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Martial World - Chapter 1383


Chapter 1383

Chapter 1383 - divine Transformation




For a time, the power of blood vitality within Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow began to rapidly increase. Their mortal bodies were also being transformed, reborn!

’’What a pure power of blood, this is wonderful to my body transformation technique!’’

Lin Ming happily thought. His blood energy was still climbing without end and a clear rushing sound echoed out from his body. This was the sound of his blood flowing through him, like a great river swelling past its limits!

All of the power of blood vitality within Lin Ming's body seemed to rush towards the area between his eyebrows, as if it wanted to gush out from him!

At this moment, a divine light shot out from between Lin Ming's eyebrows, cutting straight into the skies. It was like a star was resonating with it!

This star shined down with a cool and exulting light, sprinkling down upon Lin Ming's body. As this star light reflected down upon Lin Ming's body, he felt all of his muscles stretch outwards, the blood surging within him like tidal waves.

However, this sort of resonance only continued for several breaths of time before it was abruptly cut off.

Lin Ming was clear that this was the boundary of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace.

After a few years, Lin Ming finally saw the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace once more. Although he had yet to take a step past the threshold, every time he saw the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace allowed him to become that much more aware of it.

The Nine Stars of the Dao Palace were forbidden by the heavens and Lin Ming didn't expect to make a breakthrough in a single breath.

But in the past, Empyrean Primordius had already crushed his way over the Heavenly Dao rules, taking a firm step into the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. This meant that these rules were not ironclad.

Thus, Lin Ming had absolute confidence that it would only be a matter of time before he too broke through the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace!

Rumble rumble rumble!

The power of blood vitality rapidly grew within his body, causing his inner world to wildly shake.

The boundaries of his inner world were being constantly impacted by energy!

Lin Ming's inner world had reached the precipice of imminent expansion, but now that it was being wildly forced open by this power it actually came bursting apart at the seams!

In that instant, all of the energy contained within his inner world surged out like an unleashed dam, wildly crashing into the boundaries set up in the void of his inner world.

Lin Ming's inner world was soaring, rising!

And at this time, the heaven and earth origin energy within his inner world became more tranquil, drawing ever closer to the real world and reality.

The energy became increasingly strong, forming extremely rich origin energy clouds in the skies of his inner world.

Then, there was origin energy rain!

As this origin energy rain fell to the ground, young sprouts began to emerge from the earth, moistened by this rainwater.

They grew extremely fast, soon turning into ginsengs, snow lotuses, flower roots, lingzhi...

In just several breaths of time, they had grown the same span as in tens of thousands of years!

Moreover, this was not the end. After several more breaths of times, the essence energy within these plants became increasingly rich and intense. All of them began to gain a spiritual wisdom of their own and childlike phantoms evolved from their bodies, parting from the plants as they pranced about and played around in the origin energy rain.

These miracle medicinal herbs were not true plants, but plants formed by heaven and earth origin energy.

Right now, if spiritual plants were to be planted in the soil of Lin Ming's inner world they would be able to grow just like in the real world. If an animal were to enter Lin Ming's inner world they could also breath and survive.

This sort of change in his inner world also meant that Lin Ming had taken the final step from the divine Sea realm into the divine Transformation realm.

’’divine Transformation!’’

Lin Ming's eyes suddenly popped open. In that moment, all of his aura gathered into a current that impacted towards the skies, flushing away all the grandmist energy around him!

Closing up in seclusion within Primordius Heavenly Palace for several years was the longest time Lin Ming had ever gone into seclusion for. Now that his cultivation had reached the divine Transformation realm he found it hard to estimate just what degree his strength had reached. He had to look for a powerhouse to battle in order to truly find out.

’’Lin Ming, congratulations!’’

Mo Eversnow acclaimed from the side.

An ordinary divine Transformation martial artist could already be considered a decent character in the divine Realm. They could ride spirit ships and travel through the limitless void.

As for a divine Transformation martial artist like Lin Ming, he could freely run wild over the entire divine Lord realm. And even though Mo Eversnow couldn't say just how he would fare against a Holy Lord master, she was sure he would at least have the strength to protect himself.

At this point, Lin Ming was a powerful figure in his own right. In the older generation, a Holy Lord was already an incredible existence. In the past, the Palace Master of Phoenix Cry Palace was also at the Holy Lord realm.

A Holy Lord had the ability to start their own sect and even rule over their own area in a central mainland of the divine Realm.

’’And congratulations to you, Senior-apprentice Sister.’’

Lin Ming said, all smiles.

Mo Eversnow's talent was originally that of a monstrous genius. In these past several years, her strength had become unfathomably deep and it was hard to estimate just what level her boundary had reached.

The primal god race's cultivation system was different from that of humanity. Even if they also cultivated the essence gathering Laws, there were still differences between them. Luckily, there were also some primal god race cultivation method jade slips left behind in Empyrean Primordius' ring. Thinking about it, these were likely left behind by Heavenly Empress Xuanqing in the past. With these jade slips helping her, Mo Eversnow's cultivation rate could be said to be flying 10,000 miles in a single day. Lin Ming was absolutely sure that it wouldn't be too long before Mo Eversnow was restored to her peak condition of the past. Then, with an unstoppable momentum she would become a World King and even an Empyrean.

In the upcoming great calamity, she would certainly play an important role.

’’Let's exit!’’



The Primordius Gate opened and both Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow were teleported out of Primordius Heavenly Palace.

Outside, the Dragon Sovereign's phantom and the two gray-clothed old men were waiting for them.

’’Lin Ming greets seniors!’’

Lin Ming respectfully bowed.

And in front of Lin Ming, the two gray-clothed old men hurriedly helped Lin Ming up. They quickly said, ’’We definitely cannot accept such a gesture from you. If you wish to bow, then you only need bow to Lord Dragon Sovereign. As for us, the most we can be considered as are your worthless and foolish senior-apprentice brothers.’’

The two old men gazed at Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow, their complexions filled with countless emotions. After Lin Ming had inherited the legacy of Empyrean Primordius, even calling him the young master of Primordius Heavenly Palace was an understatement.

Their two statuses were naturally under Lin Ming. As for the Black Dragon, from beginning to end, he was Lin Ming's true Elder.

Several years ago when Lin Ming first entered Primordius Heavenly Palace, they never imagined he would perfectly inherit Empyrean Primordius' legacy.

According to any logical reasoning, Empyrean Primordius had left behind such a difficult test in the lower realms that it should be nearly impossible for anyone to pass it and thus no one should have been able to inherit his legacy. However, destiny had a way of playing tricks on all expectations. In this far off lower realms world there was actually someone able to perfectly inherit the legacy of Empyrean Primordius, as if everything done was guided by the hand of fate.

Lin Ming politely bowed towards the Dragon Sovereign, ’’Lord Dragon Sovereign, this junior has been lost in an absorbed state within Primordius Heavenly Palace for a long period with no sense of time. This junior would like to inquire, just how long was I within Primordius Heavenly Palace?’’

The Black Dragon Sovereign's phantom faintly smiled, saying, ’’It's already been four years and three months!’’

’’Over four years...’’

Lin Ming was secretly dumbfounded. Really, it was true when they said training passed without sense of time. In Primordius Heavenly Palace he would often meditate for several months, and after meditating several times, four years had quietly passed just like that.

’’Lord Dragon Sovereign, this junior also has another question to ask.’’

’’Then ask.’’

’’This junior would like to know whether or not Senior Empyrean Primordius died in repose. This junior saw that there was a skeleton sitting within Primordius Heavenly Palace that bears some similarities to Senior Empyrean Primordius' remains. However, there were many questionable aspects to this. This junior doesn't believe that Senior Empyrean Primordius' body would fade away like that in just 100,000 years of time.’’

As Empyrean Primordius' fate was spoken of, the Dragon Sovereign let out a long and deep sigh. ’’Whether or not Primordius lived or died is something that even I am not sure of. In the past, after his preparations were completed, he had become a lamp without any oil. At the end he entered Primordius Heavenly Palace for one last closed door seclusion. Like that, 10,000 years passed. Afterwards, I transformed into a phantom to enter Primordius Heavenly Palace and I too saw the skeleton atop the throne. Perhaps Primordius really died... or perhaps there was some other possibility.’’

’’That is...’’ Lin Ming felt this was too incredulous. If Empyrean Primordius had truly passed his life or death closed door seclusion then he should have left Primordius Heavenly Palace;it was impossible that the Dragon Sovereign and the others wouldn't know of this. Had Empyrean Primordius really died here?

’’Senior Dragon Sovereign, this junior also has a question about the war 100,000 years ago. Senior Dragon Sovereign mentioned that the Immortal Emperor of the saint race also participated in this war. Such a character should have been a peerless powerhouse of the saint race, so how was he able to pass the God Lamenting Wall?’’

The Dragon Sovereign said, ’’To think that you would even know of the God Lamenting Wall... it is true that the higher your cultivation, the more difficult it is to pass the God Lamenting Wall. However, there are exceptions to all rules. If your cultivation is high enough then it is possible to break through these rules to a certain degree. For instance, if a True divinity level powerhouse were to pay an incomparably painful and overwhelming price, they could tear open the God Lamenting Wall!

’’The God Lamenting Wall is like the tide: sometimes it is strong and sometimes it is weak. In the samsara 100,000 years ago, a True divinity powerhouse chose an extremely weak period of the God Lamenting Wall and then temporarily ripped open a hole. The price of that was a massive amount of their blood essence as well as their life source. Moreover, for the next several tens of thousands of years, their cultivation would drop to that of an ordinary Empyrean. In the past, the one to tear open the God Lamenting Wall was likely the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign of the saint race. He received a deep wound in order to tear open the God Lamenting Wall and is likely still convalescing.’’

’’Good Fortune Saint Sovereign... True divinity powerhouse?’’

Lin Ming's mind shook. Besides Empyrean divine Seal of the past, this was the second True divinity powerhouse he had heard of.

’’Enough. You have already perfectly inherited the legacy of Primordius. My mission - our mission - can now be considered complete. We can also pass away in peace.’’

As the Dragon Sovereign spoke, a desolate light glinted in his eyes.

Lin Ming was stunned, ’’Senior, are you absolutely unable to break free from these dragon trapping cables?’’

’’I cannot.’’ The Dragon Sovereign shook his head, ’’And let alone me, not even they are able to leave here.’’

The Dragon Sovereign pointed at the two gray-clothed old men. ’’In that war 100,000 years ago, they both had their life source injured by the God Curse Art. In the Eternal Demon Abyss with the protection of the enchantment that Primordius left behind they can still survive, but once they leave the Eternal Demon Abyss and are exposed to the remains of the God Curse Art, their bodies will melt into a puddle of goo.’’

Lin Ming's heart skipped a beat. Such a destiny was far, far too lonely and bleak. ’’Seniors, this junior swears that one day, when I break through the Empyrean realm, I will definitely return here and erase this cursed seal for you!’’

Lin Ming had immediately made an oath that relied on him becoming an Empyrean, but no one here found him to be arrogant. Rather, it seemed natural.

The Dragon Sovereign smiled, saying, ’’It's good that you have such kind intentions. Before you leave, I also have something important I must give you. Make sure that you treat it well.’’

Lin Ming immediately agreed. ’’Senior, please rest assured that junior will definitely accomplish it.’’


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