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Martial World - Chapter 1369


Chapter 1369

Chapter 1369 - Exterminate Your Avatar




’’Who are you!?’’

Tian Mingzi roared out. In his opinion, this woman couldn't reasonably have come from the divine Realm. If Lin Ming truly had someone helping him then he would have called this helper as soon as possible. How would he have allowed himself to end up in such a miserable state during their last encounter? He had even been forced to burn half his blood essence to escape that danger.

But if this woman came from the lower realms or had been hiding here all along, that didn't make sense either. How could a martial artist from the lower realms possibly share some origin with Tian Mingzi? And Tian Mingzi had never been to the Sky Spill Planet. If it weren't for the reason that he was chasing down Lin Ming, he would never have thought that the Sky Spill Planet contained so many secrets.

But now, Tian Mingzi no longer had time to think. Mo Eversnow floated high in the air, her blue and white clothes floating recklessly in the wind. Her feet were bare, with ripples echoing beneath them. These ripples were because Mo Eversnow's comprehensions in the Laws were too high. With every step she took, with every gesture she made, she would arouse vibrations in the Laws. This was the so-called commanding Laws without ordering them, but only needing to move the body.

Currently, Mo Eversnow was unable to display the true power of Heavenly Empress Xuanqing's mortal body.

Whether it was seizing a body or possessing it voluntarily, there would inevitably be losses. These were serious losses that required one to begin their cultivation and comprehension of Laws from the beginning.

But, Heavenly Empress Xuanqing's body was simply far too formidable. In addition, Mo Eversnow herself had originally been an extreme talent. In this union of power and power, even though Mo Eversnow had possessed this body, she was still able to retain a considerable portion of the original strength.

Of course, Mo Eversnow's greatest aspect was not her strength but her cultivation talent. With Mo Eversnow's talent added upon Heavenly Empress Xuanqing's talent, both coming together, her future cultivation would pass 10,000 miles in one day!

In that moment, a magnificent landscape appeared around Mo Eversnow. Although the thousand mile forbidden zone was filled with a dreary fog and the skies were darker than a gloomy night, all around Mo Eversnow was actually brilliant beams of sunlight, filled with life and vibrant vitality.

Beside her, heaven and earth origin energy condensed into all sorts of rare spirit flowers, spirit plants, spirit birds, and spirit beasts. With every step she took, an enchanting beauty would stir and exquisite flowers would bloom. The sound of trickling spring water filled the air as the world around her became a paradise.

This was Mo Eversnow's domain, a domain that belonged to the primal god race - the Primal God Pure Lands.

The Primal God Pure Lands formed a separate world, and within this separate world, Mo Eversnow was the absolute queen of all she surveyed.

These pure lands instantly came shrouding down over Tian Mingzi!

’’Tian Mingzi! Today I will exterminate your avatar and in the future, when I enter the divine Realm, I will crush your true body's bones to ash and refine your soul!’’

Mo Eversnow coldly coughed, her voice filled with a heated killing intent.


Tian Mingzi's eyes were icy cold. Just as he was about to be surrounded by the Primal God Pure Lands, he shouted out loud and released his own domain. In that moment, all of the energy within his body erupted and the surrounding heaven and earth origin energy was stirred up. A great deal of the infernal energy within the Eternal Demon Abyss was dragged towards Tian Mingzi, manifesting into all sorts of strange and bizarre demons in the skies.

’’Eternal Demon Domain!’’

Tian Mingzi wanted to use the Eternal Demon Domain to contend with the Primal God Pure Lands!

The two domains met each other, fiercely colliding!

Ka ka ka ka!

As the demonic beasts formed by infernal energy flew into the Primal God Pure Lands they were instantly purified by a pure energy. These demonic creatures all began exploding into dust in the air!

As Tian Mingzi saw that his Eternal Demon Domain was about to be crushed by the Primal God Pure Lands, a divine light began to shine from between his eyebrows as a 1000 foot high pagoda appeared, spinning in the skies, rapidly growing larger.

’’Catastrophic Pagoda!’’

This pagoda was one of the greatest lucky chances Tian Mingzi had encountered in the past. Right now, he was only at the divine Sea realm so it was impossible for him to activate the true pagoda;all he could do was galvanize a projection of the divine pagoda. Although this was a projection, Tian Mingzi had formed it by dividing a portion of the Catastrophic Pagoda's artifact spirit and then added in 30% of the true pagoda's essence energy. If this phantom was lost, it would cause tremendous damage to the true Catastrophic Pagoda.

The Catastrophic Pagoda suppressed the skies, stabilizing all the space around Tian Mingzi as it forcefully resisted the Primal God Pure Lands.

As Mo Eversnow saw this pagoda, her killing intent suddenly soared into the heavens. She certainly recognized this pagoda. 50,000 years ago, Tian Mingzi had used this pagoda to hold 10,000 powerhouses of the divine Realm in order to invade and raze the Verdant Feather Holy Lands.

Rumble rumble rumble!

Mo Eversnow walked forwards one step at a time. With each step she took, the Primal God Pure Lands became increasingly powerful. The phantom of the Catastrophic Pagoda violently shook, as if it were about to disintegrate at any moment.

Tian Mingzi paled. Although he could feel Mo Eversnow's great strength, he didn't seem as if he were at a disadvantage at all.

’’You said that you will crush the bones of my true body and refine my soul? Hahahaha!’’ Tian Mingzi raucously laughed, his eyes cold and killing intent thick in his voice. ’’I have no idea who you are, but your strength is only slighter stronger than my avatar's. And in comparison to my true self, my avatar is nothing at all! If my true self were to kill you, it wouldn't even take the blink of an eye! Today, I have paid a great price to come to the Sky Spill Planet all in order to kill Lin Ming. If you make way then after I complete my objective here, I will give you enough advantages to make up for it. Otherwise, even if my avatar perishes here, I will leave behind an eternal mark on your body. From that point on, you will never be able to escape my eyes! My true self will hunt you down until you are completely ruined!’’

Tian Mingzi's voice was stern and beguiling. He had a premonition that as long as Mo Eversnow was here, it would be impossible to kill Lin Ming. Lin Ming's ability to survive any situation was ridiculous, and even if he continued chasing him down, he still might not be able to succeed, especially now that he had a helper.


At this time, a hale and hearty laughter echoed outwards. Holding the Phoenix Blood Spear in his hands, Lin Ming slowly floated down from the skies, setting himself in front of Tian Mingzi.

’’Tian Mingzi... Did you think that if I was here alone, you would still be able to pinch me to death as you pleased?’’

Lin Ming's tone was clearly mocking. At this time, his blood vitality was surging like an overflowing river that stretched onwards to infinity. Behind him, the phantom of the Heretical God Tree appeared. This divine tree took root in the Primal God Pure Lands, fusing together with that domain as one. And at this time, the grandmist space was also released. From behind Lin Ming, the Prime Emperor Lotus Flower appeared, bright red as if it were soaked in blood. The Primal God Pure Lands, Heretical God Tree and grandmist space, these three strengths gathered together, forming the most solid and the most terrifying hallowed ground. Once one stepped into this space, they would be imprisoned within it.

Tian Mingzi's pupils shrank. He gloomily said, ’’Your blood vitality has only doubled. Do you think that just because your blood vitality is strong, it will increase your combat strength by that much?’’

’’Why not? If you think that you can pinch me to death as you please, then meet my spear!’’

Lin Ming pointed his spear straight at Tian Mingzi. Atop the Phoenix Blood Spear, the power of thunder and flame began to weave together.

The thunder and fire of heavenly tribulation joined together with Lin Ming's Fire and Thunder Laws that approached the sixth level. Not just that, but his surging blood vitality was also added on. Like this, the might of his Heavenly Dao Judgment could be imagined.

The current Lin Ming was truly incomparable to the past. It was not only because his cultivation was almost at the late divine Sea realm, but also because he had seen the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace after having absorbed the essence energy of the great emperor's heart. Although Lin Ming couldn't be said to have taken a half-step into the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, he had at least touched upon the threshold of that gate. As long as he could take another step forwards, he would be able to enter it.

He had made gains in both his body transformation and essence gathering cultivation systems. At the same time, Lin Ming's blood vitality had doubled from what it was before. With him having fused together with the essence energy from Empyrean Primordius' heart, he had been completely transformed!

In front of Lin Ming, the black hole seed appeared. The power of the Heretical God Tree poured into the Phoenix Blood Spear without reservation. The power of essence, energy, and divine fused within Lin Ming, combining as one!

Eternal Darkness!

As this spear came thrusting out, the heavens and earth seemed to split apart. Within the superimposed domain of the Primal God Pure Lands and the grandmist space, Lin Ming was a divine god of this world, controlling everything, sweeping away all obstacles!

Tian Mingzi's complexion was dignified. In a fraction of an instant, his hands linked together, forming thousands of seals. The Catastrophic Pagoda crazily spun as golden writing began to shine all over it!

Ka ka ka!

The void shattered. Lin Ming's spear strike continued forwards, causing large tracts of space to collapse around it. The black hole seed fused with the power of thunder and fire heavenly tribulation, howling towards Tian Mingzi like a red and purple divine dragon.


This spear crashed into the Catastrophic Pagoda, causing the pagoda to violently shake!

A divine light emerged, rolling through the skies and piercing through the endless hazy fog. All of the tens of thousands of evil spirits for dozens and dozens of miles were sucked into this explosion, their forms instantly turning to dust!

Ka ka ka!

With a jarring screech, a shallow crack actually appeared on the surface of the Catastrophic Pagoda.


Tian Mingzi's pupils shrank, his complexion paling!

There was actually a crack in the Catastrophic Pagoda!?

Although this was only a phantom of the true pagoda, it still contained a divided wisp of the artifact spirit's soul. Moreover, it was formed with 30% of the true pagoda's essence energy. Even so, a crack had appeared in this pagoda because of Lin Ming's attack!

’’Demon God Descends!’’

Tian Mingzi shouted out loud. All of the energy within him erupted. Billowing demonic energy surged out around him, gathering onto his eight foot long sword before it slashed out!


The black sword light cut down upon Lin Ming's black hole seed, colliding with Eternal Darkness. In that moment, the black hole seed shook but the sword light was also broken into nothingness, causing a massive amount of energy to explode outwards.

Lin Ming drew backwards. In that collision just now he had indeed received a great backlash from that energy. But, Lin Ming's blood vitality was boiling over, and instead of being negatively affected by this impact, it caused his blood to boil with an even greater excitement, as if nothing bad had happened to him.

On the other hand, Tian Mingzi's situation was much worse. He was only an avatar and every time a bit of energy or blood vitality was used up, it was impossible for him to restore it. In that frontal collision just now, he had consumed a tremendous amount of strength. His complexion was pale and his body began to blur. And, the most hateful thing of all was that a crack had appeared on his magic tool, the Catastrophic Pagoda.

The reason that this result occurred was that he had fought within domain created by the superimposed Primal God Pure Lands and grandmist space. It was inevitable that Tian Mingzi's strength would be suppressed.

At this time, Tian Mingzi's complexion became thoroughly dark.

He never thought that not only could he not beat just Mo Eversnow, but now he wasn't even Lin Ming's match!

How could this be?

Tian Mingzi's complexion was extremely ugly. He had paid a great price in order to chase Lin Ming down to the lower realms, and he had done so because it was imperative that he cut down Lin Ming and extinguish all future troubles. But now, killing Lin Ming would be more difficult than rising to heaven.

He was well aware that once Lin Ming returned to the divine Realm, he could only escape like a stray dog and give up the Skydark Holy Lands, becoming a fugitive that fled around the universe. The foundation that he spent 50,000 years building would be instantly destroyed!


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