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Martial World - Chapter 1361


Chapter 1361

Chapter 1361 - Once More Into the Blood Slaughter Steppes




When pushed into a corner, even a bunny would bite back. With a disciple taking the lead, some people immediately risked their lives to attack Tian Mingzi!

Tian Mingzi sneered. Right now he was indeed seriously wounded, but even if he only had 40% of his original strength left, he was still on the same level of strength as Lin Ming in his peak state. How could these young disciples of the Skydark Holy Lands possibly hope to contend with him?


The power of the domain erupted. The two disciples in the lead suddenly felt the energy within their bodies be completely suppressed by Tian Mingzi's domain!

Tian Mingzi grasped both of their foreheads.

’’Heaven Absorbing Demon Art!’’

A black line shined forth. The two young elites had all of their blood vitality and energy directly drained dry by Tian Mingzi!

’’Honorable Master, please forgive us!’’

These young disciples didn't have the courage to face Tian Mingzi to begin with, and now that they saw just how great the disparity of strength was between them, that tiny bit of confidence they had left completely crumbled. They all knelt to the floor and began to beg for mercy.

Tian Mingzi's complexion was coldly indifferent. ’’You already know far too much. Although I can make a heart demon oath to restrain you, you will inevitably be captured by others and have your souls searched. If that were to happen, my affairs would naturally be exposed. If you can kindly and quietly die right now, I will treat your families well.

As Tian Mingzi spoke, his hands formed a wheel in the air. This was the wheel disk evolved from the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art. As the young disciples saw this, their faces turned ash-gray with despair, their hearts and minds quaking.

No matter what they did, no matter what they said, it wouldn't avert their inevitable deaths.

Every disciple of the Skydark Holy Lands was swallowed up by this wheel disk, turning into pure blood vitality and energy that was then absorbed by Tian Mingzi. Tian Mingzi felt his strength rapidly restoring itself.

Miserable wails and pained howls echoed through the skies. In just a moment, all 12 disciples that had been sent to the Sky Spill Planet had been sucked dry by Tian Mingzi!

12 geniuses of a Great World King influence had died a tragic and violent death!

Tian Mingzi didn't care about these losses at all.

To most World King influences, the reason they raised the new generation and trained the elites was all for the future posterity of their family and their sect. They hoped that once the older generation declined, the new one would take their place and allow their sect to carry on into a brighter future.

But to Tian Mingzi, the reason he raised juniors was only to raise underlings and increase the number of chess pieces he had. He needed them for key moments in order to complete his plans.

And now was the time to use these juniors!

Even though they were also a World King Holy Land, there was such a difference. This was because Tian Mingzi's ambitions were far too great. He wanted to become a True divinity and seek the road to eternal life. The reason he founded the Skydark Holy Lands was all in order to create a tool to aid him in the future. If necessary, he was willing to discard the entire Skydark Holy Lands, and what did it matter to him if he did?

After absorbing these 12 disciples, Tian Mingzi's strength returned. He wasn't any weaker than he was when he first battled Lin Ming.

But in comparison, Lin Ming had already burnt half his blood essence and had received major wounds. Underneath these completely distortional physical states, the disparity between them was even more obvious!



The dazzling shuttle flashed through the void. In every blink of the eye, Lin Ming crossed 300-400 miles.

The shuttle passed through the void again and again. After innumerable times, when Lin Ming pierced through the void once more, vast and boundless blood red plains were presented before him!

Gloomy red clouds hung low above the plains, as if they were about to drop blood. All of the surroundings seemed constrained and depressed. These plains were called the Blood Slaughter Steppes!

After so many years away, Lin Ming had finally reappeared!

As Lin Ming entered the Blood Slaughter Steppes, his body violently shook. He nearly fell down from the space shuttle!

At this time, his nose and ears were dripping blood. His face was whiter than paper and his body was shivering.

’’Lin Ming...’’

In the Magic Cube space, the corners of Mo Eversnow's eyes were wet with tears.

When Mo Eversnow had first begun combusting her soul, Lin Ming had felt a heart-piercing and gut-wrenching pain, both physical and emotional. But when Lin Ming had burnt half his blood essence, Mo Eversnow was also heartbroken.

To burn half his blood essence at once, that was something that would greatly affect Lin Ming's future accomplishments. This loss was far too great!

’’Lin Ming... why would you do that... in that battle, you burned half your blood essence. Do you know how bright your future is? But because of this...’’

Lin Ming's desperate gamble had indeed won them a slim chance of survival. But in Mo Eversnow's eyes, this slim chance might not be able to be sustained.

For this unknown chance to save her and him, he had paid such a deep and painful price. Mo Eversnow felt a deep sadness in her heart because of this.

She transformed into a soul form in front of Lin Ming, gently stroking his cheeks. In her eyes, brilliant crystalline tears shined light diamonds.

’’If I burn my blood essence, I can still find ways to make up for it. But Miss Mo, if you truly burnt your soul, you would have perished there. Even if I stepped into the realm of True divinity in the future, there would still be nothing I could do!’’

At this time, Lin Ming was bleeding from every orifice and his face was as pale as paper. But even so, he was still gently smiling. This smiling face was just like the honest expression of a neighborhood boy, as bright and warm as the rays of the sun. It was a rarely seen emotion on Lin Ming's face.

As Mo Eversnow saw this smile, her heart was touched once more. ’’Lin Ming, from now on, please call me senior-apprentice sister...’’

Lin Ming had already joined the Verdant Feather Holy Lands, and in the future, when the Verdant Feather Holy Lands was reconstructed, he and Mo Eversnow would come from the same sect. It was right for him to call her senior-apprentice sister.

’’Of course, Senior-apprentice Sister.’’

Lin Ming suddenly said. He didn't like to call her Miss Mo because he felt that this name was too distant, like a stranger. Even so, if he didn't call her Miss Mo, he didn't know what else to call her. He naturally couldn't call by her name, Eversnow. Throughout all these years, Mo Eversnow had the status of a half-master to him, and in Lin Ming's mind, he held nothing but the greatest respect for her.

As Lin Ming saw Mo Eversnow still anxious, he said, ’’Senior-apprentice Sister, rest assured that even if I burnt 50% of my blood essence, or even burnt 70% of my blood essence, as long as I don't die, I can still become an Empyrean in the future and become a True divinity. Although it is difficult to restore my blood essence after burning so much, it isn't an impossible feat.’’

Although Lin Ming said this, Mo Eversnow felt a heaviness in her heart.

Restoring his blood essence;wasn't that easier said than done?

The stronger a martial artist was, the more vivid and vibrant their blood vitality was, the more difficult it was to restore their blood essence.

If one was a lower realms Life Destruction martial artist with an extremely sloppy foundation, then they could restore their blood essence in the lower realms by finding some heavenly materials. Of course, these so-called 'heavenly materials' would be nothing but scraps to the geniuses of a Great World King Holy Land, something that they wouldn't bother picking up if they saw it on the side of the road.

This was also reasonable. For a lower realms Life Destruction martial artist, even if they burnt all of their blood essence without a single drop remaining, how much strength could they possibly display?

But for someone like Lin Ming, not only was his foundation incomparably solid and deep, but his blood vitality, his fires of life, were like raging flames that would never subside. Wanting to restore his blood essence would be extremely difficult. Even if Lin Ming opened the Gate of Life and gained the ability to restore his blood essence, the most he could restore was 10-20%.

Mo Eversnow seemed to want to say something, but Lin Ming first said, ’’Senior-apprentice Sister, there is no need to speak. I have already considered everything, it's just that there are many matters that even I am unsure of what will happen...’’

As Lin Ming spoke, his complexion immediately changed.

Just now, he felt a strong sense lock onto him. This sense was just like a leech latching onto his body;it was impossible for him to shield against it!

This sense was gloomy, dreadful, and powerful. There was no need to consider who it came from... there could only be one person - Tian Mingzi!

Lin Ming never expected that his attack that cost half his blood essence would be able to destroy Tian Mingzi's avatar. But, he never imagined that Tian Mingzi would recover so quickly, and would even be chasing after him right now!

At this time, Lin Ming's situation was extremely poor. If he was overtaken, there would be nothing awaiting him but death!

’’Tian Mingzi?’’

Mo Eversnow saw Lin Ming's changing expression and correctly guessed that Tian Mingzi had locked onto him.

Tian Mingzi was simply far too formidable and he had studied countless different arcane abilities. After remembering a person's aura, no matter if they ascended to heaven or hell, he could still track them down!

The only possibility for Lin Ming to prevent this was if he cultivated the divine Dream Law's appearance changing technique to the point of shifting his bones and even changing the aura of his soul. But now, his proficiency in this skill was far too lacking.

’’Go!’’ Lin Ming activated the space shuttle to tear through the void once more!

In just an incense stick of time after Lin Ming disappeared, at the point where he had been standing, the void was torn open. A black-robed Tian Mingzi slowly walked out.

Although his avatar only had a divine Sea realm cultivation, he didn't need a magic tool to shift through the void of the lower realms and chase Lin Ming. This wasn't because Lin Ming's space shuttle was slow, but because Tian Mingzi's Space Laws were far too fierce. Although the cultivation of his avatar was lacking, it had actually inherited the Laws of Tian Mingzi's true body.

’’These plains...’’

Tian Mingzi stopped where he was, not immediately entering.

He could make out the strangeness of the Blood Slaughter Steppes with a single glance. By all reasoning, this was a place that shouldn't exist in the worlds of the lower realms. However, as he thought of the ash-gray light barrier that surrounded the entirety of the Sky Spill Planet, he could accept this.

’’Could it be that the unknown master who laid down the barrier to protect the Sky Spill Continent did so because of these red plains? These plains have the aura of a curse... could this be left behind by the transcendent divine might, the God Curse Art...?’’

Tian Mingzi thought to himself. His intuition was not wrong;the Blood Slaughter Steppes was indeed cursed.

In the Holy Demon Continent, the Blood Slaughter Steppes was known as a forbidden land for all high stage Life Destruction martial artists and above. If a high stage Life Destruction martial artist were to enter, they would be fine at the start, but afterwards they would eventually suffer a tragic and miserable death in the future. This was the result of a curse!

Once or twice couldn't be considered anything at all. But, in the past, many divine Sea masters of the Holy Demon Continent, Demon Emperors, Fey Emperors, and countless others, had been killed off by the curse of the Blood Slaughter Steppes. After that, there was no high stage Life Destruction martial artist that dared to enter the Blood Slaughter Steppes.

Thus, the Blood Slaughter Steppes and the Skysplit Towers here were all considered a great arena for martial artists below the Life Destruction realm.

For high stage Life Destruction martial artists and divine Sea martial artists, unless they became twelve-winged Heavenly Demons beforehand in the Skysplit Towers, they would be cursed by the Blood Slaughter Steppes.

’’God Curse Art... this shouldn't have been deliberately used. Rather, two extreme masters once battled here, and one of them used the God Curse Art. The aftermath of that battle covered this entire region, cursing this land. What a terrifying transcendent divine might. Even after tens of thousands of years or even hundreds of thousands of years, this land still remains affected as before, without the curse dissipating.’’

Tian Mingzi's avatar had inherited the experiences of his true self. He quickly realized the reason for this cursed land.

In the past, those characters that fought were likely Empyreans. But even if they were Empyreans and the aftermath of their battle was spread out here, it should still have faded away with time...


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