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Martial World - Chapter 1387


Chapter 1387

Chapter 1387 - You've Grown Up




’’Little princess! Little princess!’’

Many heroic young elites cheered out for Lin Xiaoge. They couldn't shout out her name, otherwise that would be disrespecting her. Rather, they shouted out her title as little princess. For someone to be called the little princess of the Sky Spill Continent, only Lin Xiaoge could lay claim to this fame.

Waves of shouts surged out like endless tides. Lin Ming faintly smiled, thinking out loud, ’’They're really crazy.’’

Lin Xiaoge's opponent was a tall and thin youth that looked just over 20 years old. Facing Lin Xiaoge, he clearly appeared a bit nervous.

Lin Ming swept his sense over Lin Xiaoge's opponent. Sloppy and ordinary, not her match at all.

In the past, because of Lin Ming, Lin Xiaoge had begun forming her foundation before she was ten years old. For all these years, she had all sorts of precious medicines to cleanse her body and was able to study top inheritances with famous teachers guiding her. Finally, before Lin Ming ascended, he even placed the blood of the Ancient Phoenix within her body, giving her the Ancient Phoenix bloodline.

To martial artists of the lower realms, a single drop of ordinary Ancient Phoenix blood was a priceless treasure.

A genius was never created in a single stroke. The only exceptions were those like Xiao Moxian, who were naturally destined to be monstrous geniuses by birth. As for the lower realms, most geniuses slowly accumulated their strength over time.

Facing this youth, Lin Xiaoge extracted her own weapon - a long red spear.

Seemingly because she worshipped her big brother, Lin Xiaoge had chosen the same weapon that Lin Ming used. It was extremely rare for a girl to use a spear to begin with, but this actually caused all the young elites present to wildly cheer out loud. Lin Xiaoge was tall with slender legs. As she grasped that long spear in her hands, it didn't feel out of place at all. Rather, she seemed heroic, filled with a daring spirit!

From the start, her opponent had been completely wasted by Lin Xiaoge's momentum. This battle wasn't tense at all;Lin Xiaoge easily won.

Following that, all sorts of young elites made their debut one after another. Some of them were common martial artists that hoped to join the Vermillion Bird divine Kingdom, and some of them were even divine Kingdom Princes who had come to the Vermillion Bird divine Kingdom to 'show off', in the hopes of winning over Lin Xiaoge's heart.

In Lin Ming's eyes, some of these geniuses weren't too bad. They were just a bit worse than Lin Xiaoge.

And among these people, one girl caught Lin Ming's attention.

This girl wore a black dress and she had an extremely tall figure. Her skin was delicate and creamy white, her cherry lips slightly upturning, revealing a faintly demonic look.

If Lin Xiaoge was a brave young angel, this other girl was a dark enchantress of the night.

This black-clothed girl was also an extremely talented individual. She was a similar age to Lin Xiaoge and her strength wasn't any weaker.

The light of these two peerless women had covered over every other genius on the martial field. It was like this martial arts meeting was meant for the two of them to fight.

The black-clothed girl also had many suitors. They called out from her, and from their words, Lin Ming was also able to learn her name - Situ Yaoyao.

’’Situ Yaoyao?’’

Lin Ming was startled. He traced his chin. This name reminded him of one person - Situ Yaoyue.

In the past, when Lin Ming was chased by the Asura divine Kingdom all the way to the Forsaken God Clan, Lin Ming had been forced to bet on a gambling fight. Finally, he had encountered the hidden genius of the Asura divine Kingdom, Situ Yaoyue.

That woman had possessed a seventh stage Life Destruction cultivation as well as an Extreme Violet Dantian. She was skilled in the Darkness Laws, and with the Great Desolate Blood Halberd in hand, she had battled Lin Ming. Their battle had been hard to differentiate between victor and loser, but in the end she had lost to Lin Ming's violent body transformation technique and also lost the Great Desolate Blood Halberd to him.

Lin Ming asked someone near him, ’’This young friend, who is that girl on stage?’’

As Lin Ming asked the youth this question, the youth revealed an understanding expression, as if they were sharing secrets between men. ’’Hehe, you have thoughts on her? I advise you to think otherwise. That girl on stage is the little sister of Situ Yaoyue, a peerless genius from the extinct Asura divine Kingdom. Those that are pursuing her aren't as many as those hoping to win Lin Xiaoge, but there are at least several tens of thousands of them. Looking at your sloppy so and so foundation, I don't think you can consider yourself to be in the race at all, hahaha.’’

This youth had a young and friendly demeanor, and his clothing indicated he came from the Seven Star divine Kingdom. Lin Ming had restrained his aura, and with the level of the martial artists in the lower realms, it was naturally impossible for them to make out his boundary and foundation.

Lin Ming was surprised for a moment. ’’Situ Yaoyue has a little sister?’’

’’Yes, she just recently grew up, and just like Situ Yaoyue she possesses an Extreme Violet Dantian. When the Asura divine Kingdom was destroyed, the Situ Family didn't have many people remaining. The Vermillion Bird divine Kingdom had shown mercy and only executed those from the Asura divine Kingdom that followed Yang Yun in the past. As for the others, they were let go. With their country destroyed, the sisters were left alone and there were many people who had thoughts on them. It was said that there were several divine Sea powerhouses who wanted to take them as their own. Their days definitely didn't pass in peace...’’

This Seven Star youth seemed to be very nosy. He purposefully lowered his voice and spoke in a dark and mysterious tone.

As Lin Ming heard this, he sighed deeply, feeling a bit of pity for Situ Yaoyue and Situ Yaoyao's destiny. The two women had survived on the edges of the cataclysmic destruction of their kingdom, something that wasn't easy at all. If they had to blame someone, they could only blame the high level figures of the Asura divine Kingdom in the past. Those people had become enemies with Lin Ming, completely throwing themselves to Yang Yun's side, betraying the other three divine Kingdoms and becoming the enemy of the world.

In Lin Ming's opinion, with Situ Yaoyue's personality, she definitely would not submit to anyone. She was an incomparably proud individual who chased after the road of martial arts with all her heart and soul. This sort of woman desired only to travel the furthest they could on their path and wouldn't consider something like marriage at all.

’’I never imagined that after I fought Situ Yaoyue in the past, years later, our little sisters would also fight. It seems we really are rivals.’’

Lin Ming self-deprecatingly thought.

And at this time, the Seven Star youth began to lewdly say, ’’Hehe, you know, those two girls are truly top quality goods. If I could marry the two of them together I would even be willing to be a pig in my next life. But what a pity, that's impossible for nobodies like us, haha.’’

The Seven Star youth patted Lin Ming's shoulder as if they were already familiar buddies.

Lin Ming only smiled, giving no reply. After being in the divine Realm for so long and now suddenly being together with ordinary martial artists of the lower realms, this was quite an interesting feeling.

The martial arts meeting continued. Without a doubt, Situ Yaoyao and Lin Xiaoge were the two most brilliant supernovas on the field. The two of them had continuous winning streaks. Those who wished in vain to defeat them were forced to admit defeat, and those divine Kingdom Princes that hoped to win over their hearts were sent running back, beaten so badly that their mothers wouldn't recognize them.

Finally, the battle between Situ Yaoyao and Lin Xiaoge arrived. The atmosphere within the arena had reached a crescendo.

This battle was extremely intense. Situ Yaoyao used the Darkness Laws, sending a thick shroud of darkness to cover the field. Lin Xiaoge then used the Fire Laws to clear apart the darkness, burning the arena red hot.

Then, Situ Yaoyao used her Extreme Violet Dantian, forming a demon moon in the sky. Lin Xiaoge followed by burning her Ancient Phoenix blood. With her red spear in hand, she seemed to rule the world. She engaged in a fierce melee with Situ Yaoyao. The two peerless women battled for several dozen rounds, their fighting spirit overflowing in the heat of the battle. The audience cheered out again and again, shouting at the top of their lungs.

The older martial artists sitting atop the white jade building also nodded repeatedly, filled with praise for Situ Yaoyao and Lin Xiaoge.

This battle lasted for just under an hour. But in the end, Lin Xiaoge's endurance proved to be superior. As they continued to fight, the difference in physical strength began to reveal itself as Lin Xiaoge's advantage grew greater and greater.

After all, with countless resources to temper her body and the Ancient Phoenix blood implanted within her, Lin Xiaoge was able to follow the same path that Lin Ming did in the past. In terms of strength, endurance, and blood vitality, she far surpassed other martial artists of her level.

In the end, Situ Yaoyao exhausted all of her strength and Lin Xiaoge was able to defeat her.

Even though the audience erupted in waves of cheers, Lin Xiaoge wasn't satisfied with this result. With all things considered, she felt that she hadn't truly defeated Situ Yaoyao. Rather, the reason she won was the increased blood vitality and strength that the Ancient Phoenix blood had given her.

’’The last match has ended, and now Lin Xiaoge has become the champion of all young elites in this martial arts meeting! As for Situ Yaoyao, she is just a step below in second place!’’

The master of ceremonies happily announced. As someone from the Vermillion Bird divine Kingdom, he naturally hoped that Lin Xiaoge would win.

Beneath the arena, Situ Yaoyao was wiping off the blood from her lips, looking at Lin Xiaoge with an unconvinced and stubborn look in her eyes.

She was unwilling! Many years ago, the big sister she worshipped lost to Lin Ming, and now today she had lost to Lin Ming's little sister!

Lin Xiaoge could sense the refusal in Situ Yaoyao's eyes. She also wasn't satisfied with the battle just now. She turned towards Situ Yaoyao and loudly said, ’’Situ Yaoyao! The reason I defeated you now is because of my endurance. There is nothing to be proud of in beating you like this. One year from now, let us compete once more! If I cannot defeat you within a quarter hour then I will consider myself as having lost!’’

Lin Xiaoge's words were breathlessly spoken, leaving the entire audience in shock. Then, they were suddenly excited. If they could watch such a battle, that would truly be an eye-opening stroke of luck.

’’Humph, I have no need for you to go easy on me. But what you said is right. One year from now, I will challenge you once more!’’

Situ Yaoyao loudly shouted out. Then, she turned and began to leave. The master of ceremonies smiled, saying, ’’Young Lady Situ Yaoyao, please wait a minute, we must award you the prize.’’

’’I understand.’’

Speaking of the prize, Situ Yaoyao stopped walking. Although she was also an extremely proud person, it was impossible for her to ignore the prizes from the Vermillion Bird divine Kingdom;they were simply too rich.

Like this, Situ Yaoyao and Lin Xiaoge stood together, the two of them in sharp opposition to each other, a brilliance shining from the two of them.

Lin Ming faintly smiled. He could feel the spirit of a martial artist from Lin Xiaoge's body. Only by never being satisfied with one's strength would one have the mindset to make continuous breakthroughs.

He said in a soft voice, ’’Xiaoge, you've grown up.’’

This light sound passed through the wind, traveling tens of thousands of feet before gently entering Lin Xiaoge's ears.

Lin Xiaoge suddenly shook.

This voice...

Her breath caught in her throat and her heart nearly jumped out of her chest. This sound was very familiar...

Big Brother!?

A vivid excitement filled her mind. Big Brother had returned from the divine Realm?

She hurriedly cast out her sense. Although her talent was high, she was only twenty some years old and her cultivation was limited. Moreover, in this martial arts meeting there were many masters present, all of them sending out different auras that could hinder one's senses. With Lin Xiaoge's strength, wanting to find someone in this arena among tens of thousands of people wasn't easy at all.


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