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Martial World - Chapter 1379


Chapter 1379

Chapter 1379 - Three Years




Within Empyrean Primordius' smelting trial, if one's strength was lacking, they wouldn't be able to withstand the great pressure and would be eliminated.

If one's will and perseverance were insufficient, they wouldn't be able to withstand the debilitating despair that accompanied this pressure, making them unable to last until the traces of the Great Dao started to appear.

If one's will was sufficient, but their perception wasn't enough, they wouldn't be able to comprehend the mysteries of the chaos stone, let alone use the profound power of Laws contained within the chaos stone to resist the pressure of the Primordius Bell.

If one wished to pass this test, strength, will, and perception were all necessary!

Time passed day by day. Lin Ming didn't feel the passage of time as he constantly furthered his comprehensions, refining his understandings over time. Even so, during this time, the pressure within the Primordius Bell grew greater and greater every day.

But, the impact of the grandmist energy was resolved by Lin Ming's understandings of the Primordius Gate.

In this endless process of struggling, Lin Ming's comprehensions into the Chaos Laws grew increasingly deep.

Then, half a year passed...

Outside of Primordius Palace, the two thin old men waited still for half a year without taking a single step.

’’Half a year! What Lord Dragon Sovereign said is true, this Lin Ming was truly able to persist for half a year. It seems he'll be able to stay for a much longer time.’’

’’In accordance with the test established by Honorable Master in the past, lasting three months is already enough to enter the sect. As for half a year, that is considered an outstanding result.’’

’’I have no idea just what Lin Ming's situation is within the Primordius Bell. It's impossible for us to probe what is occurring inside.’’

The tests that Empyrean Primordius left behind in the past were extremely harsh in their requirements, but wanting to inherit a part of his legacy wasn't difficult.

However, to perfectly obtain his inheritance, that was as difficult as ascending to heaven.

This wasn't because Empyrean Primordius was purposefully making things hard for others, but because the requirements to cultivate the Primordius martial intent were extremely high.

Depending on what the degree of completion was, Empyrean Primordius intended to pass down a corresponding level of the Primordius martial intent. If one lacked the ability to pass the test, then passing them any greater part of the inheritance was pointless.

’’Half a year has passed and lasting for another half year shouldn't be a problem. But, after a year is another greater ridge. Just how far Lin Ming can continue going forwards will depend on his good fortune and ability.’’

As the two old men spoke, the Dragon Sovereign's deep voice echoed outwards.

One year passed, just as stated.

On this day, the Primordius Bell that covered over Lin Ming began to faintly tremble. This sort of trembling caused the grandmist energy to stir about.

Placed within it, Lin Ming could feel the grandmist energy surge around him. The pressure suddenly increased!

Originally, the grandmist energy casually existed in the void around Lin Ming;it didn't truly press down on his body. But now was different. This grandmist energy began surging towards Lin Ming's body like a tide, impacting him and causing his flesh and blood to nearly break apart.

Ka ka ka!

A faint cracking noise sounded out from Lin Ming's knees, nearly crushed by the pressure. Even Lin Ming's spiritual sea began setting off with great storms.

Lin Ming's thoughts stirred. The grandmist battle spirit howled out, directly suppressing the storm in his spiritual sea.

Meanwhile, from behind Lin Ming, a black bead slowly rose up, rising above Lin Ming's head and slowly spinning around.

This was the black hole seed that Lin Ming cultivated.

A black hole shared similar traits with grandmist energy. Both reached unimaginably heavy levels and were able to absorb all matter.

With the suppression of the black hole seed, the pressure around Lin Ming drastically lowered.

But at the same time, Lin Ming's consumption of strength massively increased.

’’The traces on the Primordius Gate have changed again.’’

Lin Ming's eyes shined.

He discovered that upon the Primordius Gate, the words and formulas of cultivation method manuals appeared, followed by images. These images illustrated a variety of poses;each pose contained the charm of the Great Dao, with the Laws circulating all about them.

’’This is... Empyrean Primordius' martial arts inheritance!’’

After one year, the Primordius Gate showed not just the Grandmist Heavenly Dao, but had evolved into the martial arts inheritance of Empyrean Primordius!

Lin Ming tamped down the excitement in his heart, impatiently looking everywhere he could. His memory had long ago reached a terrifying degree and he could memorize every image that appeared in just a few breaths of time. And among these images were all sorts complex runes, long seal formulas, heart mantras, all sorts of magnificent moves, and many other things. Even so, Lin Ming was able to instantly remember all of these things, never forgetting them in his life.

Not just that, but Lin Ming's heart formed a preliminary understanding of all of this that would slowly be perfected over time.

Unconsciously, Lin Ming had entered a state of sudden enlightenment, and it was an extremely long period at that.

This sort of state could only be encountered through a stroke of serendipity.

Image after image appeared. The Primordius martial intent was a truly comprehensive martial art.

Lin Ming saw that a blood red lotus flower began to bloom above the Primordius Gate. That scarlet lotus flower contained all sorts of mysteries, making one be fully immersed in its enchanting beauty.

Above the scarlet lotus flower there was the phantom of a Heavenly Demon and a Heavenly God. And in between them, there was an ancient human.

This was the complete Primordius martial intent, with Heavenly Demon, Heavenly God, and Heavenly Mortal combined as one.

Before, what Lin Ming had cultivated was only the Heavenly Demon martial intent.

In truth, the Primordius Gate was the 'jade slip' of the Primordius martial intent. By using some stunning and extraordinary method, he had carved the essence of the Primordius martial intent which represented all of his life's martial arts studies into this top level chaos stone. This sort of method was truly praiseworthy!

Only Empyrean Primordius, whose attainments in the Grandmist Heavenly Dao had reached the pinnacle, could use such an amazing method!

Training passed without a sense of time. Placed within the Primordius Bell, Lin Ming had no idea just how much time passed. The only testimony to the passing of time was the ever-increasing pressure of grandmist energy within the Primordius Bell.

However, Lin Ming himself was constantly strengthening. His understanding of the Grandmist Heavenly Dao also continued to deepen!

No matter how great the pressure of the grandmist energy rose, Lin Ming was like an ancient mountain, solemn and unshakable.

On top of Lin Ming's head, the black hole seed continued to revolve as before. Behind him, the phantom of the Heretical God Tree was faintly visible.

Lin Ming had a fervent desire to study all of the inheritances left behind by Empyrean Primordius. He did not know of the passing years nor did he care about exhaustion!

Unconsciously, his cultivation had already reached the extreme late divine Sea. He was making great strides towards the divine Transformation realm!

divine Sea, divine Transformation, divine Lord, each boundary only had three small boundaries. Combined together, they were considered the Nine divine Shifts.

Lin Ming entered a wholly absorbed state. Without knowing it, the grandmist energy within the Primordius Bell had reached the peak.

Like this, every inch of space within the Primordius Bell was filled with a weight more terrifying than a 100,000 foot tall mountain.

This was like an ordinary mortal being immersed underneath 100,000 feet of mercury;the pressure they had to withstand could be imagined.

Even if Lin Ming had the dual suppression of the Heretical God Tree and the black hole seed, and he was also becoming increasingly skilled in the Grandmist Heavenly Dao, his body began to slowly crack apart underneath this titanic pressure.

Streams of fresh blood began to leak out from all over his body.

Feeling his body breaking apart, Lin Ming didn't have any change in expression. ’’Grandmist energy is the true foundation of the Primordius marital intent. Since it has crushed my body, it might as well truly enter my body!’’

In that moment, Lin Ming made a crazy move. He introduced a wisp of grandmist energy into his body and sealed it within himself!

Heavy matter already created an enormous pressure on a person's body if it was outside. After it entered the body, the destructive force would be increased by 100 times. If a mortal committed suicide by swallowing gold, they would die because the gold was too heavy;they wouldn't be able to digest it and it would eventually penetrate through their stomach lining.

If it weren't for Lin Ming's understanding of the Grandmist Heavenly Dao having reached an extremely high degree, he would never have dared to absorb the slightest wisp of grandmist energy.

Underneath the control of Lin Ming's thoughts, he slowly brought that wisp of grandmist energy into his body.

The moment that the grandmist energy entered his body, he felt as if his meridians and blood vessels had been crushed flat. How could one's flesh and blood possibly resist the gigantic weight of grandmist energy?

Grandmist energy flowed through every inch of Lin Ming's meridians, crushing apart his body.

He didn't care about the pain that spread through his body, instead focusing his every thought into revolving the Grandmist Laws and refining the grandmist energy.

Only when Lin Ming consumed too much energy in his body did he slow down to restore his lost strength, continuing to refine the grandmist energy afterwards.

The process was extremely slow, but, every time he built up a little bit of the grandmist energy the pressure on him would lighten. Like this, he could continue to refine even quicker.

Hard work eventually didn't disappoint those who put in the effort.

After over a dozen days, Lin Ming finally completely refined the first wisp of grandmist energy.

Grandmist energy was one of the three main sources of the universe. Now, Lin Ming had finally obtained it.

In that moment, Lin Ming was extremely excited. Starting from today, his grandmist space was no longer filled with elementary grandmist energy but true grandmist energy.

The difference between a grandmist space with grandmist energy and a grandmist space without grandmist energy was greater than the difference between the clouds and mud. Even someone like Lin Ming, who was skilled in the Grandmist Laws, had to withstand a tremendous amount of pressure throughout from grandmist energy within every inch of the grandmist space. If it were someone else, then the effects could be imagined. Once an enemy entered the grandmist space, they would enter an absolute domain that was within Lin Ming's control. If they wanted to withstand this pressure, it would be impossible for them to display any further combat strength!

Lin Ming pressed down the wild joy in his heart. After he slowly restored some of his used up true essence, he began to gradually absorb the second wisp of grandmist energy.

Every wisp of grandmist energy that was refined required a tremendous amount of effort, pain, patience, and will.

It was like Lin Ming was lost beneath a spell, unaware of exhaustion as he continued to refine.

To him, time had lost all meaning. Lin Ming didn't remember how much time passed, only how many wisps of grandmist energy he refined.

Withstanding the tremendous pain caused by the pressure of the Primordius Bell was also forgotten by him. He had slowly acclimated to the heavy pressure brought by the grandmist energy, even enjoying it a little.

Every wisp of grandmist energy was suppressed to the lowest degree possible. Even so, with so many wisps gathered together, it was still considerable!

’’Three years!’’

Outside of Primordius Palace, the two disciples of Empyrean Primordius, as well as the Dragon Sovereign, were able to clearly recall just how much time had passed since Lin Ming entered Primordius Palace. After one year had passed, every day added another point of happiness to their hearts.

And now, three whole years had passed.

’’It seems that Honorable Master's inheritance has finally found a worthy successor...’’

A gray-clothed old man sighed with emotion, unable to help streams of hot tears from welling up in his eyes. Because of physical reasons, they could only stay in the Eternal Demon Abyss without any hope of leaving. They never imagined that their Primordius legacy would finally have a day where it would reappear in society.


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