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Martial World - Chapter 1350


Chapter 1350

Chapter 1350 - Chased by Tian Mingzi




The black-robed man's body fell down. The Eternal Demon Domain he formed also completely disintegrated, vanishing into nothing.

Instantly killed with a single sword strike?

Lin Ming sucked in a breath of air. Empyrean divine Dream was far too strong. Just a wisp of her incarnation was able to instantly kill the mysterious black-robed man without the least bit of difficulty. Her enemy wasn't even given the ability to resist.

With a thought, Lin Ming put away the black-robed man's body.

This corpse likely involved many secrets. Lin Ming naturally couldn't leave it be.

Lin Ming respectfully bowed towards divine Dream's phantom, saying, ’’I thank Empyrean divine Dream for this life-saving graciousness. This junior will etch this favor in his mind.’’

’’There is no need to be so formal. The strength saved within this incarnation can only be used for a single strike. Afterwards, it will collapse and fade away. Your growth is destined to withstand countless tribulations and trials. It is impossible for me to help you through all of them. Your future must rely on your own efforts.’’

As Empyrean divine Dream spoke, the phantom violently shook, finally turning into a wisp of divine dream energy that scattered into the wind, leaving behind nothing but a single crystal clear flower petal that gently wafted down.

Lin Ming caught this flower petal in his hands. He only felt as if he had grabbed an ice crystal, translucent and shimmering, cold to the bone.

Empyrean divine Dream's incarnation had disappeared far too quickly. As for Lin Ming's speculations, he had no time to speak them to Empyrean divine Dream. But in truth, this wouldn't necessarily have been useful. Empyrean divine Dream's main body was deep in seclusion and had already cut off contact with this incarnation.

’’Time is of the essence. We must leave!’’ Mo Eversnow said.

’’I got it!’’

Without pause, Lin Ming directly launched his movement technique, flying towards the lower realms transmission array. In the brief moment when Empyrean divine Dream appeared, he was unable to see through the black-robed man's true identity.

If he really was from the saint race, then that was truly dangerous!

His whereabouts had already been exposed, and not only had the black-robed man not managed to kill him, but he was killed in return. Once the saint race discovered this, they would likely hunt him down to eliminate all potential informants!

With Lin Ming's current condition, wanting to resist the saint race was like an ant facing an elephant.


Lin Ming's suspicions were correct. However, the one who wanted to kill him was not the saint race, but Tian Mingzi.

Ka ka ka!

With the sound of cracking jade, Tian Mingzi watched as a jade slip with a demon king mark cracked in half not too far away from him.


Tian Mingzi was shocked. ’’Black Demon died!?’’

No one was clearer than Tian Mingzi on who the black-robed man was. He was one of the spies that the saint race had sent to infiltrate the divine Realm at a great cost;his status was incomparably sensitive. If certain people learned that Tian Mingzi was cooperating with the saint race, he would die without a grave!

This was a crime that would bring the judgment of the universe down on him;Tian Mingzi simply couldn't afford this.

And if the black-robed man died, then there was an extremely high chance that his status had been exposed.

Tian Mingzi's complexion turned incomparably gloomy. He closed his eyes and then suddenly opened them. He originally thought that with the black-robed man's strength, he alone would be enough to end the battle. He never imagined that such an incident would occur. Could that youth who obtained the primordial epoch spirit root have some great figure standing behind them? Otherwise, with the black-robed man's strength, it was impossible for him to be killed.

Tian Mingzi hesitated for a moment. If there truly was a top master standing behind this youth, then he might not necessarily be able to deal with him.

’’I must take the risk. If I don't take action now and this secret is revealed, then it will be difficult for me to take shelter anywhere in the divine Realm!’’

Tian Mingzi decided to move. The black-robed man was too important;he needed to silence all witnesses and bury his crimes. Otherwise, his only choice would be to abandon the foundation he had been laying down on the Demondawn Great World for the last 50,000 years.

With a hand tearing through the fabric of space, Tian Mingzi grasped his devil sword and stepped into the void.

This sword was eight feet long, longer than the height of an adult male. The sword edge was cold and keen, with the design of a vicious demon engraved on it. It looked incomparably dreadful.

In just several dozen breaths of time, Tian Mingzi passed through a space-time door to an area thousands of miles away.

Space shifting wasn't something that could be instantly done, but required some time. Moreover, the area Lin Ming was at was not the central mainland of Demondawn Great World, but a distant star called Skybreak Planet.

Tian Mingzi knew the location of this planet. But, to accurately find where the black-robed man died would take some time.


In the quiet skies, layers of clouds hung low to the earth. Strong winds billowed, as if a heavy deluge were about to pour down.

In the area that Lin Ming had already departed from, a black sword cut through the void, tearing apart the surrounding space.

A man in black suddenly stepped out. This person was Tian Mingzi.

Origin energy fluctuations still remained in the skies. Tian Mingzi could clearly feel the aura that the black-robed man left behind.

’’He really died... even his corpse is gone.’’

The disappearance of the corpse left Tian Mingzi feeling even more restless. He let out a long breath, his complexion still gloomy and dim.

’’There is the aura of Black Demon, the aura of the youth who captured the primordial epoch spirit root, and also the aura of a master, but that has already faded away. This feeling... could it be an incarnation?’’

Tian Mingzi wasn't a stranger to incarnations. Some top masters would occasionally create incarnations to protect their descendants, but creating one cost a certain amount of their cultivation. Normally, they wouldn't be freely manufactured.

An incarnation would consume at least several hundred years of cultivation, and it would also disappear after a single use. Thus, those juniors that could obtain an incarnation created by a master were definitely of a high status.

Tian Mingzi couldn't help but reconsider Lin Ming's status and background.

’’Less than 60 years of age, and can kill six divine Lord powerhouse. It's reasonable for him to come from a large influence, and likely even one greater than the Skydark Holy Lands. If this was just the matter of the primordial epoch spirit root, then I wouldn't pursue this matter against such an influence. But now, since it involves the saints, I have no choice but to slay everyone involved, no matter what troubles I must incur. Luckily, this top master only sent out an incarnation and not their true self, thus giving me the chance to kill those involved.’’

Tian Mingzi closed his eyes. In that moment, he seemed to blend together with the world, becoming one.

’’Omniscience Lucidity Art!’’

Tian Mingzi's sense swept out like a tide. In that moment, everything within a thousand miles fell into Tian Mingzi's vision, continuing to expand.


In an open mountain valley, there was a giant white altar. This altar was 50 miles wide. A mortal horse would have to gallop for hours to run a circle around it.

This altar was the Skybreak World's lower realms transmission array.

The altar belonged to a local eighth-grade sect of Skybreak Planet - the Skybreak Sect. For a sect to be named after the planet, this meant that this Skybreak Sect was the number one sect of this planet.

’’All right, you will soon pass through the void. Let me warn you in advance that during the transmission process you will encounter all sorts of dangerous space turbulence. This is an extremely risky endeavor. If you are to die at that time then don't blame us, you can only blame yourself for being weak. Are we clear?’’

On the altar, an Elder of the Skybreak Sect traced his beard as he spoke. There were seven or eight martial artists standing in front of him, most of them at the divine Lord realm as well as two at the divine Transformation realm. The worst one was Lin Ming;he was only at the middle divine Sea.

This Skybreak Sect Elder's words were mostly meant for Lin Ming. To fly from the divine Realm to the lower realms was far more dangerous than flying from the lower realms to the divine Realm.

This was because the space of the divine Realm was incomparably vast and it was also like a beacon that exuded a faint guiding strength of the Heavenly Dao Laws. For a martial artist to fly from the lower realms to the divine Realm was far smoother.

But to return to the lower realms was to go against this strength, like swimming against a rapid current. There were many dangers involved. In the eyes of this Skybreak Sect Elder, for a divine Sea realm martial artist to return to the lower realms, there would be nine chances of dying and once chance of living. However, Lin Ming had already paid double the amount of violet sun crystals, and the Skybreak Sect Elder certainly wouldn't reject such a rich offer. To say it plainly, whether Lin Ming lived or died wasn't his problem at all. All that mattered was that he had his fee of violet sun crystals in hand.

’’We understand, just hurry up!’’

Many people were in a hurry. There were many matters they had to process in the lower realms and they weren't interested in listening to the nonsense of this old man.

’’Mm, then I wish you a safe and successful journey.’’

The Skybreak Sect Elder slowly went to start the transmission array. As Lin Ming stood atop the altar, he let out a long breath. He was about to leave Demondawn Great World. Once he did, there would be far fewer troubles.

The Sky Spill Planet could guarantee him absolute safety. And once he returned to the divine Realm, he could find a safe area and hide his identity while he looked for a chance to report his findings to Empyrean divine Dream. Whether or not his guesses had been right, whether or not Empyrean divine Dream believed him, or whether Tian Mingzi was connected to this matter at all, the likely outcome was that Tian Mingzi would inevitably be focused on by Empyrean divine Dream. At that time, his days would not pass peacefully.

Once that happened, Tian Mingzi would no longer have the chance to move against him. In fact, if Lin Ming's speculations about Tian Mingzi were correct, Tian Mingzi would simply be killed off.

As the transmission array was just about to start, Lin Ming suddenly felt his mind turn cold. A terrifying sense dropped down from the skies, sweeping over his body!

This sense was like the gaze of a devil, clearly observing him from head to toe without missing the slightest detail!


Lin Ming was very clear that the person who sent out such a terrifying sense was definitely a Great World King level character. In other words, the true master of the Skydark Holy Lands - Tian Mingzi!

’’He's coming, this is too fast!’’

Lin Ming's appearance changing technique wasn't cultivated to a high enough level. Although he could change his appearance, he couldn't yet change his aura. When he killed the black-robed man, he would inevitably have left his aura in that area. Moreover, his cultivation was clearly at the middle divine Sea realm - this wasn't something he could conceal! If a middle divine Sea martial artist was going to the lower realms, their goal was likely to flee.

With all of this combined together, in addition to the fact that the transmission array wasn't too far off, Tian Mingzi had definitely discovered him!

Lin Ming felt as if his body had dropped into an ice bath.

’’Quick! Hurry up!’’

Lin Ming shouted in his heart. At this time, he didn't possess Empyrean divine Dream's jade slip anymore. If Tian Mingzi caught up to him, all that awaited him was death!

That Skybreak Sect Elder was slowly putting violet sun crystals into the transmission array. As Lin Ming saw this, he really wanted to take his spear and stab the old man in the face!

However, the Skybreak Sect Elder finally placed down all of the violet sun crystals. But, just as he was about to start the transmission array, a voice sounded out in his mind.



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