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Martial World - Chapter 1397


Chapter 1397

Chapter 1397- Arrival of the Saint Race




’’The current state of the saints is more complex than we thought?’’ Mo Eversnow looked towards Lin Ming, ’’What is their situation like?’’

Lin Ming said, ’’The saint race isn't a single monolithic entity. While they do have more than one True divinity, these True divinities are not as united as we first assumed. Humanity only has the single divine Realm universe, but the saint race has many universes under their control, and their True divinities are spread throughout them. And, between these universes, there is also the God Lamenting Wall that divides them. Moreover, it seems that because of the situation of the Grandmist Spirit Bead, the True divinities are unable to come to an agreement. Now, they are only barely managing to cobble together an alliance because of the external threat of the soul race. Prior to this, it was the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign who wished to invade the divine Realm alone and take sole possession of it, to steal away the most resources and become the absolute Saint Sovereign of the saints!

’’The other Saint Sovereigns definitely aren't willing to see this happen, and now that the spiritas have diverted their attention, when that is coupled with all the disputes of interests amongst them, this has caused the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign's long-laid plans to come to a complete halt.’’

Lin Ming had only probed the memories of a saint World King. Although there were many secrets that he didn't know, Lin Ming gained an approximate situation of the saint race.

’’So that's the reason. No wonder the saints have only sent out half-step Empyreans to oversee the war. That is because once they send out their own Empyreans, our Empyreans will also fight. At that time, it will be a great battle of Empyreans. If Empyreans die, that will be a considerable loss to the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. Not just that, but the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign has yet to fully recover his strength from the war 100,000 years ago, thus why the current situation is so complex.’’ Mo Eversnow had already completely discerned the situation of the saints.

The saint race that invaded the divine Realm was not the entirety of the saint race, but only the neighboring saint race universe that belonged to the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign.

Even without the threat of the spiritas, if the other saint race universes wished to invade the divine Realm, their armies would have to pass through the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign's universe. The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign likely wouldn't be happy to let this happen. To him, the divine Realm was a piece of delicious fat meat that was already near his mouth, but he simply didn't have the chance to eat it right now.

Lin Ming nodded. ’’Senior-apprentice Sister should be right. We have at least a few more tens of thousands of years before the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign has fully restored himself. In truth, until then, we should be safe. As for this war, it should be restricted to the level of Holy Lords and World Kings;it won't expand beyond that. The saint race is even more afraid of this situation than we are, so what's the point of us fearing them!?’’

’’Yes! We don't need to fear them at all!’’

Mo Eversnow let out a light sigh of relief. This was the best news that she had heard yet. A few tens of thousands of years was more than enough time for Lin Ming to grow!

At that time, in a true slaughter war, Lin Ming would have the ability to hold his ground!

After understanding all of this, Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow were in a much better mood. But with a sudden thought, Lin Ming frowned, ’’The matter is now clear, but how do we pass this on? The things that we know are too detailed;it would be bad to repeat it in full.’’

’’Indeed.’’ Mo Eversnow nodded. ’’But there is no need to be too detailed. I know that Empyrean divine Dream will be able to discern most of the situation herself and she will also believe your words.’’

’’That's the only way we can do this.’’ As Lin Ming was speaking, the entire Mount Potala began to shake. The palace around him rocked as if an earthquake was passing through.

Lin Ming was shocked;this sort of earthquake was no minor matter. Just what sort of place was Mount Potala? This was a sect with two Empyreans, the longest lived sect of humanity, with a history of 3.6 billion years, so how could it be shaken by an earthquake? Let alone an earthquake, even if an Empyrean attacked this land with all their strength it would still be impossible for them to shake Mount Potala, because Mount Potala's protective array formations were the strongest out of all the sects in the divine Realm. Even divine Dream Heavenly Palace's protections might not be able to compare with theirs. This was the difference in historical legacy, one that stretched back for billions of years. The array formations here had been constantly improved and reinforced over time, and now the degree of firmness of the runes that held them together could be imagined!

Could it be... that the saints had arrived?

As this thought flashed through Lin Ming's mind, at this time, many disciples of Mount Potala were terrified of what was happening. There were even many Empyreans that were feeling nervous.

The saint race had truly arrived. As Lin Ming had secluded himself to read the complete memories of the saint race World King, that was similar to experiencing the entire life of the saint World King. It was something that took more than just a few days, and now, the deadline for negotiations between humanity and the saints had finally arrived. The saint race powerhouses had now gathered here!

On the distant horizon, 160-170 black-robed figures had gathered. Of these figures, some were men, some were women, some were old and young, some were tall and short, some were as thick and sturdy as mountains, and some were as thin and slender as willow trees.

This hundred some people didn't seem like too much, but they actually covered the skies and the sun, leaving a darkness that enveloped the earth. The incomparably terrifying aura they sent out nearly caused space to collapse!

’’How horrifying!’’

’’There must be half-step True divinities in their ranks!’’

’’The saint race is too terrifying. This is only the tip of their forces;their True divinity powerhouses have yet to arrive!’’

Nobody doubted the high number of saint race Empyreans. Even Lin Ming didn't doubt that the saint race was far stronger than humanity!

3.6 billion years ago, during the era of Empyrean divine Seal, humanity had been far more formidable than they were now. But, that fight had exhausted all of humanity, and in order to defend the final universe of the human race, Empyrean divine Seal had perished!

’’That is the saint race!’’

At Genesis Mountain, within the four great Heavenly Palaces, Fire God stood high, wearing a long red robe as he looked up at the skies. His eyebrows were tightly wrinkled together. He knew that the reason Mount Potala shook was not because the saints had attacked, but because the 160-170 saint Empyreans, including the half-step True divinities, had gathered their aura to cause such an impact to Mount Potala!

Such a dreadful aura caused one's courage to waver. Fire God couldn't help but acknowledge that if he were to battle with any of these saint Empyreans, he likely wouldn't be able to defeat over 40% of them!

In this sort of situation, even though Fire God was an extremely aggressive and war-oriented character with a vigorous and staunch personality, he was still left short of breath.

On the negotiating table, what would be compared was not fancy words or tricky terms, but simply... strength!

Without strength, no matter how loquacious your words were, everything would be useless!

’’The True divinities have yet to appear and yet their Empyreans are so strong!’’

’’That was clearly a demonstration of their power, but that demonstration was extremely effective. Let alone the ordinary disciples that aren't even at the divine Lord realm, even some Empyreans are feeling weak at heart.’’

Empyrean Vast Universe shook his head. If even he lacked the confidence to face the saints, then the feelings of the others could be imagined.

’’It's because they don't have any scruples at all that they came directly to Mount Potala to start negotiations. This is the supreme stronghold of humanity, based in the heart of humanity, and yet they aren't afraid that we will ambush them and cut them down here. This is because they have confidence in their absolute strength!’’

’’That's right, they simply don't fear fighting us here at all. Even if there is a disadvantage to fighting us here, they can still make up for that with pure numbers. Moreover, if we are to truly fight, then their True divinity powerhouses will catch up. Once they come, we will lose without a doubt...’’

Although humanity hadn't completely given up all hopes for this negotiation, there was still a heavy stone atop their hearts that pressed down on them, making them find it hard to stand tall.

At this time, from amongst the many saint Empyreans, a tall youth in white robes walked forwards, a smile on his face. He held a pitch black bead that slowly revolved above his hand. This youth was the Good Fortune Saint Son.

Even in front of many Empyreans, his momentum wasn't lacking at all, making others feel like he was a strategist with absolute plans of victory. This meant that his status was no lower than that of an Empyrean!

’’The saint race's Holy Son is already seen on equal footing with an Empyrean?’’

’’It's not strange. The Good Fortune Saint Son already had the ability to protect himself in front of a Great World King and is no worse than one. And above a Great World King is the realm of an Empyrean. Not just that, but when that is combined with the Good Fortune Saint Son's talent, he should be treated on par with an Empyrean.

’’That is too exaggerated! Our geniuses are still only at the divine Transformation realm and their strength is equivalent to a late divine Lord or half-step Holy Lord. That is far short of an Empyrean...’’

’’Our high level figures cannot compare with theirs and not even our young geniuses can compare with theirs. Just what is there to discuss?’’

The many disciples gathered at Mount Potala all began discussing amongst themselves. Although they hoped that humanity would be able to give a strong showing and reveal a superior momentum, the truth was placed right in front of them.

The Good Fortune Saint Son held the Grandmist Spirit Bead in his hand, floating in the skies like a god. As he looked at the faces of those below him and saw panic, anxiety, nervousness, and many other emotions, he jeeringly smiled.

’’Cowardly humans, your only worth is as my slaves. Tremble before me!’’

The Good Fortune Saint Son sneered and looked towards Mount Potala's four great Heavenly Palaces;that was the area of divine Dream's residence. divine Dream hadn't appeared yet, but the Good Fortune Saint Son could still feel her aura, as deep as the sea and as steady as the earth.

’’What a valiant and magnificent woman!’’ By all rights, when the saints had arrived, the human powerhouses should have come out to take a look, and in truth, many Empyreans had done so.

But Empyrean divine Dream hadn't actually appeared. She still sat quietly in her palace. This was the dignity and confidence of a leader!

This steadfastness was worthy of praise.

The Good Fortune Saint Son smiled. ’’Even now her aura remains stable;this isn't something that can be faked. The Saint Sovereign was right. This divine Dream is quite a character, but only this type of woman has the best flavor.’’

The Good Fortune Saint Son traced his chin, a dark and devilish smile crossing his face. If these words fell into the ears of humanity then that would be the ultimate disrespect. He actually had thoughts of taking advantage of Empyrean divine Dream!

Beside the Good Fortune Saint Son, a vigorous woman with a slim figure slowly stepped forwards, intimately pulling on his arms. She happily said, ’’Your Highness Holy Son, what are you thinking? Are you planning on including Empyrean divine Dream in your harem?’’

The woman who spoke didn't have fair and pale skin, but healthy brown skin the color of wheat. When coupled with her curvy figure and the dagger tied to her thigh, her entire appearance was like a se*y female leopard, filled with an explosive strength. Her cultivation was only at the divine Transformation realm. For her to stand here at the divine Transformation realm, that was definitely because of the Good Fortune Saint Son.

’’divine Dream... hehe, because of the conflict between our races, wanting to conquer her completely is impossible. But... I'll be satisfied with conquering just her body. It shouldn't be too long before the Saint Sovereign fully recovers, and once I become an Empyrean I will lead the saint race to lay waste to the entire divine Realm! I will place a slave seal in divine Dream's body and have her serve me for the rest of her life, hahahaha!’’


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