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Martial World - Chapter 1353


Chapter 1353

Chapter 1353 - Sky Spill Planet




’’Sky... Skydark World King, you... you...’’

Near Skybreak Sect's transmission array, there were several Skybreak Sect disciples as well as the seven or eight martial artists waiting for the transmission array. They had all borne witness to Tian Mingzi killing the Skybreak Sect Elder and then searching his soul!

At this time, they were all horrified. In their eyes, Tian Mingzi was nothing but a cruel and malicious demon, someone who killed without batting an eye, and doing so without rhyme or reason.

Tian Mingzi looked at everyone around him, his complexion indifferent as he said, ’’I'm sorry. You have all seen something you shouldn't have.’’

Tian Mingzi chasing after Lin Ming was an extremely important matter. If this was revealed, he would definitely be embroiled in a great deal of trouble. If they investigated into this, they would likely uncover his collusion with the saints. If this happened, then he would die without a doubt!

Tian Mingzi naturally wouldn't allow something like this to happen. Even if these people around him didn't know of Lin Ming's status, he still wouldn't allow any of them to remain alive.

’’You... you...!’’

Hearing Tian Mingzi's words, everyone turned pale.

Although martial artists were strong, that didn't necessarily mean they were brave. When facing death, they were even more afraid, because compared to a mortal, their lives were much more wonderful and long.


Several martial artists cried out in panic, immediately turning tail to escape!

They all used their ultimate trump cards. Some use mystical escape talismans and some even burnt their blood essence. Without regard to the cost, they desperately tried to flee!

All of them escaped in different directions. But in the face of a Great World King, there was simply no chance for any of them to escape.

’’If you wish to blame something, blame your luck for being bad.’’

In that moment, Tian Mingzi's aura erupted as he shot out hundreds of black energy swords. The speed of these energy swords was fast beyond belief. The dozen plus people around the transmission array were all instantly pierced through by these energy swords, cut into countless pieces of meat.

These dozen plus people all died on the spot!

Blood rained down along with bits and pieces of flesh. Tian Mingzi stood in this rain of blood, his body emitting an invisible force field. As these drops of blood and flesh approached him, they were automatically pushed aside.

At this time, Tian Mingzi was wearing a voluminous black robe. His face was pale white and his eyes were a deep scarlet red. When looking upon him in this hail of blood, he resembled a demon amongst demons!

’’This is truly a shameful matter. I want to kill Lin Ming, but I can't even sense him when he knocks on my gate. Not just that, but he stole the primordial epoch spirit root, and even my alliance with the saint race was discovered by him.’’

Tian Mingzi mumbled to himself. At this time, some people on the planet noticed something unusual occurring.

’’What's going on? Are people fighting?’’

Tian Mingzi's vision turned icy and he coldly snorted. A monstrous demonic energy surged forth from his body, soaring into the skies and causing dark billowing clouds to appear. These dark clouds were heavy and gloomy, as if infinite demons were gathered within them.

Heaven and earth origin energy roared. Strong winds recklessly surged, like an apocalyptic scene.


’’Heaven and earth origin energy is being stirred up?’’

Skybreak Sect's martial artists were startled;this wasn't a natural occurrence.

As they were about to fly out and investigate, at this time, an invisible space covered all of them, enveloping the entirety of Skybreak Sect.

The world outside was completely isolated!

’’How is this...!?’’

The martial artists that flew into the sky all fell down, an indescribably bleak feeling drowning them.

’’Is an unrivalled powerhouse planning to exterminate our sect?’’

This thought flashed through the hearts of many people. And then, they knew nothing at all.

Tian Mingzi had used his own domain, a domain completely similar to the black-robed saint spy's - the Eternal Demon Domain.

Beneath this domain, everyone was isolated.

Tian Mingzi deprived everyone of consciousness but he didn't kill them. This wasn't because of some kind-hearted benevolence, but because he didn't want to make this matter too big. If a peak eighth-grade sect was instantly exterminated like this, that would arouse far too much attention.

’’Lin Ming, if he flew to the lower realms, he should have returned to his homeland of the Sky Spill Planet.’’

Lin Ming's information appeared in Tian Mingzi's mind. The Sky Spill Planet was a tiny insignificant world of the lower realms, a planet that was slightly larger than average. If it weren't for the saint race's orders to assassinate Lin Ming, making him research all the available information on Lin Ming, he simply wouldn't know about such a tiny world of the lower realms like the Sky Spill Planet.

’’If Lin Ming returned to the lower realms then he should have gone to the Sky Spill Planet. With his cultivation, then underneath the suppression of the Heavenly Dao Laws, returning to his home world is his limit. It is impossible for him to pass through the infinite space storms to go to other worlds. It is impossible for him to escape my grasp.’’

Tian Mingzi gently smiled as he pulled out a golden jade slip. This jade slip was as large as a book. As he sunk his thoughts into it, a celestial starmap of the 3000 great worlds of the divine Realm and innumerable worlds of the lower realms appeared in his mind. As long as he knew the coordinates of the Sky Spill Planet, then with his strength he would be able to pass through the transmission array and arrive at the Sky Spill Planet in two to four hours.

Tian Mingzi's lips slowly curved up in a dreadful smile. With his strength and with Lin Ming contained on a single planet, wanting to find him would be as easy as catching a turtle in a jar.

’’You have simply chosen the best tomb for yourself. The land of your home world is indeed a suitable place for you to be buried...’’

Tian Mingzi's words were like the whispers of a cackling demon. With a wave of his sleeves, a nine sun jade flew into the energy core of the transmission array. In the next instant, a divine light radiated outwards and Tian Mingzi vanished into the transmission array.


At this time, a hundred quintillion miles away, separated by the vast and infinite void of space, there was a blood red plain. The ends of this plain extended outwards into a thousand mile long mountain range.

This mountain range had a name, Tragic Death Mountain. It constantly exuded demonic energy all year round.

With the loud whinnies of vicious beasts, a team of winged flood dragons landed at the ends of this plain. These winged flood dragons appeared extraordinary, and there was a crowd of heroic and dashingly spirited martial artists on their backs!

Of these people, the one leading them was a tall middle-aged man. In addition, the most standout among them was a man and a woman.

This pair was tall with extraordinary makings. The man was handsome and graceful and the woman was beautiful like an ethereal fairy. They were the Prince and Princess of a divine Kingdom from the Holy Demon Continent. They could both be called proud children of the heavens!

’’Tragic Death Mountain, we've finally arrived for our training. We must kill to our heart's' content this time!’’

The handsome youth excitedly said. He grasped the long sword in his hand, a confident expression on his face.

Every year there were many martial artists that entered this mountain range, but over 90% of them never returned;they wouldn't even have their corpses or bones remaining. Because they died in such a tragic manner, this mountain range was called Tragic Death Mountain. This was a graveyard for masters but also a treasure trove of great lucky chances. Many martial artists came here to adventure in hopes of being able to gain enough insights and experience to break through to the next boundary and walk even further down their road of martial arts.

It was also because of this reason that even though this mountain range had endlessly great risks, there were still many extreme characters that came every year in order to temper themselves.

’’Big Brother, we must be careful. Tragic Death Mountain is unfathomable. Sovereign Father has already advised us to listen to General Wei's heeding, and the most we can enter into Tragic Death Mountain is about 400 miles.’’ The divine Kingdom Princess riding the winged flood dragon said. She wore a military uniform and seemed extremely stern and martial, but this did not diminish her gentleness and stunning looks. She was a rare beauty. With her appearance and her background, she was the ideal woman that many young elites in the divine Kingdom yearned for.

’’What the Princess says is right. The depths of Tragic Death Mountain are far too horrifying. Even if His Majesty were to personally arrive, he still wouldn't dare to go into the deepest parts of Tragic Death Mountain. That area is a true absolute life-forbidden zone;no one is an exception.’’

Behind the beautiful Princess, the tall and burly middle-aged man spoke. He wore a helmet and a suit of armor;he was clearly the General Wei that the Princess was referring to.

The young Prince obviously didn't seem willing to listen to this advice. He curled his lips, wanting to say several words refuting him and describing just how strong he had grown.

But before he could open his mouth, there was a terrifying rumble that came crashing down from the skies.

Everyone was shocked. They all looked up to see a brilliant meteorite come crashing down with unbelievable speed, tearing through the upper atmosphere as it came smashing down!

In addition to the thunder and flames wrapped around this meteorite, there was also a gray power surrounding it. No one had seen this gray power before. But, if someone skilled in the Space Laws were to see this, they would know that this was the power of the space storm that leaked out from the crack in space. Moreover, this space storm originated from the spatial void that existed between the divine Realm and the lower realms;it was a terrifying force that could annihilate all of existence!

’’What a fast meteorite!’’ The young Prince cried out in alarm.

And beside him, General Wei was also looking out far into the distance. Then, his mind shook. ’’No, that's not right, it doesn't seem like a meteorite at all. How come I think it looks like... a... a person?’’

General Wei put forth a speculation that even he couldn't believe he said. However, with his eyesight that far surpassed that of normal martial artists, he could see that this was indeed a person.

Everyone that heard him was shocked. This was a person?

At this time, that 'meteorite' finally crashed to the earth. And, the point it landed at was that mountain range filled with demonic energy and also known as a life-forbidden zone - Tragic Death Mountain!


In that instant, an incomparably terrifying explosion rolled up the earth for a thousand miles. The mountain range of Tragic Death Mountain was directly lifted up into the air and even the world was pierced through. The magma roiling beneath the ground shot into the skies, flooding forth like massive tsunamis. The horrifying shockwaves crushed the entirety of Tragic Death Mountain, rolling outwards with an unstoppable momentum.

’’Shit! Danger!’’

General Wei was shocked. He immediately set down an enchantment of energy, protecting those people near him.

A titanic shockwave crashed into General Wei's energy enchantment. His face paled as his insides tumbled about, nearly causing him to vomit blood.

Even from such a distance, he had withstood less than a ten-thousandth of the impact force from just the aftermath shockwaves, and yet that had caused him to be injured. General Wei found it hard to imagine the might of the crash just now.

The storm quickly passed. Everyone opened their eyes wide to see the place where that 'meteorite' had landed. As they did, everyone was dumbfounded, their mouths falling open. Even the normally calm General Wei was unable to regain his calm for a long time.

Tragic Death Mountain, the legendary life-forbidden zone filled with endless demons, the legendary mountain range where countless masters had perished, had actually been over 70% destroyed!

Let alone those demons, not even the mountain range was left intact!

Just what kind of horrifying strength was this?

Everyone felt as if they were in a dream. But, that bubbling magma that was still surging upwards from deep underground told everyone that what they were seeing was not an illusion at all.

’’Ge-general Wei, you said that meteorite just now was a person?’’

The divine Kingdom Princess shivered as she recalled this.

Everyone else also looked towards General Wei.

General Wei was still bewildered. He opened his mouth with some difficulty, saying, ’’I... I might have been mistaken.’’


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