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Martial World - Chapter 1398


Chapter 1398

Chapter 1398 - The Goal of the Saint Race




As the woman heard the Good Fortune Saint Son's arrogant words, not only was she not angry, but she instead giggled, ’’Hehehe, Your Highness Holy Son is quite greedy, but if you truly wish to lay waste to the divine Realm, with your current strength, that isn't difficult at all. Just the four great Protectors that the Saint Sovereign sent down are all half-step True divinities. Moreover, in our saint race's Saint Convocation Heaven, there are many other hidden powerhouses whose strength has reached unfathomable boundaries. If you can invite them to emerge from their hidden realms then exterminating humanity won't be hard at all. ’’

The Good Fortune Saint Son shook his head, ’’A centipede is still hard to kill even when severed. Although humanity's golden days have passed, they still aren't easy to deal with. Just that single Empyrean divine Dream has already come infinitely close to reaching True divinity, and even amongst half-step True divinity powerhouses, there are still divisions of weak and strong. Empyrean divine Dream is an existence that stands exactly at the pinnacle of that level. Even I don't know just what degree that woman's strength has reached. Also, there are still Mount Potala's two Empyreans who have a similarly unfathomable strength. Great Limitless Buddha has already been long famous for a hundred million years and is the oldest, most qualified divine monk of Mount Potala. There is also that War Buddha, Emperor Shakya. Although he is only a rising talent, his strength is actually more terrifying than his elder's. I know that his reputation as a War Buddha isn't clear to all, but it is indeed dreadful. His self-created transcendent divine might is called the 'Three Thousands Great Worlds', where he was able to divide his primordial soul a thousand times, three times. In other words, he divided himself into a billion incarnations that reincarnated in a billion different worlds, all of them enlightening themselves through a billion lives and allowing him to experience a billion samsaras. Then, his avatars ascended to the divine Realm, slowly fusing back together into his true self. He, too, is someone that is extremely close to the realm of True divinity, and his strength has reached incomprehensible degrees.

’’Although we could exterminate humanity, we would have to pay a great price to do so, and right now, this price is not something we can afford. Alright, it's time to go down!’’

The Good Fortune Saint Son flew down. The 100 plus Empyreans that were behind him were only there to increase his momentum and influence here. As for the one negotiating, that was only the Good Fortune Saint Son by himself.


There was a dark grand hall that was over a thousand feet tall and wide. In this grand hall was a stone table crafted from timeless god stones, in a square shape of over 200 feet wide and long. The ones standing on both sides were staring at each other in sharp contention.

The Good Fortune Saint Son sat at one end of the stone table, an iron fan in his hands. A confident and lazy smile graced his face.

Behind him stood the vigorous woman in the tight and revealing flexible armor as well as the many other Empyreans of the saint race.

And on the other side of this table were the Empyreans of humanity. divine Dream and three others stood in the seats of honor.

Of these three other people, two of them wore cassocks and held monk staves in their hands. Their bald foreheads showed 12 rings. The last person was a red-robed old man. He silently sat at the negotiating table, his eyes closed in silence, giving off an aloof and distant feeling.

The first two were naturally the two Empyreans of Mount Potala. As for the last person, that was one of the great hidden Empyreans - Skyrend Godlord.

The name of Skyrend Godlord had been renowned for 80 million years already. In the past, he had established the Skyrend God Sect in the divine Realm. For a period of time, besides Mount Potala, there was no other influence that was able to compare with him.

But afterwards, because of some unknown matter, Skyrend Godlord went deep into seclusion and no one was able to find any traces of him.

As for the Skyrend God Sect, they exhausted their destiny with the departure of Skyrend Godlord. Although they still managed to maintain themselves with the hidden protection of Skyrend Godlord, they gradually declined.

Now that the great calamity of humanity had arrived, he had also emerged from his seclusion.

’’Now, let us begin!’’

The Good Fortune Saint Son spoke with a commanding pose, his voice filled with a brash arrogance as if he had already placed himself on par with the human Empyreans present.

’’Hehe, does the saint race have no one else? They sent out a smelly hairless little baby boy like you to manage negotiations that concern the future of two races?’’

A cold voice echoed out. The one who spoke was Fire God, a human Empyrean. He spoke in a mocking tone, unable to bear the rampant manner of the Good Fortune Saint Son.

’’Hahaha!’’ The Good Fortune Saint Son chuckled. ’’Since when was it your turn to speak? A lower-middle Empyrean like yourself will be stranded at the level you are forever, so what qualifications do you have to question me? In several hundred years when I become a World King, my strength will surpass yours. And after a thousand years, when I become an Empyrean, killing you will be no different from crushing an ant beneath my feet!’’

The Good Fortune Saint Son's words caused the human Empyreans to frown. This Good Fortune Saint Son was truly too arrogant.

Ordinarily, one needed a million years of cultivating to reach the Empyrean realm. But, this sort of person mostly relied on piling up their resources and accumulating their cultivation over the years;their strength likely wasn't too outstanding.

There was another type of person who naturally possessed an extreme degree of talent and was able to cultivate to the Empyrean realm in a single breath with unstoppable momentum. For instance, War Buddha Emperor Shakya and Skyrend Godlord were two such characters. They had only used tens of thousands of years to become an Empyrean. For this type of character, there was a chance for them to become a True divinity in the future.

But, even Emperor Shakya fell far short of this Good Fortune Saint Son. Listening to his meaning, he was saying that he could reach the Empyrean realm in just a thousand some years!

Moreover, once he became an Empyrean, he would be able to kill all other Empyreans on his level as if he were dicing vegetables.

’’A thousand years from now you will crush me like an ant? In I, Huo Yuetian's life, I have never heard such a ridiculous joke!’’ Fire God laughed. His character was fierce and wild, and he couldn't endure others throwing sand in his face.

The Good Fortune Saint Son sneered once more, ’’Then you and I can form an oath now. 500 years from now we will have a life or death battle. If you are too scared to come, then all your meridians will break down and your cultivation will be completely wasted. And if you go against your oath, then you will suffer a backlash from your heart demons that will cause your soul to perish!’’

’’Why wouldn't I make an oath? Since when have I ever feared anything in my life?’’ Fire God stood up, standing in sharp opposition to the Good Fortune Saint Son. But at this time, Empyrean divine Dream flung apart her sleeves and an invisible strength pressed down on him, forcing him back down.

Fire God's eyes widened. He looked at Empyrean divine Dream, ’’Why are you stopping me?’’

’’That is enough. We are here to negotiate, not to make some gambling fight.’’

divine Dream's voice was faint, but her words contained an irresistible feeling. This was the majesty and dignity of divine Dream. With her powerful strength and her deep aura, even the wild Fire God wasn't able to disobey her.

Fire God grit his teeth and firmly sat back down.

’’If divine Dream is stopping me then that is because in her eyes, am I really not a match for that Good Fortune Saint Son 500 years from now?’’ Fire God's heart chilled. He didn't think that his judgment was superior to divine Dream's. If that was true, then this Good Fortune Saint Son was truly too terrifying. Perhaps within 5000 years, the Good Fortune Saint Son would grow to a point where he could lead the armies of the saints to trample over the entire divine Realm. There wouldn't even be a need for the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign to do anything!

Fire God looked at the Good Fortune Saint Son. All he saw was a smug expression on his face. Then, the Saint Son's eyes turned to Empyrean divine Dream and didn't look at him again.

’’I've heard that humanity's Empyrean divine Dream is the most mysterious woman of the human race as well as the most beautiful woman. I have always held a deep sense of admiration towards Empyrean divine Dream, and now that I see you today, you are truly a woman whose beauty is without rival. Even the countless women back in my harem cannot compare with you. In my life, if I can take a woman as wonderful as Empyrean divine Dream as my wife then I will truly be able to live a life without regrets, hahaha!’’

As the Good Fortune Saint Son spoke, his eyes were glued onto Empyrean divine Dream. His words were filled with an overly se*ual teasing meaning, clearly aimed at her.

Empyrean divine Dream seemed to not hear such disrespectful actions;her expression remained as calm as before. But at this time, in the Good Fortune Saint Son's eyes, Empyrean divine Dream's figure suddenly blurred. A cone-shaped soul attack thrust straight towards the Good Fortune Saint Son's spiritual sea!

The Good Fortune Saint Son's figure trembled and a barrier of light appeared in front of him, blocking this sword of divine sense. His body shook and the chair of timeless god stone beneath him exploded into stone powder.


On the saint race's side, many Empyreans immediately stood up. Empyrean divine Dream's illusion attack just now had caused the Good Fortune Saint Son to suffer serious losses. Luckily, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had placed a divine protective talisman on his body that had blocked this divine sense attack. Even so, the stone chair beneath him had been completely destroyed.

’’I'm fine!’’ The Good Fortune Saint Son stood up and the many saint Empyreans sat back down. It was like everything that happened in the blink of an eye just now had nothing to do with him at all.

He looked at divine Dream and lasciviously smiled, ’’Empyrean divine Dream's strength is truly astonishing. Since you don't wish for me to sit, then I shall stand.’’

Empyrean divine Dream had a placid expression. She didn't expect that her strike would have been able to kill the Good Fortune Saint Son;she only wanted him to suffer a loss and ruin his momentum and prestige. On the negotiating table, taking the initiative was extremely important. Even so, she didn't think that the protective charm placed on his body would be so powerful. It had forcibly shattered her sword of divine sense and the Good Fortune Saint Son had ended up without a single injury. This caused Empyrean divine Dream to dread the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign even more.

’’Cut the nonsense and let's go straight into what we're here for!’’ At this time, beside Empyrean divine Dream, the red-robed Skyrend Godlord suddenly spoke out loud. His voice was thick and growling but filled with a piercing power, causing one's eardrums to tingle with numbness.

The Good Fortune Saint Son turned towards Skyrend Godlord. He slowly said, ’’You are Skyrend Godlord? Not bad. Good, since these are negotiations, I won't delay any further. Let us delve straight into the matter!’’

When the Good Fortune Saint Son referred to Skyrend Godlord by his name, this caused all the other human Empyreans to feel a chill crawl down their backs. Skyrend Godlord had disappeared into seclusion for the last several tens of millions of years, but even so, the saint race had information on him. Although the Good Fortune Saint Son didn't recognize the appearance of Skyrend Godlord, he was able to correctly deduce who he was from the fact he was able to sit at the seat of honor amongst all the human powerhouses as well as his aura and the Laws he cultivated.

The saint race's understanding towards human Empyreans was far deeper than they had thought!

Know yourself, know your enemy, and be invincible. Not only were the saints stronger than humanity but the information they possessed was also far greater than humanity's!

With this, how could the human Empyreans not worry?

’’Let me get straight to the point. I will state this clearly for all of you. In that great war 3.6 billion years ago, countless lives perished and death and destruction was spread throughout the universe. Although my saint race is powerful, we do not wish for the annihilation of countless lives during every samsara of the great calamity. Thus, this time, my saint race wishes to establish a new order. We want to use this new order to stop the great calamities from occurring ever again. My saint race wishes to work together with humanity and establish a paradise in the divine Shifting Heavens where saints and humans can coexist in peace and harmony. We will be able to share martial arts inheritances and resources with each other, helping our races reach new heights and develop the divine Realm together. What do you think?’’

The Good Fortune Saint Son looked at Skyrend Godlord, an amused smile on his face.


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