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Martial World - Chapter 1402


Chapter 1402

Chapter 1402 - A 100 Year Agreement




’’Lin Ming!’’

On the human side, the many Empyreans were shocked. But at this time, most of them weren't able to extend a helping hand.

At this critical moment, a white-clothed middle-aged man's figure flashed like a bolt of white lightning in front of Lin Ming, facing this black demon phantom and punching out with his fist!


With a terrifying explosion, the timeless god stones all around him completely disintegrated.

Horrifying shockwaves surged outwards. This was a collision on the level of Empyrean masters. Even though Lin Ming was protected behind this white-clothed person, he felt his blood vitality tumble within him, feeling as if his body would explode at any moment.


Lin Ming thrust out his spear, breaking down several true essence shockwaves. Even so, he was still sent flying backwards until he roughly crashed into a wall. He coughed out a mouthful of blood, his face extremely white.

In that single move just now, he had been severely injured!

Just what sort of character was the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign? Even if his boundary had dropped, and the Good Fortune Saint Son had only used a tiny portion of the power he left in the Demon Bead, the might of that attack was beyond reckoning!

Once this strength locked onto Lin Ming, even though there were people around him to block it, he was still wounded underneath that tremendous swallowing force!

In the end, Lin Ming was far too weak.

At the divine Transformation realm he was equivalent to a half-step Holy Lord. But in this meeting hall, that level of strength was the same as an ant.

Even the relatively weak Good Fortune Saint Son was still dozens and hundreds of times stronger than Lin Ming was!

Moreover, the Good Fortune Saint Son had a True divinity powerhouse protecting him. All sorts of resources and magical tools were freely supplied to him;this was not something that Lin Ming could hope to compare with.

’’I'm too weak!’’

Lin Ming touched his own chest, examining his injuries. His internal meridians and blood vessels were in a complete mess, ruined by a dark energy. Without three to five days of rest, it would be extremely difficult to restore himself.

In this meeting hall, if there was any kind of intense collision, it was possible that Lin Ming would be sucked into the mess and perish in the aftermath. This was why Skyrend Godlord had opposed Lin Ming entering the meeting hall at the start.

This was the sorrow and pity of the weak.

’’I must succeed Empyrean Primordius' final wish and retake the Grandmist Spirit bead. I have to reach the peak of martial arts and inherit the will of Empyrean divine Seal, leading humanity to cross this great calamity. But right now, I am weak to the point of shame. Even the aftermath of any attack here can ruin me, so what else is there for me to talk about?’’

Lin Ming clenched his fists so tightly that his nails dug into his flesh.

He needed to become stronger, and he needed to become stronger much faster. This peace between the saints and humanity would only last for perhaps a thousand years. During this thousand years of time, he if couldn't grow strong enough, just what qualifications would he have to say he would accomplish the dreams and wishes of those that came before him?

’’Lin Ming, are you okay?!’’

Empyrean Vast Universe grimly said as he protected Lin Ming behind him. Empyrean Vast Universe's situation wasn't too good right now. After frontally colliding with the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign's power, although he wasn't injured, he was left in a distressed state.

Empyrean Vast Universe angrily glared at the Good Fortune Saint Son. This was a meeting for negotiations, and yet he had attacked with a killing move without even giving a warning, all in order to eliminate Lin Ming.

’’You blind and reckless little beast, to think you would dare to kill others during negotiations! Our human race will never tolerate someone like you!’’

Empyrean Vast Universe blew up into a violent rage, immediately raising this matter to the level of his entire race. This caused the atmosphere in the meeting hall to become even more tense!

’’Hahaha!’’ The Good Fortune Saint Son recklessly laughed. ’’What did you just call me? What gives you the right to speak to me like that? You are simply nothing at all! In 10 million years of life, you've only managed to become a middle ranked Empyrean, and in the future, this is all you will ever be! In my eyes, you are nothing but garbage! Thousands of years from now, you will truly be nothing but an animal to me. If I want to kill you then, it will be no different from slaughtering a chicken! It won't take me any strength at all!’’

’’What did you say!?’’ Empyrean Vast Universe raged. His entire body swelled with blood energy as he neared the point of launching an attack.

The Good Fortune Saint Son thought little of it. He sneered, ’’Are you too stupid to understand what I just said? If you have the courage then we can engage in a life or death battle 300 years from now! Do you dare?’’

The Good Fortune Saint Son's words were aggressive and arrogant. Empyrean Vast Universe stiffened and all the blood in his body seemed to rush to his face.

He certainly remembered that at the start of these negotiations, Fire God had also come into conflict with the Good Fortune Saint Son. The Good Fortune Saint Son had proposed a death match several hundred years later, and Fire God had almost agreed. However, he had been stopped by Empyrean divine Dream.

If Empyrean divine Dream had done so, that was because she believed that several hundred years from now, Fire God wouldn't be a match for the Good Fortune Saint Son!

And, Empyrean Vast Universe held a high degree of faith in Empyrean divine Dream's judgment.

As for Empyrean Vast Universe's potential, he was even faintly worse than Fire God. Now that he faced the Good Fortune Saint Son's challenge, he was left in a dilemma!

If he agreed, then there was an 80-90% chance he would die in battle.

But if he didn't agree and chose to shrink back, then in this sharp and tense atmosphere where his actions concerned his own personal dignity and as well as the glory of humanity, he would weaken the momentum of the human race and also shame himself.

Humans had a sense of bravery and they also tried to live with dignity. This was especially true for those that had reached the level of an Empyrean!

At this time, Empyrean divine Dream and the others were focused on facing the four Protectors. Empyrean Vast Universe grit his teeth, nearly agreeing to this battle!

But at this moment, Lin Ming raised his Phoenix Blood Spear and stepped forwards until he stood in front of Empyrean Vast Universe.

He wiped the blood from the corners of his lips and said, ’’Senior Vast Universe, if it's going to be a hundred year duel, then allow this junior to participate!’’

Lin Ming's tone was casual, as if this battle was no big deal to him.

’’Mm?’’ Empyrean Vast Universe was stunned. He didn't immediately respond.

Lin Ming looked at the Good Fortune Saint Son and pointed the Phoenix Blood Spear straight at him. On the spearpoint, a cold light sparkled, blinding to the eyes. ’’How about you and I duel instead? I don't even need 300 years... a hundred years is fine. In a hundred years, let us battle to the death. Do you dare to follow me?’’

Lin Ming grinned as he spoke, revealing white teeth stained with blood.

This caused everyone to be shocked.

Lin Ming wanted to fight with the Good Fortune Saint Son in a hundred years?

For a time, even the confrontation between the Empyreans seemed to simmer down.

No one here doubted Lin Ming's talent. But in the eyes of many people here, a divine Sea martial artist fighting a divine Lord master was much easier than a divine Lord master fighting a World King.

In other words, Lin Ming was inferior to the Good Fortune Saint Son. And, the Good Fortune Saint Son also possessed the Grandmist Spirit Bead, a divine tool of the highest magnitude to help support his training. Moreover, there was also the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, a True divinity powerhouse that was pouring all sorts of resources and inheritances upon the Good Fortune Saint Son without limit.

Such a character only surpassed others. There had never been a time when others had surpassed him.

And Lin Ming actually wanted to battle him in a hundred years. To overtake the Good Fortune Saint Son in a mere century, just what sort of bold courage was that!

’’Lin Ming! Don't be rash!’’ Empyrean Vast Universe hurriedly said. He knew that Lin Ming was stepping forwards for him. Lin Ming wasn't someone that liked owing favors to anyone. When Empyrean Vast Universe had blocked that strike for Lin Ming just now, and now Lin Ming was receiving this challenge for Empyrean Vast Universe.

A favor for a favor.

’’You want to duel me in a hundred years? Hahaha!’’ The Good Fortune Saint Son wildly chortled, his eyes flashing with contempt. ’’I admit that you are talented. To come in second place in the humans' First Martial Meeting can be considered decent, but what a pity, compared to me, you still fall far short! If our cultivations were swapped right now and you were at the late divine Lord realm while I was at the early Saint Transformation realm, you might have a chance of winning. But unfortunately, that isn't reality at all. My cultivation is over a large boundary and a half higher than yours! Let alone 100 years, even 1000 years or 10,000 years from now, you will never surpass me! Instead, the difference between you and me will only continue to grow larger!’’

Between Lin Ming and the Good Fortune Saint Son, one was at the early divine Transformation realm, and the other was at the late Saint Lord realm, equal to the human late divine Lord realm. This difference in cultivation was simply too great. For a normal genius, it would be extremely difficult to rise from the early divine Transformation realm to the late divine Lord realm in a hundred years, especially in a situation where Lin Ming had to overtake the Good Fortune Saint Son while he was at it!

A hundred years from now, it was likely that the Good Fortune Saint Son would have reached the Holy Lord realm and would even have traced the threshold of the World King realm. At that time, his strength wouldn't be too far away from that of an Empyrean.

The difficulty of this feat could be imagined!

’’That boy has gone crazy! He actually wants to duel my race's Saint Son in a hundred years, it's as if he wants to die!’’ A saint Empyrean coldly scoffed.

’’Hehe, does he think that the Good Fortune Saint Son is casually chosen from nowhere? The Saint Son is the next appointed Saint Sovereign of my people. From birth, he has gathered the destiny of my saint race unto him. With such a destiny supporting him, how can he not be lucky!’’

’’Yes, my race's Saint Son has entered countless life or death situations, and not only has he not died but he has obtained innumerable treasures. Now, he even has the Grandmist Spirit Bead with him. In terms of fortuitous events, no mere human can compare with him. And in terms of inheritances, he is number one in the world! As for resources, there is no need to mention them. And, as for natural martial talent, he possesses the bloodline of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign as well as the Saint Heavenly Demon Princess. From birth he has been soaked in baths of heavenly materials, and there is even the essence embryo of a God Beast fused into his body;his foundation and his bones are far superior to all others'. In the future he will definitely become a True divinity level character!’’

’’Haha, how could this stupid little boy know all of this? Does he think he is invincible just because he obtained second place in some silly little human divine Realm First Martial Meeting?!’’

As the saint Empyreans spoke, they didn't bother hiding their words with true essence sound transmissions, instead choosing to bluntly speak in front of the human Empyreans. With every word that fell into the ears of the human Empyreans, their complexions became that much uglier.

The Good Fortune Saint Son possessed the bloodline of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign as well as the Saint Heavenly Demon Princess. There was also the great destiny of his entire race supporting him, and fused in his body was the essence embryo of a God Beast. There was no need to mention the various inheritances and resources he enjoyed.

How could such a character come to be? What did it mean to be the next appointed Saint Sovereign of the saint race? Did this mean that in every generation of the saints, there would always be someone that appeared on the level of the Saint Sovereign?

Even those that believed in Lin Ming's potential, such as Empyrean divine Dream and Empyrean Vast Universe, felt that Lin Ming had been too reckless this time.

’’Lin Ming...’’ Empyrean divine Dream took a deep breath. ’’Why did you settle on a duel in a hundred years? I know that you have some great heaven-startling secret that you are hiding, but it is impossible for that to surpass the Grandmist Spirit Bead. In terms of lucky chances, I fear that you are also inferior to the Good Fortune Saint Son. Moreover, this Good Fortune Saint Son has a great destiny swirling about him. If you wish to fight at some appointed date with him, I won't oppose you, because in the future, you and him are destined to battle sooner or later. But, to set the date a hundred years from now is far too soon!’’

Lin Ming thought for a moment. Before he put forth this hundred year date, he didn't know that the Good Fortune Saint Son would be so lucky. Even so, he didn't regret anything at all. ’’I thank Senior divine Dream for the advice, but this junior has already set forth a date of a hundred years. It isn't because I am arrogant, but because I wish to place enough pressure on myself. Any temporary peace between the saints and us humans will last no longer than a thousand years;it might even be much shorter than that. When the true great calamity finally erupts and I still do not possess the strength of a half-step True divinity, what use is there in thinking I can do anything to help humanity resist this tribulation?’’


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