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Martial World - Chapter 136


’’Body inscription symbols... I see, it was because I overtaxed my soul force from drawing up the body inscription symbol, so I fell asleep for such a long time... what time is it?’’

The large hourglass in the cabin had already streamed cleanly to the bottom. He had apparently slept for at least an entire day.

’’It's a good thing that I succeed. I misjudged the difficulty of the body inscription symbol;I didn't expect for each symbol and line to have taken such a long time. The one that I drew was... the 'Essence Gathering Symbol'.

The two body inscriptions symbols that Lin Ming had planned to place on himself were the 'Essence Gathering Symbol' and the 'Strife Seal'.

The 'Essence Gathering Symbol' was placed on the chest, and could enhance the speed at which true essence was gathered, thus increasing a martial artist's cultivation rate.

The 'Strife Seal' was placed on the right hand, and by improving how true essence would flow, it could increase the strength of true essence, and improve a martial artist's martial skill or striking power.

Lin Ming's cultivation was the most important right now, so he had first drawn up the 'Essence Gathering Symbol'.

Lin Ming sat in meditation and tested how much better he could gather true essence. Really, it seemed because of the presence of the 'Essence Gathering Symbol' he was able to more easily absorb the strength of the world, and the speed at which he gathered true essence had increased significantly.

’’It's increased by at least 40%! It seems because of the self-hypnosis state, I overdrew my body and injured myself because my soul force was too lacking. But now that I've completed the 'Essence Gathering Symbol', it's exceeded my expectations!’’ Lin Ming felt a great happiness;a 40% increased rate was simply astonishing!

It had to be known that a normal medium third-grade martial artist, if they started cultivating at the age of 12, and were not supported by any special top-quality pills, then they would be able to reach the early Bone Forging stage by the time they were 40 years old. This period was at least 30 years!

But for a medium fourth-grade martial artist, if they started in a similar situation at 12 years of age and also didn't utilize any top-tier pills or cultivation methods, they would reach the early Bone Forging stage when they were 30 years old. This period was 20 years.

The truth was, this ten year disparity between a single grade of talent could also be considered a 50% difference in the speed of cultivation.

But this 50% difference was actually of great importance. A 30 year old martial artist was in the prime of his youth. They had a hope of breaking through to the Pulse Condensation Period, thus extending the period of their growth, and their strength would also greatly improve. They would be like a carp that became a dragon.

But a 40 year old Bone Forging stage martial artist would often have to face the dire consequences of physical aging. Their body strength would decrease, and they would be weaker compared to younger martial artists at the same level. Moreover, it would be much more difficult for them to have any progress, let alone break through to the Pulse Condensation Period.

So this 'Essence Gathering Symbol' that could increase one's cultivation speed by 40% was simply extraordinary!

’’The 'Essence Gathering Symbol' is only the most simple of body inscription symbols. Later, when my cultivation grows, I also have the possibility of drawing up even more formidable body inscription symbols. When that time comes, my talent will no longer be a barrier!’’

’’When I drew up the 'Essence Gathering Symbol', I almost damaged my soul. This 'Strife Seal' can wait until my strength increases again before I draw it. In any case, the 'Strife Seal' is only a body inscription symbol that enhances one's own strength. As long as I successfully draw it up before my match with Zhang Guanyu, then it's not too late.’’


Day after day, Lin Ming would go to the Icy Pond Waterfall to cultivate the 'True Primal Chaos Formula'. He was able to sit within the tenth level of difficulty in the Ice Pond Waterfall for 4 to 5 hours at a time.

Under the dual abilities of the 'Essence Gathering Symbol' and his ethereal martial intent state, Lin Ming's cultivation speed experienced a tremendous leap forwards.

In addition to the top heart mantra of the 'True Primal Chaos Formula', Lin Ming's true essence had been polished to a rich and pure state. In the past, because he had taken the top-tier pills, there had been some impurities within his true essence. But, those pills had already been completely refined by Lin Ming.

Lin Ming's true essence was pure to such a degree, that it was even better if compared to most peak Bone Forging stage martial artists!

After half a month passed, it was the second month of the four months before the match. As Lin Ming immersed himself within the Ice Pond Waterfall and entered into his ethereal martial intent, he discovered that his true essence had already completely spread throughout his viscera, and had begun infiltrating deep into his muscle and bones.

’’Fourth stage of Body Transformation, Altering Muscle!’’

Lin Ming was absolutely delighted, but he was not too surprised.

The Martial House core disciple test required that Lin Ming reach the peak Altering Muscle stage before he was over 16 years old. But if he continued at his current rate of cultivation, that was a goal he would be able to effortlessly achieve.

Normally, when a martial artist was advancing to a new stage, they would experience a bottleneck.

The reason for this bottleneck was usually because their foundation was not solid. For instance, a normal Viscera Training stage martial artist, if they did not have a top quality cultivation method, or were not able to go to the Ice Pond Waterfall and have true essence temper every part of their body, then they would experience a bottleneck when breaking through to the Altering Muscle stage.

If there was only a small amount of true essence that permeated their organs, then it would be even more difficult for that true essence to sink in any further.

Even if they barely managed to break through to the Altering Muscle stage, if their Altering Muscle stage foundation was not steady, then the result would only be that breaking through to the Bone Forging stage would be that much more difficult. Finally, they would be completely unable to take that final step into the Pulse Condensation Period.

If one's foundation was not solid, then as they strived towards greater heights of cultivation, it would become increasingly difficult.

But Lin Ming did not have this kind of problem at all. His true essence had already penetrated deep into each and every nook and cranny of his internal organs, and had even entered into the innumerable tiny units within his body. For him, he would be absolutely successful in breaking through to the Altering Muscle stage, Bone Forging stage, or even the Pulse Condensation Period.

As long as he managed to accumulate enough true essence, he could break through!

As he pushed the 'True Primal Chaos Formula' to its limit, Lin Ming was able to clearly feel the wonderful feeling of true essence sinking into his muscles and bones.

There were many martial artists that did not have a steady foundation, and would only have bitter experiences during their attempts to break through their bottlenecks. If they wanted to enter the Altering Muscle stage, they would often need to push their true essence inwards, and forcefully fuse their true essence into their muscles and bones. They would have to repeat this process slowly as they fused one little part at a time, and very slowly reach the Altering Muscle stage. This was the reason why so many martial artists were stranded at the peak Viscera Training stage for several years.

But this did not apply to Lin Ming. His internal organs had already reached the maximum of how much true essence could be absorbed. This was just like a reservoir that was already filled with water. Because the reservoir could not accommodate more true essence, then that true essence would leak over and naturally seep into the muscle and bones, fusing with them.

Of these two different methods of breaking through a bottleneck, it was easy to see which was good and which was bad!

Lin Ming's breakthrough lasted for three full days. During these three days, Lin Ming would cultivate at the Icy Pond Waterfall for six hours every day. He used a grand total of 18 hours in order to fully integrate the true essence into his muscle and bones;what the so-called Altering Muscle stage cultivated, were the tendons and the periosteum.

As he recovered from his long meditation, Lin Ming felt that the true essence within his body moving incessantly, like an endless river. Resisting the frosty chill of the Icy Pond Waterfall had become an easy task for him.

As he emerged from the icy pool, Lin Ming casually flicked his palm. The edge of his palm formed an indistinct faint blue ripple, just like waves in water.

As Lin Ming saw this rippling blue wave, his eyes shined. ’’True essence realization... I didn't expect that I would have reached the boundary of being able to realize my true essence...’’

Usually only a martial artist at the Pulse Condensation Period, who had extremely thick true essence, would be able to manifest their true essence. Or, there were also some heaven-gifted rare genius peak Bone Forging stage martial artists that could just barely achieve this. But Lin Ming had been able to manifest his true essence as soon as he reached the early Altering Muscle stage. Throughout the entirety of Sky Fortune Kingdom's history, he was the first one to be able to do this.

Lin Ming clenched his fist, and felt a sense of smugness. ’’I've just reached the early Altering Muscle stage and yet I've achieved the boundary which normally only a Pulse Condensation Period martial artist could achieve. I wonder just how far I am compared to an ordinary Pulse Condensation Period martial artist. When I step into the peak Altering Muscle stage, will I be able to defeat a normal Pulse Condensation Period martial artist?’’

Lin Ming was not sure whether or not he could defeat the strength of a powerhouse of the Pulse Condensation Period, but to defeat Lin Sen who was at the peak Altering Muscle stage, Lin Ming had a degree of confidence. Even though Ling Sen had his Ashura martial intent, how could that even compete with the 'Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians'?

To Lin Ming, reaching the peak Altering Muscle stage from the early Altering Muscle stage was only a matter of time.


’’Oh! Junior Apprentice Brother Lin! What an infrequent visitor!’’ The deacon senior apprentice brother who was in charge of the Wood Puppet Lane major killing array saw Lin Ming, and immediately welcomed him with a laugh.

Of the Seven Profound Martial House's seven major killing arrays of metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, and thunder, the Wood Puppet Lane killing array belong to the wood element. Lin Ming had only cultivated at the Icy Pond Waterfall and the Violent Wind Tunnel;this was his first time coming to the Wood Puppet Lane. Therefore, the deacon senior apprentice brother who managed the killing array was especially enthused and warm as he greeted Lin Ming. One never knew, perhaps several years from now, this Lin Ming might even become the Martial House Master of the Seven Profound Martial House. If that time ever came, then this Lin Ming would be his superior's superior;it was natural that he would want to curry favor and flatter him.

’’Senior Apprentice Brother, forgive me but this is embarrassing to say, I just decided to come here, without having made an appointment in advance. I wonder if you have any spots that are open yet?’’ After Lin Ming had broken through to the Altering Muscle stage, he wanted to test his own strength. In the seven major killing arrays, Golden Soldier Hall and Wood Puppet Lane were the two major killing arrays where one could practice their combat skills.

’’Of course there is a spot open for you, haha, whenever Senior Apprentice Brother Lin comes, there will always be a spot open just for you.’’ The deacon senior apprentice brother said with a congenial smile.

’’Thank you, Senior Apprentice Brother. Then, if I could trouble the Senior Apprentice Brother to help me open the eleventh level of difficulty.’’

’’Eleventh level of difficulty?’’ The deacon senior apprentice brother stared at him with wide eyes. Generally speaking, those disciples that were in the top ten of the Ranking Stone would enter the eleventh level of difficulty. Did Lin Ming's strength already enter into the top ten rankings?

The deacon apprentice brother felt this was inconceivably incredible, but suddenly he saw Lin Ming's cultivation and his eyes widened even more until they were like giant white circles. ’’Junior Apprentice Brother Lin, you've already broken through? Altering Muscle stage!’’

’’Mm. Yesterday I had a lucky breakthrough.’’

The deacon senior apprentice brother unconsciously gulped. The bottleneck between the Viscera Training stage and the Altering Muscle stage was not too big nor too small. To a genius, breaking through this bottleneck was bound to happen sooner or later. But, it shouldn't have happened so quickly. He vaguely remembered that Lin Ming had broken through to the Viscera Training stage just a few months ago.

To only use a few months to breakthrough to the Altering Muscle stage from the Viscera Training stage, what the hell was this kind of speed? This deacon senior apprentice brother's talent was already quite good, but it had taken him nearly three years to achieve this.

This young man had already reached the Altering Muscle stage when he was only 15 years old, and still had more than a year left to reach the peak Altering Muscle stage. Lin Ming might even be able to reach the Bone Forging stage! It was already 90% guaranteed that he would pass the Seven Profound Martial House's core disciple test!

A core disciple of the Seven Profound Martial House that came from Sky Fortune Kingdom! The deacon senior apprentice took a deep breath. With just a nod of his head, Lin Ming could become the absolute overlord of the entire Sky Fortune Kingdom!

’’Senior Apprentice Brother, please open the eleventh level of difficulty.’’ Lin Ming saw the deacon senior apprentice brother in a daze, and politely reminded him.

’’Oh, yes, yes.’’ The deacon senior apprentice brother responded, and then fiddled with an array disc to open the eleventh level of difficulty for the Wood Puppet Lane.


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