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Martial World - Chapter 1372


Chapter 1372

Chapter 1372 - Entering the Eternal Demon Abyss




Lin Ming was originally able to easily break into the late divine Sea realm. However, to become a true late divine Sea realm master, he needed the complete consolidated cultivation of a late divine Sea master and this was something that required a period of accumulation. Only by constantly absorbing energy could one expand one's inner world and do this.

But now, with the total true essence contained within Tian Mingzi's hand to serve as a catalyst, this process would be much faster.

This was the hand of a Great World King, and Tian Mingzi was also an extraordinary person amongst all Great World Kings.

This sort of hand had been tempered for tens of thousands of years. It had long become an extremely pure spirit body.


Mo Eversnow flicked her finger and Tian Mingzi's hand completely exploded in the air. The essence energy, the aura, the flesh and blood vitality all thoroughly separated. All of these energies formed phantoms in the air. These phantoms were all strange and bizarre. There was a black wheel disk, a pagoda, a long sword, and even demons.

These phantoms all represented the various cultivation methods that Tian Mingzi had cultivated to a high level.

When a martial artist trained in a cultivation method, part of their energy would circulate according to that cultivation method, forming a phantom. Now, even if Tian Mingzi's avatar had died and his energies were pulled out, underneath the constraints of his cultivation methods and Laws, they would maintain their current state.

If someone was to pull out all of Lin Ming's flesh and blood and change it into source energy, one would see these energies condense into a divine tree, black hole seed, Prime Emperor Lotus Flower, and several other phantoms.

From the phantoms of Tian Mingzi's source energy, the most formidable one was a four-armed asura with wings. This asura carried a black wheel in its hand;the cultivation that this asura symbolized was the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art, the transcendent divine might created by Empyrean Demondawn.


Mo Eversnow thrust out her palm and all of the phantoms formed from these supernatural powers were smashed into pieces by her, turning into the purest and most source essence possible. All of these energies gathered into a great current that flowed into Lin Ming's body.

Lin Ming certainly wouldn't absorb Tian Mingzi's energy as his own;he only wanted to expand his inner world using it.

Ka ka ka ka!

Energy recklessly surged about as it impacted against the barriers of Lin Ming's inner world. Lin Ming's inner world became increasingly unstable. Cracks appeared as it constantly expanded.

Lin Ming sat down on the ground. Behind him, the phantom of the Heretical God Tree slowly appeared. Within the crown of this tree, a dark black hole slowly revolved.

In expanding his inner world with Tian Mingzi's essence energy, there would inevitably be some mixed energies brought in. But all of this energy was sucked into Lin Ming's black hole seed before being thoroughly compressed and crushed.

The black hole seed formed by the divine Seal Art was a bottomless pit, able to absorb and annihilate all energies.

Such a state continued for several hours. Then, with a cracking sound, Lin Ming's body suddenly shook and massive airwaves erupted from around him. The massive stone cliff trembled as if a million jin steel weight had struck it. A massive section of rock exploded as countless cracks spread through it like a spider web.

Lin Ming had finally broken through to the late divine Sea realm!

To seek Ninefall was to cross the Nine divine Shifts. Now, Lin Ming had finished a third of the Nine divine Shifts.

’’Good! Very good!’’ Mo Eversnow praised out loud. ’’Lin Ming, you can now be considered a character in your own right. Even most divine Lord powerhouses will not be your match. And in the divine Realm, a divine Lord powerhouse is someone that can control their own planet, becoming a master of their own domain.’’

Back in Phoenix Cry Palace, Fairy Feng and Sage Jiuyang were both divine Lord powerhouses. Of course, they were divine Lord powerhouses that stood at the peak of their boundary;Lin Ming was just a tiny bit away from being able to compare with them.

In the divine Realm, an ordinary divine Transformation master could already freely wander around, seeking their own lucky chances and journeying into mystic realms. If they ran into robbers they would also have the strength to protect themselves.

As for divine Lord powerhouses, they were above even that. They could found their own sect and establish their own martial family. Later, their future descendants would politely refer to them as the founder.

The current Lin Ming was someone that could be compared to the founder of a divine Realm sect.

’’Lin Ming, it is finally time to enter the Eternal Demon Abyss. Adjust your condition and stabilize your true essence. Once you are ready we can go.’’

’’Of course, Senior-apprentice Sister.’’

Lin Ming solemnly nodded. It was hard for him to imagine just what he would encounter in the Eternal Demon Abyss.

In the past, before Empyrean Primordius fell from the skies, he would certainly not have wanted his own inheritances to fall into the hands of his enemies.

Thus, there were bound to be layers upon layers of dangers within the Eternal Demon Abyss!

In the face of an array formation left behind by an extreme Empyrean, Lin Ming didn't think for half a second that he would be able to resist it.

It wasn't an exaggeration to say that as long as someone entered the Eternal Demon Abyss who was identified as an enemy by Empyrean Primordius, then they would die, even if they were a Great World King! As for half-step Empyreans, Lin Ming wasn't sure whether or not they could safely pass through the ruins left behind by Empyrean Primordius.

However, this didn't matter because it was impossible for half-step Empyreans to enter the Sky Spill Continent. There was no way for them to break through the protective barrier that shielded the entire Sky Spill Planet.

Only a character on the same level as Empyrean Primordius would be able to unravel the barrier he laid down. For instance, someone like Empyrean divine Dream. At the very least, one needed to be only slightly weaker. As for characters like Empyrean Demondawn who were much worse, they could only use brute strength to forcefully break through the barrier of the Sky Spill Planet to take Empyrean Primordius' inheritance.

But such characters often had their own unique transcendent divine might and they would have already practiced it to perfection. As for resources, they had so many they would never be able to use them up. They wouldn't necessarily have any desire or need to take Empyrean Primordius' inheritances.

Also, a character on that level, such as Empyrean divine Dream, would often have some sort of history with Empyrean Primordius. They wouldn't do something as cruel as digging up his grave.

Lin Ming went into seclusion to stabilize his condition for a full day, adjusting himself to his peak combat state. Then, he grasped his Phoenix Blood Spear and slowly flew towards the Eternal Demon Abyss.

Although his pace didn't appear fast, every step he took brought him several miles forwards. Along the way, some evil beings formed from infernal energy hurtled themselves towards Lin Ming, but they were all turned to ash by a single sweep of his spear.

He approached the Eternal Demon Abyss more and more.

As he pulled close, the infernal energy in the air became increasingly gloomy and thick, forming thin silk-like strands that winded all about.

When he was less than 200 miles away from the Eternal Demon Abyss, nearly all off the evil beings had vanished. This was a true absolute forbidden zone;not even evil beings were able to approach!

As Lin Ming stepped into this range, he felt as if he had stepped into another space-time. As he looked back in the direction he came from, he found that the road behind him became increasingly blurred. Once he stepped into this separate space-time, it seemed that all exits had vanished. The further he went, the more intense this feeling became.

’’No wonder evil beings are unable to enter here. This area is already within the range of Empyrean Primordius' array formation. Evil beings wouldn't dare to rush into this area or else they would immediately turn to dust...’’

Lin Ming whispered to himself. He could feel a vast and boundless strength sweeping over him;this was a strength that came from the Eternal Demon Abyss, a strength that belonged to Empyrean Primordius.

The sky was darker than ink and the starlight was like liquid water. Above the blood-red earth, the bones and rocks that littered the ground were covered by a light layer of cool light, as if silver was being poured onto the ground.

This scene was especially tranquil and quiet. In this dim and peaceful night, it was hard to imagine that this was an extreme danger zone that many powerhouses had never returned from.

Lin Ming had already fallen down from the skies. He no longer flew, but instead stepped atop the blood red stones, walking along the path paved by starlight, heading towards the Eternal Demon Abyss.

Right in front, the earth split apart, a titanic black flame emerging from the great scar, conflagrating upwards, connecting the heavens and earth together.

Starlight fell into the Eternal Demon Abyss like a waterfall. All of the surrounding heaven and earth origin energy and infernal energy swirled up into a vortex, converging into the Eternal Demon Abyss.

The Eternal Demon Abyss seemed to suck in all the origin energy of the world, swallowing all the essence of the sun and moon.

This was also reasonable. If the array formation that Empyrean Primordius arranged had to revolve for 100,000 years, it naturally had to absorb outside energy to power itself.

Lin Ming used four full hours to travel the final 200 miles.

At this moment, he had truly stepped onto the edge of the Eternal Demon Abyss.

The Eternal Demon Abyss passed through the entire Sky Spill Planet, extending for over 100 million miles, continuing all the way through the planet until it ended up at the Sea of Miracles.

Only an Empyrean could pierce through a planet that was over 100 million miles wide in a single strike, perhaps even destroying that planet.

As for a Great World King like Tian Mingzi, the most they could do was annihilate all lives on this massive planet, or to destroy a tiny planet only ten thousand or so miles wide. The disparity was just too great.

Unfortunately, such a character had suffered the fate of passing away alone. This left Lin Ming filled with deep emotions.


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