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Martial World - Chapter 1392


Chapter 1392

Chapter 1392 - Drastic Change




As Lin Ming heard Empyrean divine Dream say she would refine the Nine Star Heaven Pill for him, he was ecstatic.

Under the current Laws of the universe, the Nine Star Heaven Pill by itself was likely insufficient for Lin Ming to break into the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. But even so, it would bring Lin Ming closer to that final step he needed.

As he gathered more and more momentum over time, he would eventually break through that barrier.

Empyrean divine Dream said, ’’Lin Ming, I will train you as far as I can, but I also need your word that in the upcoming great calamity, you will do everything in your power, exhausting your entire being to resist the saint race. Hair cannot survive without the skin. The divine Realm is already the final universe of humanity, and once the divine Realm is conquered and destroyed, there will be no foothold for humanity any longer. Every human will devolve into a slave of the saint race, and it is likely that we shall be washed away by the river of history!’’

’’This disciple understands.’’ Lin Ming solemnly nodded. This great calamity concerned the survival of humanity itself. The future of the human race was also his own future.

If all of humanity were to degenerate into slaves and the saint race were to massacre all human martial artists on sight, then it would be nearly impossible for the still low cultivation Lin Ming to reach the peak of martial arts.

’’You've also brought others here?’’

Empyrean divine Dream suddenly asked. With her sense, she had already discovered that Lin Ming was coming to divine Dream Heavenly Palace long before he arrived, and also knew how many people he had brought.

’’Yes, this junior was too abrupt. Because I offended Tian Mingzi, I...’’

’’Mm. Tian Mingzi has a Great World King cultivation and he is even soon to step into the half-step Empyrean realm. If he wishes to move against your friends or family then even the Ancient Phoenix Clan will not have the strength to protect them. You may gather all of those close to you. The men will enter Vast Universe Heavenly Palace and the women will be kept at my divine Dream Heavenly Palace. I shall look after them, and, if they are of the temperament to walk the road of martial arts then I may also provide them with certain inheritances and resources.’’

Empyrean divine Dream readily responded. Lin Ming was overjoyed to hear this. ’’Thank you, Senior divine Dream.’’

In the time following this, Empyrean divine Dream began to move. She gathered the materials of the Nine Star Heaven Pill for Lin Ming. Although these materials were extremely difficult for Tian Mingzi to find, Empyrean divine Dream was able to collect all of them in a mere few months.

As for the Nine Star Heaven Pill, Lin Ming didn't begin to refine it. He felt that depending on the Nine Star Heaven Pill alone to break into the boundary of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace was still lacking;he would need to support it with the Demon Bead essence.

Currently, Lin Ming's cultivation was far too weak. He wouldn't be able to absorb much of the Demon Bead essence and would instead waste it.

Thus, the matter of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace was placed to the side. Lin Ming spent most of his time deep in cultivation within divine Dream Heavenly Palace.

As for Empyrean divine Dream, she took this time to launch a massive cleansing of the divine Realm.

Her goal was clear - the spies of the saint race.

This was a monumentally massive workload and it also had to be carried out in secret. Otherwise, if the saint race spies were to find out and hide, it would be impossible to catch them all.

In normal times, this would be impossible to do;the divine Realm was far too large and there weren't many saint race spies to begin with. To find them was harder than finding a needle in the endless oceans.

But this investigation was personally led by divine Dream. She would suddenly appear in a land without any indication at all and instantly open the divine dream space, causing everyone to fall into her dreamland. Then, she would probe everyone's spiritual sea with the divine Dream Law. Although it was impossible for divine Dream to instantly search through all the memories of so many people, there were key differences in the spiritual sea of humans and saints, thus divine Dream was able to search for this using her abilities.

The Great World King Holy Lands of all 3000 great worlds were the key targets of this investigation. In particular, those Great World Kings that had a high chance of becoming an Empyrean. This was to prevent a situation like that of Tian Mingzi from ever appearing again.

Only Empyrean divine Dream was capable of such extraordinary methods, and this time, she was serious. Her actions were kept an absolute secret and as she searched through the various Holy Lands, all news from the inside was strictly blocked out. Not even ordinary World King Holy Lands were let off.

Such an investigation was an extremely burdensome matter;Empyrean divine Dream used a full two years to accomplish this.

And, she had indeed found several spies of the saint race.

This result didn't bring her any happiness at all. Rather, it filled her heart with a cloud of gloomy darkness.

This situation had surpassed divine Dream's expectations;the saint race had far more spies here than she had speculated. This also proved that the saint race already had an approximate understanding of humanity's forces.

On the other hand, the human race was completely oblivious to the saint race. divine Dream didn't know how many True divinity powerhouses the saint race possessed or even how many Empyreans they had. Even though she searched the souls of the saint race spies, she wasn't able to find any valuable information. From this point alone, it was clear that the saint race had already made preparations in advance for something like this to happen.

Once they fought, the fate of humanity was likely to be miserable!

But, nothing could be done about this. Even if a martial artist harmed their cultivation to pass through the God Lamenting Wall, it still wasn't that simple. A True divinity and an Empyrean could do it, but they would have to lose a significant deal of their cultivation.

divine Dream could also send human disciples into the universes of the saint race, but after the cultivations of these disciples were damaged, it would only be sending divine Sea and divine Transformation powerhouses into the saint race territories. The gains simply wouldn't be worth the losses.

The situation was becoming increasingly grim. Empyrean divine Dream had a premonition that the great calamity wasn't too far away, and yet Lin Ming, Xiao Moxian, and the others still hadn't grown up yet. Just how much time would the heavens give them?

Like this, another year passed.

Since Lin Ming returned to the divine Realm, a total of three years had passed.

In the long history of the divine Realm, a short three years was only an instant. Normally, this time period was too short for anything to happen.

However, these three years were doomed to be recorded in the annals of history...


On a sunny day, there was a land surrounded by mountains with a hazy origin energy filling the air.

In the Bright Luster Holy Lands, many young disciples had gathered onto a martial field, prepared for their long day of training.

The Bright Luster Holy Lands was established by the Bright Luster World King;they were also the number one influence of the Bright Luster Great World.

The Bright Luster Great World was a middle ranked great world, and the scale of the Bright Luster Holy Lands was comparable to the True Martial Holy Lands. They were a storied Holy Lands with a 5 million year history.

At this time, there were many intense battles on the martial field. Many Elders of the Bright Luster Holy Lands had appeared to direct the moves of the juniors, and even occasionally demonstrating skills to them. This was a sect filled with bustling liveliness and energetic peace.

At this time, the Chief Elder's mind stirred. He turned towards the horizon, a hint of doubt flashing across his face.

’’What is it?’’

Several other Elders near the Chief Elder asked him, thinking someone had arrived.

’’Strange... I felt the Bright Luster Mystic Realm trembling just now... it's like something happened in the mystic realm?’’

Many sects possessed their own exclusive mystic realm. These mystic realms often had many treasures and people could enter these mystic realms to seek the wealth within them. The only problem was that it cost a considerable amount of violet sun stones to open these mystic realms, and it was extremely difficult for any powerhouse at the divine Transformation realm or above to pass through the barriers that separated the mystic realms from the divine Realm. Thus, these divergent mystic realms had become a smelting trial for the young disciples of many sects.

The Bright Luster Mystic Realm was the largest mystic realm of the Bright Luster Great World. Compared to the second largest mystic realm of the Bright Luster Great World, it was at least 10 times larger.

The Bright Luster Mystic Realm had a vast and nearly limitless world within that contained countless rich resources. A significant reason for why the Bright Luster Holy Lands were able to rise to their current state was because of the Bright Luster Mystic Realm.

But on this day, the Bright Luster Mystic Realm was constantly shaking with tremendous changes occurring inside, as if it would collapse at any given moment.

This event alarmed even the Bright Luster World King.

’’What is going on?’’

The Bright Luster World King frowned. Even the Chief Elder was confused. He quickly called together the divine Sea realm geniuses to enter and investigate the situation.

A massive number of violet sun crystals were inserted into the portal. And just in case, for backup, the Bright Luster World King even sent out a divine Transformation realm core disciple. Because of this disciple, the activation cost of the transmission array increased by an entire nine sun jade.

A nine sun jade was worth a trillion violet sun stones. To a Great World King Holy Land, this was not a small amount of wealth. But, to spend so many violet sun stones on an investigation showed just how important the Bright Luster Mystic Realm was. The Bright Luster Holy Lands could not allow there to be any problems with it.

However, just as the transmission array began to revolve, a brilliant shine radiated outwards, causing the entire transmission array to explode!

A terrifying surge of energy exploded outwards. Many of the divine Sea realm disciples present were grievously injured in the detonation, and there were even many low-ranking escort disciples that were directly killed.

’’What is happening?!’’

The Chief Elder was shocked. This transmission array had been used for the last several million years without incident. The construction cost was extremely high and it also went through inspections every decade. There shouldn't be, and there had never been, a case of an explosion.

He hurriedly moved forwards to see just what had gone wrong. But then another terrifying explosion rang through the air. This time, even space was shattered by the energy. Even though the Chief Elder had reached the peak of the Holy Lord realm, he was still sent flying backwards and vomiting blood as he was struck by this explosion!

’’Hahahaha! I'm here! I'm finally here!’’

A reckless laughter echoed through the air. From the torn apart space, a group of figures flew out!

’’3.6 billion years, we've waited for such a long time!’’

’’The shame of the past defeat will be washed away with your blood!’’

’’divine Shifting Heavens, I will establish my immortal feats of wonder here! This is not the territory of my race!’’

As strong roars and howls filled the air, countless people began gushing forth from the torn space. The disciples of the Bright Luster Holy Lands were completely dumbfounded!

As these voices fell onto the ears of the Bright Luster Holy Land disciples, they actually had no idea what these shadowy figures were saying;this was because they weren't speaking the native language of the divine Realm.

And, from these people's auras, any single one of them was stronger than their Chief Disciple!

There were even those among them that could compare with the Bright Luster World King!

This terrifying mob of people could destroy their Bright Luster Holy Lands at any time!

And among these dark figures, a tall youth in white robes smiled as he drifted down from the sky like a spiritual god, looking down at the many Bright Luster Holy Land disciples underneath him.

This youth's aura wasn't formidable at all;he seemed similar to a human divine Lord. But even so, the many World King and Holy Lord level powerhouses near him seemed to faintly respect and revere this youth.

This youth calmly lifted his right hand. In the palm of his right hand, a black bead slowly spun about.

As this youth appeared, all of the heaven and earth origin energy around him began to violently shake. The Laws of the heavens seemed to take this youth as their focal point.

As the Bright Luster World King saw this youth appear, his complexion completely changed.


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