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Martial World - Chapter 1358


Chapter 1358

Chapter 1358 - Life or Death Crisis




’’In severing his hand, no matter what happens next, that will still cause damage to his essence energy. It seems Tian Mingzi has really put forth sufficient capital to kill me.’’

Lin Ming sneered, but his mind was actually rapidly coming up with solutions for how to pass this danger. Tian Mingzi was not an idiot. On the contrary, he was someone who did everything to the limit of perfection.

Even a lion had to use its full force to capture a rabbit. If Tian Mingzi had severed his hand to bring to the lower realms, it was because he truly had confidence in killing him, at least 70-80%.

’’Hahaha! Once you die, Honorable Master can naturally take back his hand and reattach it with heavenly materials. As for any essence energy he loses, he can make up for it!’’

Nether Limitless laughed.

Even if the supreme elders of the divine Realm lost part of their mortal body, they could use a variety of heavenly materials to make up for the loss. But, any new body part that was formed would be inferior to the original in terms of formidability.

For an essence gathering system master, although their body wasn't as tough as that of a body transformation martial artist, their flesh and blood had still been tempered with true essence for a long period of time, and had also gone through numerous baptisms of origin energy. This was their spirit body.

If they lost their spirit body and wished to transform their newly regrown flesh and blood into a new spirit body, they would have to spend a long time to temper that part. Thus, Tian Mingzi had to take back this hand, otherwise his cultivation would suffer a great loss.

Tian Mingzi's flesh and blood wriggled in the skies, like a tiny growing meat embryo.

As this meat embryo grew, a massive amount of origin energy gathered towards it, forming a horrifying storm.

Without turning his head, Lin Ming said with a true essence sound transmission, ’’Leave this place. If you stay you will die. I fear the outcome will be the same even if you are several hundred miles away.’’

General Wei and his group had helped Lin Ming, otherwise it would have been impossible for him to use the transmission arrays so quickly and he also wouldn't have had the chance to meditate and heal his wounds. If Lin Ming had stayed in the crash site to heal himself, that would have been far more dangerous. Without the time that Nether Limitless and the others took to find him, his wounds would have been much heavier.

General Wei and his people had absolutely nothing to do with this matter. Lin Ming didn't hope that they would be dragged in and die.

Moreover, the area where Lin Ming was fighting Nether Limitless and the others was a primitive wilderness. If he fought here, there was no need to worry that there would be a great loss of life.

’’Let's hurry and leave!’’

General Wei was a man who knew his limits. He originally thought to become friends with Lin Ming and win him over, but these tiny thoughts and hopes had already vanished into thin air. This sort of person was destined to only be a visitor to the Holy Demon Continent and would soon leave.

While they all wished to see the battle of a divine Realm master, being caught up in the stormy aftermath and dying was simply too unjustified.

Tian Mingzi's hand took several breaths of time to grow into a complete mortal body. During this time there was always an enchantment protecting it. If Lin Ming attacked at this time, the effects would be limited.

The newly born Tian Mingzi's entire body was covered in a thin layer of mucus. This avatar waved its hand, creating a long robe out of energy. As Tian Mingzi floated in the air, his eyes were bright and sharp. Tian Mingzi's avatar had also inherited a wisp of Tian Mingzi's soul.

’’Lin Ming...’’

Tian Mingzi's voice was indifferent. His long hair floated up in the air, just like a divine tree stretching out its branches. At this time, he looked like a demon god, and the area he was standing in seemed as if it were the center of this universe.

’’Tian Mingzi, I only stole away your primordial epoch spirit root. Is that really enough for you to sacrifice your own origin energy and sever your hand to chase me down to the Sky Spill Planet?’’

Lin Ming already had some guess as to why Tian Mingzi was willing to hunt him down no matter the cost. This definitely wasn't related to the primordial epoch spirit root. Although the primordial epoch spirit root was precious, it wasn't something that someone on the level of Tian Mingzi couldn't obtain eventually. Moreover, the primordial epoch spirit root had already been eaten up by Lin Ming.

’’Are you testing me?’’ Tian Mingzi's avatar revealed a pale smile. ’’You should have already guessed something... but, regardless of whether your guesses are correct, I cannot allow any accidents to occur. You must die here.’’

’’Is that so? That black-robed man was truly a spy from the saint race after all. What you have done is commit a crime against the entirety of humanity. Once Empyrean divine Dream or Empyrean Vast Universe discover this, you will surely die without a grave. That is the reason why you are so nervous. You're afraid of the chance that any tiny bit of news will be revealed, even if it is just a tiny speck.’’

Although Tian Mingzi didn't say anything, Lin Ming was able to confirm his guesses.

’’You're quite the smart one.’’

Tian Mingzi didn't plan to deny this fact nor was he able to conceal it. No matter what Tian Mingzi said, all Lin Ming had to do was hand the corpse of that black-robed man over to Empyrean divine Dream and she would instantly know the truth.

As for whether divine Dream would trust Lin Ming or Tian Mingzi, that was obvious! In other words, as long as Lin Ming returned to the divine Realm, Tian Mingzi's life was over.

Nether Limitless and the others were all shocked stupid as they listened to the exchange between Lin Ming and Tian Mingzi.

In truth, they weren't too sure what the two were speaking about. But, they weren't fools. From the meaning of Lin Ming and Tian Mingzi's words, it seemed as if Tian Mingzi had been undertaking some great matter, and this matter involved betraying humanity. If he were to be found out, many Empyreans would join forces to exterminate him!

It was clear that this was the reason Tian Mingzi wanted to kill Lin Ming. It seemed that this weren't as simple as they had first assumed.

Nether Limitless and the other 11 disciples all looked at each other, fear, worry, and dismay in their eyes. They were nothing but little shrimps in the big picture. If they were involved in such a massive vortex, there wouldn't even be bones left of them. And although their Skydark Holy Lands was a demonic path sect, they were still humans after all. To betray their own race...

Nether Limitless and the others all felt weak in their hearts!

But they had already boarded the same ship as Tian Mingzi. If they were to betray Tian Mingzi then their fates could be imagined.

Tian Mingzi seemed as if he had no intention of bothering with Nether Limitless and the others. He only looked at Lin Ming and drew out a long black sword from his spatial ring. The sword handle had a strange shape and the blade was merely an inch wide and yet eight feet long. It wasn't that much shorter than the Phoenix Blood Spear, and it resembled the sword of judgment held by the fabled god of death.

’’Smart people... always die early.’’

As Tian Mingzi said this, he suddenly rushed forwards, his sword slashing down at Lin Ming. The void of the lower realms was cut apart like tofu. Because of the powers of the protection left behind by Empyrean Primordius, the cultivation of Tian Mingzi's avatar was limited to the peak of the late divine Sea realm. He wasn't able to go any further otherwise he would be restrained by the Laws.

In other words, Tian Mingzi's avatar had a Great World King's comprehension of the Laws as well as the spirit body of a Great World King. However, the cultivation he used was at the late divine Sea realm.

This was already more than terrifying!

In this dire situation, against such a formidable adversary, the Prime Emperor Lotus Flower bloomed in full behind Lin Ming. The phantom of the Heretical God Tree also appeared. Lin Ming instantly erupted with the limit of his strength!

’’Heavenly Dao Judgment!’’

The power of thunder and fire contained within the Heretical God Tree surged outwards, gathering in the sky and forming a terrifying storm of energy. Without hesitation, Lin Ming detonated it.

Rumble rumble rumble!

In the skies, the fire and thunder hurtled downwards, colliding together with Tian Mingzi's sword light!

A terrifying explosion swept through the void. Tian Mingzi coldly smiled and waved his sleeves. Then, a strong veil of darkness fell down, as if a nightmare had fallen over this area and swallowed up the entire region.

The incomparably thick darkness swallowed up Lin Ming's power of thunder and fire. Like this, his Heavenly Dao Judgment dissipated in the darkness.

This was Tian Mingzi's Darkness Laws. With his Great World King level understanding of Laws to compete with Lin Ming, he naturally had a great advantage.


The spear light shattered and Lin Ming was sent flying backwards, blood wildly tumbling within his body. In that brief collision just now, he had suffered a light wound. Although this didn't affect his current combat strength, it confirmed the disparity between him and Tian Mingzi.

This battle was far too tricky!

When Lin Ming fought Frost Dream, Frost Dream was the incarnation of divine Dream's sundered soul. Because of the amnesia of birth, her memories had been sealed away, thus her boundary in the Laws was closer to Lin Ming's own.

This was completely different from the current situation of Tian Mingzi in front of him.

With the spirit body of a Great World King, the Laws of a Great World King, and also a cultivation that was a small boundary higher, Tian Mingzi was far superior to Lin Ming. If this battle continued then Lin Ming would die without a doubt.

Hah - !

From within Tian Mingzi's body, a vast roiling demonic energy spread forth. This demonic energy condensed into countless demons, all of them enveloping an area of 10 miles.

This was Tian Mingzi's 10,000 Demon Domain.

Every demon lingered at the edges of the battlefield, completely blocking in this area of space. Although Tian Mingzi didn't believe that Lin Ming had the ability to escape his grasp, he still opened the 10,000 Demon Domain and locked down this area in order to eliminate even the slightest chance of Lin Ming escaping.

’’Lin Ming, your end has arrived. With my divine Sea cultivation, I have used the 10,000 Demon Domain to create a cage around you. Although you possess the strength to break through this cage, I will not give you that chance. The moment you try, I will sever your head.

As Tian Mingzi spoke, he horizontally lifted the black sword in his hand. Demonic energy covered the blade, dense and dark. With Tian Mingzi's strength, he could do exactly what he said. If Lin Ming wanted to break through this 10,000 Demon Domain, he would be unable to resist Tian Mingzi's attacks. But, if he couldn't break through then he would have to fight Tian Mingzi here until he exhausted himself and died.

Lin Ming held onto the Phoenix Blood Sear, his palms slightly wet with sweat. However, his eyes were steady and calm!

This was another life or death crisis that he had to face!

Rumble rumble rumble!

With a terrifying thunderous rumble, above Tian Mingzi's head, a giant pagoda emerged out of thin air, slowly spinning around.

This pagoda was the same one that Tian Mingzi had used in the past to hold 10,000 masters of the divine Realm, the catastrophic spirit treasure that helped him destroy the Verdant Feather Holy Lands. To obtain this divine pagoda was one of Tian Mingzi's greatest lucky chances.

With a divine Sea realm cultivation, Tian Mingzi was naturally unable to activate the true divine pagoda. All he could do was bring out a projection instead. But even if this was a projection, its might was extraordinary.

Tian Ming instantly formed thousands of seals with his hand. Then, this catastrophic divine pagoda began to come crashing down on Lin Ming. In that moment, Lin Ming felt all of the space surrounding him being shaken by this divine pagoda, not giving him any chance to dodge.

At the same time, Tian Mingzi was like a demon god descending to the world as he rushed forwards, his long sword slashing through space!

Lin Ming's pupils shrank. If he couldn't dodge then he could only defend! In that he moment opened the Eight Inner Hidden Gates to the limit, and even the black hole seed within his inner world appeared.

Facing Tian Mingzi's attack, it was impossible for Lin Ming to hold back.

The black hole seed caused a massive storm of origin energy to lift up. As Lin Ming thrust out his spear, even the power of Heavenly Dao Judgment was fused into his spear without reservation.

The spear light was like a black dragon as it struck against Tian Mingzi's sword strike.

Eternal Darkness!


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