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Martial World - Chapter 1365


Chapter 1365

Chapter 1365 - Blood Vitality Entering the Body




The war was staged in the endless starry skies. Both sides had countless masters. Lin Ming saw a man holding a blue scepter that controlled lightning. During this battle, he was like the incarnation of the Heavenly Dao, wielding the power of thunder tribulation.

This person was Empyrean Thunder Punishment.

Besides Empyrean Thunder Punishment, Empyrean Primordius had to face two peak masters of the saint race!

By himself, Empyrean Primordius faced off against three dire enemies!

Even so, he didn't seem as if he could be defeated.

’’How could supreme masters of the saint race enter the divine Realm?’’

Lin Ming couldn't understand this. According to Empyrean divine Dream, the divine Realm was only one of the 33 Layered Heavens, and there were massive barriers that separated these 'heavens'. Because of this, the more powerful someone was, the more difficult it was for them to break through and enter.

So how could these saint race masters have come to the Sky Spill Planet?

As Lin Ming was thinking this, the great war vanished, leaving nothing but that blood red beating heart in the skies.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

That powerful sound was like the deafening beat of a divine drum!

Lin Ming knew that what he saw just now was only incomplete images preserved in the memories of that heart.

A heart was only a part of the physical body, thus it shouldn't have any memories. Then, logically speaking, this heart should contain a wisp of a remnant soul!

This idea immediately cut through Lin Ming's mind, ’’Senior Primordius!’’

A loud voice echoed through the world. Lin Ming was extremely hurried. Tian Mingzi was quickly catching up to them. He couldn't rely on the eruption of the Eternal Demon Abyss to delay Tian Mingzi for much longer.

’’Senior Primordius!’’

Lin Ming shouted out once more. However, he still received no reply.

’’Was my guess wrong? Is there really no remnant soul here?’’

Lin Ming's mind raced. The wisp of Empyrean Primordius' remnant soul might be very weak to begin with, and then it had also been sleeping here for 100,000 years. If he really wanted to awaken it, wasn't that something easier said than done?

As Lin Ming was thinking this, his power suddenly concentrated in his inner world. A blood red lotus flower began to slowly bloom behind him.

This was the Prime Emperor Lotus Flower.

A vast and boundless aura began to emit from Lin Ming's body. He had opened the grandmist space!

The grandmist space covered that great heart. The elementary grandmist energy constantly struck against that beating heart like a surging tide.

’’Senior Primordius!’’

Lin Ming exhausted all of his strength as he roared out. His voice echoed like roiling thunder, shaking the void for thousands of miles around!

At this time, the beating heart suddenly shook. Its beating frequency slowed down as an invisible energy covered Lin Ming and began to absorb the divine dream energy within him.

Lin Ming was shocked but he didn't prevent this, instead letting this force absorb as it wished. For Lin Ming to do this in his current state wasn't easy on him at all.

A moment later, Lin Ming's complexion turned much paler and there was even a trace of fading ash in his complexion. Then, a gray shadow poured out from the heart, finally transforming into a black-robed man.

This man's figure was extremely vague, constantly trembling in the currents of heaven and earth origin energy as if he could disappear at any moment.

The phantom opened his eyes with great difficulty, staring at Lin Ming with confusion.

Lin Ming also looked at this black-clothed man in front of him.

Was this the remnant soul that had been attached to Empyrean Primordius' heart?

This wisp of remnant soul didn't have the great strength Lin Ming had imagined;it could even be called abnormally weak.

Presumably, in the past, Empyrean Primordius' wounds had been extremely heavy or perhaps he had even perished, and the remnant soul he left behind was the tiniest fraction possible. After it slept so deeply for all this time, it even needed to draw support from Lin Ming's divine dream energy to regain consciousness.

’’Senior is Empyrean Primordius?’’

Lin Ming asked.

’’Who are you, that you can use the grandmist space?’’

The black-robed man's voice was ephemeral, weak and fading.

’’This junior's name is Lin Ming. In the Road of Emperor, I once obtained Senior's blessing and was able to obtain a third of the Primordius martial intent inheritance, thus I am able to use the grandmist space.’’

’’I see, so that's how it is. What you must be speaking of is the Samsara Road. Honorable Master indeed once left behind a part of his inheritance within the Samsara Road.’’

The black-robed man's words indicated his status. He wasn't Empyrean Primordius but Empyrean Primordius' disciple.

So this was what happened. Lin Ming suddenly became aware. It was said that Empyrean Primordius was a dual body and energy cultivator, and even though he focused on body and energy, leaving his soul a little weaker, a wisp of remnant soul that he left behind should still contain a tremendous pressure. It was something far from what this phantom in front of him could ever do.

And this remnant soul was the disciple of Empyrean Primordius. Did Empyrean Primordius have his own disciple leave his remnant soul to deeply slumber here, in order to protect his heart and also guard the body of the goddess?

’’Senior, this junior is being chased down and hunted. I wish for my companion to borrow the body of the goddess to resurrect herself and fight against this person!’’

In the past, Mo Eversnow had been a half-step World King master. Whether it was attainments in Laws or cultivation methods, she had reached an extremely high boundary. But unfortunately, she had lost her body and was unable to move true essence at all. This was especially detrimental for someone like her who had also dual cultivated body and energy.

If she could fuse together with the body of the goddess, then Mo Eversnow's strength would rise to astronomical degrees.

’’Borrow the body of the goddess? You are speaking of... Heavenly Empress Xuanxing?’’

Heavenly Empress Xuanxing?

Lin Ming was stunned. He never imagined that a young woman who looked around 17-18 years old would possess such a title.

If she could be referred to as a Heavenly Empress, then she wasn't a young elite at all. Rather, she was someone who had long come to fame, someone whose strength had already reached incomparably terrifying levels.

’’Heavenly Empress Xuanxing is a monarch of the primal god race. Even if her divine soul is no longer here, wanting to possess her mortal body is not easy at all. If you cannot withstand the power of her mortal body then your divine soul will collapse and disintegrate. Do you know this?’’

As the wisp of remnant soul spoke, Lin Ming was left dumbfounded. Primal god race?

This was another new race that Lin Ming had never heard of before. He had heard about the saints, the spiritas, and humanity;these were the three main races of the 33 Layered Heavens. Each race was separately skilled in body transformation, soul forging, and essence gathering, the three main cultivation systems. Lin Ming never knew that there was also a primal god race.

’’Senior is... speaking about the primal god race?’’

’’Yes, the primal god race. The primal god race is the most perfect race to ever be formed by the heavens. They are powerful in the aspect of soul, body, and inner world, and are also able to triple cultivate in essence, energy, and divine. Their strength is great at birth and their talent defies the will of the heavens. Even their lifespans are 10 times longer than those of humans.

As the remnant soul slowly spoke, Lin Ming felt a chill crawl down his soul. Triple cultivators of essence, energy, and divine, talents that defied the heavens' will, lifespans 10 times longer than those of humans... this was simply too incredible.

’’There is such a race in this world that completely surpasses the three main races?’’

As Lin Ming spoke, a trace of surprise appeared on the face of that remnant soul. ’’I never imagined that you would also know of the three races. Yes, the primal god race truly possesses all advantages of the three main races, but, perhaps because they are existences that defy the heavens too much, the Heavenly Dao does not abide by their existence. Thus, even though they once prospered in the most ancient of times, they began to slowly decline afterwards. The number of their people became extremely low, finally nearing the point of extinction.

’’Then Heavenly Empress Xuanqing is...’’ Lin Ming was puzzled. He simply didn't know how Empyrean Primordius had gotten mixed together with the primal god race.

’’You do not need to know this. These are matters that involve the secrets of this universe. There is no significance in you knowing, and you possessing this knowledge would only draw disaster upon yourself.’’

As the remnant soul spoke, he had subconsciously assumed that Lin Ming was a local martial artist of the Sky Spill Planet. When this was added to Lin Ming's weak blood vitality and fading strength, it was impossible to connect him to being the number one genius of the divine Realm.

However, as the remnant soul finished speaking, he paused, ’’Eh... you seemed to have burnt most of your blood essence?’’

This remnant soul was a disciple of Empyrean Primordius, thus before his death he was likely at least a Great World King level character. Moreover, he too cultivated dual body and energy, and was highly sensitive to the power of blood vitality. As he probed Lin Ming's body, he discovered to his astonishment that Lin Ming had burnt over half his blood essence. Even so, he was still able to stand here.

If an ordinary person were to do this, their life would be feeble and fading and they would find it difficult to continue supporting themselves.

’’30 some year skeletal age, dual body and energy cultivation, and you even opened the complete Eight Inner Hidden Gates?’’

The remnant soul was shocked. This was no minor matter. In this universe, the body transformation technique was no longer compatible with the rules of the Heavenly Dao. Even his honorable master, Empyrean Primordius, hadn't been able to open the complete Eight Inner Hidden Gates in his thirties.

’’You... have had such a fortuitous encounter?’’

The remnant soul could clearly feel that Lin Ming was a martial artist native to the Sky Spill Planet. For a native martial artist to grow to such a degree, they must have had countless lucky chances paving their road. This was simply inconceivable.

’’Who is hunting you?’’ The remnant soul immediately asked. Perhaps the reason Lin Ming had burnt half his blood essence was that he was being chased down by this person.

’’Tian Mingzi, he is a Great World King from the divine Realm. He severed his hand, turning it into an avatar to enter the Sky Spill Planet in order to hunt down this junior. Now, he will likely arrive here in another quarter hour.’’

Lin Ming said. Although he was anxious as he spoke, he was still able to maintain his calm.

’’A Great World King severed his hand to hunt you down?’’ The remnant soul looked at Lin Ming with incredulity etched on his face. He could faintly feel that Lin Ming's strength was far greater than what he had imagined. Such a character was in no way a tiny fish in a pool.

’’If you were able to learn the grandmist space, it could be said that you have a certain fate with my honorable master. Moreover, at such a young age you also opened the complete Eight Inner Hidden Gates. You even chose to dual cultivate body and energy, the same path that my honorable master took. Perhaps this is the karma of the world... perhaps you are the person that my honorable master has been waiting for all this time...’’

The remnant soul quietly said. At the precipice of death, Empyrean Primordius had left behind his own inheritances so that in the future, those fated juniors could enter and inherit his legacy.

Now, no matter how one looked at it, Lin Ming was the most suitable candidate.

If this remnant soul could see Empyrean Primordius' last wishes being inherited by the next generation, he could finally die in peace.

’’You are so young and yet have such talent;you must be truly incredible. Unfortunately, even though you are being chased down by others, I cannot help you. All that remains of me is a wisp of a remnant soul;I have almost no strength remaining. There is a choice, but the decision must be made by you. If you have the confidence then your companion can take possession of Heavenly Empress Xuanqing's mortal body. As for you, if you are able to withstand the baptism of my honorable master's blood vitality, then you may attempt to direct the power of blood vitality within his heart into your own to temper yourself.’’

’’Direct the power of blood vitality into my heart and temper myself?’’

Lin Ming was bewildered. He looked once more at the beating heart in the endless starry skies. The power of blood vitality contained within it was as vast and deep as the fathomless oceans. This was the power of blood vitality that only an Empyrean could possess. Moreover, Empyrean Primordius likely had the Demon Bead at some point, which was what allowed his body transformation technique to reach such an inconceivable boundary. If he were to direct the power of blood vitality within Empyrean Primordius' heart into his own, just what sort of scene would that be?


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