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Martial World - Chapter 1394


Chapter 1394

Chapter 1394 - Negotiations of the Saint Race




Without a care for how unprepared humanity was, or how much confidence they lacked, the fact was that the great calamity had arrived early. The Bright Luster Great World became a battlefield. Whether it was the human race or the saint race, both of them seemed to subconsciously agree to not send out Empyrean powerhouses to join the battle. The highest cultivation amongst them was only at the Holy Lord realm.

This was now a conflict that hadn't reached the stage of all-out war. The saint race only put forth probing hands, and humanity seemed to be too scared, lacking the courage to launch a full-scale assault. They were well aware that once Empyreans joined the fray, that was when the ultimate showdown would begin. But now, humanity didn't even know how many True divinity powerhouses the saints possessed, so how could they possibly fight them?

In this battle, divine Lord and Holy Lord powerhouses made up the main force while World Kings and half-step Empyreans also participated. In such a battlefield it was impossible for growing geniuses like Lin Ming to go and fight, otherwise if there was an accident, the losses to humanity would be immeasurable.

The fight continued for half a month. By now, the name of a saint powerhouse had spread throughout humanity;he was the Good Fortune Saint Son!

This person possessed a Saint Lord realm cultivation, a realm equal to a divine Lord cultivation. But, with this cultivation, he was actually able to defeat an ordinary World King in combat. He even had the ability to survive the assault of a Great World King.

He held a black demon bead in his hand, and all martial artists below the Holy Lord realm, no matter how many there were, would be instantly twisted to shreds by this object. Their bodies would turn into pure flesh and blood essence that was then absorbed by the black demon bead.

Such a terrifying character had everyone panicking in fright!

A divine Lord that could fight a World King? Just what sort of concept was that? A divine Lord and a World King were separated by the entire Holy Lord realm. This was an even greater difference than divine Transformation to a Holy Lord!

The human supreme elders wanted to immediately strike out and kill this Good Fortune Saint Son. However, during their battles upon the Bright Luster Great World, they found that the Good Fortune Saint Son had powerhouses protecting him from behind. And, these mysterious saint race powerhouses actually didn't take action. Rather, they only watched the Saint Son fight. This sort of feeling was as if the saints were using this war to sharpen the Good Fortune Saint Son.

The characters that were supporting him were far too strong, thus even the Empyreans that wanted to kill him grew fearful and retreated.

This result was all reported to Empyrean divine Dream.

’’Damn, just what do the saints want?’’

The saint race Empyreans were holding still and the human Empyreans didn't dare to rashly move. After all, the ones who feared this war were the humans. Humanity had less Empyrean powerhouses than the saints did, and there was no need to mention True divinity powerhouses;the saint race likely had more than one True divinity master while humanity had zero!

’’They waited 3.6 billion years and now that the barrier between our universes has torn apart, they still haven't come at us in full force. Rather, they've only been sending half-step Empyrean powerhouses. Just what sort of tricks are they trying to play?’’

Empyrean Vast Universe paced back and forth. In the face of humanity's life or death crisis, even he had lost all his former calm.

’’Perhaps... they are not yet prepared, or it could be that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign is still healing from his wounds.’’ Empyrean divine Dream quietly said from beside Empyrean Vast universe.

Empyrean Vast Universe's thoughts stirred. ’’It really might be that he hasn't yet recovered. 100,000 years ago, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign violated the Laws of the 33 Layered Heavens to tear apart the God Lamenting Wall in order to send saint Empyrean powerhouses to kill Primordius. Because of his actions, he received the backlash of the 33 Layered Heavens' Great Dao Laws. These are wounds that originate from the Great Dao and should take tens of thousands of years to heal. Any method of restoring himself shouldn't work, including even entering a space-time enchantment to speed up the recovery of his wounds. Currently, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign should still have several tens of thousands of years before he can do anything. Before then, his strength should be equal to an Empyrean's.

’’However, even if the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign hasn't recovered, if the numerous Empyreans of the saint race were to attack together, it would be nearly impossible for us to resist. Moreover, without a doubt, the saint race has more than one True divinity, so how come they aren't doing anything?

’’It might be impossible, but could the saint race be wanting to use this war to temper that Good Fortune Saint Son?’’

Empyrean Vast Universe couldn't understand what was happening and even Empyrean divine Dream was deep in silent thought. This was a war that concerned the survival of their race, and to cause this mess just to send out their Saint Son to adventure was far too childish and ridiculous an action. The saint race definitely wouldn't do something so stupid.

The Good Fortune Saint Son should only be taking the opportunity to temper himself;there must be some other reason that the saints hadn't yet launched an all-out war.

It was just that they didn't know what this reason was.

The war entered a stalemate. In a situation where Empyreans on both sides didn't take action, the Good Fortune Saint Son had far too much limelight. His momentum was nearly unstoppable, and although his strength was inferior to a Great World King's, the amount of death and destruction he caused actually far outstripped that of a Great World King!

It was all because of the appearance of the Grandmist Spirit Bead. With this bead, all powerhouses in a great area could be immediately killed;this was something that a Great World King powerhouse couldn't accomplish.

Those that were killed by the Good Fortune Saint Son were at least at the divine Lord realm. Any one of his victims, if placed in a Holy Land level influence, could at least be a Palace Elder or a Branch Elder.

The saint race also had the intention of helping the Good Fortune Saint Son accumulate military merits. In the most exaggerated performance, he brought an army of a thousand peak Holy Lords to attack the eastern region of the Bright Luster Great World, destroying dozens of star regions and rampaging over a hundred trillion miles, killing countless human martial artists.

If this were to continue, then all the powerhouses of the Bright Luster Great World would be killed off!

Many human martial artists were nearly frightened to death by the mere mention of the Good Fortune Son;they found it hard to eat and sleep in peace.

And besides those of the Bright Luster Great World, many other martial artists were scared that it would be their turn after the Bright Luster Great World was destroyed.

’’Why haven't our Empyreans taken action yet? How come they are allowing that Good Fortune Saint Son to be so rampant?’’ Some martial artists asked, puzzled.

’’Don't be so naïve. The saints possess more Empyreans than we do. If true Empyreans join the battle, our forces will still be suppressed. In the end, we cannot fight the saint race. We don't have as many Empyreans as they do and our geniuses are also crushed by their geniuses.’’

Of humanity's budding young geniuses, there was only Lin Ming, Xiao Moxian, Frost Dream, and a mere several others. In this war, because humanity's geniuses had cultivations that were too low, they didn't step on the wider battlefield so the Good Fortune Saint Son had ended up outshining them.

’’Why would you help praise your enemies to ruin the momentum and prestige of your own people? Our geniuses have yet to grow and Lin Ming, Frost Dream, and Xiao Moxian are all geniuses that humanity rarely sees even in a hundred million years. I don't believe that Lin Ming will be any worse than the Good Fortune Saint Son once he grows!’’

There were many martial artists that were fans of Lin Ming and divine Dream;they weren't willing to listen to others say that the geniuses of the saint race far surpassed them.

’’I also hope that what you say is true, but just think about it. The Good Fortune Saint Son only has a late Saint Lord realm cultivation but he can already defeat an ordinary World King. And how about Frost Dream and Lin Ming? During the past First Martial Meeting of the divine Realm, they were both middle and late divine Sea martial artists and comparable to weak divine Lords. Now, compare the difference between the divine Sea and divine Lord realms and the difference between the divine Lord and World King realms. Just think about which one is bigger, and there shouldn't be a need for me to say anything further. I also heard that the Good Fortune Saint Son possesses the Grandmist Spirit Bead, that is the number one top treasure of the 33 Layered Heavens, and what do Lin Ming and Frost Dream have? I've even heard others say that this Good Fortune Saint Son will become a True divinity in the future!’’

The continuous victories of the saint race left humanity feeling pressed breathless, gasping for air. And if the appearance of the Good Fortune Saint Son was any indication of the saint race's future, that meant they had more powerhouses than clouds in the skies!

An extreme genius combined together with the number one treasure of the universe;it was hard to imagine just what achievements the Good Fortune Saint Son would have in the future.

How could humanity contend with a new True divinity? By relying on Lin Ming, Xiao Moxian, Frost Dream, and the others?

Even their fans felt a bit afraid for them.

The war continued onwards, and the human martial artists of the Bright Luster Great World fell into an increasingly perilous state. As the Bright Luster Great World neared complete annihilation, many Empyreans found it hard to stay still. Losing tens or hundreds of thousands of divine Lords to the saint race wasn't a fatal number to the massive divine Realm, but tiny numbers quickly snowballed. Once the saint race slaughtered their way forth with unstoppable momentum and began nibbling away at the mid-level martial artists of humanity, then humanity would lose the foundation to train Empyreans from. Once that happened, as long as many Empyreans died in battle then humanity's future would fall into utter ruins.

’’We must fight! An all-out war! I have no idea just what game the saint race is playing, but I know that if this continues then humanity will lose all their confidence. If we are to engage in total war at that time, then it's possible we will be defeated.’’

An Empyrean seriously said at a meeting of Empyreans.

The defeats at the Bright Luster Great World resulted in not just the loss of some human divine Lords and Holy Lords. There were many star regions and continents, and most importantly, there was the damage that was caused to humanity's confidence.

Once the belief of inevitable loss was carved into their bones, humanity would then fall into a quagmire of chaos and unruliness, slowing moving towards ruin.

At Mount Potala, over a hundred human Empyreans had gathered together.

A storm was brewing. Even though the time was not yet ripe, everyone knew that a great war was inevitable.

’’That's right, we cannot sit aside and do nothing any longer!’’

’’You and I are of the same race. For humanity's sake, why would we fear war!?’’

Humanity was a selfish and greedy race;this was a characteristic of all intelligent life. In a situation without external threats, they would often fall into infighting.

But, if truly faced with a life or death moment, then this situation would actually stimulate the bravery and camaraderie of humans.

Once a race was fully united as one, that was a truly terrifying force.

Over 100 Empyreans gathered together. Over the past few days, even God Beasts had appeared in the skies above Mount Potala.

These terrifying God Beasts spread their roars for millions of miles, causing the minds of those who heard them to tremble!

Lin Ming also followed Empyrean divine Dream to Mount Potala.

This scene of Empyreans and God Beasts was similar to that of 3.6 billion years ago.

Lin Ming took a deep breath, ’’Has the great battle arrived like this? This is too fast... it's like I've been living a dream.’’

He never imagined that even though he had been training day and night in preparation for the great calamity, that when the great calamity actually arrived, there would actually be nothing he could do!

Lin Ming clenched his fists together. He was unwilling to accept this!

Rumble rumble rumble!

In the skies, a divine light surged. A titanic, primal-looking stone platform tore through space, appearing in the skies above Mount Potala. This was the announcement platform, where the roles of many Empyreans would be assigned!

3.6 billion years ago, Empyrean divine Seal had stood upon the divine Seal Altar and commanded the masses, assigning everyone their duties. Now, this present scene was also similar. The only difference was that no one was able to reach the same heights that Empyrean divine Seal had reached.

And even an extreme character like Empyrean divine Seal had perished in the great calamity. Now, humanity didn't have someone like Empyrean divine Seal on their side, so how could they possibly emerge victorious?

Lin Ming felt his mind fill with a strong sense of powerlessness.

In fact, this sort of powerlessness also appeared in the hearts of many other humans. This was a war with an extremely low chance of winning.

However, at this time, another unexpected turning point occurred.

The saint race had requested negotiations, and the place where negotiations would be held was Mount Potala, where over 100 Empyreans had gathered!


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