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Martial World - Chapter 1377


Chapter 1377

Chapter 1377 - The Gate of Space and Time




The two who arrived were old men wearing gray clothes. Their figures were withered and there didn't seem to be any life in their faces.

However, their auras were formidable like a surging sea, making one feel daunted.

Then, they should have been disciples of Empyrean Primordius in the past.

’’Junior Lin Ming greets two honored seniors!’’

Lin Ming politely bowed. In Lin Ming's opinion, the Eternal Demon Abyss was a land of death. Everyone here should have died in that great war 100,000 years ago;he never imagined there would still be some people living here.

In truth, thinking about it carefully, no matter how frigid that war was 100,000 years ago, there should have been some survivors. Even the saint race had some survivors, much less Empyrean Primordius' followers.

A World King powerhouse could live for millions of years. To survive for 100,000 years in the Eternal Demon Abyss was only a fraction of their lifespan.

These two old men gazed deeply at Lin Ming and also looked at Mo Eversnow. As they saw Mo Eversnow, their expressions were extremely strange.

This was naturally because Mo Eversnow was possessing the body of the goddess.

’’Are two seniors disciples of Senior Primordius?’’ Lin Ming asked.

The two old men didn't reply. Instead, they only said, ’’Come with us.’’

Then, they began flying deep into the Eternal Demon Abyss.

Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow glanced at each other before following suit.

Along the way, the two old men didn't speak, nor did Lin Ming ask another question.

Slowly, Lin Ming could feel a great aura head towards him. The deeper he went, the more he felt that he was approaching an incomparably powerful existence.

Without a doubt, this powerful existence was the Black Dragon.

Lin Ming took a deep breath, his heart filled with awe.

In the past, this was the God Beast that had followed Empyrean Primordius. Just how magnificent was it?

The four people flew for around an hour. Lin Ming continued to hear the deep resonant dragon roar from the depths of the Eternal Demon Abyss, but now it was no longer just a roar. There was also a sound like a large bell being struck, its sound continuously echoing within the Eternal Demon Abyss as if it would last until the end of time.

The darkness gradually parted, and then, Lin Ming finally saw the Eternal Demon Abyss' Black Dragon.

In the current 10,000 to 20,000 mile diameter of the Eternal Demon Abyss, half of this distance was occupied by the massive Black Dragon that extended for thousands of miles. Thousands of miles seemed simple, but when one was truly standing in front of this Black Dragon, only then could one truly understand how huge it was.

It wasn't like a living being at all, but rather a celestial body!

It had to be known that an ordinary small planet only had a diameter of around 10,000 miles.

As Lin Ming flew towards this Black Dragon, he looked like a tiny speck of dust in front of it.

The Black Dragon seemed to be in a deep slumber. Its eyes were closed and it floated in the air. An incomparably horrifying aura was contained within its giant body. It was like all of existence, every living creature in this world, had to be respectful and cautious before this aura. This was the dignity of a God Beast. Once a God Beast's strength erupted, it could even shatter the eternal heavens and smash apart planets and moons.

As Lin Ming flew to the Black Dragon's head that was hundreds of miles wide, he was shocked by what he saw.

He could see that the black dragon's spine, collar bones, wings, and four limbs were all locked down by thick chains. There were nine chains in total, and the chain that Lin Ming had climbed down on was one of these chains.

Not even hundreds of people holding hands could wrap around one of these chains. If one of these chain links were to fall down, it could easily smash apart mountains.

And, these nine iron chains were attached to titanic iron hooks. These iron hooks were hooked deep into the flesh of the Black Dragon, locked into its bones.

Because too much time had passed, these nine iron hooks had already fused together with the flesh and blood of the Black Dragon, becoming one with it. This was a ghastly sight.

This Black Dragon was actually caged here by these nine chains...

As Lin Ming thought of this, he let out a deep breath, an unspeakably heavy feeling weighing on his mind. Such a powerful existence had nine chains penetrated through its body, locking it here for 100,000 years...

’’How could this be...?’’

Lin Ming couldn't help but think.

Beside him, the thin gray-clothed old man said, ’’This is the handiwork of the saint race's Immortal Emperor... he locked down Dragon Sovereign with nine dragon trapping cables. After the war ended, because Honorable Master had burned away 80% of his blood vitality and had also suffered severe wounds, causing his boundary to fall, he was unable to unravel the dragon trapping cables. And, to break through dragon trapping cables with force would only cause the weakened Dragon Sovereign to die. But, to be trapped by the dragon trapping cables also means that Dragon Sovereign's strength would slowly fade away until he perished. Even if Dragon Sovereign's blood vitality is incomparably powerful, he would still only be able to last for 10,000 years here. Because of this, Honorable Master laid down a Yang Returning Grand Array, absorbing the power of the world, essence energy, and blood vitality from all around in order to make up for the strength that Dragon Sovereign lost because of the dragon trapping cables. With this, Dragon Sovereign would be able to continue surviving.’’

’’Yang Returning Grand Array...’’ Lin Ming recalled the saint race powerhouses that were sealed within the crystals. So that was the Yang Returning Grand Array...

This great array was used to prolong the life of the Black Dragon!

The saint race had bound the Black Dragon with dragon trapping cables, and then Empyrean Primordius had used the people of the saint race to form the Yang Returning Grand Array in order to make up for the Black Dragon's losses.

This... was true endless hatred, a hatred that would never rest nor forgive.

As Lin Ming was thinking, he felt the space in front of him twist around. In front of him, a mass of fog appeared out of thin air, gradually solidifying into a tall and stately-looking middle-aged man.

This man was 30 feet tall. In front of him, Lin Ming and everyone else seemed like little children.

This man was pale white and his face was covered with black and red scales. His eyes shined like galaxies, profound and endless.

There was no powerful aura exuding from his body, but imperceptibly, the power of the void around this man twisted and shook as if it couldn't withstand being in his presence.

Lin Ming was instantly aware that this man in front of him was the incarnation of the Black Dragon.

’’Junior Lin Ming greets Senior Dragon Sovereign.’’

Lin Ming respectfully bowed and Mo Eversnow also followed suit.

This middle-aged man glanced at Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow. In particular, Lin Ming. He looked at Lin Ming for a full ten breaths of time, peering through his inner world, spiritual sea, and probing his flesh and blood body.

’’You can withstand the blood essence of Primordius' emperor heart, and you have even opened the complete Eight Inner Hidden Gates. Your inner true essence is also unbelievably stable. As a martial artist from the lower realms, for you to arrive at this step proves that your destiny is truly dreadful, covering the heavens and moon. You are an extremely rare gem.’’

The middle-aged man evaluated. He was most satisfied by Lin Ming's attainments in the body transformation technique, because Empyrean Primordius was also a dual body and energy cultivator.

’’When Primordius left behind his inheritance, I didn't expect that there would be a successor with the ability to inherit it. I never imagined that today I would meet you. Lin Ming, are you ready?’’

’’I am.’’ Lin Ming respectfully replied. If the Black Dragon referred to Empyrean Primordius by his name alone, then it could be seen that the relationship between them was not that of subordinate and master, but like brothers, comrades who fought together.

Normally, an adult God Beast would have strength only slightly worse than an Empyrean. However, God Beasts were also divided into different ranks. There were some God Beasts that had a royal bloodline, and they were no worse than even outstanding top Empyreans. Lin Ming guessed that this Black Dragon before him was in that exact situation. This Black Dragon had clear differences from others dragons that Lin Ming had seen before. His body was far larger and he had a single horn and also a pair of giant wings.

’’Then go.’’ As Dragon Sovereign spoke, he slashed at the skies, opening a gate of space and time.

From within this gate of space and time, a faint ancient and boundless aura rushed out, making one fall to their knees in awe.

Lin Ming had many questions in his mind, but he didn't ask. He took a deep breath and stepped into this gate.

’’You also go.’’

The incarnation said to Mo Eversnow.

Mo Eversnow nodded and followed close behind Lin Ming.

The two gray-clothed old man watched as Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow entered the portal, silent.

The Black Dragon heavily sighed, saying, ’’When Primordius left behind his inheritance, he chose to leave it in a world of the lower realms... I never imagined that there would ever be anyone capable of inheriting it. For a lower realms world... it is simply too difficult to produce anyone talented. I wonder just how long this youth will be able to persist within Primordius Palace.’’

’’Maybe one year, maybe half a year. If he lasts less than three months then our efforts will have been wasted. Our thoughts are worthless, but what matters is that Honorable Master's emperor heart blood essence will be wasted.’’

As a gray-clothed man spoke, he still didn't have any expression on his face.

’’Three months... I don't think it will be that short. Although I cannot be considered too familiar with humanity's cultivation system, I can still see that this boy's foundation is extremely solid. For him to have such power blood vitality and also be able to open the complete Eight Inner Hidden Gates is not because of the emperor heart blood essence but because of his own achievements. The fact that the emperor heart blood essence chose him is in itself proof of his amazing talent. No matter where he goes in the divine Realm, he should still be a first class genius.’’

The Black Dragon was unable to estimate what Lin Ming's true combat strength was like. He could only speculate some clues through Lin Ming's foundation. To classify him as one of the top geniuses of the divine Realm was already a very high appraisal.

Speaking of this, the Black Dragon shook his head, ’’What a pity... when Primordius left behind his inheritance in the past, the difficulty he set to inherit it was far too high. To fully inherit it is a nearly impossible feat. Primordius was too strict;what he sought was perfection, and even in a world of the lower realms the tests he left for his inheritance were simply too hard. If no one is able to inherit it, then what is the point?’’

As the Black Dragon sighed with emotion, Lin Ming had already stepped into the gate of space and time.

When Lin Ming passed through the gate of space and time, he felt his steps suddenly sink, as if something immeasurably heavy was pressing down on his body.

He was placed within a grand hall that was thousands and thousands of feet wide. The hall was extremely spacious, filled with deathly silence.

At this time, Mo Eversnow also arrived right by Lin Ming.

’’This hall is...’’

Mo Eversnow felt that after entering this hall, there was an incredible suppression on her. This suppression was not psychological, but originated from the suppression of one's inner world and spiritual sea.

It was like there was some invisible force in this hall, suppressing the revolution of energy in the body, suppressing the flow of blood through the veins, and even suppressing one's thoughts and spiritual sea.

This pressure left one strangely uncomfortable.

’’This is grandmist energy! True grandmist energy!’’

Lin Ming suddenly said. This heavy pressure was formed from grandmist energy.

In this hall, there was an incomparably faint wisp of grandmist energy. This was not elementary grandmist energy, but true grandmist energy.


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