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Martial World - Chapter 1384


Chapter 1384

Chapter 1384 - Child of the Dragon




’’Lin Ming, come with me.’’

The Dragon Sovereign waved his hand and a beam of light wrapped around Lin Ming, instantly causing the both of them to disappear. Lin Ming felt space around him twist about and in the next moment he had arrived in a completely separate space.

This space was extremely vast and broad. The area where Lin Ming was standing was a desolate and bleak land.

The brown and ashen land was endless. Broken rocks littered the ground, without the least bit of life anywhere. Occasionally, massive bones thrust out from gaps in the earth. It was unknown just what sort of creature had left behind these giant bones, but as these bones were half exposed to the air they resembled broken halberds that pointed towards the skies.

The skies were also empty, without any clouds at all. There were no stars or other celestial bodies and the heaven and earth origin energy was very thin.

In the vast distance, Lin Ming could even see certain areas of space collapse, crashing apart into turbulent space flows before returning to normal. Besides that, this world was without the tiniest sound;it was utterly silent!

’’The space here naturally collapses on its own;this is proof that the space here has reached an extremely fragile point.’’

Lin Ming thought to himself. This sort of world seemed like the moment in stories when vast dimensions were on the verge of annihilation. All life would cease to exist and space would become extremely unstable.

Great dimensions also had their own life cycle. After many hundreds of millions or even billions of years, everything would collapse before returning to nihility.

’’This place is...’’ Lin Ming began to ask the Dragon Sovereign.

’’This is my inner world.’’ The Dragon Sovereign indifferently replied, as if this didn't matter at all.

Lin Ming's heart skipped a beat.

Inner world!

The Dragon Sovereign's inner world had already reached this degree of decay?

Although this inner world was incomparably vast, countless times greater than Lin Ming's own, it was hanging on the thread of destruction, without the least bit of life!

If this continued, then perhaps in just several tens of thousands of years, this entire inner world would collapse into nothing!

At that time, the Dragon Sovereign himself would likely perish, forever gone from this world.

’’Lord Dragon Sovereign, you...’’

Lin Ming didn't know what to say. He only felt a dark discomfort in his heart. A legendary character like the Dragon Sovereign, a being who was able to stand side-by-side with Empyrean Primordius as brothers in arms, was likely to be an outstanding character amongst all God Beasts.

Even so, such a grand existence would end up with such a pitiful fate, his life force slowly grinding to a halt until he exhausted himself and died.

’’It doesn't matter.’’

The Dragon Sovereign's expression was calm and peaceful;he had long ago accepted his fate.

’’My life should have ended 100,000 years ago. It was only that at that time, Primordius used a great array to forcefully extract blood vitality and essence energy of the world to restore the strength I was losing to the dragon trapping cables, barely allowing me to maintain a feeble existence for all of these years. Life and death, those are things I have long since come to terms with.’’

As the Dragon Sovereign spoke, he shook his head as if he were remembering that great war 100,000 years ago. In terms of strength, the Dragon Sovereign was naturally inferior to Empyrean Primordius. Underneath the combined assault of several extreme Empyrean masters, it would be extremely difficult for him to survive! Back during that great war he had already believed that he would die in the chaos. For him to live for all these extra years was already more than enough.

Lin Ming silently paid tribute in his heart. In a sense, in that war 100,000 years ago, Empyrean Primordius and the Dragon Sovereign should have known the general direction of their fates. If they sacrificed the interests of the world and only cared for their own lives they could have given up the Demon Bead. Although the Demon Bead was precious, it was still inferior to one's own life.

And after giving up the Demon Bead, the saint race naturally wouldn't have continued to pay such a great price to attack Primordius and the Dragon Sovereign. But even so, the two of them had refused to do so. If one had to look for a reason, then it was likely because they didn't wish for the Demon Bead to enter the hands of the saint race.

This would cause the great calamity of humanity to become even more impossible to overcome.

Lin Ming couldn't help but ask, ’’Lord Dragon Sovereign, is the Grandmist Spirit Bead now with the saints?’’


The Dragon Sovereign nodded.

’’However... you once said that even if a True divinity powerhouse wished to tear open the God Lamenting Wall of the 33 Heavens, they would have to use up a massive amount of their life source and even have their cultivation steeply drop for several tens of thousands of years. If so, then after the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign tore apart the God Lamenting Wall in the past to send Empyrean powerhouses of his race into the divine Realm, the channel should have closed up. How could those Empyreans have brought the Grandmist Spirit Bead back?’’

The Dragon Sovereign shook his head, ’’The saint race possesses more than one True divinity! But, these True divinities often do not have peaceful relations with each other, thus I have no idea how their relations are. Moreover, the Grandmist Spirit Bead itself has a certain function to pass through the barriers of the God Lamenting Wall, so the price of returning should be much less.’’

’’So that's how it is!’’

Lin Ming was suddenly aware. divine heavenly tools like the Magic Cube and Demon Bead were the condensed form of the universe's fundamental aspects. It was reasonable that they would be able to ignore the rules of the 33 Layered Heavens.

The Magic Cube definitely had such a function. When Lin Ming was in Carefree Island and had gone to the Red Desolate Mystic Realm, that Red Desolate Mystic Realm also forbade the entrance of anyone above the divine Sea realm. By all reasoning, Mo Eversnow had already awakened and her strength had reached the divine Lord realm, thus she shouldn't have been able to enter. But, she did manage to enter and that was because she had hidden herself away in the Magic Cube space where she didn't receive any hindrance from the God Lamenting Wall at all.

If the Magic Cube had such a function then it wouldn't be strange if the Demon Bead shared it too.

Thinking of this, Lin Ming felt his heart stir. If so, then perhaps by relying on this he could find methods to enter the other universes.

The Dragon Sovereign continued to say, ’’To lose the Grandmist Spirit Bead is the greatest regret and guilt in Primordius' life. In the past, Primordius and Heavenly Empress Xuanqing wanted to use the Grandmist Spirit Bead as the foundation to create their own Samsara Heavenly Dao, creating a paradisiacal pure lands that existed independently from the 33 Layered Heavens. They wanted to rely on this Samsara Heavenly Dao to unravel the secrets to eternal life, in hopes that when their lives came to an end they would be reincarnated with perfect memories of their previous lives and bypass the amnesia of the womb. Unfortunately, they ultimately failed.’’

Eternal life was the perpetual and greatest pursuit of all supreme elders in the divine Realm. No one wished to return to dust, and even Empyrean Primordius wasn't an exception to this. The reason he wanted to establish the Samsara Heavenly Dao was to seek out the method to eternal life.

’’Empyrean Primordius actually wished to use the Grandmist Spirit Bead as a foundation to establish his own paradisiacal pure lands that could stand side by side with the 33 Layered Heavens...’’ Lin Ming didn't imagine that Empyrean Primordius' aspirations were so high. The 33 Layered Heavens were not ordinary great dimensions. Rather, every Heaven was in itself an endless and boundless universe. To create such a world seemed far too exaggerated.

The Dragon Sovereign seemed to see through Lin Ming's thoughts. He smiled, ’’You probably feel that Primordius was a bit too indulgent in his own whimsical fantasies. But, the truth is that if Primordius was allowed to continue on his road, breaking through into the realm of True divinity and even reaching the peak of True divinity, then perhaps there really might have been a chance of success. This is because the Grandmist Spirit Bead is the condensed 'essence' of a universe, and also the seed of a universe. Empyrean Primordius speculated that the Grandmist Spirit Bead, divine Crystal Magic Cube, and other such divine objects of the heavens and earth are in fact a complete formative state of a universe. Perhaps there should have been 36 Layered Heavens, with universes of 'essence', 'energy', and 'divine', each leading groups of 12 universes. But, because of some unknown reasons, these three universes were unable to successfully grow, finally only condensing into universe seeds. The diviner Crystal Magic Cube and Grandmist Spirit Bead should be these kinds of miraculous existences.’’

As the Dragon Sovereign casually spoke these words, Lin Ming felt his mind wildly shake.

Universe seed? This was the first time he had heard of such a concept. He subconsciously traced his stomach... that small Magic Cube was really the formative state of a universe?

Lin Ming felt this was too incredible to believe. There was a universe within his body?

’’Alright, I brought you here because there is something I wish to give you...’’ As the Dragon Sovereign spoke, Lin Ming felt the earth in front of them suddenly tremble. Countless runes appeared in the void, slowly spreading out in a large array for several miles.

This giant array formation was profound and exquisite, faintly gathering all the nearby heaven and earth origin energy. In the center of this array formation was a giant cocoon formed from crystalline silk threads. The cocoon was translucent, and one could even faintly make out what was occurring within.

Within, one could make out lumps of flesh that were wrapped up together.

’’This is...’’

Lin Ming could feel a vast ocean-like power of blood vitality rushing out from this giant cocoon. There was clearly a living creature within that cocoon, and it seemed to be growing ever so slowly as it absorbed the essence energy of the world.

The cocoon was covered in numerous complex dao patterns, exuding the aura of 10,000 different Heavenly Laws.

It was like an egg, an egg that wrapped a flesh and blood embryo.

In that moment, Lin Ming was already able to faintly guess what it was.

Following that, the Dragon Sovereign's words confirmed Lin Ming's guesses. ’’This is a unhatched dragon. I know that I do not have much time left in this world thus I have been preparing this dragon egg within my inner world. For these past years, I have been fusing all of my life source, blood essence, and blood vitality into this dragon egg, forming a flesh and blood embryo. This egg is now an extension of my life. Soon, in the future, it will hatch, and I do not wish to see it be born into the world of the Eternal Demon Abyss, a land without life or light. Take it, and treat it well, allow it to see the vast mysteries of the endless universes...’’

As the Dragon Sovereign spoke, the countless silk threads that wrapped the dragon egg split apart and the dragon egg came slowly floating towards Lin Ming.

This was a baby God Beast, a true God Beast.

Lin Ming held his breath, his eyes staring unblinkingly at this unhatched dragon egg. Up until now he had never had a true contract beast. Most extreme talents like him were also the same;even Frost Dream and Hang Chi were the same.

It wasn't because contract beasts were useless, but because they couldn't find one that was appropriate.

A God Beast was simply an unthinkable wish. As for other contract beasts, their rate of growth couldn't compare to these peerless geniuses. If the talent of these contract beasts was cast too far off from these extreme geniuses, their function would be greatly reduced.

But now, Lin Ming possessed his own dragon, a true God Beast!

Such a contract beast was something that not even an Empyrean descendant could dream of possessing. This was because there weren't many more God Beasts than Empyreans, and most God Beasts in existence were wild and freely wandering existences that were also incomparably proud and lofty;just which one would lower themselves to work as the contract beast of a human?

Let alone an Empyrean descendant, even an Empyrean wasn't good enough!

Only an extraordinary Empyrean like Empyrean Primordius could possibly have the lucky chance to encounter a God Beast and also to subdue it. But in truth, calling it subjugation was wrong, because Empyrean Primordius and the Black Dragon were brothers in arms to begin with.

In the future, Lin Ming and this young dragon would also have such a relationship.

To be comrades in battle and also friends.

Lin Ming didn't say any words of refusal. He simply allowed this dragon egg to fly into his inner world.

After the dragon egg fell into Lin Ming's inner world, Lin Ming immediately summoned the pure world power within him to fuse into the dragon egg without reserve, nourishing the growth of the baby dragon.

Then, Lin Ming deeply bowed towards the Dragon Sovereign. ’’Lord Dragon Sovereign, rest assured that this junior will treat this child like a true brother!’’

The Dragon Sovereign nodded. ’’You have a startling destiny. If it follows you, it will also be affected by your destiny. I hope that because of this, its future growth will be even better...’’


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