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Martial World - Chapter 1396


Chapter 1396

Chapter 1396- Reading the Memories




Mount Potala had three large clusters of monasteries. The first two groups were managed by the two resident Empyrean powerhouses of Mount Potala. One was the monasteries of calming prayers and the other was the monasteries of combat.

As for the last cluster of monasteries, that was called Genesis Mountain. It was the residency area of Mount Potala's layman disciples as well as visitors. There were 360,000 residences that were divided into 720 central monasteries.

Such a massive group of monasteries could actually be contained within a single spatial ring. This was why the idea of Spatial Genesis first originated from Mount Potala.

Empyrean divine Dream currently resided deep within Genesis Mountain, living at one of the four great Heavenly King Palaces.

All of the young Buddhist priests and monks had left this massive palace. Now the entire palace had been replaced with disciples of divine Dream Heavenly Palace, all of them women.

Empyrean divine Dream had just finished bathing and changing her clothes. As her rosy red feet walked through the main hall, every step she took caused ripples to spread out from her. In truth, if one looked carefully, they could see that her feet weren't even touching the ground. Even the so-called vision of a fairy riding the waves couldn't compare with her at all.

’’Honorable Master, Lin Ming desires an audience with you!’’

A white-clothed female disciple said as she bowed.

’’Lin Ming?’’ Empyrean divine Dream's thoughts stirred. ’’Let him enter.’’

Whether it was divine Dream Heavenly Palace or Genesis Mountain, Empyrean divine Dream's inner palace was a land that only women could pass through. However, Lin Ming was the only exception.

After obtaining the reply, Lin Ming stepped into the Heavenly King Palace, as he stepped into the corridors he could feel a rich and pure aura of combat rush up towards him.

He looked all around himself. Whether it was the walls or the ground, everything was paved in neatly-ordered red stone bricks. These bricks were engraved with faint marks;these were the Buddhist runes.

Buddhist runes were a type of the Great Dao seals. They formed a self-contained system and were extremely mysterious.

And these stone bricks were not formed from ordinary methods. Rather, they were timeless god stones that were fired and tempered in demonic blood.

Buddhists were compassionate, but that didn't mean they wouldn't take lives. In fact, the path of Buddhism also had specialized war Buddhas. In their faith, they had Asura Gods that determined the life and death of others. If someone of the demonic path could not be converted, then those of the Buddhist path would directly eliminate them.

All of the stone bricks beneath Lin Ming's feet and around him were soaked in demonic blood.

The stone bricks fired in this demonic blood could gather and exude murderous and violent auras. If someone with a shaky mentality were to step here, illusions would crowd their mind as they walked and they would eventually fall into illusion. But, if someone with a firm heart and mind were to walk through these halls, they could actually temper their thoughts. If they were a disciple of Buddhism, they could even use this to train their Buddhist nature.

Calm! Forbearance! Zen!

These were all aspects of a Buddhist disciple's Buddhist nature.

’’What a magnificent Mount Potala. Even walking through these corridors can be used for training. If a lonely ghost were to wander here, their soul would be flushed and scattered by the vivid blood energy here. This sort of inside heritage is truly terrifying!’’

Lin Ming already knew that Mount Potala had a history of 3.6 billion years, and had even experienced the last great calamity. However, only by entering the true depths of Mount Potala today did he deeply understand just how unfathomable their background was.

If these floor tiles were placed in a World King Holy Land, although they wouldn't be priceless treasures, the cost to create them would still be mind-boggling. Even so, Mount Potala only used them to pave the floor and walls. This was because they had accumulated all of these paved stones over the course of 3.6 billion years.

As Lin Ming arrived at Empyrean divine Dream's inner palace, he respectfully bowed. ’’Disciple Lin Ming greets Senior divine Dream.’’

’’What is it?’’ divine Dream looked towards Lin Ming.

Lin Ming humbly said, ’’This disciple wishes to borrow the corpse of the saint race World King.’’

Lin Ming directly explained his purpose for coming. He had a relatively high degree of trust towards Empyrean divine Dream. He even thought that if the true final battle were to erupt and humanity was about to engage in its final great war, he would give the Magic Cube to Empyrean divine Dream.

Although the Magic Cube was a precious treasure to him, the survival of the human race was far more important. Eggs could not hatch without a nest. If humanity were destroyed then all that would be left was the divine Transformation realm Lin Ming. He would lose the foothold of his foundation, his family and wives and everyone he knew would be completely exterminated.

’’Oh?’’ divine Dream looked towards Lin Ming with a somewhat incredulous expression. Then, after a brief period of silence, without saying a word she waved her hand and sent the World King's corpse flying towards Lin Ming. ’’Take it!’’

Empyrean divine Dream's decisiveness surprised Lin Ming. He didn't get to use the excuse he had prepared earlier.

’’Thank you Senior.’’

Empyrean divine Dream pointed a finger towards a side temple. ’’Whatever it is you wish to do, you may close up there to do it.’’

With that, Empyrean divine Dream casually turned and left, leaving this area of the palace to Lin Ming.

As he entered, he found that there was a wondrous array formation within, seeming as if it formed a separate small world. There wouldn't be any worry that he would be spied on by someone.

’’Senior divine Dream has the style of a true leader.’’ Mo Eversnow said from within the Magic Cube space, ’’The average person would have asked you why you wanted that corpse and what you were planning to do with it. After all, it's unreasonable to ask for a corpse if you can't discover anything from it.

’’But, divine Dream didn't ask you any questions at all because she trusted you and knew that if you wanted that corpse, there was definitely a reason for it. With your cultivation, you shouldn't be able to accomplish anything with that corpse, so if you had the confidence to probe it, that must mean that you have something that far surpasses your own boundary. In other words, one of your greatest secrets. Thus, Empyrean divine Dream simply didn't ask you and directly gave you the corpse, even giving you such a place to close up in!’’

’’It seems so.’’ Lin Ming nodded. If someone wanted to take his secret as their own, that person could only be called a fierce and ambitious character. But, someone like Empyrean divine Dream had a mind and viewpoint as wide as the universe. Only such a person could lead humanity through these times and unite all influences together. To have such a leader was truly the good luck of humanity.

Lin Ming felt a deep sense of admiration towards Empyrean divine Dream. Whether it was the act of sundering her own soul to reincarnate an avatar in order to break through to True divinity, or whether it was leading humanity to overcome this great calamity, everything she did required tremendous courage and daring!

Lin Ming used his divine sense to hold the corpse of the saint World King in the air. Mo Eversnow also appeared from the Magic Cube space. She floated in front of Lin Ming, her long hair waving about as a divine light flashed between her eyebrows.

Activating the Magic Cube and reading the memories of a World King required them to undo the seals on this powerhouse's memories. This wasn't an easy task at all and required the joint help of Mo Eversnow.

Lin Ming's connection with the Magic Cube was becoming increasingly close, but he was still far from being able to stimulate the Magic Cube by himself.

The appearance of the Good Fortune Saint Son had caused a sense of impending doom and crisis to swell up within Lin Ming.

The Good Fortune Saint Son only had a Saint Lord boundary and yet he could already activate the Grandmist Spirit Bead.

And for the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign to allow the Good Fortune Saint Son to use the Grandmist Spirit Bead, this proved that the saints held a deep sense of trust towards him.

Even though they were both considered juniors of their races, the Good Fortune Saint Son was far ahead of Lin Ming.

How could Lin Ming admit defeat just like this? If he wanted to overcome this great calamity, then what he first needed to do was... obtain complete control of the Magic Cube!

With a deep breath, the grandmist battle spirit shot out from between Lin Ming's eyebrows.

The dark gold grandmist battle spirit had already taken on a faintly blue hue;this meant that he was approaching the level of a blue soul battle spirit.

With the support of the grandmist battle spirit, the Magic Cube within Lin Ming's body began to tremble.

Mo Eversnow's expression was also dignified. She formed seals over and over with her hands and flew into Lin Ming's inner world, helping stabilize his control. The current Mo Eversnow was growing at an incomprehensible rate;it was hard to speculate just where her limit was.

At this time, from deep within Lin Ming's dantian, a black light shined out. Lin Ming could feel that the Magic Cube within his body was moving.

The runes that patterned the surface of the Magic Cube seemed to come to life. All sorts of glittering seals floated out, flying into the surrounding space.

These seals didn't have any strength poured into them, but as they danced in the air they actually caused the void to tremble. As long as Lin Ming poured enough strength into them, they could crush apart all space!


Lin Ming thrust his hands forwards. The many seals flew into the corpse of the saint World King, submerging into his spiritual sea.

In that instant, Lin Ming felt his mind shake. Countless chaotic memories howled towards him. His body shook and his face paled.

’’Lin Ming...’’ Mo Eversnow said, somewhat worried. With Lin Ming's current level of strength, it was risky to directly read the memories of a World King even with her help. If he suffered an accident when rushing into the tumultuous flow of memories, then he would lose himself and would be unable to separate his memories from the memories of this other person.

This was a completely different scenario from reading Tian Mingzi's memories. The memories held within Tian Mingzi's avatar were only that of the tiniest wisp of his soul. And now, these were the complete memories of a World King.

In the raging river of memories, Lin Ming seemed to live through the life of that saint World King.

In the chaos, he saw many scenes, all of them incomparably lifelike as if he had experienced all of this himself. In that instant, his eyes dimmed and he nearly lost himself, thinking he was that saint World King.

Mo Eversnow's heart clenched. At this time, the grandmist battle spirit sparkled from between Lin Ming's eyebrows. That nearly-faded grandmist battle spirit blazed out like a lit beacon, showing the path for Lin Ming.

Immediately, Lin Ming's eyes were restored to pure brightness.

Mo Eversnow let out a long breath of relief. In terms of will, the average person truly couldn't compare with Lin Ming.

Lin Ming silently looked through these memories. From birth to adulthood, he watched the growth of the saint World King.

This was millions of times more informative than the information gleaned from the fuzzy soul search technique;it was almost the same as Lin Ming reliving the life of this saint World King.

This process was extremely slow;it required a great deal of energy and a very long period of time. Even though Lin Ming's will was formidable and he had studied the divine Dream Law, such a great use of energy still caused his lips to pale and his face to appear like white paper.

Mo Eversnow silently placed her hand on the hollow of Lin Ming's back, supporting him.

’’I've found it, it's here.’’

Lin Ming discovered the many sealed memories of the saint World King. With a loud roar, the grandmist battle spirit was stimulated to the limit. The Magic Cube seals hurtled towards them, followed by a loud ringing explosion.

Lin Ming's body shook and blood began to flow out from his nose.

The saint World King's corpse was suddenly flung away. Lin Ming collapsed to the floor, heaving in great gulps of air.

’’How was it?’’ Mo Eversnow hurriedly asked.

’’I've found it! I discovered a great deal of information about the saint race and even discovered just what they are fearing!

’’Before the God Lamenting Wall dividing our world and the saint race's collapsed, the God Lamenting Wall dividing the worlds of the saints and the spiritas had already long disintegrated. Currently, the saint race and the soul race are like water and fire;they can break out into all-out war at any time. The attention of the saint race's True divinity powerhouses has been diverted towards the soul race, and they don't even dare to casually sacrifice Empyreans to fight us. Not just that, but the saint race's current state is far more complex than what we had imagined.’’


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