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Martial World - Chapter 1367


Chapter 1367

Chapter 1367 - The Resurrection of Eversnow




In the past, the reason that Empyrean Primordius was able to break through the evil curse placed upon the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace was likely because of the Demon Bead.

After Empyrean Primordius obtained the Demon Bead, it was only then that his body transformation technique rose to all new levels. Before then, even he had been stuck at the Eight Inner Hidden Gates.

Now, for Lin Ming to see the boundary of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace like this left Empyrean Primordius' disciple incredulous.

The nine stars hid themselves but the blood vitality of the great emperor's heart still flowed into Lin Ming. As for Mo Eversnow, her resurrection was not yet over.

Even though Lin Ming had absorbed a great portion of the blood vitality left within Empyrean Primordius' heart, the heart still boiled and surged with potent blood energy.

At this time, Lin Ming's power of blood vitality had already reached its original peak and had even surpassed it by 30%!

A martial artist was unable to infinitely absorb the power of blood vitality. If a martial artist absorbed too much, their body would burst apart.

As for how much a martial artist could absorb, that was determined by their foundation.

At this time, Lin Ming's body was like a blazing fire. The power of his blood vitality had already increased 50% over its original state.

At this time, the power of blood vitality within that great emperor's heart finally began to weaken a little.

As the power of blood vitality within that heart weakened, Mo Eversnow's soul form also completely submerged into Heavenly Empress Xuanqing's spiritual sea.

Heavenly Empress Xuanqing's spiritual sea was completely different from what Mo Eversnow had imagined. The average person's spiritual sea really contained a sea that was the manifestation of their mental strength and soul force. The more powerful one's soul force had been, the greater the waves of that spiritual sea would be, and the more vast and boundless it would be.

But, Heavenly Empress Xuanqing's spiritual sea was actually an endless void.

This void was filled with countless vortexes and black holes. These black holes and vortexes all seemed to lead to other worlds. If her soul form was sucked into them, she might not be able to come back.

’’How could there be such a spiritual sea...’’

Mo Eversnow took a deep breath. In the legends, when a universe plunged into entropy and neared the brink of destruction, it would evolve into such a scene. The stars would completely burn out, turning into black holes. All of space would become twisted and highly unstable. Once a universe entered such a state, it would begin to slowly collapse until it finally exploded, destroying itself and continuing a cycle of rebirth.

Mo Eversnow faintly guessed that the reason Heavenly Empress Xuanqing died was a soul attack. This incomparably terrifying strike had made her spiritual sea into the entropic void it was now.

With such a spiritual sea, this would cause Mo Eversnow all sorts of problems if she wanted to possess the body. There simply wasn't any place for her soul to take root. If there was even the slightest accident then she would fall beyond all hope.

’’Lin Ming, let me borrow your divine dream energy!’’

Mo Eversnow called out.

In the past, Lin Ming had accumulated a great deal of divine dream energy within the divine Dream World and divine Dream Heavenly Palace. Now, it was finally time to use these vast reserves of energy.

Mo Eversnow used this massive amount of divine dream energy to begin repairing Heavenly Empress Xuanqing's spiritual sea. With Mo Eversnow's strength, wanting to completely repair this spiritual sea was impossible. What she needed to do was restore a tiny little corner where her own soul could find shelter.

Time slowly moved onwards. Like this, four hours passed.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

Drops of sweat dripped down Lin Ming's body, intermingled with his blood as they fell to the ground.

His power of blood vitality had doubled from its original state. But, this was also Lin Ming's limit.

He tightly gripped his fists together. At this time, Lin Ming felt his body filled with strength, like a True Dragon was hidden within his flesh and blood, ready to erupt at any moment.

’’Did you see the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace?’’

The remnant soul asked Lin Ming.

Lin Ming nodded. For him to arrive at this step was all of his accumulated efforts of his martial arts training, year after year.

Perhaps the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace might no longer be a curse upon all body transformation martial artists. As long as one's accumulations were great enough, they could reverse the Laws and break through this ultimate barrier.

’’Amazing!’’ The remnant soul praised from the heart.

Lin Ming shook his head, ’’Senior's praise is too extravagant. The reason this junior is able to see the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace is not my own ability, but because of the power of blood vitality that I absorbed, which was left behind by Senior Primordius. Senior Primordius had already opened the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, so this junior was merely standing on Senior Primordius' shoulders to just barely see the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace...’’

’’Even though you say that, if it weren't for you already having reached the boundary of being able to touch the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, then even if you had absorbed the blood vitality of my master, you still wouldn't have been able to digest it as you did now. You are only 30 some years old. For you to have reached this boundary already is unbelievable.’’

The remnant soul sighed with emotion. Lin Ming's talent had left him in deep shock.

Lin Ming didn't continue speaking with the remnant soul. He placed his full attention back on Mo Eversnow.

At this time, Mo Eversnow had already fused together with the goddess' body. She had the appearance of a 17-18 year old young woman. Her long hair was loose and scattered, her appearance ethereal and ephemeral.

She lay down quietly in the coffin, her face pale. It was clear that taking possession of the goddess' body had consumed far too much of her strength.

Lin Ming walked over to the coffin, reaching out his hand and gripping 'Mo Eversnow's' hand. divine dream energy flooded out from his body and into hers. As their divine souls connected together, Lin Ming could feel his own consciousness completely entering that world filled with black holes and vortexes. All sorts of emotions and memories that belonged to Mo Eversnow began to rush into Lin Ming.

This sort of feeling was similar to when Lin Ming had entered the 100 cycles of Samsara. If he wasn't careful then his consciousness would fall into an illusion and he would lose himself.

’’Lin Ming, let me use the Magic Cube!’’

Mo Eversnow's voice suddenly echoed in Lin Ming's mind.

Lin Ming was startled;use the Magic Cube?

In order to use the Magic Cube, Mo Eversnow had to burn her soul force. This would consume a tremendous amount of her energy.

’’I'll be alright. I only want to use the Magic Cube to stabilize this spiritual sea, not to activate it to kill enemies. I should be able to handle this. Moreover, currently I can already manipulate this body to a minor degree. My consumption of energy won't be too great.’’

As Mo Eversnow spoke, her soul form flashed. A crystalline light began to radiate from within her;the Magic Cube was finally being activated by her.

Rumble rumble rumble!

Within that inner world filled with black holes, incomparably crazy storms were stirred up, as if they were going to tear apart the void.

Every black hole, every vortex, everything was completely smashed apart by this strength!

The Magic Cube was truly worthy of being known as the most powerful divine soul instrument in existence. Just by using it a little, Heavenly Empress Xuanqing's entropic spiritual sea that was near the brink of annihilation was actually beginning to be crushed down and reformed.

This was what it meant to break down something to the basics and then recreate it.


Mo Eversnow's face whitened. A massive force took her as the center and recklessly swept outwards. In that moment, she seemed to be creating a new world.

Before Mo Eversnow took possession of the goddess' body, although the goddess' body was filled with vibrant life force and her powerful blood vitality far surpassed that of powerful martial artists, her spiritual sea was deathly still, like a dead universe.

But now, by using the Magic Cube, Mo Eversnow was able to bring new strength to this world, a wild and boundless strength.

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

Mo Eversnow's body shined with a brilliant light. As more and more black holes were destroyed, Mo Eversnow's consciousness gradually occupied every corner of this spiritual sea, completely fusing into the mortal body of the goddess.

At this moment, Mo Eversnow's eyes flashed open. The instant she did so, it was like a mysterious space was opened before her. An incredible power gushed forth from this space, washing over Mo Eversnow's body.

As this mysterious space was opened, an aura of the Great Dao similar to the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens also poured forth, causing the nearby Lin Ming to be stunned.

’’These Laws are...’’

As Lin Ming felt the mysteries contained within these Great Dao Laws, he was incomparably bewildered. In this world there were Laws that could stand side-by-side with the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens?

’’These are Laws of the Primal God!’’

At this time, beside Lin Ming, Empyrean Primordius' disciple blurted out, his eyes filled with fear and admiration.

’’Primal God?’’

’’Yes. In the legends it is said that there was a realm that has been destroyed. But, there is another viewpoint, and that is that this realm was hidden with a spatial slit, unable to be found by anyone. Only the primal god race is capable of communicating with this realm and are able to derive strength directly from it. This is also why the primal god race is said to defy the will of the heavens.’’

According to the remnant soul, without a doubt, because Mo Eversnow had resurrected, the ability of the goddess to communicate with this Primal God Realm was also restored.

The primal god race were originally the favored children of the heavens. As a people, they fused together all the benefits of the three main races.

This surging baptism of Laws was just like a mortal martial artist crossing Life Destruction. Standing on the side watching, Lin Ming also obtained great advantages from this.

As the baptism of Laws recklessly washed over her, Mo Eversnow's body slowly floated upwards. Her eyes had been restored to the purest brightness and her pupils shined like dazzling stars.

At this moment, she had fused completely with the goddess. She was the goddess, and the goddess was she.

Mo Eversnow flew in front of Lin Ming, gently stroking and nuzzling his cheeks in her hand, her eyes soft. Her lips gently moved and she whispered, ’’Lin Ming, thank you. To be able to meet you is my life's greatest lucky chance.’’

For these 50,000 years, Mo Eversnow had experienced countless trials and tribulations. Now, all those bitter experiences had produced something sweet. If she hadn't met Lin Ming, she would have continued sleeping in the Magic Cube until her soul finally dissipated.

To say that meeting Lin Ming was her life's greatest fortune was true, without the least bit of exaggeration.

Lin Ming said, ’’Senior-apprentice Sister, to be able to meet you is also my life's greatest lucky chance. If you hadn't fallen onto the Sky Spill Planet with the Magic Cube, then perhaps I wouldn't even have been able to leave the Sky Fortune Kingdom. Even afterwards, in the God Beast Mystic Realm and several other times, if it weren't for you saving me then I would have perished many times over.’’

As a mortal, when Lin Ming first practiced martial artists had been the most difficult stage for him. Without the Magic Cube, it would have been impossible for Lin Ming to make it through those difficult times. And, the reason the Magic Cube had entered the Sky Spill Continent was exactly because Mo Eversnow had burnt away her life to activate it, even shattering the space barrier between the divine Realm and the lower realms.

Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow, without each other, their lives had been destined to remain dim and dire, until they one day faded away into obscurity.

But because their paths crossed, because they met each other, their lives began to bloom together, shining in everlasting glory.

’’Congratulations Senior-apprentice Sister! You have now fused together with Senior Heavenly Empress Xuanqing as one, and you can now communicate with the Primal God Realm. The primal god race is the most outstanding race in this universe, able to practice all cultivation Laws. Senior-apprentice Sister's future achievements will surely be limitless, and with Heavenly Empress Xuanqing's foundation, stepping onto the peak of all martial arts is not impossible.’’


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