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Martial World - Chapter 1360


Chapter 1360

Chapter 1360 - Devil




’’No... no...’’

Nether Limitless' voice trembled. His two hands gripped Lin Ming's forearms, a look of panic and fear coloring his eyes. Nether Limitless' entire body was shaking. The feeling of having his heart gripped by someone, able to be crushed at any time, was simply indescribably horrible.

No matter who it was, death was frightening. This was especially true for young and handsome elites like Nether Limitless who had a long and gloried future awaiting them.

’’Why... for what...?’’

Blood began to spill out from the corners of Nether Limitless' lips. He couldn't understand why after Lin Ming severely wounded Tian Mingzi, he hadn't continued his onslaught but had instead decided to kill him.


Lin Ming suddenly extracted his palm, blood shooting outwards. In that moment, Nether Limitless' heart had been torn to shreds by Lin Ming. Nether Limitless' body shook, his vision suddenly blurring.

And as Lin Ming pulled back his hand, something appeared within his palm. This was Nether Limitless' spatial ring.


The ring exploded, shattering to pieces. A massive number of magic tools, weapons, pills, and all sorts of wealth and treasures were scattered about. With a wave of his hand, Lin Ming instantly picked out a shuttle-type magic tool from this random bunch of items.

This was the space shuttle that Tian Mingzi had given to Nether Limitless. It was a magic tool that could be used to teleport through the void for short distances. Although this space shuttle had no attack power, it was still a very high grade spirit treasure. Before this, Nether Limitless had used this item to overtake Lin Ming.

To any martial artist below the divine Lord realm, travelling with this space shuttle was several times faster than flying at full speed.

This was especially true for Lin Ming, who was severely wounded right now. He had even burnt half of his blood essence. Without this space shuttle, trying to escape would be harder than fleeing to heaven.

’’So, this is what you wanted...’’

Nether Limitless' glazed over eyes looked at the space shuttle in Lin Ming's hand. His vision was becoming increasingly fuzzy. Finally, he fell down from the skies. As he fell, his hand reached out as if he wanted to grasp something in the air. He wasn't willing to just drop down like this. Or, perhaps it would be more accurate to say that he wasn't willing to perish like this...

’’If you wanted this... you could have told me... if you didn't say then how would I know...’’

This ridiculous and random thought flashed through Nether Limitless' mind. Then, he crashed onto the scorched land, his blood splashing out with a big plop.

Lin Ming simply didn't bother paying any more attention to him. He brutally wiped off the spirit mark that Nether Limitless kept in the space shuttle with the divine Dream Law, and then activated it with his Space Laws, instantly escaping into the void!

Currently, with Lin Ming's perfect fifth level Space Laws, wanting to unravel the utilization of this space shuttle wasn't difficult at all. And all around Lin Ming, the other 11 disciples of the Skydark Holy Lands did not dare to block his way at all. All of them kept silent, afraid to move. They were afraid that they would suffer the same fate as Nether Limitless.

It wasn't that Lin Ming didn't wish to kill off Tian Mingzi's avatar, but that strike just now had come at the cost of burning half his blood essence. For him to do this again was impossible, because if he did, that would mean burning all of the essence energy he possessed. At that time, not even a god would be able to save him!

And now, taking advantage of the grievously wounded Tian Mingzi and also the remaining strength from burning his blood essence, Lin Ming did the only thing left to him, and that was to escape!

Even a grievously wounded Tian Mingzi wasn't someone he could deal with. If they had continued to fight, then in less than three breaths of time, the strength he gained from combusting his blood essence would have disappeared. At that time, Lin Ming would only be able to sit where he was and die!

From the area that Lin Ming left, Tian Mingzi slowly floated upwards, his sword in his hand. His bodily flesh was ruined and he had less than 30% of his original strength remaining.

It wasn't that he didn't want to block Lin Ming's attack, but that he couldn't. When Lin Ming burnt his blood essence, he had temporarily reached a level of strength that surpassed Tian Mingzi himself.

Tian Mingzi's movements were slow. Without any expression, a strong aura exuded from his entire body. This was... killing intent!

A terrifying killing intent seemed to substantialize into essence within the void, locking down the surrounding space.

To Tian Mingzi, if Lin Ming were allowed to escape, his fate could be imagined. Now, all of the anger in his heart was swelling forth as killing intent.

As the other 11 disciples of the Skydark Holy Lands saw Tian Mingzi's current state, all of them turned pale. This was because a moment ago, due to their fear, they did not dare to hinder Lin Ming. Now, they feared that Tian Mingzi would vent his anger upon them. The present Tian Mingzi gave off a feeling as if he were a wounded beast that had lost all rationale.

Now that Lin Ming had escaped, it would be difficult to catch up to him.

Tian Mingzi only had his avatar right now. Although the avatar of a peerless powerhouse was fierce, it had a fatal flaw - the total amount of energy it had was limited.

Every bit used meant that much less!

Not just that, but once an avatar was seriously wounded, it wasn't able to restore itself. The nature of an ordinary avatar was that it was similar to a puppet;it was a one-time use creation.

Once an avatar was formed, there was also a time limit. As long as they existed, they would continue to expend energy at all times. This also doomed Tian Mingzi to not be able to catch up to Lin Ming. With less than 30% of his strength left and also with severe injuries, his strength would continue dwindling away until there was nothing left.

And wasn't wanting to chase Lin Ming easier said than done?

To Tian Mingzi's true form, a treasure like a space shuttle was useless, without any meaning at all. But in the lower realms, Tian Mingzi's avatar only had a divine Sea realm cultivation. If this avatar were still in its peak state then it would still be able to just barely maintain the same speed as the space shuttle, but now, wanting to overtake it was simply impossible.

Once Tian Mingzi's avatar faded away, wanting to rely on these remaining 11 disciples to find him and capture him wasn't realistic at all. Even if they faced the weakened Lin Ming who had burnt half his blood essence, even if he were wounded so seriously that he couldn't recover for years, and even if these injuries were so deep that they affected his future cultivation, they still wouldn't be able to face him!

All of them were frightened by Lin Ming!

As the disciples of the Skydark Holy Lands realized this, they became increasingly horrified. This mission might end in failure! As for the heavy injuries that Tian Mingzi's avatar suffered, all of this would be reflected on Tian Mingzi's true self. When he took back his avatar, his cultivation would inevitably suffer damage.

How could they dare to withstand Tian Mingzi's anger?

’’M-master... save... save me...’’

An extremely weak and raspy voice came out. If these people present weren't martial artists with a high cultivation, they simply wouldn't have heard it.

This was the voice of Nether Limitless. He actually hadn't died yet, but was stubbornly clinging onto his last fading dregs of life.

The fear of death was enough to push one past the barriers of all other things they feared. Thus, even though Nether Limitless was facing this Tian Mingzi that was like a wild and wounded animal, he still called out to him for help!

His life was rapidly fading away.

Tian Mingzi lowered his head, glancing at Nether Limitless. He waved his hand and Nether Limitless' body flew forth until it was right in front of Tian Mingzi.

’’Honorable Master... save... me... I don't want to die...’’

Nether Limitless knew that if Tian Mingzi's true self was here, saving him wouldn't be a problem. But as for his avatar...

Tian Mingzi didn't have any expression on his face. His killing intent was hidden and his anger seemed to have subsided.

’’Limitless, do you know why I had you bring my ring to the Sky Spill Planet?’’

As Tian Mingzi asked this, Nether Limitless was simply an endless ocean of confusion. He didn't even have the ability to think about this question. But as for everyone else, they were all stunned.

Yes, why did Tian Mingzi have the 12 of them bring his avatar to the Sky Spill Planet?

In truth, Tian Mingzi's avatar could definitely descend to the Sky Spill Planet by himself.

These people originally thought that Tian Mingzi wanted to save the energy and lifespan of his avatar. Thus, he had sent them here so that the search for Lin Ming could be performed by them, and Tian Mingzi would be responsible for fighting.

But now, listening to the meaning behind his words, it wasn't as simple as this.

’’Save... save me...’’ Nether Limitless could no longer understand Tian Mingzi's words. He simply emptily reached out a hand as if he wanted to hold onto Tian Mingzi. This was the same as a drowning person reaching out one last time for some final hope to appear.

’’This avatar cannot absorb origin energy from the world and turn it into true essence, nor does it have any restorative ability. Once my spirit body has been damaged, I am unable to repair it. Although I was confident in defeating Lin Ming, I feared that there might be some accident. And if an accident occurred, like now, then I would need some ready-made flesh and blood and ready-made energy to replenish myself. Thus, I brought all you here...’’

Tian Mingzi unhurriedly spoke, as if he was casually bringing them out to eat dinner. But as these words fell into the ears of those present, they all felt as if they had fallen into a lake of ice, their hands and feet turning ice cold!

Tian Mingzi wanted to treat them as food?

The reason they were brought to the Sky Spill Planet was to serve as reserve food?

’’Master... save me...’’

Nether Limitless' lips were pallid. As he spoke, his mind was in utter chaos.

Tian Mingzi faintly smiled and then thrust out his hand like a bolt of lightning.


His hand punctured into Nether Limitless' chest, grasping onto Nether Limitless' already broken heart!

’’Master..... Master.....’’

After having his heart grasped again, even if his mind was in chaos he still had a slight response. His eyes glazed over, dull and vacant.

’’Limitless, mortals give birth to children so that during their old age, they have someone to care for them. So that after they are buried, their flesh and blood can continue to exist in society. But as for me, I wish for eternal life, so what use are children to me?

’’Your life comes from me, and now... I will take it back!’’

As Tian Mingzi spoke, a black vortex suddenly appeared around his hand. This black vortex completely covered Nether Limitless!

Heaven Absorbing Demon Art!

Tian Mingzi used Empyrean Demondawn's transcendent divine might. It could absorb the strength of others to be used for oneself!

At this time, Nether Limitless was incomparably weak without the least bit of ability to resist. All of his energy, his flesh and blood essence, all of it was sucked up by Tian Mingzi!

As Tian Mingzi's strength rapidly restored itself, Nether Limitless' life vitality rapidly faded. His eyes turned dark gray, sinking deep into their sockets. His hair withered and his skin wrinkled and dried up. This was just like a mortal man instantly aging a hundred years, rapidly deteriorating!

With Tian Mingzi's flesh and blood being nourished, his less than 30% remaining strength was now restored to over 40%!

The other disciples of the Skydark Holy Lands trembled in fear as they saw this. Tian Mingzi's majesty and power were far too heavy. If Tian Mingzi wanted to kill them, they would be slaughtered like ducks and chickens in a cage. How could ducks and chickens have the strength to resist?

’’Scatter and flee!’’

A disciple shouted out. Several people seemed to wake from a daze. They realized that they would absolutely die if they stayed, but if they ran away, there was a slim chance of survival!

’’The lot of you really believe you can escape?’’

Tian Mingzi cruelly smiled. At this time, a thick demonic energy lifted up in the air, completely locking down the space of the surrounding area. This was Tian Mingzi's domain - the Eternal Demon Domain.


These disciples of the Skydark Holy Lands desperately attacked the Eternal Demon Domain, but it was simply impossible for them to shake it.

’’Let's fight him!’’

A disciple shouted out. He turned around and hurtled towards Tian Mingzi!


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