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Martial World - Chapter 1393


Chapter 1393

Chapter 1393 - The Great Calamity Arrives




The cultivation of this youth in front of him wasn't high, but as the Bright Luster World King looked at him, he could feel a sense of dread and fear in his heart, a sense of creeping unease about what could happen.

This terrifying possibility caused the Bright Luster World King's body to turn ice cold and his palms to sweat.

’’Who are they?’’

’’How could this be? No one above the divine Transformation realm can enter the Bright Luster Mystic Realm, so how could they have come out from there?’’

The many disciples of the Bright Luster Holy Lands wondered this. None of them yet knew what was happening.

In the last three years, news of the upcoming great calamity had already spread throughout the divine Realm. But, no one would first think of the great calamity when something dire happened, because in their subconscious, this event was something on the distant horizon. To them, this was something that might not occur for tens of thousands of years or even hundreds of thousands of years.

Moreover, even if the great calamity were to arrive, none of those present thought it would begin at their Bright Luster Holy Lands.

As the white-robed youth heard the disciples underneath him talking to themselves, he sneered, ’’Are all humans so stupid?’’

What he spoke in was the language of the divine Realm, and these words instantly caused the many people below him to grimace. However, when comparing their strength to that of this other party, they could only hold in their anger without any way of speaking back.

’’Who are you? Why were you in our Bright Luster Mystic Realm!?’’

Several Bright Luster Holy Lands disciples loudly shouted out.

The white-robed youth laughed. ’’You are all really so stupid. Even now, you still have no idea what is happening. Then, let me tell you who I am. I am the Good Fortune Saint Son, and the 3000 worlds of the divine Realm will all be the territory of my kingdom in the future!’’

’’Good Fortune Saint Son?!’’

The Bright Luster Holy Lands disciples barely had time to react when the white-robed youth suddenly raised his hand. A black bead flew out and began to rapidly spin in the air. ’’Now, with your lowly flesh and blood, become nourishment for the Grandmist Spirit Bead!’’

’’Grandmist Spirit Bead! It really is the Grandmist Spirit Bead! How is this possible, how could the Grandmist Spirit Bead be in their hands!?’’

The Bright Luster World King had a vast amount of experience. Although he didn't know about the relations between the Grandmist Spirit Bead and Empyrean Primordius, he had still heard of this object before. Now, he watched with his own eyes as the Grandmist Spirit Bead emitted a thick and inky black light, seeming to shroud the entire sky in dark chaos. This scene made the Bright Luster World King feel as if his own heart were being slowly devoured by darkness!

And feeling the terrifying aura that these figures were sending out, the Bright Luster World King could finally confirm that the saint race had arrived!

The great calamity that he thought would come in several hundred thousands of years had actually arrived so soon!

’’Run away! All disciples scatter and flee!’’

The Bright Luster World King roared out. At the same time he didn't hesitate at all and turned around to tear apart the void. But as he thrust out his hand, he felt the power of space repel him, bouncing back his hand. The Grandmist Spirit Bead had sent out an energy field that locked down the neighboring vicinity of space, making it impossible for him to use the great void shift!

’’A smart decision. But what a pity, it will not change your destiny.’’ The Good Fortune Saint Son cruelly smiled as the Grandmist Spirit Bead shot out.

The Bright Luster World King's complexion paled. He launched his movement techniques to the limit, wanting to run out of this domain.

And at this time, he heard a cacophony of miserable cries behind him. The Grandmist Spirit Bead had aroused a crimson vortex of flesh and blood. A massive number of core disciples, all characters that the Bright Luster Holy Lands had spent a great price to raise, were sucked into this flesh and blood vortex, immediately turning into pure flesh and blood essence energy that was then absorbed by the Grandmist Spirit Bead.

This horrifying scene was macabre and disturbing. And, the one who had begun all of this, the white-robed youth, was actually watching all of this with a smile on his face. It was like he wasn't cutting down lives of others but plucking flowers from the ground.

’’Two High Masters, that Bright Luster World King will be left to the two of you. With my current cultivation, dealing with the likes of him is still a bit difficult, even if I have the Grandmist Spirit Bead.’’

’’Alright, haha!’’ Beside the white-robed youth, two gray-robed men nodded. One had a giant head and the other was as thin as a bamboo pole. Although their appearances were strange, they clearly had cultivations at the level of a Great World King. If they were placed in the divine Realm, they would be characters that could rule a great world!

The two Great World Kings rushed towards the Bright Luster World King together.

The Grandmist Spirit Bead began to shine with an even more demonic and monstrous light...


Within his chambers at divine Dream Heavenly Palace, Lin Ming was closed up in training. During these three years he had slowly gathered more and more accumulations, growing increasingly close to the middle divine Transformation realm.

divine Sea, divine Transformation, divine Lord, every time one rose by a realm, the time required to advance multiplied by several times.

At this time, a clarion alarm sounded throughout divine Dream Heavenly Palace, the grating sound even penetrating into every training chamber! The training chambers were isolated by enchantments to form their own separate space, so as to avoid martial artists being disturbed during their cultivation.

If there was an alarm that could sound throughout the training chambers, this was a warning alarm of the highest degree, one that interrupted all martial artists during their seclusion. Unless it was a sect-annihilating event, such an alarm would not be sounded.

’’What is happening!?’’

Lin Ming's eyes flashed open from his cultivation, a surprised light shining within them. He couldn't imagine just what events had happened for divine Dream Heavenly Palace to sound such an alarm.

It couldn't be that the great calamity had already arrived, right?

Even Lin Ming also subconsciously believed that the great calamity wouldn't arrive for an extremely long time.

Compared to the entire history of the divine Realm, 10,000 years was an extremely short period of time. Although the great calamity was said to be soon approaching, this 'soon approaching' would often need tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of years.

Lin Ming's figure flashed and he appeared at divine Dream Heavenly Palace. As he appeared, he saw a great commotion of Elders and disciples rapidly heading towards the Assembly Hall.

Lin Ming's heart also flashed with a moment of anxiety. He followed the crowd towards the Assembly Hall.

Empyrean divine Dream was already waiting at the Assembly Hall. She had a solemn and dignified look.

After the main figures arrived, Empyrean divine Dream finally spoke. ’’The great calamity has arrived. The first disruption of the God Lamenting Wall was at the Bright Luster Holy Lands' divergent mystic realm. In one day, the Bright Luster Holy Lands was exterminated and the Bright Luster World King also perished in battle. In five days, the saint race thoroughly captured the entirety of Bright Luster Great World's central mainland. Countless martial artists have been slaughtered and innumerable lives have been wiped away!’’

’’Great calamity!? How could it have come so quickly!?’’

’’Only several years have passed!’’

’’We aren't prepared and yet the great calamity has come!’’

Although the disciples of divine Dream Heavenly Palace were elites amongst the elites, even they felt panicked upon hearing this news.

Lin Ming took a deep breath, tightening his fists as he grimaced.

divergent mystic realms were originally transitionary spaces from the divine Realm to other universes. If the God Lamenting Wall was torn apart somewhere, it would often be at these divergent mystic realms first.

’’How could it be so fast... I'm only at the divine Transformation realm. Even if I am invincible amongst those at my level, when facing the older generation, the most I can handle is a half-step Holy Lord. And in this great calamity, that level of strength isn't even a tiny splash in the ocean!’’

Thinking back to the great calamity of the divine Realm 3.6 billion years ago, that was a struggle of Empyreans with even True divinities taking action. Even the lowliest soldier had a Holy Lord level boundary.

A half-step Holy Lord could only be considered common cannon fodder.

In this great calamity, Lin Ming simply didn't have any use or role to play. Let alone tempering himself in this great calamity, he only could watch as humanity fought with the saints.

This caused Lin Ming to feel very unwilling.

’’Damnit, how could it be like this? If I had another several hundred years, then as long as I could reach the Holy Lord realm or a half-step Holy Lord cultivation, at least I wouldn't be as useless and powerless as I am now!’’

Lin Ming didn't want his destiny to be decided by others. Now, if he wanted to rapidly enhance his strength, the only method was to enter a time enchantment and train. However, in a time enchantment, the Laws were distorted. If one couldn't properly perceive the Laws, then that would make cultivating there far less effective.

Empyrean divine Dream didn't have any expression. It was only when the hurried discussion began to quiet down that she spoke again, ’’For this expedition of the saint race, the greatest powerhouse they have sent out so far is a half-step Empyrean. Even so, that is more than enough to annihilate a middle level world without an Empyrean present. In particular, in this war, there has been a person sent out called the Good Fortune Saint Son. His Saint Lord cultivation is equal to our human divine Lord realm. This person possesses a mysterious bead that might possibly be the Grandmist Spirit Bead. Although he only has a Saint Lord level cultivation, he can still fight with a World King master! His level of talent is simply unimaginable!’’

As Empyrean divine Dream spoke, her eyes fell onto Lin Ming.

Lin Ming's mind shook - Grandmist Spirit Bead!

When Empyrean Primordius lost the Grandmist Spirit Bead, did it fall into the hands of this Good Fortune Saint Son?

In that moment, Lin Ming's mood was extremely complex. He remembered the final words that Empyrean Primordius had left behind in Primordius Heavenly Palace -

'To lose the Grandmist Spirit Bead is the greatest mistake of my life. If there is ever a day when it is possible, you must retake the Grandmist Spirit Bead and return it to the human race, and seek a paradise pure lands for the orphaned god race.'

Lin Ming clenched his fists together. He had to retake the Grandmist Spirit Bead one day. However, he was simply far too weak right now.


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