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Martial World - Chapter 1400


Chapter 1400

Chapter 1400 - I Refuse




Even in Mount Potala, the strength of the humans was weaker than those of the saints here. If a battle broke out, there had to be someone that would protect Lin Ming to ensure his safety. But if that happened it would naturally affect their overall combat strength.

Skyrend Godlord waved his hands, implying the meaning that he didn't want to allow Lin Ming here to add chaos to the mix.

But at this time, Empyrean divine Dream said, ’’Grandmaster Limitless, allow Lin Ming to enter...’’

’’Mm?’’ Skyrend Godlord's eyebrows shot up, surprised.

Empyrean divine Dream responded, ’’If there really is some conflict then I will protect him.’’

Empyrean divine Dream's status was higher than that of Skyrend Godlord, Great Limitless Buddha, or Emperor Shakya;she could even be called the leader of all humanity.

If divine Dream spoke, Skyrend Godlord naturally wouldn't refuse her request. He frowned and said with a true essence sound transmission, ’’divine Dream, if you allow that junior Lin Ming to come, just what can he accomplish? Do you think that his words are so beautiful and eloquent that the saint race will draw back from the divine Realm?’’

Skyrend Godlord's words were humorless. In these negotiations, strength was the only bargaining chip one could bring to the table. Everything else was simply empty nothings.

Empyrean divine Dream said, ’’If Lin Ming wishes to enter then he naturally has something important to say. I have a deep understanding of his character.’’

In Empyrean divine Dream's heart, Lin Ming was clear on just what his priorities were. He wouldn't do something that was out of order.

’’Good. Since that's the case, I will bring him in.’’ Great Limitless Buddha waggled his fingers and the space around him shook. A gate of space and time split the void.

Wearing blue robes, Lin Ming stepped out from this space-time gate.

For a time, everyone's eyes focused on Lin Ming. The pressure of a hundred plus Empyreans from the saint race was extremely terrifying, but luckily the pressure of the human Empyreans was there to balance it out, otherwise it would have been difficult for Lin Ming to withstand.

Lin Ming walked into the meeting hall and took a deep breath. He instantly noticed the Good Fortune Saint Son.

The Good Fortune Saint Son was tall and sturdy with a handsome face. He grasped an iron fan in his hands. Between his eyebrows, there was a golden mark that resembled a shining sword.

’’So that's the Good Fortune Saint Son!’’

Lin Ming had a deep impression of this person. 100,000 years ago, Empyrean Primordius had encountered a crisis because of the Demon Bead. In the end, the Demon Bead had been wrested from his grasp. That had been brought about by the actions of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. But afterwards, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had actually passed the Demon Bead to the Good Fortune Saint Son for him to use.

However, this wasn't giving it to him, but merely allowing him to use it. Lin Ming guessed that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign wished to take advantage of this great war between humanity and the saints to have the Demon Bead absorb a titanic amount of flesh and blood essence energy. After all, although Empyrean Primordius had lost the Demon Bead 100,000 years ago, he had still left a complete 100 million years' worth of accumulated essence energy from the Demon Bead to Lin Ming.

So, it seemed that the Demon Bead would be in the hands of the Good Fortune Saint Son for quite some time, and retaking the Demon Bead was also Empyrean Primordius' dying wish. Lin Ming had accepted the kindness of Empyrean Primordius, thus he had to accomplish his final wish. Moreover, he needed the Demon Bead to help complete his body transformation technique.

’’The Good Fortune Saint Son really is an extreme character. Currently, I am far from being able to compare with him.’’

As Lin Ming was thinking this, an old and harsh voice sounded out in his ears, ’’Boy, stand behind me and do not interrupt if you have nothing important to say. Otherwise, if there is a problem here then we really might not be able to protect you!’’

The one speaking was Skyrend Godlord. Although his tone was a bit grating and unpleasant, there was no mistaking the concern in his voice. Lin Ming faintly smiled and thanked him in return.

The Good Fortune Saint Son looked at Lin Ming, surprise shining in his eyes. He had heard Lin Ming's name but had never seen a picture of him before, thus he wasn't able to recognize him. But, just from looking at Lin Ming's cultivation and age, he could tell that he was likely a young genius from an Empyrean Holy Land. This type of character definitely didn't have the qualifications to participate in the negotiations between two races.

’’Who is that boy?’’

’’Your Highness Saint Son, that boy is one of the champions of the divine Realm First Martial Meeting. His name is Lin Ming and his talent is extremely high. He fought Frost Dream to a draw and placed second in the divine Realm First Martial Meeting.’’

’’Oh? So he's Lin Ming!’’ After the Good Fortune Saint Son learned of Lin Ming's identity, he began to look him up and down. Although he had a deep understanding of humanity, he only knew their information and not their appearance. Moreover, the Good Fortune Saint Son mostly paid attention to the human Empyreans;they were the goal which the Good Fortune Saint Son had to defeat and cut down.

Lin Ming was simply far too young.

The Good Fortune Saint Son possessed an extreme level of talent and he also had a great destiny upon his body since his birth. He originated from a True divinity level influence, and now, with his late Saint Lord level cultivation, he was actually able to contend with a Great World King. It wouldn't be long before he stepped into the Holy Lord realm. At that time, not even a Great World King would be his match.

In this situation, someone who only had an early divine Transformation cultivation didn't have the qualifications to make the Good Fortune Saint Son feel any fear at all. This was because he had the confidence that his rate of growth far surpassed that of anyone else here. Only he could surpass all others;there was no one that could surpass him.

’’A dual body and energy cultivator who has opened the complete Eight Inner Hidden Gates. His cultivation is at the early divine Transformation realm and his foundation is stable. He can also be considered a talented character, but what a pity, he is far too young. When he becomes a divine Lord, I will already be able to fight with Empyreans. When he becomes a Holy Lord, I will be able to dominate all Empyreans. And when he is a World King, I will likely have broken through to the realm of True divinity and will be leading the armies of my saint race to flatten the divine Realm! At that time, no matter how talented he is, he will still die beneath my boot.’’

As the Good Fortune Saint Son thought this, he didn't bother with Lin Ming anymore. He looked at Empyrean divine Dream and said, ’’So, will you agree or disagree to the proposition of my saint race?’’

Empyrean divine Dream's delicate eyebrows scrunched together. At this time, Lin Ming's true essence sound transmission echoed in her ears. ’’Senior divine Dream, may I ask what conditions the saint race have put forth so far?’’

Empyrean divine Dream reiterated the contents of the treaty. She also mentioned the arrival of the four Protectors as well as her approximation of the saint race's strength.

Lin Ming sneered as he listened to all this. The saint race's plans were indeed well thought out. With words alone, they wanted to turn the divine Realm into their colony and freely plunder all the resources here. What wishful thinking!

Lin Ming responded with a true essence sound transmission, ’’Senior divine Dream, the saint race is only bluffing. This junior knows that even if we were to refuse all their conditions, the saint race still would not dare to start an all-our war with us. This is because their current situation is extremely poor. The soul race might break out into war with the saint race at any time, and with the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign still injured, waging war with humanity at the same time isn't something they can afford.’’

Lin Ming began repeating all the information he knew from beginning to end without concealing anything at all. At this time, Empyrean divine Dream's decision involved the future of humanity and was of the utmost important. Lin Ming could only reveal everything he knew to Empyrean divine Dream. Only like this would his words be believable.

Empyrean divine Dream's thoughts stirred. She looked at Lin Ming with surprise. Humanity knew nothing about the saints, so how could Lin Ming know such a great secret?

’’Are you sure?’’

’’I am!’’ Lin Ming confidently replied.

’’How do you know?’’ divine Dream wasn't someone who liked prying into the secrets of others. But, this was simply far too important a matter. She had no other choice but to query Lin Ming about his sources to determine if they were credible or not.

Lin Ming hesitated for a moment. Then, he said, ’’This junior learnt this from Primordius Heavenly Palace.’’

He still hid the information about the Magic Cube. As for whether Empyrean divine Dream would believe him, that wasn't something he could control.

’’Primordius Heavenly Palace?’’ Empyrean divine Dream pondered for a moment. Lin Ming's words had a hole in them. If he truly did learn such important information from Primordius Heavenly Palace, then his first action would have been to report this as soon as possible to all relevant authorities. After all, this was something directly related to the war between the saints and humanity. If they knew this information earlier, then humanity wouldn't have needed to fear the saint race too much. They could have sent out more martial artists and stronger martial artists to the Bright Luster Great World so their war missions wouldn't have failed so miserably.

Lin Ming wouldn't ignore such holes in his information. If so, and if this information was true, then he would likely have just learnt it, and thus the reason for why he also hurriedly requested to enter the meeting hall where the negotiations were taking place. Otherwise, even in the worst case situation, Lin Ming would have released this information before the negotiations began.

As divine Dream recalled Lin Ming asking for the corpse of that saint race World King a while ago, she began to form some associations in her mind.

After all, she was someone that had lived for 10 million years. With just a few clues, she was able to discern most of the story behind this matter.

Without a doubt, Lin Ming had some great secret on his body. And, he had used this secret to probe the memories of the saint World King. Moreover, this secret was something he didn't wish for others to know of.

All geniuses inevitably had their own secrets. Moreover, this secret that Lin Ming was hiding was likely no trifling matter!

divine Dream didn't press further. In her opinion, Lin Ming had no reason to lie to her. His benefits were inextricably tied to the fate of humanity.

She also didn't think of investigating Lin Ming's secret or even about taking it for herself. After all, she was well aware that this so-called 'peace' between the saints and humanity would last only for a thousand years, or another 10,000 years at most. After that, there would be a cataclysmic war!

Just her alone was not enough to resist this calamity. There had to be more and more powerhouses that emerged, and Lin Ming was one of the most crucial people for the future. divine Dream couldn't protect characters like him fast enough, so why would she kill the chicken just to take the eggs? To Empyrean divine Dream, the survival of humanity was the most important matter in her heart. It was something that was even greater than her goal of stepping into True divinity!

Without the roots, how could the leaves survive? In divine Dream's heart, being an Empyrean of a prosperous and magnificent race was far superior to being a precarious True divinity who had no place to rest and was being chased down throughout the heavens by a hostile race.

’’divine Dream, have you made your decision?’’ The Good Fortune Saint Son said, somewhat impatiently. He played with his iron fan with one hand, looking back and forth between Lin Ming and Empyrean divine Dream. He could feel that Lin Ming and Empyrean divine Dream were speaking with a true essence sound transmission just now, but he didn't care too much. In his eyes, Lin Ming was an unimportant nobody. In these negotiations that involved the fates of two races, just what would he be able to say? No matter how flowery his words were, in the face of absolute strength, anything he tried was meaningless.

Thus, although the Good Fortune Saint Son was impatient, he still had a confident smile hanging across his face. He wanted to see that insufferably proud and arrogant divine Dream submit to him.

The sense of achievement from making an unrivalled woman submit to him was something that he enjoyed very much.

Perhaps Empyrean divine Dream would continue to struggle and bargain a little, but that didn't matter. He could put forth a gallant act of generosity and make some concessions. As for these concessions, he had already included them in the conditions before. For example, he could leave several hundred great worlds to the humans, as long as they could plunder the majority of them.

divine Dream turned to look at the Good Fortune Saint Son.

Then, she smiled. Her smile was both beautiful and dazzling, as bright as the morning sun.

The Good Fortune Saint Son was stunned. Just why was Empyrean divine Dream smiling at him. Was she smiling at him to flatter and persuade him? He wasn't sure just what was happening, but at this time, Empyrean divine Dream parted her cherry red lips and clearly spoke out three syllables.

’’I. Re. Fuse!’’

The Good Fortune Saint Son's face immediately froze.


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