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Martial World - Chapter 1374


Chapter 1374

Chapter 1374 - Dao Domain




Lin Ming took out the goddess' jade pendant from his spatial ring. The deep azure pendant was marked with an ancient design, just like a bird totem. This jade pendant was not a magic tool itself, but it actually had a special aura to it. It was clearly made from some extraordinary material.

In the past, after Lin Ming found this pendant, he also met a young girl from the cursed Forsaken God Clan, a young woman called Jue who also had a similar pendant on her. Without a doubt, the Forsaken God Clan and the goddess were strongly related.

’’Lin Ming, if my guess isn't wrong, then the Forsaken God Clan are the fellow people of Senior Heavenly Empress Xuanqing. In the past, when Senior Heavenly Empress Xuanqing came to the Sky Spill Planet, she didn't come alone, but rather brought along a number of her people.

’’Afterwards, in that great war 100,000 years ago, Senior Empyrean Primordius' disciples and Senior Heavenly Empress Xuanqing's people were all involved in that conflict. However, as Senior Empyrean Primordius and Senior Heavenly Empress Xuanqing perished in that battle, their disciples and fellow people also suffered similar casualties. Even so, there were some people that lived on the edges who were still able to survive and continue the bloodline inheritance...’’

Lin Ming thought that Mo Eversnow's speculations were reasonable. The Forsaken God Clan were beset by troubles and disasters. At birth, their very bloodline would give them a curse. This curse would attach onto the bodies of those from the Forsaken God Clan in a tattoo-form seal. After their birth, the clansmen of the Forsaken God Clan would periodically have to suffer an excruciating suffering, a pain so deep that it dug into the marrow! And, as they aged, the period of time between these outbreaks would lessen and the time they were in pain for would continue until that person finally died from their suffering.

Although cultivating the martial path could delay the outbreaks of this curse, the effects were limited. As time passed, they would finally be defeated by the power of this curse.

Now, it seemed that this curse was likely carried over from the God Curse Art that haunted the Blood Slaughter Steppes.

It was even possible that the reason Heavenly Empress Xuanqing perished was greatly related to this God Curse Art. In the past, some supreme elder had likely struck Heavenly Empress Xuanxing with this God Curse Art, and although she hadn't directly perished, her people had been affected. Moreover, this curse had continued onwards for 100,000 years.

As Lin Ming thought of this, he felt a deep regret for the Forsaken God Clan. Even if the Forsaken God Clan was only the tiniest outermost people left behind from the primal god race, their talent was incomparable to that of the mortals of the Sky Spill Continent. They should have been able to blossom into glory within the Sky Spill Continent and even found their own wondrous divine Kingdom, but what a pity, the curse they suffered slowly ate away at their foundation, and as a result they could only endure the humiliation and withdraw into a dimensional realm to extend their lives of pain.

’’Lin Ming, no matter what happens in the future, when either you or I have enough strength, we must return to the Sky Spill Planet and find a way to cure the Forsaken God Clan of their curse. This is also a way to give back a little bit of the grace that Senior Heavenly Empress Xuanqing granted to us.’’

’’Mm, Senior-apprentice Sister, please rest assured that even if it weren't for our connection with Senior Heavenly Empress Xuanxing, I would still do that. In the past, when I was being hunted down by the Asura divine Kingdom, if it weren't for the Forsaken God Clan's Patriarch Shibai risking everything and threatening war with the Asura divine Kingdom then perhaps I might have died to Situ Haotian's hands.’’

Lin Ming was a man who remembered every graciousness given to him. He certainly wouldn't forget the Forsaken God Clan and their kindness towards him.

If he made a promise to someone, he would slowly accomplish those promises one by one. For instance, finding a mortal body for Demonshine, or the commitment he made to Mo Riverbliss at Carefree Island.

As long as he had the ability to accomplish it, he would.

Mo Eversnow initially wanted to collect these crystal skeletons together and find a peaceful place to bury them. But as she thought about it, they couldn't stay here for too long and perhaps this place might be the best final resting area for these skeletons.

’’Mm? There is...’’

Lin Ming suddenly discovered that among the many crystal skeletons, amid the gray and hazy fog, there was a giant stone platform.

This platform was ten feet high and dozens of feet wide. It looked like a big stone table.

Various weapons were stabbed into this stone table!

There were swords, sabers, halberds, spears, and even magic tools like compasses and furnaces. At the same time, there were also tremendous disparities between these weapons. For instance, among the swords, some swords were as long as a man and extremely wide, just like a door. If such a sword were used, its might could be imagined. Besides heavy swords like this, there were exquisite soft swords that looked like jade belts, seeming as if they would bend at the slightest touch.

Among so many weapons, the worst of them were at the spirit artifact level. Let alone the Sky Spill Continent, even within the divine Realm this would be considered an unimaginable amount of wealth!

Lin Ming roughly guessed that there were thousands of these weapons. Many of them were stabbed in together, layering upon each other to form a forest of sabers, swords, and other weapons. Standing in front of this stone table, Lin Ming felt as if he were a soldier lying in reserve, waiting for the day that he would enter the battlefield.

Such a scene was extremely solemn and somber, making one feel an intense sense of awe.

Were these left behind by Empyrean Primordius' followers in the past?

If these were their weapons, then where were they themselves?

Could they be the bones on the ground?

All sorts of thoughts raced through Lin Ming's mind. He felt his mood become extremely glum. The Eternal Demon Abyss was completely different from the layers upon layers of dangers that Lin Ming imagined at the start. Rather, as he walked further in, he didn't fight. Instead, it was like turning back and reading the pages of an ancient history book.

’’Let's go.’’

After being reflective for some time, Mo Eversnow suddenly spoke up. She and Lin Ming left this grave area together.

As Lin Ming continued onwards, he suddenly felt a deep killing intent.

The surrounding infernal energy became increasingly chilly, finally making him stop.

Beside Lin Ming was Mo Eversnow, who had already come out from the Magic Cube space and was following him from behind. When Lin Ming first stopped, she also came to a halt.

’’We... we have stepped into an absolute danger zone!’’ Mo Eversnow said.

Lin Ming faintly frowned. He had no idea how this absolute danger zone was formed. It didn't seem like one made from an array formation... could it be naturally formed from infernal energy?

Lin Ming sent out his divine sense, thinking to probe his surroundings. After comprehending the divine Dream Law, his senses had become extremely keen. He soon discovered that the infernal energy had clumped together in various places, forming mysterious dao patterns. These dao patterns clearly held extremely high level Laws.

These Laws didn't seem as if they were naturally formed from the infernal energy of the Eternal Demon Abyss, otherwise they wouldn't be so exquisite. They also carried with them a tiny trace of a postcelestial touch.

’’Lin Ming, this danger zoned should be formed by the remnants of Empyrean Primordius' dead disciples as well as those people of the primal god clan that died. Their deaths gathered together, forming a dao domain. That weapon mound we just saw is definitely the source of this killing intent.’’

Mo Eversnow put forth a reason for why this danger zone had formed.

Empyrean Primordius' disciples were inevitably all extraordinary characters. Even after they died, the cultivation methods they trained in and the Laws they comprehended wouldn't fade away so easily, but might have condensed into a dao domain instead.

For instance, if Lin Ming were to die, the Heretical God Tree and black hole seed within his inner world wouldn't immediately vanish but would remain there. If they were found by someone, they would be priceless treasures. But, if they weren't found, these two things might eventually evolve into a dao domain, creating a danger zone for others.

For example, the black hole seed was likely to absorb a massive amount of energy, turning into a space-time vortex. If a martial artist with a weak cultivation entered, they would be stuck in this vortex forever, unable to emerge.

The danger zone that Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow stepped into was exactly this situation. And, this dao domain was also formed from the deaths of tens of thousands of supreme elders.

The Eternal Demon Abyss was itself a separate world. Once one entered, they could forget leaving. Beyond that, there were many hidden dangers within the Eternal Demon Abyss. There weren't many of these hidden dangers, but to the martial artists of the Sky Spill Continent and even the highest under the heavens, they would absolutely die if they were to stumble into them.

Thus, for so many years, no one had ever returned from the Eternal Demon Abyss.

Mo Eversnow and Lin Ming's complexions were solemn. They thought this was an extremely tricky situation. If they were the least bit incautious, there would be a chance that they both perished here.

’’Lin Ming, we cannot use brute force to overcome this... with our strength, it is impossible to push through.’’

Lin Ming said, ’’I also think the same. After these seniors died, their aura lingered here for 100,000 years. All of their knowledge, their lifetime worth of cultivation, all the Laws they comprehended, everything they were wove together in this place, even evolving into traces of the all-encompassing Great Dao. This is not something artificially formed, but is something even more exquisite than an array formation laid down by someone. If we take a single wrong step then we'll have gone beyond saving.’’

Lin Ming took out a random top grade saint artifact from his spatial ring and threw it into a corner of the absolute danger zone.


With a cracking sound, a gray light shined and struck the top grade saint artifact.

This gray light looked extremely common, but once it struck the top grade saint artifact that Lin Ming threw out, the saint artifact trembled for a brief moment before disintegrating into dust that fell to the floor.

Even though Lin Ming was prepared for this, he still sucked in a breath of cold air.

Lin Ming could also easily destroy a top grade saint artifact but he couldn't do it like that gray light, immediately disintegrating it into dust.

Just how strong was this?

Perhaps not even some Holy Lord powerhouses could accomplish this.

Moreover, this was only the tip of the iceberg for this absolute danger zone. The further they went, the thicker and more intense the gray light was likely to become. There might even be other types of absolute killing energies. At that time, even if a Holy Lord or World King were to come here, they still might perish!

’’Lin Ming, in the past, Empyrean Primordius' disciples and Heavenly Empress Xuanqing's people likely had a half-step Empyrean among their ranks. Compared to Tian Mingzi in his peak state, they were far, far stronger. And there might even have been more than one of these people. Once these people died, the power of the dao domain they left behind could be imagined. I fear that even a Great World King would be in danger coming here.’’

’’Yes...’’ Lin Ming certainly understood what Mo Eversnow said. He didn't panic or become anxious, instead sinking into deep contemplation for a while. Then, he said to Mo Eversnow, ’’Empyrean Primordius and Heavenly Empress Xuanqing's followers shouldn't have left behind some trap that would intentionally damage their future descendants. This dao domain was likely left here as a form of protection. If we aren't recognized as enemies, then perhaps with that point we might be able to pass through this area.’’


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