together.’’

Dragon Fang rapidly said to Hang Chi with a true essence sound transmission. He was well aware that it was impossible for Hang Chi to withstand a similar strike.

’’That's impossible. My offensive ability is inferior to my defensive ability. If we give up our current advantage they will inevitably attack us. Even though we will mutually wound each other, we will be in a far worse state than they will be. This is because one of them is a saint and the other is a saint and monster hybrid. Regardless of which one it is, their mortal bodies are extremely formidable and their defensive powers are extraordinary!’’

Hang Chi calmly analyzed the situation on the battlefield. For him to attack with Dragon Fang would be the same as suicide.

’’Then let me share the pressure with you.’’ Dragon Fang said.

’’No need. You do not excel in defense. If a sword were to become a shield, the effect could be imagined. I can probably withstand another attack like that again. You must seize this chance to attack and settle this match in the next strike!’’

As Hang Chi made this decision, Dragon Fang felt like someone had pulled his heart out. He was afraid that something would happen to Hang Chi.

In this duel, although there were elders from both the saints and humans present, that didn't mean that one side wouldn't lose their lives. If both sides were to attack with all of their strength, then a consequence was possible death at any moment!

’’Don't worry, I know what I'm doing.’’ Hang Chi seemed to sense what Dragon Fang was fearing. ’’Whether it is me or them, none of us will die here, otherwise that will be too stupid. For the true great calamity a thousand years from now, for my Buddhist path, for my road of martial arts, I won't give up my life here.’’

’’Good!’’ Dragon Fang grit his teeth and grasped the Dragon Fang Blade.

At this time, Blacksalt and Witchplume stood up, their light and heavy swords pointed towards Hang Chi and Dragon Fang.

’’You're not bad! To think you can actually wound me. But, too bad for you, there will be no next time! Now go die!’’

At this moment, Blacksalt's body emitted a series of explosive crackling sounds. His four thin limbs, his chest, his stomach, his entire body began to inflate, filling up with thick muscles! His face became wild and fierce and his spine grew from both ends, forming a spike that pierced through his flesh and grew into a vicious tail and a long horn on his head and even many long bone spikes coming out from his back.

His arms became thick and long, turning into sharp claws. His legs became thick and robust. With a single step forwards, the ground shattered beneath him.

’’This is...’’ Many human martial artists were shocked.

’’Haha, this is our saints' body metamorphosis! Some extreme clans within my saint race possess the ability to metamorphosize!’’

Among the watching martial artists, a young saint elite began to proudly speak.

’’Lord Blacksalt possesses an ancient saint bloodline. After metamorphosing, his body gains a wild and terrible strength!’’

The saint race had different metamorphic abilities depending on the various bloodlines they had inherited. They were originally the race with the most powerful mortal body. After metamorphosing their body, they would be able to unlock the latent power deep within themselves and release their ultimate strength.

Of coursing, metamorphosing required a tremendous amount of energy. In the different bloodlines, some metamorphic forms had different strengths, consumed different amounts of energy, and lasted for different durations.


Blacksalt's four limbs smashed into the ground. He bit onto his heavy sword and bolted forwards, like an ancient dinosaur. His body had been magnified by several times, and the thin Witchplume was actually riding on his back.

Witchplume grasped her sword, her two wings blazing with burning black flames.

The combination of a woman and a wild beast hurtled towards Dragon Fang and Hang Chi. Wherever they went, rock cracked open. With every step they took, the entire Ash Blood Mountain seemed to vibrate.

Dragon Fang's complexion changed. This momentum was far too terrifying!

’’Hang Chi! You...’’

Before he could speak further, Hang Chi had already stepped forwards to bear the impact of Blacksalt and Witchplume's attack!

’’Samsara domain, Eight Sectioned Stupa!’’

With an explosive ringing sound, a giant eight-story pagoda fell down from the skies. This divine pagoda was filled with the aura of the great dao. Each level held a divine being, bursting with divine light!

By using the Eight Sectioned Stupa to suppress the void, when this was combined with the Wheel of Samsara, it formed a divine domain like an iron fortress!

Hang Chi's complexion was cold as he calmly faced Blacksalt and Witchplume's all-out attack.

As Dragon Fang saw Hang Chi fearlessly face the combined attack of the two saint geniuses, Dragon Fang felt that something had been touched within his heart. This battle was no longer just a battle between them and the saint race geniuses.

This was a contest between the humans and the saints. In these strange and perilous times, any battle between the saints and humans could increase the morale of either side, helping their chances of victory. This was extremely valuable.

How could they lose here!?

’’Eyes of Myriad Blood!’’

Dragon Fang's entire body erupted with energy. His eyes turned blood red;he had opened the third state of the Three Lives Pupils - Eyes of Myriad Blood!

With Dragon Fang's current strength, wanting to open the Eyes of Myriad Blood was incomparably difficult. However, his only path left was to desperately risk everything on this!

Chi chi chi!

Dragon Fang's eyes were dyed with blood. Because a massive influx of energy poured into his eyes, the blood vessels in his eyes continuously broke apart, causing tears of blood to roll down his face. He grit his teeth, grasped the Dragon Fang Blade, and then split into 32 forms.

32 spatial mirror images!

By using Eyes of Myriad Blood and forming 32 spatial mirror images, this was Dragon Fang's ultimate attack!

’’Void Extermination!’’

32 Dragon Fangs slashed out together. Their brilliant sword lights wove together, shooting outwards!


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