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Martial World - Chapter 1381


Chapter 1381

Chapter 1381 - Transforming the divine Palace




Lin Ming carefully picked up the Demon Bead. This Demon Bead was only the size of a baby's fist but it was as heavy as a mountain.

This Demon Bead contained essence energy, at least 10 times greater than the Demon Bead he had found before!

Originally, this was not a Demon Bead replica, but a Demon Bead formed from the condensed blood vitality of 100 million years using the true Demon Bead.

The Magic Cube could absorb souls and purify the soul fragments. Correspondingly, the Demon Bead should be able to absorb flesh and blood essence energy to form the most essential source of blood vitality.

’’Junior, this bead contains a nearly infinite blood vitality. It is a supreme treasure to all body transformation martial artists. Today, I pass this on to you. You must use it cautiously and wisely;do not surpass the bearing limits of your body. In addition, within the Primordius ring I left behind there are many pills and spirit treasures, as well as the total accumulated knowledge and cultivation attainments in my 10 million years of life. Today, everything will be imparted to you. You must uphold my final will. When the great calamity of humanity arrives, you must contribute your own power to the effort. To lose the Grandmist Spirit Bead is the greatest mistake of my life. In there is ever a day where it is possible, you must retake the Grandmist Spirit Bead and return it to the human race, and seek a paradise pure lands for the orphaned god race.’’

Empyrean Primordius' words carried with them a thick sense of desolation. Although these words were the unfulfilled wishes he desired his successor to one day accomplish, Empyrean Primordius had likely merely said these words to psychologically comfort himself.

In truth, he didn't think that there would be anyone able to retake the Grandmist Spirit Bead. This was simply far, far too difficult, a mission that required making an entire major race an enemy. Moreover, the strength of the saints surpassed that of humanity!

Not even Empyrean Primordius had this ability.

As Empyrean Primordius' words were finished, at this time, the Primordius Gate began to wildly shake. In that moment, all of the grandmist energy that flooded the space within the Primordius Bell and outside the Primordius Bell began to flood this temple space.

The Primordius Bell was received into the temple where it hung high above in the center!

The enchantment all around the temple vanished. Lin Ming felt his vision instantly expand and he discovered that he had arrived in a massive divine Palace.

This divine Palace was thousands of feet tall, carrying with it a magnificent atmosphere and was emblazoned all over in gold and jade green.

Taking in a wider view, Lin Ming discovered that this hall was completely formed by violet sun crystals. Moreover, it seemed carved from a single massive piece of violet sun crystal.

Violet sun crystals were less valuable than nine sun jades, but they were also precious in their own right.

In the past, when Lin Ming went underneath Immemorial Imperial Palace, he had seen the divine Seal Grand Array laid down by Empyrean divine Seal. It was formed with countless violet sun crystals in order to write a single 'seal' character.

Currently, the violet sun crystals that formed Primordius divine Palace were far less.

Not only was the main structure of the divine Palace formed by violet sun crystals, but there were likely many other valuables inside that were extraordinary treasures.

Not just that, but on the divine Palace walls, there were many murals engraved within them. These murals should have been the handiwork of Empyrean Primordius, and all of them contained the aura of the Primal Chaos Laws. Although they looked casually displayed about, if one observed and studied them closely enough, there would be significant gains.

If a young genius with high perception were to be enlightened from these murals, it wouldn't be strange for them to make a sudden breakthrough in boundaries.

If any one of these murals were casually hung within a Great World King Holy Land, it would be an inestimable treasure that would be taken as one of the greatest inheritances.

Besides these murals and ornaments, behind the divine Palace, there was a medicine garden. After 100,000 years, most of the plants within this medicine garden had reached the stage of maturity. These miraculous medicinal plants emitted fresh fragrances that refreshed the heart. If one just smelled these medicinal plants, they would feel invigorated. If a mortal were to breathe in this immortal fragrance, not only would it extend their life but it would broaden their minds. In some novels, there were stories of poor scholars that sucked in a breath of fragrance as they were searching for immortal treasures, and thus that smell awoke their minds, allowing them to become the number one scholar of the land.

’’This divine Palace... is truly a priceless treasure. It should be where Empyrean Primordius lived in the past!’’

Lin Ming suddenly had this thought. In this divine Palace he could see footprints left behind by Empyrean Primordius from the past. All of these ornaments and furnishings were presumably arranged according to Empyrean Primordius' preferences.

Lin Ming was currently standing on the highest level hall of the divine Palace. It seemed that the smelting trial Empyrean Primordius had arranged in the past had been within Primordius divine Palace.

When Lin Ming had been in the smelting trial area, because the air was filled with grandmist energy and there were the protection of spells all around, he hadn't been able to clearly see the full picture of Primordius divine Palace.

Now, he was finally able to see its true colors.

’’How luxurious!’’

Lin Ming sighed with emotion.

At this time, Empyrean Primordius' voice sounded out once more. ’’Junior! You may now refine the Primordius Gate. Once you do so, from that point on, this Primordius Heavenly Palace shall be your dwelling! There is an inherent space array formation within, so you may shrink or enlarge it as you please. There are also time formations contained within here that will allow you to control the flow of time. You may even use Primordius Heavenly Palace as a spirit ship to cross the void and journey out! Once you activate the Primordius Heavenly Palace's great array, no one below an Empyrean will be able to break through the shields. Of course, the basis of all this is that you provide Primordius Heavenly Palace with enough energy!’’

Empyrean Primordius' few words left Lin Ming overjoyed.

No one below an Empyrean could break through!

This could be called an opportune act of grace from the heavens. Primordius Heavenly Palace wasn't invincible. After all, once the array formation used up all the available energy, then Lin Ming would even find it hard to leave Primordius Heavenly Palace to escape any troubles. But, this would be able to buy a great deal of time for Lin Ming. He might even have the chance of using Primordius Heavenly Palace to directly break through the void during this time period and escape!

This Primordius Heavenly Palace could even be used as a spirit ship.

Moreover, one didn't need to be a genius to know that this Heavenly Palace was much faster than an ordinary spirit ship! Once it began to undergo great void shifts, only an Empyrean master could hope to keep up with Lin Ming.

And from now on, he would be able to have Primordius Heavenly Palace as his own mansion?

How could Lin Ming not be excited about this? Although he was invincible amongst his age, the difference between him and the older generation was far too great.

He lacked a deep background, unlike Frost Dream, Xiao Moxian, and others like them. They had Empyrean level powerhouses to act as a deterrence for them and they often had the protection of Great World King level powerhouses.

This was one of Lin Ming's most fatal weaknesses. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been chased by Tian Mingzi to such an extent.

But now, with Primordius Heavenly Palace under his control, everything was different. From now on Lin Ming didn't need to have scruples. Even if he were to encounter Tian Mingzi's true self, he wouldn't need to fear him.

As Lin Ming cast out his senses, he discovered that the Primordius Gate he had been watching all this time was in front of him. It was the main entrance to this grand hall.

And this great hall should also be where Empyrean Primordius closed up to cultivate in the past.

The most important room to a martial artist was not the bedroom, reception room, or meeting room, but rather their own cultivation area. Empyrean Primordius' cultivation area used the Primordius Gate as an entrance, and then there were also countless array formations layered all within this hall, flooding it full of grandmist energy. In terms of training areas, this was one of the absolute best. By cultivating here, he would have twice the results with half the effort!

Lin Ming left the room and turned towards the Primordius Gate. This simple-looking gate was placed right in front of the Primordius Bell, like an immortal monument.

Facing this divine object that contained countless mysteries and was also forged by Empyrean Primordius himself, Lin Ming didn't dare to be the least bit lacking in confidence.

He happily said, ’’Primordius Heavenly Palace, Primordius Gate, from this moment on, you shall accompany me! Today I am small and weak, and will find shelter in you. But in the future, when I rise to fame, you will shine in brilliance because of me!

’’Primordius Gate, receive!’’

Lin Ming generously cut open his wrist and sprinkled out a touch of blood essence!

To use his own source blood essence to imprint upon the Primordius Gate, only such a method was the most reliable and wouldn't allow his mark to be forcibly wiped away by others.

Omm ~

The Primordius Gate began to shake, and the entire Primordius Heavenly Palace followed suit in vibrating.

Refining the Primordius Gate wasn't easy or simple at all. If a normal martial artist were to come here, it would be impossible for them to do so. Even if Tian Mingzi's true self were to arrive here, he still wouldn't possess the ability to refine the Primordius Gate.

However, Lin Ming had already obtained the approval of Empyrean Primordius and he was also skilled in the Grandmist Heavenly Dao. Only someone like him could leave behind his mark on the Primordius Gate.

The burning hot blood essence fell onto the traces of the Great Dao Laws upon the Primordius Gate, circulating around it until it eventually carved itself into the pattern of a red lotus.

At this point, Lin Ming's mind melded together with Primordius Heavenly Palace. It was like Primordius Heavenly Palace had become an extension of Lin Ming's body. Every spell, every array formation, every rule and prohibition, he became aware of all of that.

Lin Ming was also able to clearly see through every corner of Primordius Heavenly Palace.

And at this time, Lin Ming also saw Mo Eversnow.

She was actually isolated in a closed and separated hall, unable to leave.

It had to be known that Mo Eversnow had stayed here for three straight years!

In such a long period of time, the average mortal would have already gone crazy. But from beginning until end, Mo Eversnow's mind had been as calm and tranquil as a placid lake.

After Lin Ming was covered by the Primordius Bell, there had been no news from him. Mo Eversnow had been a little worried, but she also had absolute faith in Lin Ming. In her opinion, if Lin Ming couldn't complete Empyrean Primordius' test, then there would be no one that could possibly inherit his legacy. Even if this inheritance waited another 3.6 billion years for another great calamity, it still would never be passed on.

Thus, for these three years, Mo Eversnow had been at ease and calmly cultivating in the meantime. This sort of waiting required a tremendous amount of patience, and Mo Eversnow had never been hurried or anxious during this time period. She believed that the more time passed, the greater Lin Ming's gains would be from Empyrean Primordius' test. Perhaps when Lin Ming finally exited, she might no longer be his match.

Mo Eversnow didn't wish to be left behind by Lin Ming's progress. Otherwise, if he were to encounter some life-threatening danger, she would only be able to watch from the sidelines without being able to help. For instance, when Tian Mingzi first chased after them she had only been able to watch helplessly on as Lin Ming burnt over half his blood essence, to the point where he also exhausted his life potential and nearly died.

Mo Eversnow did not wish for such a situation to ever occur again.

So, for these last three years, Mo Eversnow had been diligently cultivating, slowly melding together her soul with the goddess' mortal body even as she simultaneously improved her cultivation.

Mo Eversnow originally had a half-step World King cultivation. Now, with the goddess' mortal body, her cultivation progress could be described as walking 10,000 miles in a single day!

Just as Mo Eversnow was deeply concentrating, she felt the space in front of her suddenly distort. In the next moment, Lin Ming stepped out into the hall as if he had teleported there.

’’Lin Ming!’’

Mo Eversnow was shocked for a brief moment before immediately being overjoyed.

Although her mentality had been wonderful for these past three years, she still couldn't help but look forwards to Lin Ming reappearing. Now, Lin Ming had returned, and not only was he safe and sound but his strength had clearly risen a great deal!

This was truly a matter worthy of celebrating.

’’Senior-apprentice Sister, I've had you wait a long time.’’ Lin Ming guiltily said. When he first accepted Empyrean Primordius' test, that had also caused Mo Eversnow to go into seclusion herself for three years. He simply hadn't thought that such a matter would occur.

’’There is no harm, I can cultivate wherever I am. Usually when I close up for training, it isn't strange for me to do so for 10 years at a time.’’


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