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Martial World - Chapter 1370


Chapter 1370

Chapter 1370 - Take the Memories




At this time, Tian Mingzi realized that staying here was meaningless. It would be impossible for him to kill Lin Ming. If he were to stay, his avatar might be killed by Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow instead.

Tian Mingzi had already decided to withdraw, however, he was currently surrounded by the Primal God Pure Lands. Although the Catastrophic Pagoda was able to just barely resist it, wanting to escape from here would be difficult.

Tian Mingzi didn't want to loser this avatar. This was an avatar formed from severing his hand and he had even placed a wisp of his soul inside. If he lost it, it would consume a tremendous amount of his true self's essence energy and cultivation, even damaging his soul.

Before this, Tian Mingzi had been working with the saint race. With the help of the saints, Tian Mingzi had started to gradually touch upon the realm of a half-step Empyrean. Once he took this step, it would only be a matter of time for him to become an Empyrean. However, if he were to lose his avatar now, this would cause severe and lasting damage to his foundation, causing him to be stuck at the peak World King boundary for an even longer time. This was not a loss he could withstand;it would greatly affect his future boundary.

Tian Mingzi's ambitions were enormous. After coming into contact with the saints, he wasn't even satisfied with becoming an Empyrean anymore. He wanted to become a True divinity and even seek the true road to eternal life. How could he allow a portion of his mortal body to be destroyed like this?

He remained absolutely vigilant as he probed the Primal God Pure Lands for any flaws.

’’Do you think there is a chance you will be able to run away here?’’

Mo Eversnow sneered. Her palms gathered together and then came apart as a beam of light appeared between them;this was an energy sword formed by pure condensed origin energy.

’’Today, you will leave this avatar of yours here!’’

Mo Eversnow suddenly took a step forwards, cutting down at Tian Mingzi. At the same time Lin Ming also moved, the Phoenix Blood Spear in his hands revolving with the power of thunder and fire heavenly tribulation.

Heavenly Dao Judgment!

Mo Eversnow and Lin Ming, one left, one right, both of them rushing towards Tian Mingzi!

Even if they were alone, either one of them could battle Tian Mingzi. In particular, Mo Eversnow could absolutely kill Tian Mingzi by herself. However, they didn't wish to do such a thing. Facing scum like Tian Mingzi, anything like honorable martial arts conduct was nothing but a joke. To kill Tian Mingzi's avatar with absolutely overwhelming strength was the only true righteous way to go about it.

’’Damn it all!’’ Tian Mingzi grit his teeth. Behind him, the Catastrophic Pagoda began to shine with a brilliant light, stabilizing the skies above.

Meanwhile, he poured all of his strength into this pagoda. Asura demon god phantoms began to appear around Tian Mingzi, maintaining the final barrier of the Eternal Demon Domain.

However, anything he did was useless;the disparity between them was simply far too great, especially against Mo Eversnow. Within her Primal God Pure Lands, she was the absolute ruler, controlling all.

A sword slashed down. Before the sword light arrived, the pressure of the blade and the Laws already came crashing down from the skies. Even within the Eternal Demon Domain, Tian Mingzi felt all of his blood vitality tumble around, his true essence becoming chaotic.

At the same time, Lin Ming's Heavenly Dao Judgment also arrived. The power of thunder and fire heavenly tribulation wove together into a sea of red and purple. Flames howled, thunder billowed!

Ka ka ka ka!

The attacks from both sides combined together. The Catastrophic Pagoda violently trembled as cracks began to spread through its form like a growing spider web;it would soon break!

Tian Mingzi's face darkened. He forced out all the strength within his body, but no matter what he did, it was useless. In just several breaths of time, there was a loud shattering sound as the Catastrophic Pagoda broke apart, fading into ash!

Tian Mingzi spat out a mouthful of blood and his body flew backwards!

Tian Mingzi was tossed several miles away. But even though he was sent tumbling such a long distance away, the Primal God Pure Lands still followed him the entire time, covering him within so that he didn't have the slightest chance to escape through the void.

Tian Mingzi's figure became increasingly blurry as his complexion turned gloomy.

’’You will pay a deep price. Even if my avatar cannot escape here today, I will activate my arcane skill and leave behind a mark of my flesh and blood essence energy in your body. Then, in the future, my true self will chase you down to the ends of the world!’’

Tian Mingzi made one final threat.

’’Hahahaha!’’ Lin Ming wildly laughed. ’’Do you hear yourself speaking? Do you understand how ridiculous you sound? You have colluded with the saint race. For your own ambitions, you did not even hesitate to betray your fellow man. After I return to the divine Realm, I will announce this truth to the public. I believe that once Empyrean divine Dream and Empyrean Vast Universe sea the corpse of the saint in my spatial ring, they will believe my words without a doubt. At that time, it won't be you chasing me, but everyone underneath the heavens chasing you!’’

Lin Ming's words had completely poked at Tian Mingzi's fatal weakness. Tian Mingzi's face twisted as if someone had touched his reverse scale. ’’Lin Ming, you are courting death!’’

Lin Ming chuckled once more. ’’How funny. Do you actually think I would keep this secret for you?’’

Tian Mingzi seemed to suddenly think of something. A fierce smile spread across his face. ’’Perhaps what you say is true, but on the day that the great calamity approaches, do you think that the saint race will be defeated, or will humanity be defeated? Do you think that the inevitable rivers that will wash away this world are something that can be caused by my betrayal alone? Hahahaha! Let me tell you something, the saints are 10 times stronger than humanity. Humans only have a single divine Realm but the saints control far more realms! A wise man can recognize the circumstances. I am only someone that is following the trends and making the most suitable decisions in this world! One day, you will eventually realize that my choice was correct all along. When the saint race controls this world, I will flay you alive until there is nothing but you divine soul left. I will torture you for 100,000 years and have you suffer in the most miserable way possible!’’

Tian Mingzi hatefully said, his voice as haunting as the shrill cries of ghosts.

Tian Mingzi had joined the side of the saint race. One reason was because of his great ambitions, but another reason came from the fact that he recognized that the human race had an extremely high chance of losing to the saint race. Whether it was in the world of martial artists or the mortal world, when two sides fought, for all sorts of various reasons, there would always be traitors and defectors. In particular when one side was far stronger than the other.

The saint race was truly far more formidable than humanity. In ancient times, the saint race, the human race, and the soul race all existed as equals, controlling the 33 Layered Heavens together. But afterwards, humanity began to control less and less of the universe. Every time a universe fell to the enemy, the strength of humanity would weaken more and more.

When the great calamity truly arrived, it was impossible to say what would happen to humanity, who only occupied the divine Realm.

’’I cannot predict the trends of the world, but what I can predict is that you will absolutely die before then!’’

Lin Ming shouted out loud as he swept his spear outwards. In that moment, innumerable divine Seal runes swept towards Tian Mingzi, covering the skies.

All around Tian Mingzi, the Eternal Demon Domain was compressed to less than a hundred feet around him. These seals fell onto a massive number of fierce devils, instantly turning them to ash!


The Phoenix Blood Spear cut through the void. Tian Mingzi hurriedly drew back. However, his protective true essence was swept over by Lin Ming's spear light, causing it to explode into pieces.

After barely offsetting this spear light, before Tian Mingzi could even catch his breath, Mo Eversnow's attack also arrived!

Mo Eversnow was currently far stronger than Lin Ming. Her attack was unstoppable!


Tian Mingzi desperately combusted his blood essence, cutting down with his eight foot long sword.

However, at this time, the Primal God Pure Lands took this chance to break through the gaps of Tian Mingzi's shattered protective true essence and drill into his body!

Tian Mingzi's body shook, his strength immediately weakening by a dramatic amount.


With a loud ringing sound, Tian Mingzi's sword was sent flying away. Mo Eversnow's sword chopped down on Tian Mingzi's left shoulder. The energy sword cut down, tearing through Tian Mingzi's body and cutting open his lungs as well as over 20 ribs. As Mo Eversnow's sword slashed through, a massive amount of blood rained down. Tian Mingzi was nearly cut in half by her strike!

In that moment, Tian Mingzi's eyes glazed over without any response at all. All he felt was another cold feeling pierce through his chest. From behind, Lin Ming's bloodstained spear had penetrated through his body, emerging from his chest.

Like this, Tian Mingzi was pierced through by Lin Ming's spear. His incomplete body hung atop the Phoenix Blood Spear, thick red blood flowing down the shaft!

This was the limit of an avatar. Even though Tian Mingzi was strong, every time he used his strength he became that much weaker. After several rounds of fierce combat, he was unable to maintain his peak state. As for Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow, their blood vitality seemed to be endless. They could fight on and on for days on end.

Tian Mingzi was already on the losing side, and under such an imbalance of power, in this round of attacks he was killed by Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow!

Tian Mingzi grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear in one hand and Mo Eversnow's energy sword in the other, his palms wet with blood...

Without words, all he did was glare at Mo Eversnow and Lin Ming with undisguised hatred.

His blood leaked out as more and more strength faded from his body. His body shrank, withering, until it was finally reduced to a severed hand.

This was the source of Tian Mingzi's avatar.

Besides this hand, there was also a wisp of soul fire slowly burning around the blood-dripping hand. This soul fire rushed about as if he wanted to escape, but it was forcefully locked in by Lin Ming's divine Dream Law.

This was the wisp of remnant soul that Tian Mingzi had left in his avatar in order to guarantee success in killing Lin Ming. Tian Mingzi had even sent a wisp of his soul, all in order to allow his avatar to have the Laws and cultivation methods available to overpower Lin Ming!

Facing an enemy like Lin Ming, if he didn't have the support of Laws and cultivation methods then it was simply impossible to win.

Lin Ming sneered. He held onto this wisp of soul fire like an eagle that was grasping onto a chicken. For a time, this wisp of soul fire was nearly crushed in Lin Ming's hands.

’’Lin Ming, slow down! Don't destroy it!’’ Mo Eversnow said out loud.

’’Mm? Senior-apprentice Sister, what do you plan on doing with it? Do you really plan on refining this? This is only a wisp of his soul;there won't be any meaning to it at all.’’ Lin Ming wanted to use the divine Dream Law to directly refine this wisp of soul and turn it into pure soul force. He wanted to avoid Tian Mingzi's tricks and reduce the number of potential problems. But now, Mo Eversnow had stopped him from doing that.

Mo Eversnow said, ’’Although this is only an insignificant wisp of soul, Tian Mingzi left behind many valuable things inside to guarantee that he would be able to kill you. For instance, cultivation methods and Laws. After I fused together with Senior Heavenly Empress Xuanqing, my strength increased by a great deal. I might be able to activate the Magic Cube to cancel the spirit mark of this soul wisp, transforming it into a purified soul fragment so you can absorb the memories.’’

Mo Eversnow slowly said with a true essence sound transmission. Lin Ming was startled as he heard this. ’’Activate the Magic Cube to transform this soul fragment?’’


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