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Martial World - Chapter 1375


Chapter 1375

Chapter 1375 - 100,000 Year Corpses




Lin Ming closed his eyes within the absolute danger zone, allowing his senses to carefully feel the flow of energy.

’’There is an aura of the Grandmist Laws here.’’ Lin Ming thought out loud. Empyrean Primordius' disciples studied the Dao of grandmist. After they died, the dao domains they left behind naturally had the aura of the Grandmist Laws.

’’There is also some kind of energy... is this... the power of divinity?’’

Lin Ming's mind stirred. This sort of power was extremely similar to the power of divinity that he withstood when he climbed up the divine Seal Altar in the past. In truth, this so-called power of divinity was the combined strength of essence, energy, and soul.

’’It is indeed the power of divinity. It should be the strength left over from the primal god race.’’ Mo Eversnow said.

The strength that her current body possessed was the power of divinity. Of those that died here, many of them were from the primal god race. It was reasonable that the absolute danger zone would have their strength.

’’Lin Ming, if you and I work together we should be able to leave this dao domain.’’

The reason that a dao domain was called a dao domain was because it contained the truths of the dao within it.

Lin Ming sank his energy into his inner world. Behind Lin Ming, the Prime Emperor Lotus Flower slowly bloomed. An ancient and boundless aura surged outwards;this was the grandmist space.

As for Mo Eversnow, she also used her own power of divinity. Beautiful divine lights began to shine outwards. Within the darkness of the Eternal Demon Abyss, sunlight appeared, making it seem like it was a beautiful spring day within the abyss. The sound of trickling water echoed through the air, filling the world with pleasant sounds and smells. The Primal God Pure Lands that Mo Eversnow created overlapped with Lin Ming's grandmist space.

With these two domains surrounding them, Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow slowly and carefully advanced forwards.

They didn't use brute force to break through the dao domain, but instead used similar energies to assimilate themselves into the dao domain and unravel the profound principles within it.

Lin Ming walked forwards a step at a time. The original absolute death energy slowly turned peaceful as it entered the dual domains of the grandmist space and Primal God Pure Lands.

And the various Laws of the dao domain also came from similar roots in Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow. The two of them carefully progressed forwards together.

Within this world, everything, including all Laws, had counters. Even though the absolute death energy in this dao domain could instantly crush a top grade saint artifact to dust, within this dual domain, although it still rippled out like waves and the strength inherent within it was still great, it was now extremely soft and gentle without any lethality at all.

Two hours later, Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow finally made their way out of this dao domain. As they looked around themselves, they saw that they had returned to the more familiar scenery of the Eternal Demon Abyss.

The ground was still the dark red stone as before, and not too far away were incomparably thick iron chains. The heavy metal rings cascaded down in layers upon layers, exuding a powerful and profound atmosphere.

When Lin Ming was descending into the Eternal Demon Abyss, he had climbed down these iron chains. He was now 20,000 miles deep, but these iron chains still connected into the darkness with no end in sight.

The Eternal Demon Abyss was far too mysterious. Lin Ming was aware that what they saw now was only the most minor outer portion of the Eternal Demon Abyss.

If he went further, there were bound to be more dangers awaiting him.

’’Let's continue onwards!’’

Lin Ming said, steadily walking forwards with Mo Eversnow.

Within the Eternal Demon Abyss there were far too many stunning scenes that left one shocked. It was unknown how long Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow walked for, but eventually the floor beneath their feet began to become slimy. Something stuck to their steps, making every step forwards difficult.

As they looked down, they could see countless thick white silk threads, just like the strands of a spider web.

These spider webs were extremely adhesive. If one stepped on them, it was hard to break free.

Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow flew upwards. They only saw the spider web extending to the distant horizon to some distant land ahead.

These spider webs occasionally wrapped around something, forming giant spider web cocoons. These cocoons were as tall as a person, covered with layers upon layers of silk.

Looking on, there was no end to these cocoons. It was like there were countless cocoons dotting the landscape like flowers.

Lin Ming cast out his sense but wasn't able to find just where they stopped.

As Lin Ming approached a large cocoon, he could see that these spider webs wrapped around some sort of transparent amber crystal.

What left Lin Ming bewildered was that there seemed to be some sort of life form sealed within these amber crystals. These weren't insects but people.

In every large cocoon was a person!

To suddenly see people sealed within these amber crystals, and to also see tens of thousands of these crystals all around, Lin Ming couldn't help but feel his heart skip a beat.

Those sealed within these amber crystals were not all humans. Rather, some had horns on their heads, some had cheeks covered with scales, and some had fierce faces, as if they were cruel devils.

Who were these people? Were they dead? Why were they sealed in amber?

He could feel that these people had completely different auras from those skeletal remains he had seen before.

Locked away within these amber crystals, it was hard to distinguish their true status.

But, what he could confirm was that none of these people sealed in amber were weak.

At this time, Lin Ming could faintly feel energy flowing through the strands of spider silk that formed these cocoons.

This energy was already extremely pale, but with trillions of strands of spider silk gathered together, it was still a considerable amount.

All of this energy was gathered together and transmitted deep into the Eternal Demon Abyss.

’’Is this energy being pulled out from the amber crystals?’’

Lin Ming was startled. So the flows of energy within these strands of spider silk truly did originate from these amber crystals!

Was it possible that the original function of this spider silk was to extract energy from the amber crystals, and the origin of energy for these amber crystals was the life forms sealed inside?

As Lin Ming realized this, he felt his heart jump. He probed all around, and finally discovered traces of the dao. All around the spider silk there were faint circulations of the Laws.

In other words, all those years ago, someone had arranged a massive array here, sealing away tens of thousands of powerhouses in amber crystals and then using a special technique to extract energy from their bodies!

This method...

Lin Ming was secretly dumbfounded.

Lin Ming couldn't feel the slightest hint of life fluctuations from the powerhouses in these amber crystals. They were likely dead, and perhaps had even died before they were sealed away.

’’To form a great array with so many corpses...this is likely some technique of the demonic path. Is this Empyrean Primordius' work?’’

Lin Ming asked out loud.

Mo Eversnow gently shook her head, ’’These aren't necessarily corpses.’’

’’Mm?’’ Lin Ming was startled.

Mo Eversnow softly traced the amber crystal, slowly saying, ’’In the martial world, there are people who desire to extend their lifespans so much that they will use all sorts of incredible and inconceivable methods to do so. There are some divine medicines that can help prolong life, but to these peerless powerhouses who had dug out all the potential in their lives to the extreme, they are basically useless. Because these people are unwilling to turn to dust, or perhaps because they have many desires still left unfulfilled, they can adopt all sorts of ghostly and bizarre methods to extend their lives.

’’For instance, if one enters a time enchantment and slows the speed of time within, then one year inside can equal 10 years outside. But, in truth, this method can't really be considered as extending one's life. And even so, people also discovered that time enchantments have a limit to which they can extend one's lifespan.

’’In the universe, there seems to be some Law out there that prevents unrivalled powerhouses from living near immortal lives. Afterwards, some people invented a new method. This method is to seal someone into a divine crystal and have them fall into a deep and permanent sleep, bringing all their life activities to a halt. This allows them to live longer, even if the effects are eventually limited.’’

Mo Eversnow said. She guessed that this amber crystal was similar to the divine crystal used to extend one's lifespan.

’’Empyrean Primordius prolonged the lives of his followers? I feel that these people aren't his disciples nor are they from the primal god race.’’

’’They aren't. Rather, it seems more possible that they are from the saint race, the invaders of the Sky Spill Planet 100,000 years ago.’’

As Mo Eversnow said this, Lin Ming sucked in a breath of cold air. This was extremely possible indeed.

Empyrean Primordius had used the corpses of the saint race invaders, or even living captives, to arrange this array formation!

This method was ruthless and merciless. But, it was also well within reason. For someone to become an Empyrean, they had to slaughter countless people on their road of martial arts. If they were a soft-hearted individual, how could they have possibly arrived at this step?

Moreover, the human race and the saint race had a deep and endless grudge against each other. For a human to show mercy to the saint race was to court destruction for their own race.

However, if this array formation was gathering so much essence energy, what was it used for?

Lin Ming could feel that this array formation that absorbed the essence energy of the saint race wasn't so simple. Moreover, this array formation even absorbed heaven and earth origin energy from the outside.

As Lin Ming was thinking this, he suddenly felt his entire body go cold. At this moment, he could feel a deep killing intent lock onto him.

He turned around to see that within the crowd of cocoons, there was one cocoon where a pair of scarlet eyes was staring at him.

A weird creature with four arms had been hiding there like a spectral ghost, locking its gaze onto Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow.

’’What is that?’’

Lin Ming reflexively extracted the Phoenix Blood Spear. At this time, the creature moved.

Its speed reached nearly unbelievable degrees. Its foot smashed into the ground and its body immediately turned into an afterimage as it hurtled towards Lin Ming. It stretched out sickle-like arms covered with bone spikes, cutting downwards!


With a loud crash, the Phoenix Blood Spear struck the bone spikes.

Lin Ming only felt an incomparably powerful impact force rush through him, sending him flying away as blood tumbled in his body.

What a horrifying strength!

It had to be known that after Lin Ming opened the complete Eight Inner Hidden Gates, his strength had broken through 100 million jins. If he used some special skills, he could even multiply his strength. Even so, his own strength had been suppressed by this four-armed abomination!

This proved that the level of this four-armed monster was much higher than Lin Ming's. Only an absolute suppression of boundaries could create such an effect.

’’is this an ancient life form that escaped the array formation?’’

This thought immediately flashed through Lin Ming's mind. After 100,000 years, the array formation that Empyrean Primordius established might have experienced some minor accidents, leading to some things breaking free from their prison. In the past, on the other end of the Eternal Demon Abyss at the Sea of Miracles, there had been a life form that had worked free from its restraints too. This was the Ancient Devil that entered Yang Yun's body and wanted to attempt a comeback through using him.

The trip into the Temple of Marvels had been planned by the Ancient Devil.

And, this sort of living creature was tens of thousands of times more terrifying than the evil spirits and demons condensed from infernal energy that surrounded the outside of the Eternal Demon Abyss!


That creature thunderously roared out once more, bringing its claws slashing down. It gathered the infinite infernal energy in the Eternal Demon Abyss as a terrifying strength erupted from it like a tide.

This terrifying killing intent seemed to crush everything in the surroundings.


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