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Martial World - Chapter 1405


Chapter 1405

Chapter 1405 - Irreproachable Stupa




He was a disciple from a True divinity Holy Land, and also the first place champion of the saints' First Martial Meeting...

The young human elites glanced at each other, dismay in their eyes. Just what sort of concept was a True divinity disciple? They only had to think about the difference between an Empyrean descendant and a World King descendant;the disparity between a True divinity descendant and an Empyrean descendant would be even greater than that.

As the human elites thought of this, they felt their hearts race in their chest. They wanted to once again repeat that they believed in Lin Ming, but the difference between humanity and the saints was far too great.

Let alone someone like the Good Fortune Saint Son, even this youth in front of them was not someone easy to deal with.

As the feather-robed woman saw the shock and dread on these young human elites' faces, she smiled. ’’Senior-apprentice Brother Naqi possesses the title of Imperial Prince from my saint race. Do you lot even know what the words Imperial Prince mean? That is a reward personally handed down from the Good Fortune Saint Emperor! If it weren't for Senior-apprentice Brother Naqi being much younger than Senior-apprentice Brother Wumo, then perhaps the title of Good Fortune Saint Son might have fallen into Senior-apprentice Brother Naqi's hands! Humph, with the arrival of the great calamity, the destiny of my saint race has been affected and now two great geniuses have been produced in my generation. Senior-apprentice Brother Naqi and Senior-apprentice Brother Wumo are the two most brilliant supernovas in this vast world, and the only disparity between them is due to their age!’’

It was clear that this feather-robed woman worshipped this saint youth to a ridiculous degree. Her words caused all of the young human elites present to feel a tremendous amount of pressure.

The recent First Martial Meeting of humanity was the most splendid and prosperous one for the last 100 million years. In addition to Lin Ming, there was Xiao Moxian, Frost Dream, Hang Chi, Jun Bluemoon, and Dragon Fang, six great geniuses.

And this sort of situation had appeared because of the impending great calamity.

Since this had happened to humanity, how could it not be said that the destiny of the saint race wouldn't also be affected by the great calamity and they would also produce geniuses that hadn't been seen in a hundred million years?

Moreover, the inheritance of the saints was far superior to that of humanity. If they had anomalies appear within their ranks, then these geniuses might even be stronger than those of humanity.

’’Let's go, we're returning to the Bright Luster World first to continue tempering ourselves. Afterwards, we're going to take a little visit to humanity and see just what level the young elites of humanity have actually reached.’’

The youth named Naqi casually said. Then, he picked up his weapon from the table and left the restaurant with the man and woman in tow.

’’Senior-apprentice Naqi, are you saying that we are going to test the young elites of humanity?’’ The tall and dark-skinned man behind Naqi licked his lips, his heart beating faster.

’’Yes, sooner or later the great war between my race and humanity will finally come to a head. Since the Empyreans cannot fight now, we shall start first! After all, since we're going to war in the future, we might as well start destroying their confidence now! If we can beat them now, then after a thousand years there won't be a problem at all! Moreover, this is also a great inspiration to my saint race!’’

Naqi slowly said. Not only did he want to become famous throughout humanity and the saint race, but he also wanted to take this opportunity to increase the momentum of the saints.

’’Haha, Senior-apprentice Brother Naqi is right. Because Senior-apprentice Brother Wumo's cultivation is too high, those other geniuses of humanity cannot follow him. That leaves only us to take action. If we can beat up all of their geniuses, then how will those humans have any courage left to fight with us? When that time comes, our fame in the Bright Luster Great World will rapidly rise. Perhaps the Saint Sovereign might even give us a great reward!’’

The thin man said without any scruples. As he spoke, the human martial artists had an extremely ugly complexion.

These people had no respect for anyone at all. They treated all the human martial artists here like nothing but empty air.

’’Let's leave!’’

The several young saint elites left. Their goal was the Bright Luster World.


After the negotiations between humanity and the saints ended, Lin Ming had gone into seclusion at Mount Potala.

Mount Potala had a long and glorious history. In terms of background and inheritance, they were without a doubt the number one ranked influence throughout all of humanity. The various mountains, gardens, towers, corridors, monasteries, everything was covered with array formations. These array formations could be used to support one's training and even had the use of repelling evil spirits. Even the gardens amongst the ravines that had many spiritual plants arranged within them were layered with multiple array formations.

If Lin Ming cultivated here, it was no worse than cultivating at divine Dream Heavenly Palace.

’’Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, Highest Ancestor invites you to an audience!’’ A martial path monk in loose linen robes appeared in front of Lin Ming. His palms were gathered together in prayer as he recited Buddhist chants.

’’Highest Ancestor?’’ Lin Ming's thoughts stirred. The one who managed most daily matters at Mount Potala was not Emperor Shakya, nor was it Great Limitless Buddha. Rather, it was Grandmaster Soulsense, someone with a half-step Empyrean cultivation. The two other eminent monks had already gone into seclusion to deeply meditate on their martial arts. Of them, one was called Highest Ancestor and the other was called Highest Master.

Highest Ancestor naturally referred to Great Limitless Buddha. He had become renowned throughout the world a hundred million years ago, and was the highest ranked and most storied character of the current Mount Potala!

’’Highest Ancestor has heard that Junior-apprentice Brother Lin will soon break into the middle divine Transformation realm, so he would like to personally extend an invitation to Junior-apprentice Brother Lin to go to the Irreproachable Stupa to enlighten yourself upon the Emperor will, as well as accept a baptism of the Buddha will.’’

’’Emperor will... Buddha will...’’ Lin Ming had never heard of these terms before. He nodded and said, ’’Then I ask Senior-apprentice Brother to lead the way.’’

Mount Potala had far too many ancient buildings. These ancient sites were often hundreds of millions of years old, or even billions of years old. The disciples of all previous eras of Mount Potala had constantly reinforced the array formations here and repaired all the structures, preserving their full form and dignity. Now, not only was there no sense of decay at all, but there was instead an atmosphere of the endless river of time, making one feeling awe in their heart.

Lin Ming followed the martial artist through many winding corridors before he arrived at a large and spacious garden. The courtyard was paved with thick, weather-beaten bricks, each brick seeming like a thick tome that recorded the long and solemn history of Mount Potala.

’’We're here.’’

The martial monk grasped his beads, spoke a few Buddhist mantras and then slowly retreated backwards.

In front of Lin Ming was a forest of gray pagodas.

These pagodas each had different numbers of layers, and each one was hundreds of feet high. They did not have the magnificent beauty of being carved from jade or crystal, but they still emitted a deep sense of dignity and virtue.

Before this forest of pagodas was an old monk. He wore loose linen robes and had a golden kasaya draped over his shoulder. His feet were covered with straw sandals, his earlobes were large and round, and his two white eyebrows were a foot long. He leaned on a thick monk staff with his right hand and he held a string of Buddhist beads in his left. There were seven of these Buddhist beads in total, six small and one large. Among them, the large one was pale white with a tint of red as if there was blood surging deep within it. It actually resembled an eyeball somewhat, making it seem a bit shocking.

This old monk was only casually standing there but it seemed as if he had merged into one with the world around him. If Lin Ming didn't use his eyes but instead only used his sense, then he would never have discovered the existence of this old monk. Even though he was close at hand, it was impossible to sense him. This was an extremely strange and beguiling feeling.

This white-browed old man was Great Limitless Buddha of Mount Potala. Even if divine Dream were to see him, she still had to politely refer to him as Senior.

’’Junior Lin Ming greets Senior Great Limitless Buddha.’’

Lin Ming respectfully nodded.

Great Limitless Buddha looked at Lin Ming and slowly nodded in return. Then, he simply said, ’’Starting from today, for seven through seven for 49 days, you will stay here.’’

Great Limitless Buddha's tone was elderly and his pace of speaking was extremely slow. If one listened to him, they might think he had some difficulties speaking due to his age.

’’This place is...’’ Lin Ming remembered that the martial monk who led him here had referred to this place as Irreproachable Stupa.

’’This is a cemetery of Mount Potala, a burial ground where all previous Buddhist monks and masters of Mount Potala who stepped into the Empyrean realm are interred. In these last 3.6 billion years, when eminent monks of Mount Potala have died, they have been cremated and their ashes condensed into relics. These relics are placed in pagoda boxes, buried together with their life magic tools. Thus, this forest of pagodas is named the Irreproachable Stupa as well as the Burial Stupa.’’

As Great Limitless Buddha spoke to here, Lin Ming was startled.

The graves of all previous eminent monks of Mount Potala!

Mount Potala had a history of 3.6 billion years. In this vast period of time, it was impossible to calculate just how many extraordinary characters had appeared in their ranks!

Only those great and highly accomplished Zen masters had the qualifications to be buried at the Irreproachable Stupa after their deaths. With so many outstanding characters buried here, even if they had died so many years ago, their Buddhist will and Laws still existed here, never to fade away.

At some unknown time, Great Limitless Buddha had already floated away.

Lin Ming was left by himself, quietly feeling the surging will left behind in this pagoda forest.

He took several deep breaths, adjusting his mindset. Then, he bowed before the Irreproachable Stupa several times, his heart filled with sincere gratitude.

A martial artist could disrespect the heavens and defy the earth, but they had no choice but to respect the past heroes.

There was a total of 72 of these Buddhist pagodas!

This was a predetermined number. When the number of eminent monks buried here surpassed this number, then two of them would be buried in one pagoda.

Looking at this arrangement of Buddhist pagodas, it actually had a faint similarity to the 72 Sorcerer Pagodas of the Sky Spill Continent's Southern Wilderness. Of course, this Irreproachable Stupa was countless times more profound and intricate.

This also proved that the Sorcerer of the Southern Wildness originated from a Buddhist background. Moreover, he came from a subordinate sect of Mount Potala, one that shared their roots.

Some pagodas were high and some pagodas were low. The height of the pagodas also indicated the achievements of the monks buried within.

Lin Ming was well aware that this place where all previous eminent monks of Mount Potala were buried was absolutely its most sacred holy grounds. With so many great monks resting here in peace, normally no one would be allowed to disturb them.

If it weren't for the arrival of the great calamity and the unique situation brought about by that, then Great Limitless Buddha would never have allowed him here to enlighten himself upon the Buddhist will of so many past seniors of Mount Potala.

After adjusting his mindset to an ethereal state, Lin Ming walked towards the forest of pagodas with respect and dignity.

One step at a time, Lin Ming's speed was extremely slow.

After nine steps, Lin Ming would stop for a long time, allowing his heart to feel and take in everything around him.

1000 feet.

800 feet.

500 feet.

Lin Ming came closer and closer to the forest of pagodas. As the distance shrank, Lin Ming began to feel that the will coming from the forest of pagodas was increasingly powerful.

He felt a pain between his eyebrows like a needle was being stabbed there. All the blood within his body seemed to rush towards that point.

Grandmist battle spirit!

Lin Ming's thoughts stirred. With a light howl, the grandmist battle spirit rushed out. A dark gold spear appeared in front of Lin Ming. And, the shaft of this spear was also tinted with a light blue color. This was the blue soul boundary;Lin Ming had used an extremely long time, constantly accumulating but still not managing to make a breakthrough.f

At this moment, his battle spirit had long reached gold perfection and had touched upon the threshold of a blue soul battle spirit.

The difference between a gold battle spirit and a blue soul battle spirit was immense. Now, underneath this baptism of Buddhist will, Lin Ming could feel his battle spirit forcefully whistle. The blue hue of the battle spirit became increasingly vibrant!

This Buddhist will could temper a battle spirit!

Lin Ming wasn't surprised at all. In the entire divine Realm, only Mount Potala possessed a graveyard where so many supreme elders were buried. The will here was likely also the strongest within the entire divine Realm!


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