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Martial World - Chapter 1382


Chapter 1382

Chapter 1382 - Essence




’’Lin Ming, have you already accepted the complete inheritance of Empyrean Primordius?’’

Mo Eversnow looked over Lin Ming. Currently, Lin Ming's cultivation was ready to enter the divine Transformation realm at any moment. In terms of cultivation methods, martial skills, Laws, or foundation, everything was perfection. He could be said to have reached the pinnacle of the divine Sea realm.

’’Yes, but I have only obtained the inheritance. I am far from being able to fully comprehend it yet.’’

When Lin Ming had studied the Primordius Gate, he had comprehended many things about the Grandmist Heavenly Dao. But, to truly understand the Primordius martial intent wasn't something that could be accomplished overnight.

’’Not just that, but I have also inherited the Primordius Heavenly Palace that was left behind by Empyrean Primordius. As long as the Primordius Heavenly Palace has enough energy, no one beneath an Empyrean level powerhouse will be able to break through its defenses. Moreover, there are inherent space and time array formations within it that could be used to adjust its size or to change the flow of time within. It can even be used as a spirit ship to travel through the void.’’


Mo Eversnow was overjoyed to hear this. With the Primordius Heavenly Palace in his hands, Lin Ming's chances of surviving through dangers would be greatly increased. ’’This help has come at the right time. Even if we encounter Tian Mingzi after returning to the divine Realm we should still have the ability to survive.’’

’’Yes, but Tian Mingzi should have already escaped by now. The Skydark Holy Lands has probably been abandoned by him.’’

Lin Ming didn't hold on to any hopes that Tian Mingzi would kindly wait there for his own death. During this following period of time he would likely fully commit himself to the saint race and try to use their support to make a comeback before taking his revenge.

’’Mm, Tian Mingzi has suffered great losses this time. Not only has he lost his Skydark Holy Lands but he even severed his own hand and lost a wisp of his soul. This will be greatly influential to his future achievements. I have a deep understanding towards this man;if he has a grudge he will definitely try to return it 10 times over. We must be as careful as possible. Even with Primordius Heavenly Palace protecting you, you still shouldn't give Tian Mingzi any openings at all. After we return to the divine Realm you should temporarily stay in an Empyrean Holy Land and close up in cultivation for several years. When your divine Dream Law's appearance changing technique reaches a high enough proficiency that you can change the aura of your soul then you will be safe to go out once more. Otherwise, not only will Tian Mingzi be hunting you down but even the entire saint race will do so. They will kill any human who can grow to threaten their plans.’’

’’That's a good plan. Yes, Senior-apprentice Sister, I don't plan to return to the divine Realm for some time. I haven't fully comprehended the inheritance of Empyrean Primordius so I would like to stay in the lower realms for some years until I break through to the divine Transformation realm. My accumulations have already reached a sufficient level. Without accident, Dragon Fang, Jun Bluemoon, Hang Chi, and the others should also be preparing to break into the divine Transformation realm right now.’’

The heroic young elites at the top of this First Martial Meeting were all peerless proud children of the heavens. Their future growth wouldn't be much slower than Lin Ming's.

According to Empyrean divine Dream's speculations, these youths would likely all be important characters in the upcoming great calamity.

’’That is also good.’’

Mo Eversnow nodded. What Lin Ming lacked the most now was time. His current cultivation was far too weak in comparison to his talent. In the upcoming great calamity, if the saint race were to make their move now then that would be the same as pushing Lin Ming to the top of the storm without him being ready.

At this critical juncture, it was far too dangerous for him to go out and adventure until he had the means to protect himself.

Closing up in cultivation and saving up his strength was the best method right now.

’’Senior-apprentice Sister, come with me.’’

As Lin Ming spoke, he tugged on Mo Eversnow's sleeves. A white light flashed and the two of them were immediately teleported to Empyrean Primordius' private training grounds.

This training area was sealed up by the Primordius Gate. There was an endless amount of heaven and earth origin energy inside, and not just that, but a massive amount of grandmist energy was gathered within. This grandmist energy was a uniquely priceless treasure.

With the universe having evolved to the present, there was nearly no grandmist energy left in the world. If it weren't for the inheritance left behind by Empyrean Primordius, Lin Ming wouldn't have been able to find any grandmist energy even if he had the ability to refine it.

’’What a treasure trove!’’

Mo Eversnow praised out loud. This was a training area that an Empyrean had established with great care and effort;the effect it would have on one's cultivation could be imagined.

Lin Ming took out the Primordius Ring that Empyrean Primordius had left behind and extracted everything from inside.

A massive number of pills and jade slips suddenly filled the room.

Of the jade slips, most of them were cultivation methods and inheritances that Empyrean Primordius had accidently obtained. Even so, a cultivation method that Empyrean Primordius would deign to keep was definitely a peak treasure. It was something that even a World King Holy Land would treat as a legacy treasure.

In addition to this, there were many jade slips that contained Empyrean Primordius' own cultivation experiences.

The value of cultivation experiences recorded by an Empyrean could be imagined. If these treasures were to fall into the martial arts world, they would definitely be treasures that would raise a sea of blood and war.

Now, Lin Ming had taken all of these things out and was beginning to perceive and study them with Mo Eversnow.

From this day onwards, the two of them began to live a life secluded from the world.

The two of them had already warded off physical needs. By relying on absorbing heaven and earth origin energy alone, they could make up for any energy they consumed. Thus, for nearly 24 hours a day, the two of them were in constant cultivation.

These days were boring and dry, repeated day after day. A mortal would have long gone crazy.

But, this was something a martial artist was already used to. To walk down the road of martial arts meant to live a lonely and desolate life. If one wished to look down at the heavens and earth with disdain, they would have to hold the mindset of suffering in silence just like Empyrean Primordius had said.

In Primordius Heavenly Palace there was nothing to differentiate day and night. Sometimes Lin Ming would perceive the Primordius stone tablet and practice the Primordius martial intent. Sometimes Lin Ming would look through and study the cultivation experience jade slips that Empyrean Primordius had left behind, slowly practicing and making his way through them.

As for Mo Eversnow, she spent most of her time cultivating and some of her time furthering her alchemy skills.

Mo Eversnow's alchemical technique was originally at the rank of a grand master. Without her mortal body, her alchemy skills had been greatly restrained, but now that she had obtained the body of the goddess, using her primal god powers to practice alchemy was even easier than before.

Practicing alchemy always took some time and delayed one's cultivation a little. But, in the future as Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow's cultivations rapidly rose they would need all sorts of high quality pills.

This was especially true for Lin Ming, who practiced the body transformation technique. He would never lack a want for pills and thus had to have someone skilled in alchemy supporting him.

Time passed without end. The jade slips that Empyrean Primordius had left behind were all-encompassing and recorded countless Laws and experiences. If the average man were to look through just one of these jade slips it would still be impossible for them to do so in their lifetime. But, with Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow's perception they were able to slowly look through all of these jade slips.

Although they hadn't completely digested these comprehensions yet, this knowledge had become seeds within Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow's bodies. In the future when they reached a high enough boundary, these comprehensions would germinate and grow into a towering tree.

’’Senior-apprentice Sister, this is the Grandmist Spirit Bead essence left behind by Senior Empyrean Primordius. We can divide a little bit of it between us to make a breakthrough and after that, we can return to the divine Realm.’’

Lin Ming took out a round black bead. This was 100 million years of condensed essence from the Grandmist Spirit Bead;it would be extremely difficult to divide a portion of it. But, with the Grandmist Heavenly Dao, a portion of the origin energy could be split off and then absorbed by Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow.

Mo Eversnow wouldn't be polite or refuse Lin Ming. Her body was of the primal god race and she could now cultivate essence, energy, and divine: she also needed the essence of the Grandmist Spirit Bead.

The two of them sat down, face to face. The Grandmist Spirit Bead floated between them. Atop this ancient bead, the surface was covered with all sorts of magical runes and patterns.

Lin Ming began to revolve the Grandmist Laws, slowly pulling out the essence from the black bead. In the air, this essence gathered into two great currents. Even so, this was only 10% of the black bead's essence.

This essence divided into two, separately flying towards Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow.

For a time, an incredibly tyrannical and wild aura exuded from these black currents. These currents didn't seem like the condensed essence of the Grandmist Spirit Bead, but seemed like the body of catastrophic desolate pythons!

Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow were both as calm as mountains, allowing these two streams of essence energy to drift towards them.

The position that these two currents of essence energy entered their bodies at was their hearts.

As the essence energy current approached his heart, Lin Ming could feel his heart begin to rapidly beat, every beat seeming as if it wanted to pump out all the blood from his body. A massive blood pressure pushed against Lin Ming's blood vessels, turning his skin bright red and making his body extremely dry and hot.

Mo Eversnow was also in a similar state.

Hu - !

As this essence energy entered Lin Ming's body, it gathered in his meridians. In that moment, Lin Ming's entire body shook as his blood streams roiled with excitement.

The power of blood vitality was originally a burning hot force just like fire. Lin Ming could feel the blood essence gathering within his body because of this energy, wildly circulating about, making him increasingly hot like a volcano on the verge of eruption. All of that thick magma was focused in Lin Ming's blood vessels as if it had replaced his flowing blood.

Beside Lin Ming, Mo Eversnow's face was also extremely red, her body dripping with fresh sweat.

In a trance, Lin Ming could feel countless complex and strange scenes run through his mind. These images were all phantoms of extremely powerful ancient existences.

There were Demon Gods, Buddhas, saints, all of them mixed up in utter chaos. But, most of these existences were God Beasts. Among these God Beasts were Dragons, Rocs, Kirins, Black Tortoises, Grand Basilisks, and so forth!

These phantoms were...

Lin Ming was stunned. From these many phantoms, Lin Ming could feel an extremely chaotic aura, and this aura was similar to the essence he had just absorbed!

Could it be...

Lin Ming suddenly became aware that the gray current he absorbed was in truth the condensed flesh and blood essence of numerous God Beasts gathered by the Grandmist Spirit Bead!

Of course, it was likely impossible for the past holder of the Grandmist Spirit Bead to have killed so many God Beasts. The most likely scenario was that they had taken parts of the God Beasts and then absorbed them with the Grandmist Spirit Bead, condensing their essence together.

Even so, this was more than amazing!

With all of this essence energy accumulated over time, the quality surpassed imagination.

After swallowing this flesh and blood essence, Lin Ming could feel it wildly surge within his body. The many chaotic auras within this flesh and blood essence turned wild, running rampant like enemies on an ancient battlefield. They all began to compete in devouring each other, including even Lin Ming's own essence.

This mindless flesh and blood essence actually had an instinct to devour;it wanted to assimilate Lin Ming.

Lin Ming coldly snorted as he revolved the Grandmist Laws.

The Grandmist Laws represented the extreme limit of 'essence', one of the three aspects of the universe's essence, energy, and divine. Once it began to revolve, how could mindless instinct possibly hope to resist it?

Soon, all of this flesh and blood essence was absorbed by Lin Ming!

And beside Lin Ming, although Mo Eversnow didn't understand the grandmist laws, she began to revolve the power of divinity within her body. The primal god race were the favored children of the heavens, and their bodies were amongst the most formidable in existence. Mo Eversnow forcefully used the power of divinity to suppress the wild and chaotic instinct of the flesh and blood essence as she absorbed it.


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