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Martial World - Chapter 1364


Chapter 1364

Chapter 1364 - The Phantom within the Ancient Grave




From the time that Lin Ming entered the thousand mile forbidden zone until he reached the tomb of the goddess, he had killed countless evil spirits.

These evil spirits were 10 times more dense than outside the thousand mile forbidden zone and they were also far stronger.

Rumble rumble rumble!

The power of thunder and fire heavenly tribulation howled in the air. Lin Ming rushed through groups of demonic beings, dozens upon dozens of them instantly being charred to ash that was scattered in the wind.

At this time, Lin Ming's entire body was bathed in blood and the treasure armor he wore was nearly broken to pieces. He was a flickering fading flame in the deep dark.

But at this moment, Lin Ming saw a dark gray mountain appear in front of him.

This mountain was barren and desolate, without a single blade of grass growing upon it.

Around this mountain faint fluctuations of space were exuded. This also meant that there was some hidden cave dwelling within this mountain.

’’It's here.’’

Lin Ming wouldn't remember incorrectly;this was where the tomb of the goddess was. Although this mountain like plain and non-descript, the truth was that there was already an accessible channel leading to the tomb, otherwise it would have been impossible for those corpse devils to enter this ancient grave.

Lin Ming closed his eyes, spreading his senses and soon locating the entrance.

Looking at it, it seemed like a stone wall, but Lin Ming knew that this was merely an illusion.

He pressed his hands against that stone wall and pushed through. At that time, he felt as if he had passed through some gate made of mercury, entering a distorted space barrier before everything around him began to light up.

Lin Ming had finally returned to the tomb of the ancient goddess. This dark cave was filled thick with dust. The ancient passage, the weathered stone walls, everything had the taste of endless passing years.

In the cave there were four coffins. Three of them were already open. Only the fourth coffin was sealed. This coffin emitted a vast aura, as if there were some ancient monarch buried within it.

Lin Ming slowly walked to that coffin and respectfully bowed, ’’Deeply sleeping senior, today this junior has fallen into dire danger, thus I apologize for offending you.’’

Lin Ming quietly said before he pushed open the coffin lid.

The goddess in the coffin was still lying down as she was all those years before.

Her skin, her body, everything seemed carved from the most perfect, exquisite jade in the world, as if it were formed from the essence of the stars and moon.

Her long black hair was thick and glossy as it lay pooled within the coffin, like waves in an ocean of ink. Her face glowed with an intangible light and one could even make out the faintest traces of blood vessels beneath her skin, seeming as if blood was flowing within them.

These fluctuations of life appeared all around the goddess. If one didn't know otherwise, they might think that this goddess had simply fallen asleep here and was ready to wake up at any moment.

This was an extraordinary woman. She was a fairy of the night, a sublime goddess formed from the splendor and glory of the universe.

’’An ancient ruler!’’

After seeing the goddess once more, Lin Ming's experience far surpassed what it was in the past. He could increasingly feel just how powerful the goddess was.

Lin Ming originally thought that the goddess was someone important to Empyrean Primordius but her strength was lacking, and that she had been relying on the protections of Empyrean Primordius to lay here filled with life vitality 100,000 years after her death.

But now, Lin Ming had completely changed his thoughts.

This goddess was likely amazingly powerful. Flowing all around her were the light fluctuations of the Life Laws. As heaven and earth origin energy gathered about her, it turned into spiritual beings that floated all around.

To die and still have Law fluctuations around them 100,000 years later, it was clear that this woman's understandings into the Laws had reached a breathtaking degree.

’’Miss Mo, do you think there is a chance you can possess her body?’’

Lin Ming slowly said as he looked at the goddess in the coffin.

To have Mo Eversnow possess the mortal body of the goddess was one of Lin Ming's ideas before he had entered the Eternal Demon Abyss. But, he also knew that wanting to do this was an enormous risk!

This was because the mortal body of the goddess was supported with the will of Empyrean Primordius. Empyrean Primordius might not be willing to see the goddess' body taken possession of by Mo Eversnow, turning into someone else's.

Mo Eversnow's eyebrows jumped up. Take possession of the goddess' body?

Mo Eversnow had once had this idea before, but she knew this goddess was no ordinary figure. Her power far surpassed Mo Eversnow even during her peak.

As for she herself, all she had left was her weakened soul. If she tried to possess this woman's body, it was hard to imagine what would happen.

But now, with Tian Mingzi rapidly approaching, Mo Eversnow had no choice. She could only take this gamble!

Without a word, her soul flew out from the Magic Cube, turning into a soul form in the air. Mo Eversnow's soul form wore a long blue dress, her body exuding a crystalline light, as if she were made from countless shattered crystals. It was an enchanting and dreamy sight, like a dream that was soon to fade.

Mo Eversnow clenched her teeth, wanting to rush into the coffin. But at this time, Lin Ming stepped in front of Mo Eversnow, blocking her way, ’’I'll go first!’’

With this, Lin Ming revolved the divine Dream Law to the limit. His complete sense, his will, his divine soul, he focused everything on the coffin, taking the first step to submerge his consciousness into the goddess' body before Mo Eversnow.

The area Lin Ming chose to enter was the chest of the goddess.

As soon as he entered, Lin Ming felt his mind tremble. Immediately, his soul and will arrived in a completely separate space.

This was a vast and starry world, as if it were the infinite universe itself.

Lin Ming took a deep breath. He wasn't a stranger to this starry world. Many years ago when he was still at the Revolving Core, he had stumbled upon the tomb of the goddess and had also come to this starry world that was formed from a world of will.

Within these starry skies was a terrifying existence.

As this thought passed through Lin Ming's mind, a massive amount of life origin energy gushed towards him like an endless tide.

This energy was pure and vibrant. It smashed into Lin Ming's body like a tide against the shore.

Luckily, Lin Ming was already prepared. As his body was pushed back by this energy, he steadily fell in the void before coming to a stop high in the skies.

He looked up. In front of him, in the void, in the horizon, as if it were close at hand and also immeasurably far, was a powerfully beating blood red heart.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

This was a horrifying sound. Every beat seemed to strike upon Lin Ming's fires of life, causing all of the blood vitality within his body to resonate and want to come gushing out.

This was the heart of a Great Emperor. This was the heart that Empyrean Primordius had left behind!

This heart had already been beating for 100,000 years, but its blood vitality was still as potent and boundless, and its life force remained like an endless ocean, unending. Every beat of this great heart caused the void to shake.

Even after leaving its body for 100,000 years, this heart continued to beat onwards. Moreover, it contained a terrifying vitality, as if it were destined to beat until the oceans dried and the world cracked, beating on until the end of all times.

This aura, as if all existence were beneath it, as if it alone ruled the vast cosmos, caused Lin Ming to recall Empyrean Primordius' words that he had once left behind in the Road of Emperor - ’’The masterless river of stars in the endless cosmos, I shall rewrite the infinite history!’’

’’Senior Primordius!’’

Lin Ming shouted out as loudly as he could, not caring whether or not Empyrean Primordius could hear him.

In those vast starry skies, Lin Ming's voice seemed especially lonely. There was no response.

At this time, Lin Ming didn't have any time to delay further. He grit his teeth and flew towards that Great Emperor's heart!

In what seemed like an incomparably long time but also a mere instant, Lin Ming arrived in front of that great beating heart. In that moment, a wild and brutal wave of blood vitality swept up around Lin Ming, turning the entire starry world into a blur.

When Lin Ming saw his surroundings become clear once more, he saw that in the void, there was a massive planet in front of him. This planet was covered in dark and gloomy clouds. The land was endless and a great aura exuded from this planet;it was faintly familiar to Lin Ming.

This was... the Sky Spill Planet?

Lin Ming was startled as he thought this. This should be the Sky Spill Planet, but it was also different from the Sky Spill Planet in his memories.

At this time, the starry skies were ripped open and a giant portal appeared in the air. Countless powerhouses began emerging from this portal. These powerhouses each had a vague appearance and the ones in the lead all emitted a strange aura. This aura was similar to that of the mysterious black-robed person that Lin Ming had killed at the Demondawn Great World. In other words, there was a possibility these people were all from the saint race.

After these people appeared, they moved towards the Sky Spill Planet and immediately launched their attacks!

For a time, the void was shattered as terrifying fluctuations of energy wantonly bombarded the Sky Spill Planet. Lin Ming thought that the Sky Spill Planet would be destroyed, and every single life living on the planet would also perish in a miserable death.

But at this time, an energy barrier appeared around the skies of the Sky Spill Planet, blocking all the attacks.

Energy erupted in turbulent blasts and the energy barrier shook, but, it never broke.

Lin Ming's eyes widened. He recognized that this barrier was the barrier that currently protected the Sky Spill Planet. It was the protection that Empyrean Primordius had laid down so long ago.

Empyrean Primordius had used the Sky Spill Planet as the foundation, and after many years of work, the protective array formation he laid down was incredibly firm. It was even able to resist the joint attacks of so many powerhouses without being destroyed.

And at this time, in the dark skies of the Sky Spill Planet, the thick clouds were torn apart and a Black Dragon thousands of miles long roared its way outwards.

This Black Dragon emitted a terrifying pressure as if it were a celestial body itself. On the back of this Black Dragon was a black-clothed man. He was tall and strong and he held a 10 foot long halberd in his hands. It was impossible to make out his face.

As Lin Ming saw this black-clothed man, his mind shook. This man was Empyrean Primordius!

He had the atmosphere of a Great Emperor, and that Black Dragon he was riding on was that horned black dragon that Lin Ming had seen in the Eternal Demon Abyss.

Without a doubt, the scene replaying in front of him was the great war from 100,000 years ago that played out on the Sky Spill Planet!

And among Empyrean Primordius' opponents, there were powerhouses from the saint race!

100,000 years ago, besides Empyrean Thunder Punishment, there were also many saints that were involved in that tragedy. At that time, Empyrean Primordius had already been one of the few characters that stood upon the very peak of the divine Realm. The reason that he had suffered severe wounds during this war and possibly even perished afterwards was all because of the saint race.


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