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Martial World - Chapter 1352


Chapter 1352

Chapter 1352 - Identity Exposed




Tian Mingzi was already a Great World King powerhouse, and a peak Great World King master at that. He was very close to becoming a half-step Empyrean.

Such a character had an immeasurable disparity with Lin Ming. His attack could instantly turn Lin Ming into smoke and ash!

’’Lin Ming, be careful!’’

Mo Eversnow anxiously said. At this time, behind Lin Ming, that great hand was roiling forwards with the sound of rumbling thunder, rapidly rushing ahead. Facing this massive hand, Lin Ming was like a tiny bird flying away from an avalanche;he was simply nothing at all.

He absolutely could not contend with this!

Lin Ming was crystal clear that trying to block this attack with his own strength was impossible!

That meant that the only path he had left was to allow the surrounding space storms destroy it. Even the strength of a Great World King didn't reach the level of ignoring the rules of space.

Lin Ming took a deep breath as energy erupted from his body once more. He suddenly changed directions, flushing towards an area of incomparably chaotic space turbulence!

In that moment, even the usually calm Mo Eversnow paled. In the chaos of the vast space channel, an endless power of space formed massive violent space currents that were trillions of miles long. These tremendous currents lay far in the distance, like the swirling arms of a galaxy. Once one entered these unimaginable space currents, they would encounter the endless crazy power of infinite space storms cutting upon them like unlimited blades. This force could even cut a planet to pieces!

Just how dangerous was it to break into these turbulent space flows? With Lin Ming's strength, a single misstep would leave him beyond redemption!

Mo Eversnow's eyes sharpened. Without the slightest sound, she fused her divine soul with Lin Ming's body, using her comprehension of Space Laws to help Lin Ming avoid any mistakes to the best of her ability.

To pass through this turbulent space flow was like a mortal walking across a steel wire suspended high in the air. They could have successfully passed it a thousand times, but they weren't even allowed to make a single mistake!

Rumble rumble rumble!

A terrifying current fell on top of Lin Ming. The speed of this turbulence reached unimaginable degrees, its impact causing space to violently shake. This sort of shaking could easily shatter a mountain range!

At that moment, Lin Ming felt a powerful force attacking his insides, as if it wanted to rip his body to pieces! This was not a frontal attack, but only a slight scratch. Even so, this sort of impact could even exterminate an ordinary divine Lord powerhouse!


Lin Ming's protective true essence shattered like a glass wall being struck by a giant steel ball!

Gate of Death - open!

Lin Ming fiercely grit his teeth and directly opened the Gate of Death. The Gate of Death was located in Lin Ming's spiritual sea and was like a valve. Once the Gate of Death opened, all of Lin Ming's astral essence would flood out, erupting with an amount a hundred times greater!

Lin Ming currently only had true essence. But with true essence and astral essence fusing into his body now, the intensity and strength of his body instantly rose to incredible heights. By relying on his formidable mortal body, he forcefully withstood the impact from the power of space.

Roar - !

With the resonant cry of a dragon, the phantom of a True Dragon appeared behind Lin Ming. Lin Ming was like an Azure Dragon swimming through the wild seas, rapidly soaring through the world.

Putting aside Mo Eversnow, just Lin Ming himself had an incredibly high understanding into the Space Laws.

Empyrean divine Seal was someone who reached large success in the Space and Time Laws. The essence of his primal chaos black hole was to seal away even gods into a singularity of space and time, reaching the boundary of an eternal seal.

During Lin Ming's year and a half deep sleep in the divine Realm First Martial Meeting, his Space and Time Laws had reached perfection of the fifth level Concept.

Cross the void!

Seeing a giant space current fall onto him like an endless river, Lin Ming forcefully twisted his body and abruptly passed through a gap in this space current. The massive backlash caused Lin Ming's body to shake as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

And after that was the giant hand Tian Mingzi had sent out. At this time, this hand was already trillions upon trillions of miles away from Tian Mingzi. No matter how powerful or skilled Tian Mingzi was, or how high his comprehension of the Space Laws was, it was impossible for him to manipulate this hand to nimbly avoid the space storms.


A space storm collided with the giant hand. Against this force that could instantly smash apart a million mountain ranges, even a Great World King wasn't able to withstand this!

Luckily, Tian Mingzi already had some response. However, there was not enough time. With a terrifying explosive sound, this hand was torn in half!

Energy crazily vented outwards. The massive hand violently shook before suddenly dimming down.

Immeasurably far away, Tian Mingzi shook and his complexion paled. His right hand trembled as if a snake had bitten it and a trace of blood flowed down from his fingertips.

All of this fell into the eyes of the surrounding people.

They looked at Tian Mingzi, disbelief thick in their eyes. Such a great person was actually injured?

How had he been injured?

Although these people didn't know what his status was, they knew that he was undoubtedly a World King level powerhouse;this pressure they felt could not be wrong.

If such a person were to rush here all in order to capture a junior who fled through a transmission array, by all reasoning that should be easy, so how could he have been injured?

Before they could react, Tian Mingzi's body shook once more. At that moment, blood vessels burst open on his hand as blood spewed out.

The true essence hand he sent out had struck a space current a second time. That half remaining energy was also completely torn apart!

At this time, within the space channel, Lin Ming had completely rid himself of Tian Mingzi's giant hand. The terrifying explosion of energy was like endless fireworks that detonated behind Lin Ming. Lin Ming's entire body was covered in thunder and flame, like a meteor in the deep night. Wrapped in this fiery flame and lightning, he rushed out from the space storm!

He had escaped!

Lin Ming's entire body was covered in blood and he didn't relax in the slightest. Although he had escaped Tian Mingzi's chase so far, he had penetrated into a space storm to do so. If he wanted to return to his original space tunnel, he would have to pay a considerable price.

At this time, because Lin Ming had repeatedly passed through gaps in the space storm and was also affected by the exploding energies, his organs had been tremendously injured. If it weren't for the support of his body transformation technique, he would have been grievously wounded and vomiting blood. If he lost his combat strength in this space storm, his fate could be imagined!

’’In crossing the void this time, you still have to continue onwards for several hours!’’

Within Lin Ming's spiritual sea, Mo Eversnow spoke out. She had experience going to the lower realms from the divine Realm.

’’That's a long time...’’ Lin Ming clenched his teeth and swallowed down a pill. Even if Tian Mingzi wasn't chasing him, this would still be a difficult struggle.


On Skybreak Planet, Tian Mingzi looked at his injured hand. His hand had been as beautiful and clear as the finest jade, but now many blood vessels had ruptured, causing blood to leak out. His hand now seemed a bit disturbing and gloomy.

At this time, Tian Mingzi coldly sneered. He coldly spat out a single word, ’’Good.’’ This caused everyone to be even more confused. All of them fell into a silent panic, too afraid to say a single word.

’’What a young hero. You risk the dangers of the violent space turbulence to avoid me chasing you. Your actions are truly bold and courageous, but this makes me even more unable to let you go...’’

Tian Mingzi lifted his hand. Without knowing whether this was happiness or anger, everyone in the surroundings began to retreat backwards. They could feel Tian Mingzi emitting a faint killing intent.


Tian Mingzi darkly said. With a wave of his right hand, the body of the severely wounded Skybreak Sect Elder flew into Tian Mingzi's grasp, held by the throat.

In that instant, the Skybreak Sect Elder's face turned ashen. ’’F-forgive me, Senior Skydark World King, please calm your anger. This lowly fool is useless and was unable to stop him, I contributed as much as I could...’’

The old man quickly explained. He could also feel the killing intent rolling off from Tian Mingzi. With Tian Mingzi's status, killing him was the same as killing an ant.

’’Sky... Skydark World King!?’’

Everyone in the surroundings was shocked as they heard the old man speak this name.

They had originally guessed that Tian Mingzi was a World King level character, but they never thought he would turn out to be the Great World King of the Demondawn Great World!

Looking at the entire divine Realm, Tian Mingzi was a peak World King existence!

Such a character was absolutely not a figure that people of their status could ever come into contact with.

Looking at the Skybreak Sect Elder, Tian Mingzi smiled, happily saying. ’’I know you made a contribution, but... I want you to make one more. I want information on that youth.’’

’’Yes... yes... I will tell you...’’

The Skybreak Sect Elder hastily nodded, his voice trembling. But before he could continue speaking, he felt Tian Mingzi's hand tighten on his neck. With a severe pain transmitting through his body, there was a light cracking sound as his spine was shattered by Tian Mingzi!

’’There is no need for you to speak. I will examine you myself.’’

Still smiling, Tian Mingzi's soul force broke into the Skybreak Sect Elder's spiritual sea, brutally scanning through the old man's memories.

Soul searching technique!

The information that could be described with words was limited in the end;it naturally couldn't compare to the nuanced detail from a soul search.

But as Tian Mingzi saw Lin Ming's fight with the old man from before he forcefully entered the void, he was suddenly shocked.

The move that Lin Ming used, Eternal Darkness, how could Tian Mingzi not know what that was? He had watched the entire divine Realm First Martial Meeting finals with his own eyes.

’’Middle divine Sea realm cultivation, that strange energy black hole, a spear-using martial artist, how could this be...’’

Tian Mingzi's blood red pupils flashed with a brilliant light. ’’He is Lin Ming!’’

Lin Ming...

Tian Mingzi's eyebrows shot up. Lin Ming's status was special. If he wanted to kill Lin Ming, he would definitely arouse a great deal of trouble. Once his role in that was revealed, that too was something he wouldn't be able to shoulder.

Moreover, because of the saint race's orders, he had planned to make his move in secret. But now, the entire situation had become a chaotic mess. The saint race spy had actually been killed by Lin Ming!

Tian Mingzi didn't know whether or not Lin Ming realized the status of the saint race spy he killed, but what he was absolutely sure of was that the corpse of that spy was taken away by Lin Ming!

Once Lin Ming gave this corpse to Empyrean divine Dream or Empyrean Vast Universe, the consequences would be dire!

’’I have to... I have to kill Lin Ming!’’

This thought flashed through Tian Mingzi's mind. And, the moment that Lin Ming reached the lower realms was the best chance for Tian Mingzi to attack!


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